AirFit™ F20 for Her Full Face Mask System with Headgear


The ResMed AirFit™ F20 for Her full face mask is the part of the new AirFit™ F20 – InfinitySeal™ product line.

Our Price: $149.00

Product Description

The ResMed AirFit™ F20 for Her full face mask is the part of the new AirFit™ F20 – InfinitySeal™ product line. This for Her version of our AirFit F20 mask, features stylish lavender accents and a smaller size range.

  • Comfortably moves with you throughout the night, regardless of sleep position
  • Features a plush headgear and soft, flexible frame for maximum comfort
  • Designed to be fast and easy to put on and take off

InfinitySeal cushion technology

The AirFit F20 features an InfinitySeal™ cushion – the most adaptive we’ve ever designed – along with a soft and flexible frame that includes integrated padding. The result is a mask that comfortably moves with you and provides a reliable seal throughout the
night, regardless of sleep position.

Designed for simplicity

The AirFit F20 is designed to fit your lifestyle – featuring magnetic clips, a quick-release elbow and a simple design that make it fast and easy to put on as well as clean and reassemble. 

Included with purchase:

  • Complete mask system includes mask frame, cushion and headgear

Related items not included with purchase:

CPT codes: Complete mask system: includes mask frame with three sizes of cushions A7030, headgear A7035

Replacement Frequency:

  • Mask frame: Every 3 months
  • Mask cushion: Every 2 weeks
  • Headgear: Every 6 months

Note: Mask cushions should be replaced more frequently than the mask frame alone. This is typically covered by insurance. See replacement cushions for this mask here.


Headgear Dimensions (Upper Straps): 6 in L

Headgear Dimensions (Lower Straps): 11.75 in L

Headgear Weight: 0.93 oz

Cushion Dimensions (Large): 4.75 in L x 3.25 in W x 2.5 in H

Cushion Weight (Large): 1.50 oz

Mask with Headgear Weight: 4.19 oz

Mask without Headgear Weight: 3.26 oz

Material Components for AirFit™ F20 Full Face Mask with Headgear:

  • Material Components (Cushion Assembly): Silicone Elastomer and Polycarbonate
  • Material Components (Elbow Assembly): Polyamide, Silicone Elastomer, Polycarbonate, and Polybutylene Terephthalate
  • Material Components (Frame Assembly): Polyester Elastomer, Polycarbonate, Nylon/Elastane, and Metal Plated Magnet
  • Material Components (Headgear): Nylon/Elastane, Polyurethane, and Polyamide
  • Material Components (Headgear Clip): Polycarbonate and Metal Plated Magnet

Additional Information

Mask Kit Type

Complete Mask System (Frame, Cushion, Headgear)

Mask Size

Medium, Small

Mask Type

Full Face Mask

Mask Features

No Forehead Support, Replaceable Cushion

Lifestyle Needs

Active Sleeper, Claustrophobic, Mouth Breather, TV Friendly


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