Is it a Ghost, or Just Sleep Paralysis?

You’ve crawled into bed ready for a good night’s sleep. You begin to nod off, but haven’t completely fallen asleep yet. That’s when you sense something in the room near your bed. Despite your fright, you can’t cry out, run, or scream. You’re frozen with fear. This experience is known as sleep paralysis

I Can’t Move: The Immobilizing Effects of Sleep Paralysis 

Sleep paralysis is a condition in which a person is mentally conscious but physically unable to move. It is sometimes accompanied by hallucinations of frightening invaders in the bedroom. The result is a scary, almost nightmarish experience of sensing an intruder but being unable to respond. Thankfully, this is nothing more than the product of a half-awake brain. 

When does sleep paralysis occur?

Sleep paralysis occurs when a person is just falling asleep or waking up. During these transitions, you may find that you are unable to move or speak for a few seconds or as long as several minutes.  Some people sweat, or even have a sense of choking and being unable to breathe. 

The key to this paralyzed sensation is the transition into or out of deep REM sleep.

Why does sleep paralysis occur? 

As you are sleeping, your body alternates between REM and NREM (non-rapid eye movement) sleep. During NREM, your body is relaxed. But when your body transitions into REM sleep, your eyes begin to move quickly and you start to dream. During the REM stage, your muscles “turn off”–an evolutionary mechanism to keep you from acting out your dreams while asleep. But if you start to wake up before the REM cycle is complete, you may find yourself immobilized when you become conscious

The effect of sleep paralysis may occur in addition to other disorders such as narcolepsy, migraines, and obstructive sleep apnea.  

What Can You Do About It?

The Sleep Paralysis Project suggests that people who suffer from this condition create a very strict bedtime schedule. Research finds that an irregular sleep/wake cycle may be a factor in sleep paralysis. Here are some other tips: 

  • Understanding what is happening can make the experience less overwhelming–so reading this blog post is a good place to start! Try to relax and breathe normally to reduce the length and intensity of an attack.
  • Concentrating on moving one small muscle, such as a finger, can break the paralysis and end the attack.

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  1. Chinelo Reply

    I don’t sleep on my back yet I experience sleep paralysis almost daily in recent times but don’t get enough sleep though.

    • Tia Martin Reply

      They say your spirits is unbalanced

    • Tatiana Reply

      I had Sleep paralysis I don’t know why I’m 7 yrs old it was so scary I couldn’t move breathe my grandma was right next to me and she smiled at me and I acted like nothing happened

      • Tatiana Reply

        It was so freaking scary

        • Sherrie Reply

          Hun it is scary. Tell your grandma and if it will have you feel better ask her to pray with you of it happens again

  2. Jamie Reply

    I always see and hear things when this happens to me.

    • Larissa Reply

      I do to, I always see like a evil person and I try and get them to go away but I can’t

  3. Angela Reply

    I see a person when I have sleep paralysis I seen three different people why do I see this

    • Q Reply

      I do also

  4. Dennis Reply

    I sleep sitting up amd it happens it happens while on my side amd back so that’s a load of crap

  5. christopher underwood Reply

    Does anyone experience a body buzz feeling with a sort of ringing in the head thats intensifies with the state of fear?

    • Ashley Meredith Reply

      Christopher Underwood

      The same thing happened to me the other night.

    • Elyzzah Reply

      OMG YES!

  6. Shelley Reply

    Christopher underwood
    I too have the same sensation, it always happens just before I drift off to sleep, it is like a warning sign, that the attack is about to happen

  7. Ally Reply

    I have been getting hours of sleep paralysis for about 15 years, ive never seen the demon but can sense it, it terrifies me, i recently went to see a spiritual healer, told him about it and he said its a very bad thing and did a chakra healing , as he said sleep paralysis is a spiritual attack, this is why everyone ‘hallucinates’ the samé thing, personally i dont believe in the REM theory, i guess i will have to wait and see if this chakra healing worked.

    • Jessica Reply

      So Ally did Chakra alignment work?

