Buy CPAP Machines & Supplies

We’ve CHANGED OUR PROCESS for ordering supplies online!

For CURRENT RESUPPLY PATIENTS: It’s easier than ever to order supplies, either online or by phone! To order supplies or to get started with the new online process, please call our Resupply Department directly at (877) 223-1803.

With our Patient Portal for Ordering Supplies, you can easily reorder masks, cushions, filters and other supplies for your CPAP Machine! We’ll help you receive your supplies on a convenient, regular schedule. If you already have a login to the Patient Portal, please LOG IN HERE. If you want to sign up for the Patient Portal, call us at (877) 223-1803 to get started!

For NEW PATIENTS WITH PPO or TRICARE INSURANCE or CASH PAY: We need a prescription from your doctor to provide a CPAP machine, mask or supplies. The first step is for your physician to send an prescription to us. Your doctor can fax a prescription for a CPAP Machine or CPAP supplies to us at FAX: (877) 855-6227 or email the image to For insurance billing we will also need your insurance information and progress notes within the last 6 months that outline the sleep complaint. Your doctor can use their prescription form or download an order form here: Service Request Form

If you need assistance, you can also contact us at (877) 775-3377 extension 4.

For PATIENTS WITH MEDICARE: Please contact your doctor for next steps. We don’t have a contract to provide CPAP machines or supplies to Medicare enrollees. Your doctor can refer you to an appropriate provider.

For NEW PATIENTS WITH HMO or OTHER INSURANCE: Please contact your doctor or medical group for next steps. Your doctor or medical group will initiate the process for ordering a CPAP machine or CPAP supplies.

What’s required to process an order for CPAP or supplies?

All CPAP equipment requires a valid prescription. If we do not have a prescription on file for you, or the prescription we have has expired, you will need to obtain a new prescription from your doctor before we can process your order.

Use our Service Request Form (Rx)

What’s the difference between cash prices and insurance prices?

The prices listed here online are our standard cash prices. Typically, the prices paid by insurance are lower. If you plan to select “Bill my insurance” at checkout, we will bill your insurance at the contracted rates, not these cash prices.

Read our insurance FAQs