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Snoring Is Nothing To Joke About!

Are you tired of people making fun of your snoring? While snoring is often the source of jokes for many people, it's not really a laughing matter. This sleep disorder is more than merely an annoying noise. It is actually an indicator of far more serious health problems.

To understand the seriousness of this condition, we have to understand what snoring is. Snoring occurs when there is some kind of blockage in your airways at night. Often, this is caused by the soft structures (uvola, soft palate) vibrating with the passage of air.

Sometimes you'll snore if you are congested with a cold or allergies. But repeated snoring could be an indicator of a bigger problem. One of the most serious problems is a problem referred to as obstructive sleep apnea. In Obstructive sleep the airway closes resulting in oxygen not getting to the blood.

A loss of oxygen is a serious problem. While most people startle awake (arousal) quickly, there's little disagreement that this causes problems with the heart, cardiovascular and respiratory system. So if you suspect your snoring is a symptom of apnea (witnessed by bed partner or waking up gasping for air), you should seek treatment.

The best source of information about a problem with snoring or apnea is a qualified specialist in sleep disorders. At our Bakersfield CA sleep center, our technologists are trained in performing sleep studies for patients with sleep disorders. To begin, you'll schedule an appointment with your doctor. He / She will discuss your symptoms and do a routine examination. If he / she suspects that you may have apnea, he'll recommend a sleep study. A prescription from your doctor is necessary for us to do the sleep study.

We regularly conduct sleep studies at our Bakersfield CA sleep center. This procedure is very easy and painless. Your job is to show up at the center and go to sleep. Before you turn off the lights for the night, one of our technicians will put some medical sensors (electrodes) on you. These sensors measure your respiration rate, your heart rate, body movements, and brain waves and some others which analyze staging of sleep as well as issues associated with it.

The next morning, you are free to go home. Our technical and medical staff will examine the records of your study at our Bakersfield CA sleep center. They will look for indications that you stopped breathing during the night, and note instances of frequency, as well as your blood oxygen levels throughout the night.

Based on these finding, your doctor may confirm your suspicions of apnea. Fortunately, there are a number of non-invasive procedures that will not only help with snoring and apnea, but could add years to your life.

Sleep disorders are something that should be taken very seriously. You'll be amazed at how many areas of your life are affected by your sleep (or lack of it). Within a few months of completing the sleep study, you could feel like an entirely new person, with more energy and focus.

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