Humidifier Water Chambers

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For CPAP device users, comfort is incredibly important. And when it comes to making sure your sleep therapy is effective and comfortable every night, your machine’s humidifier water chamber is among the most important components of your equipment. Your water chamber works in connection with your humidifier to make sure the air that’s traveling through your machine and into your mask isn’t dried out.

At Advanced Sleep Medicine Services, we supply water chambers for humidifiers made by ResMed, one of the most trusted names in the CPAP industry. Our humidifier water chambers are compatible with several different machines. Most importantly, all these water chambers are simple to install and easy to maintain. Browse the full list of our available water chamber and choose the one that will fit best with your machine’s humidifier. Once you’ve placed an order, we’ll handle the rest and deliver your new water chamber right to your door.

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