    • Q Reply

      Keep me updated on if it worked please

    • Elyzzah Reply

      Yes i definitely think it has something to do with an evil spirit because while its happening i start to repeatedly say “jesus God jesus God” then it goes away but my head starts ringing and shaking its like the evil spirit is leaving idk but its scary, i wanna believe its the REM theory but

      • Mbali Reply

        Exactly my case, just last night ive experienced this and i shouted ” Please my lord protect me in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth ” and the paralysis went away. im starting to believe it has to do with evil spirits .

      • Sherrie Reply

        It’s happened to me for over 20 yrs.i scream for God and say in the name of Jesus. It’s awful and always seems like it’s the same thing. I can feel evil too. I’m 47 now and it just happened to me. No matter who I tell or how much I pray it eventually happens again. I’m afraid it’s something trying to get my soul

  8. Ally Reply

    Sorry it was meant to say ’bouts’ of sleep paralysis

    • Angelica Reply

      Hey please let me know if this helps! I have been looking into this but haven’t done it.

  9. Chelsea Reply

    I had it for the first time. I’ve read about it before thinking I’ve experienced it but that was an entire new look on reality. I was asleep on my side and me entire body felt like it was shaking and vibrating as as if I was seizing, i felt like I had an outer body experience. I 100% knew that there was a presence in my room watching me not that I opened my eyes and looked I just knew it was there, that had to be the most intense and horrifying time. I managed to break the paralysis by squeezing my fist to wake myself up.

  10. Nathan Reply

    I just experienced it, like 10 minutes ago. It was a feeling or thing I have never felt before. So it’s 3 AM. I was watching YouTube and noticed the time, so I decided to go to sleep as I have school. I have the worse sleep schedule known to man. So I lay down expecting to wake up for school and start to drift off to sleep at around 3:30AM. And I was starting to have a dream. I could feel the dream. It was like I was living it, it felt so real. I was in my house in the dream. In the basement. I got up and started walking around. Up to the kitchen, then the living room. I was doing random things while I was walking. Then I went to my bedroom and stared at the door. When I opened the door to my bedroom the dream turned red. Everything had a red tint to it and I slowly walked in my room watched myself sleeping. That’s when I woke up in a state of paralysis. I was conscious of everything around me. But I couldn’t move. My whole body was shaking, sweating and it felt hard to breathe. Then, it got worse. I lost full control of my body except my consciousness. But the worst part of this is that I could feel someone’s breathing. Like, after I lost control of my body, it kicked back up but as a different being. I could feel the breathing pattern of someone else. Not like someone breathing on me, I was the person breathing. And I breathed out one last time and I could smell the persons breath. Smelled bad. Like alcohol. Now I’m only 16 and have never drank alcohol in my life, but I could smell it. So after that, I turned back into myself. But still paralyzed. I tried talking but nothing happened. So I focused on on my arm and tried to move it up. And I moved, breaking the sleep paralysis or whatever this was at around 4:18 AM. I’ve never experienced or known anything about what sleep paralysis is, so I googled it. “Why couldn’t I move when I woke up?” Is what I googled. And it led my to here. To tell you my story. This is probably the most horrific and traumatic moments of my life and now I can’t get back to sleep.

  11. Gail Garner Reply

    This happens to me all the time ever since I was small, people standing beside my bed, if I’m sleeping on my side looking outwards, then I see people crouched down with there face in mine, it always scares the life out of me when it happens.
    But recently for the first time ever I got what felt like someone poking me in the face with there finger, It woke me up but nobody was there, scared the life out of me, every night I’m waiting for it to happen again.

    • anonymous Reply

      I also experienced the same. Though it was 9 o’ clock in the morning and I thought my mom is shaking me to wake me up but there was no one. Someone has touched my eyes and my cheeks, with a very gentle and smooth rubbing full of love, also shook my arm giving me a hint that I should wake. Just like a kid, I opened my one eye to see who is there and found no one but somewhere i felt a shadow. I also asked mom did u just come to my room and waking me up she said no I didn’t and that true indeed cuz she was making breakfast.
      I don’t know what was that and curious as well to know what exactly has happened.

  12. Benyam Faltamo Reply

    Hey, im just 20 but you can’t believe me i almost had this thing more than 200-300 times in my lifetime. I don’t want to live the rest of my life dealing with this bullshit please somebody do something to me before i die, i almost did everything right now i would rather not open my eyes when this happens and for my ears i play music all the night, fixed issue little bit, also i recognized but i dont do this often when i breath fast, i have a chance to wake maybe in 30 secs, Thats useful. Recently i also tried to wake only by alarm but doesn’t work because i started waking by myself by this thing before alarm rings.

