Convenient Locations Throughout Southern California

  • Bakersfield

    5301 Office Park Dr. Suite 215
    Bakersfield, California
    • Encino

      5400 Balboa Blvd. Suite 126
      Encino, CA
      • Garden Grove

        12419 Lewis St., Suite 104
        Garden Grove, California
        • Glendale

          435 Arden Ave. Suite 440
          Glendale, California
          • Kearny Mesa (San Diego)

            4909 Murphy Canyon Rd. Suite 410
            San Diego, CA
            • Lancaster

              42544 10th St. W., Suite C
              Lancaster, California
              • Los Alamitos

                4281 Katella Ave. Suite 110
                Los Alamitos, California
                • Oceanside (San Diego)

                  2420 Vista Way Suite 115
                  Oceanside, California
                  • Palm Springs

                    1111 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way, Suite 110
                    Palm Springs, California
                    • Redlands

                      104 East Olive Ave. Suite 104
                      Redlands, California
                      • Riverside

                        3975 Jackson Street, Suite 304
                        Riverside, California
                        • Torrance

                          23332 Hawthorne Blvd, Suite 302
                          Torrance, CA
                          • West Covina

                            1250 S. Sunset Ave. Suite 101
                            West Covina, California
                            • West Los Angeles

                              11500 West Olympic Blvd., Suite 555
                              Los Angeles, California

                              Advanced Sleep Medicine Services has sleep centers throughout Southern California, so wherever you live or work, you’ll find one of our sleep centers nearby. Our sleep doctors help patients from Bakersfield to San Diego and beyond get the help they need to diagnose and treat disorders like sleep apnea and snoring.  We offer sleep testing 7 days a week, by appointment only, so you can visit us when it’s most convenient for you. Find your nearest location below, or book your appointment for a sleep study today

                              How Do Our California Sleep Centers Help You?

                              At each sleep center, you can:

                              • Speak to one of our sleep doctors about your sleep issues
                              • Undergo an in-center sleep study in our comfortable facilities
                              • Purchase a new CPAP device or supplies
                              • Learn how to use your device from our experienced sleep experts
                              • And more!

                              Visiting Prior to a Diagnosis: When you visit one of our locations prior to a diagnosis, our team of sleep doctors and technologists will help you learn more about whether you’re suffering from a sleep disorder and the best way to diagnose the issues preventing you from sleeping. Our team will answer any questions you might have and help you understand your options for testing, treatment and insurance coverage.

                              Visiting Once Your Sleep Disorder Has Been Diagnosed: Once you’ve been diagnosed, our team will provide all the support you need to achieve normal sleep. From ongoing training and guidance about getting the most of your CPAP device, ordering supplies you need, or recommendations about maintaining a healthy sleep pattern, we looking forward to helping you. 

                              What To Expect When You Visit Us
                               for an In-Center Sleep Test: When you visit us for an in-center sleep study, you’ll find that each of our sleep centers is comfortable and well-equipped. When you arrive, you’ll be welcomed by our friendly team who will help you get ready for your overnight stay. You’ll be in a private room with restroom nearby. You’ll find everything you need to relax and fall asleep in our facilities, so our sleep doctors can get the information they need to diagnose your sleep disorder. 

                              During your sleep study, you will have several sensors placed on your scalp, face, chest, abdomen and legs. These sensors monitor your movements throughout the night. There is a technologist available at all times to assist you and monitor your results. 

                              CPAP Devices and Supplies

                              You will be able to find CPAP devices and supplies at all of our centers. Our online store ships leading CPAP devices and supplies nationwide, so even if you aren’t in California, you can still access the highest quality products to help you achieve normal, healthy sleep.

                              Start sleeping better! Find your nearest sleep center below, or request your sleep study now.

                              Corporate Office

                              17835 Ventura Blvd. Suite 300

                              Encino, CA 91316

                              Phone: (877) 775-3377

                              Fax: (877) 855-6227

                              Email: info@sleepdr.com