What’s the difference between cash prices and insurance prices?

The prices listed here online are our standard cash prices. Typically, the prices paid by insurance are lower. If you plan to select “Bill my insurance” at checkout, we will bill your insurance at the contracted rates, not these cash prices.

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Ensure your sleep apnea therapy is as comfortable as possible with the wide assortment of CPAP masks available in our online store. These lightweight masks are designed for patients of all ages using minimalist aesthetics to deliver a non-invasive, comfortable overall fit and seal. With the right CPAP mask delivered direct to you from our online store, you’ll have clear lines of sight that allow you to watch TV, wear glasses, read a book, and more, all while wearing your CPAP mask.

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  • The ResMed Swift™ FX Nano is a compact nasal cushion mask in the Swift FX line; easy to assemble and…

  • Combining a super-soft fit with a minimal appearance, the Swift FX covers as little of your face as possible, softly…

  • The ResMed Swift™ LT for Her is a nasal pillows mask designed especially for females, combining the easy-to-use design of…

  • The ResMed Swift™ LT nasal pillow, light to the touch, easy to fit and whisper-quiet, offers comfort, stability and performance…

  • The ResMed Quattro™ FX is the sleek, compact alternative to traditional full face masks.


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What’s required to process an order for CPAP or supplies?

All CPAP equipment requires a valid prescription. If we do not have a prescription on file for you, or the prescription we have has expired, you will need to obtain a new prescription from your doctor before we can process your order.

Use our Service Request Form (Rx)