  13. Natalie Reply

    This has been happening to me for just over a year and it’s terrifying. I “wake” up and am 100% conscious of what is happening. I know I am still technically asleep as something in my room is off as the tv may be on or the bedroom door is open and then I know I am having an episode. I have felt a person jump on my bed then lay next to me then an electric feeling in my lower back as if hit with a taser gun in my back, breathe on my face, I have been poked and felt like someone was brushing my hair, a man once pulled me off the bed by my feet and when I broke the episode my feet still felt like they had been electrocuted. I don’t know what to do other than I try to shock my body back into the physical state to really wake up. It’s scary and I feel for all of you going through this. If anyone has any recommendations or know of any medicine that may help I am all ears.

  14. Sheena Reply

    This has been happening to me on & off since i was about 18. I would still continue to see what i thought was a spirit nearly every night for years! I still see things but not as frequent. At 5am this morning was the scariest attack yet. My son woke up & when i went back to sleep it sounded like our screen door was banging then i felt somthing come in i couldnt move or speak & it tickled me under my armpit & whispered what sounded like either dad or dead. Never heard a whisper before has anyone else?

  15. Joshua Reply

    I have experienced this hundreds of times in past. I was 100% conscious of my surroundings but unable to move. I’ve seen figures walk up to my bed felt evil presence my body vibrating ears ringing and someone set on my bed and remove covers from me. I went through this for three years afraid and scared to even fall asleep. I had a shift in my life from living irresponsible to beginning to seek the Lord Jesus and in process of time about 3 months these night demons left and haven’t tortured me since. I know the medical world calls it sleep paralysis but I k ow from my years of torture it’s more than that is a different realm and the only medicine I took was the Lord. I hope someone is helped from This it cured mine. And I feel for those who experience this frightening experience

  16. Paris Melgar Reply

    i normally have an irregular sleep pattern, and have experienced sleep paralysis on many levels. Any time I spend the night in anybody else’s house, I feel sick and I get tension headaches. Then I’ll fall asleep and wake back up and the process repeats. Sometime around 3:00 I’ll wake up and my body feels like it’s buzzing and something will feel off about the room I’m in. I try to move but my body feels heavy and my hands twitch and my head jerks violently. After a few minutes I’m fully conscious but I can’t move my body. I’ll see shadows and silhouettes appear around me. Sometimes one sometimes more. It usually stands around my feet a little bit away. It’s always a masculine presence. Sometimes I’ll feel a pressure on my chest but it won’t hurt and the buzzing amplifies. And I’ll wake up after what feels like an hour. My worst experience was when one time I saw a little girl and her eyes glowed unnaturally white. She came when I spent the night at my cousins house and slept on the couch. She first appeared sitting at the staircase then in seconds was crouching in front of me. She talked to me but no sound came from her mouth. I heard her talk to me through my thoughts. While talking I could still see her but I could also see images of a dark parking lot in my head. I don’t know if I just imagined it or if she was trying to communicate with me. But eventually she went away and I could move again. But I still had an unsettling feeling and couldn’t fall asleep the rest of that hour until around 4:30. What made it worse was my little cousin sleep on the other couch right next to me and during my sleep paralysis started humming when the ghost girl appeared. I’m still not sure if bothe events were related. Any house that my cousins have ever moved to always had some sort of supernatural haunting whether it was malicious or unbothered. And always around 3:00 I would wake up and stay awake. And I’d always feel sick.

  17. Heather Reply

    My body wasn’t paralyzed when this happened to me. I woke up around 3:00am and sat up in bed. I saw a very tall man standing in my kitchen and walking around slowly. I tried to shake my husband awake. Eventually the man walked through our kitchen wall and outside. I felt completely awake, and terrified. I was looking right at the man while shaking my husband. I will never forget it.

