CPAP Machines

What’s required to process an order for CPAP or supplies?

All CPAP equipment requires a valid prescription. If we do not have a prescription on file for you, or the prescription we have has expired, you will need to obtain a new prescription from your doctor before we can process your order.

Use our Service Request Form (Rx)

Comfortable, convenient, and designed to give you the restful sleep you deserve, our CPAP machines and devices are clinically engineered to effectively treat your sleep apnea. With the right CPAP machine from our online store, you’ll have the device you need to ensure you’re more alert, healthier, and happier—quickly delivered directly to your door.

It’s easier than ever to purchase a CPAP Machine! To order, please call us at (877) 775-3377 extension 4.

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What’s the difference between cash prices and insurance prices?

The prices listed here online are our standard cash prices. Typically, the prices paid by insurance are lower. If you plan to select “Bill my insurance” at checkout, we will bill your insurance at the contracted rates, not these cash prices.

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