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You may have met your deductible for 2015 already. If so, you can take advantage of lower (or no) out-of-pocket expenses for medical services such as sleep studies, PAP or supplies. If you wait until next year, you will have to meet a new deductible. 

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Home Sleep Testing (HST)

For some patients, home sleep testing (HST) offers convenient diagnosis of sleep apnea in the comfort of your own home. Fast results and low out-of-pocket expense. 


In-Home Sleep Testing (HST)

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In-Center Sleep Testing 

Testing is quick and easy with comprehensive in-center diagnostic and titration studies at 20 locations across California.Take the next step toward getting the sleep you deserve.


In-Center Sleep Studies

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PAP Therapy & Supplies

Gold-standard therapy for sleep apnea with the latest technology. Device set-up and training by registered technicians ready to answer your questions and set you up for success. Comprehensive resupply program with easy ordering options.

PAP Treatment and Replacement Supplies

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