  18. AFROZ Reply

    I have had these haunting attacks ever since I turned into my teens. I used to experience intense fear and would start screaming so much so that my mother started taking me to see various so called ‘holy men’ to cure me of this condition. I also started seeing thousands of tiny spiders on my bed just before going to bed, I was not the only one seeing these on my bed my mother did too, they would disappear as soon as they appeared, also, I would see a shadow above my head and start screaming, those were the worst days of my life, eventually the screaming in the night stopped but now I experience noises in the night and yanking of the duvet and sometimes feel a presence on the bed, like a cat padding across the bed.
    I call these ‘Hauntings’ as I do not know what else these could be, I often think I am extra sensitive to maybe the ‘other dimension’ and things sometimes collide between this dimension and others. Last night/this morning (04/20/20) was the worst attack, not only did the noises happen, the covers moved and I had nightmares and was screaming during it, my husband nudged me to wake up, I did but every time I went back to sleep the nightmare continued, so today I feel like I have run a marathon in the night.

  19. anozira lyman Reply

    My dad had sleep paralysis. I watched him with his eyes wide opened. He looked scared. Then when he got out i asked him what that was and he told me about sleep paralysis. But i had never knew the details or why he was scared, because he said i was to young and he didn’t want to give me nightmares.

  20. T. Dyott Reply

    I have been dealing this for several years. The feeling of being pulled out of bed and I have all of my energy sucked from my body. I canny speak or yell. Last night was one for the record books. I felt like I was being pulled and I managed to open my eyes, and I saw a very large black shadow that I could nearly see through. I was fighting it and trying to scream for my husband. I just not get enough breath for him to heat me. The black shadow went away and I fully woke up. My dog was in bed with me, it’s 230 on the clock and my dog is looking left and right, back and forth. Even when I touched him, he kept looking back and forth. What is happening to me?

  21. Brett Reply

    This has been a problem for me for years. Most of the time it happens I wake up and cannot move unless I snap out of it. There have been a few instances where I will see someone walking past my door staring at me but they do not have a face and it always gives me the chills. There has also been one or two times where a woman has whispered my name in my ear and then repeated to do so loudly a second time which woke me up and scared the crap out of me. I can’t sleep on my back anymore or else it will trigger it, but if I move in my sleep and happen to wake up to another episode of it, the best thing I have found to snap out of it is to focus on moving my neck/head and after one or two twitches I have always woken up from it. If anyone is reading this that has similar issues I hope this helps you.

  22. Betsy Quinones Reply

    I don’t know what happened to me last night. I was writing a poem about praying and when I was finished I turned the lights out I started to fall asleep but wasn’t fully asleep when I felt something on top of me I could move I could scream I was fighting it but I could not get up from the bed felt as if it was evil trying to attack me I don’t know what happened if I won did it let me go?I’m just looking for answers. What could that have been?

    • Ana Reply

      When this has happened to me, I have 2 black demon like creatures on top of me holding me down. They very much remind me of the demons in the movie ghost. No features, just a black mass. I struggle and try to fight but cant move or yell. When i finally decide to just let it go and give in they go away.

  23. John Reply

    I experienced this a lot of times since I was a child. I know lots of people don’t believe in Jesus. BUT.. if you pray and read the Bible before going to bed. (Psalm 91)You will not experience it. You can also put the Bible under your pillow. What you can also do in addition is put some salt in water and pray over the water in the name of Jesus. Then sprinkle the water in every corner of your room or house .. this will drive away all evil.

    Science always has a name … But it is actually a spiritual battle which happens most times around 3 am. May Almighty God have mercy upon us, forgive our sins and keep his angels with us. AMEN!

  24. Santiago Roa Reply

    I have horrible experience in my sleeping time. Last week and this week is like I am living real scary moment being in bed and feeling somebody coming to my bed and trying to grab me from my arms, and I can see at moments like a death in black and I scream calling my mom,or call by her name “MARIELA” tonight I heard she came but not come to my room.
    Similar was last week, and I have this spiritual battles few times in my life.
    When I was young I have this feelings, but was a black cat on top of my chest.
    I thought is bad spirits, or someone is working witchy things

  25. Dwight Culpepper Reply

    Damn this just happened…i seen a spirit and grabbed me and i couldn’t move…

  26. Niteshh Reply

    Today at Something 2’o clock I felt like someone came and sit beside me on my bed then I tried to move my hand but I’m unable to do it then I felt like someone is entering in my body I became scared so I started chanting Hanuman Chalisa then I felt like the thing whatever it was started leaving my body but suddenly I entered back,then I kept doing chanting and tried to move my legs then I felt it leaves my body.I became scared,felt cold and got Goosebumps on my body.Is this Sleep paralysis??

