Why Do I Need A Prescription to Buy a CPAP Machine?

You may have been surprised by the fact that you can’t buy your CPAP machine and supplies without a doctor’s prescription. After all, it’s not like there’s a huge black market for people who abuse them. In fact, quite the opposite is true—compliance can be a major issue for those with sleep apnea!

However, there are a number of benefits to you as the consumer to have this protection in place, including:

Insurance reimbursement.

Many insurance companies require the written authorization of a doctor in order to cover medical devices such as CPAPs. As your supplies will need to be changed out periodically, having that prescription in place can save you money in the long run.

It can prevent you from hurting yourself.

One of the things a doctor or respiratory therapist will do when you first receive a CPAP machine is examine the data from your sleep study. They will then adjust the settings on the device so that it’s delivering the optimal therapy for you.

In fact, not having the correct setting can actually worsen your condition in the long run. You could be operating on the assumption that you’re receiving the treatment you need, when in fact the pressure might not be enough and you’re continuing to have apnea events each night. 

It means you will receive customized treatment.

What you need from your CPAP treatment will be different from another person. Your doctor or respiratory therapist will not only be able to adjust your CPAP machine to the right pressure setting, they will also be able to recommend the right mask, the right delivery system and the right parts.

When it comes to picking out the right CPAP machines, the different options can be overwhelming. Luckily, the experts at Advanced Sleep Medicine are here to help! We can direct you to which machine and supplies would be best based on your doctor’s prescription, and walk you through how to use your equipment.


  1. kathy Jenkins Reply

    How do I know if my pressure and other setting are optimal for ME? I sometimes register some events and recently even saw I had NO events. Is No events my goal or just lowering the number of events? I ask because maybe I still need some adjustment to my machine since I typically do have some events every night.

  2. Nigel Fitzhugh Reply

    Why is a prescription needed to buy a cpap but not cigarettes? Lobbyists.

    • liber Reply

      Was in China & bought mine there exactly like the ResMed BiPAP for $300 no Rx. Used it for one month while I was there & it was better than my AirSense I had with me. Bought 5 more. One for my father & one for my wife and a few to sell. Total BiPAP with humidifier. Works great. I sleep like a baby & now I feel like a bull every morning. F*ck those greedy lobbyists!

  3. K.R. VENEZIANO Reply

    I’ve had doctors perform major surgeries without full disclosure; I couldn’t fight them, and the body part couldn’t be replaced. And to rub a little salt into the wound, I still had to pay them. I find it unconscionable that I need an Rx for a Cpap, even if I’m willing to pay cash for the machine; I refuse to add to the coffers of any doctor, anywhere, at any time.

  4. John wynn Reply

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  5. I Snow Out Loud Reply

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