Revitalize Your Sleep at the Redlands Sleep Center 

If you spend night after night unable to fall asleep, resulting in groggy days, you may have a sleep disorder. Luckily, a sleep disorder does not have to prevent you from achieving the sleep you deserve. If you’re ready to get back to sleep, the experts at the ASMS Sleep Center in Redlands can help. Our doctors and technologists use the latest techniques to diagnose and treat most sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, insomnia, and even restless leg syndrome! 

Don’t let a refreshing, relaxing night of sleep elude you anymore. With a simple consultation and treatment, you’ll be back to feeling like your younger self in no time.

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Keeping the Residents of San Bernardino County Well Rested

The ASMS Sleep Center in Redlands diagnoses and treats sleep disorders for patients throughout the communities of San Bernardino County, including:

  • Loma Linda
  • San Bernardino
  • Yucaipa
  • Beaumont
  • Rialto
  • Fontana
  • Bloomington

Not in San Bernardino County? We have 20 different locations across California, all of which are available to help you sleep. Find your Sleep Center today!

How to Find Our Sleep Center in Redlands

The Sleep Center in Redlands is located in the tan-colored “Victorian” style, 2-story building on the corner of Nordina and Olive Avenue.

Coming From Indio, Palm Springs, Yucaipa, Etc:

  • Go West on I-10 Freeway towards Redlands
  • Take 6th Street Exit, Turn Left
  • 6th Street “Dead-Ends” into the front of our building at OLIVE Ave
  • Turn Right and immediately turn left onto Nordina and left again into our building parking lot (which is directly behind the building)

Coming From Los Angeles, Fontana, Colton, Etc:

  • Go East on I-10 towards Redlands
  • Take Orange Street Exit
  • Stop at stop sign at bottom of off-ramp (this street is Eureka)
  • Continue ahead to 6th street and turn right
  • 6th Street “Dead-Ends” into the front of our building at OLIVE Ave
  • Turn Right and immediately turn left onto Nordina and left again into our building parking lot (which is directly behind the building)         

Coming From San Bernardino-“Cross-Town” Freeway/Highway 38:

  • Go East on I-10 Freeway towards Redlands
  • Exit Orange Street/CA-38/Downtown Redlands
  • Continue on N Eureka St. Turn Right on N Eureka St
  • Turn Left onto W. Olive Ave
  • The builiding will be located on the right side (where S 6th St and E Olive Ave meet.

Park in the parking lot behind the building (off Nordina) and come to Suite 104.

NOTE: If your appointment is on a Thursday Night:

Thursday is Market Night in Downtown Redlands. Directions will differ from those noted above:

  • ORANGE ST- Take this exit, but at the STOP SIGN (This is a small street called Eureka) you will need to turn right 
  • Stay on Eureka
  • Turn left on Olive  
  • Continue about 3 blocks to our building, which is on the right-hand side per above directions

Coming from Indio, Palm Springs, Yucaipa, Etc:

  • Take Cypress Ave Exit off I-10 Freeway
  • Turn left
  • Go to Redlands Blvd and turn Right
  • Go to Citrus Avenue (this is a traffic light) and turn left
  • Almost immediately, turn left onto Olive Avenue (it comes in diagonally)
  • Continue about 3 blocks to our building, which is on the left-hand side per above directions

The Sleep Center in Redlands Helps You Diagnose and Treat Sleep Disorders

The sleep doctors at our Sleep Center in Redlands have the knowledge and tools required to successfully diagnose and treat your sleep disorder. We offer a wide range of services to patients, including:

  • Consultations
  • Sleep studies
  • Ongoing support
  • A store to purchase therapy supplies
  • And more! 

Whether you’re a new patient or are already receiving ongoing treatment, the Sleep Center in Redlands can help you achieve the sleep you desire.

All Sleep Disorder Treatment Begins With a Sleep Study

To accurately diagnose your sleep disorder, the team at the Sleep Center in Redlands conduct sleep studies. The Redlands Sleep Center offers a wide assortment of sleep studies at our modern facility. Depending on your needs, it will be recommended that you receive either an in-center sleep study, or an in-home sleep study.

As our most common sleep study, an in-center sleep study are the most common study is used to effectively diagnose sleep disorders. If an in-center sleep study has been recommended for you, it will take place in our Victorian-style Sleep Center in Redlands. This location is like a quaint bed & breakfast that offers:

  • Private rooms
  • Comfortable beds 
  • Showers and restrooms 
  • And more! 

When it’s time for you to sleep, a technician will help you set up the in-center device for your sleep test. From here, you simply go to sleep as normal. Our experts will monitor your sleep habits and collect data from a separate room. Once the morning comes, you’re done! And depending on your results, the next steps of your treatment could begin immediately. 

Request A Sleep Study

While an in-center sleep test is the best way to diagnose sleep disorders, we understand that circumstances can prevent you from spending the night at our Sleep Center in Redlands. This is why we also offer in-home sleep study options. If it’s recommended that you undergo a home sleep test (HST), it will take place over several evenings. You will be provided with all the equipment you need, as well as instructions on how to administer a successful test. 

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Questions About Your CPAP Machine or Replacing Your CPAP Supplies? We Can Help!

A continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine is important for many different types of sleep disorder therapy. Because of this, we’re always available to help you make sure it’s working properly. Whether you need help with set up or general troubleshooting, our experts can help. 

We’re also available to remind you when it’s time to replace your CPAP supplies. Approximately every 90 days, it’s smart to replace certain pieces of equipment, including cushions and tubes. Having equipment that functions properly goes a long way toward ensuring your CPAP therapy is successful. To make it easy to remember when it’s time to replace your supplies, we offer a resupply program. When you sign up for this service, you are reminded every 90 days that it’s time to order replacements. From here, it’s simply a matter of logging into our online store, choosing the appropriate supplies, and ordering. Shortly afterward, your supplies will arrive at your door. This convenient program allows you to always out the focus on having the most effective CPAP therapy possible.

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A good night’s sleep is waiting for you at our Sleep Center in Redlands. If you’re ready to feel healthier and happier throughout your days, a consultation with our experts can help. 

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