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"I have slept better in the past 2 weeks than I have in years! I'm getting more sleep (around 8 hours per night vs, 6 hours before) and better quality sleep. I have more energy and I feel great! Thanks for your help!"
George S., Redlands CPAP set-up

What does Advanced Sleep Medicine Services do really well? "Follow up and great patient education. Keep it up! I am extremely grateful to you!!"
"I could not stop deep breathing over and over. I haven't felt that good about breathing in a long time. It felt like someone had vacuumed my sinuses! ... and Barb was very welcoming and attentive and very courteous."
What does Advanced Sleep Medicine Services do really well? "Excellent instruction and interaction."
What does Advanced Sleep Medicine Services do really well? "Explaining the procedure and making the patient (my son) feel very comfortable while he was there. Very good experience, Great explanation and people skills.Thank you for providing the best possible service you could to him and myself while waiting to be set up, again he was very comfortable." 
A.A. , D.'s Mom, Torrance sleep center 

"I had a very pleasant experience during my sleep study at the West Covina location. I've had an at home study but this was more than that and I would know as I'm an RT myself. Cameron was patient, friendly, and knowledgeable. I even learned from him."
Mayra T., West Covina sleep center

 "I would like to thank Nathaniel for taking the time to thoroughly explain the test I took  on 23 Nov 2015. I started out apprehensive and nervous since I had not heard any positive comments about wearing the device during sleep time. Nathaniel took extra effort to calm my anxiety and nervous fears. His extensive knowledge and professional attitude allowed me to complete the test."
Charles, M., Indio/La Quinta sleep center 

"I have to say, my technician for the night, Valentina, couldn't have been more understanding and helpful throughout the night. What a class act. Thanks again."
Ricardo, A. Glendale sleep center

"I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to Nick who managed my sleep study at the Palm Springs facility on 11/5/2015. Nick demonstrated the ideal combination of expertise in handling the technical aspects of the study while being gentle, understanding and reassuring in his demeanor. This allowed me to relax and actually sleep in what could have been an awkward and uncomfortable situation."
Adrianne M., Palm Springs sleep center

"Wow thank you so much for Michelle! She was wonderful helping me make an appointment for my sleep study. She was so kind and patient in explaining the process of what is to take place for my test. She spoke very clearly-did not rush through the information. She also gave me multiple dates and times for me to choose from to fit my schedule. She even knew how to pronounce my street name (Silas) most people don't get it right. Which doesn't bother me at all, but I was so impressed she got it right. Michelle even took the time to let me know I might want to look up the Thousand Oaks location before I go, because she has heard that it is hard to find. Her joyful  personality really showed through our whole conversation. I would have her on my team any time. You are fortunate to have her working with you."
Susan C., Thousand Oaks sleep center

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Home Sleep Testing (HST)

For some patients, home sleep testing (HST) offers convenient diagnosis of sleep apnea in the comfort of your own home. Fast results and low out-of-pocket expense. 


In-Home Sleep Testing (HST)

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In-Center Sleep Testing 

Testing is quick and easy with comprehensive in-center diagnostic and titration studies at 20 locations across California.Take the next step toward getting the sleep you deserve.


In-Center Sleep Studies

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PAP Therapy & Supplies

Gold-standard therapy for sleep apnea with the latest technology. Device set-up and training by registered technicians ready to answer your questions and set you up for success. Comprehensive resupply program with easy ordering options.

PAP Treatment and Replacement Supplies

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