Filter – Disposable-Hypoallergenic, ResMed S8 PAP Machines


Standard replacement air filters provide effective air filtration for ResMed S8 PAP machines only and ensure you’re breathing clean air as it protects your device from contamination. Replacing your filter is essential and our online store has several options to choose from.

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Product Description

This hypoallergenic replacement air filter provides effective air filtration for the ResMed S8 Pap machines only. To keep your CPAP therapy effective and to ensure you’re breathing clean air, replacing your air filter is essential! These disposable filters can help protect your device from contamination such as dust, dander and cat hair. The air filters should be replaced every two weeks, or more frequently if they develop holes or become blocked with dirt or dust.

Filters for ResMed S9, AirSense™ and AirCurve™ PAP machines can be found here

Recommended Replacement Frequency: Every 2 weeks
CPT Code: A7038


Size: 1-5/16 inch x 1-3/8 inch

The S8 line of CPAP machines does not use reusable foam and disposable filters, like other machines. The filter is a fibrous material that wards off large particulate matter.

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