Swift FX Nano Replacement Cushion


Replacement cushion for ResMed AirFit™ N10 or ResMed AirFit™ N10 for Her.

CURRENT PATIENTS: Please call us at (877) 223-1803.
NEW PATIENTS: Please call us at (877) 775-3377 extension 4.

Cash Price: $47.00

Product Description

This replacement cushion fits the  ResMed Swift™ FX Nano and  ResMed Swift™ FX Nano for Her masks.

Included with purchase: one replacement mask cushion only. This cushion is compatible with the AirFit N10™ mask or AirFit N10™ for Her mask ONLY. It will not work with other masks.

Related items not included with purchase:

CPT code: A7032

Replacement Frequency: Every two weeks


Material: Silicone Rubber


    Additional Information

    Mask Size

    Small, Standard, Wide

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    Helpful Videos

    How to clean and assemble your AirFitâ„¢ N10 nasal CPAP mask


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