  27. rosa Reply

    i seen my died brother walking in my room i seen it on a tv screen his son inlaw just died and his grand daughter was hurting

  28. Mary Reply

    It’s always a similar occurrence, whether in sleep paralysis or actually within a nightmare: the “shadow” has me, and I cannot move. I cannot escape. He yells in my face but I cannot hear; he has a strong hold of me though I cannot feel tactile pressure; he is always there, and yet I cannot remember any feature. And all he wants is something very, very evil for me… And every time, the only way I can escape is when I call out to God to save me. And every time, that works… Now, perhaps I call out to God because religion has always been a large part of my life, thus it emanates itself within my subconscious during Sleep Paralysis; or maybe prayer actually works? idk lol. This has been the scariest experience i have had/have in my life. Thankfully sleeping with a pillow over my eyes OR sleeping on my stomach have nearly eradicated these occurrences. I still probably need therapy to not be afraid of the dark/sleep any longer lol…

  29. Michael Detommaso Reply

    I have been to a sleep disorder to find out why I have sleep paralysis, what I did find out is I do not have sleep apnea or narcolepsy, but I will tell you that I go into sleep paralysis about 90 percent of the time if I take a nap during the day. I will explain what goes on in my nap, there is a swift wind that slides over my whole body at that time I do know that I am in Sleep Paralysis, then what happens is the wind stops and then there is a man or woman that gets behind me because I always sleep on my right side and I can not see the gender. He or she pushes firmly behind my whole body then he or she will drop his arm over my shoulder and let me tell you that his arm and hand is very large and at this point, I am very scared, he will constantly keep moving his hand over my entire body it is the most fighting experience I go through on a regular basis. I worry about him chocking me because it seems he gets more and more aggressive each time I go into sleep paralysis. When I read that this only happens for only minutes I can tell you in my experience that is totally wrong I have been in sleep paralysis for 30 mins and how I know this I can hear the TV around me word for word like a show that goes on for 30 minutes. The weird part of this whole scary event it only happens during the day of my nap. I do take drugs at night time and I think that’s why I do not get sleep paralysis at night, thank God. I just wanted to tell my story. Good luck everyone.

  30. Nadia Reply

    This happens to me a lot. I understand science calling it sleep paralysis but it doesn’t explain the auditory hallucinations I experience or it being in another language. They say it’s common and ‘seems’ like a strange language but why???? Why not your home language. Why only at 3/3.30
    And why is calling out Jesus name in my head or praying, a way to end it because that is all that works for me.
    Everything goes eerily quiet to the point that I can hear the wall clock so loudly as if it’s right up in my ear. Then the buzzing and screeching sound starts and gets louder, then the voices chanting in a language I don’t recognize. The chanting gets louder and notes aggressive and I can feel something close to me, around me but I can’t see it. I can’t move, or scream.
    My friend witnessed it one night and she said the look on my face was horrific. My eyes were open and I looked terrified.
    She thought I was playing the fool when I told her about it but when she saw it she realized that it wasn’t a joke.
    Also every single night without fail I wake up at matter how sick or tired I am.
    It’s awful. Believe me if science wants to label it that’s fine but it explains nothing to me. It’s solved nothing.

  31. Nadia Reply

    The chanting gets louder and notes aggressive *sorry I mean ‘more ‘ aggressive

  32. Kenton James Reply

    Just had an episode today felt like I was getting thrown around my room like I was flying and something kept tickling my feet and it wouldn’t stop but when I open my left eye I’m currently having sleep paralyze but when I open my right eye I’m in my dream and when I close them both I’m flying upside down everywhere like if I was on a roller coaster and this was a nap around 9:30am can anyone relate?

  33. Bhavana Reply

    There is some strange thing happening in my sleep…sometimes I cry and sometimes I shout ..actually I don’t want to do that…but it somehow happens .. I remind myself don’t cry and don’t shout…but I end up doing that…these all happens when iam in sleeping but I have conscious that means not fully sleep…don’t know what is this ?? What can be the reason??can anyone say something!!?

  34. Aayush tonk Reply

    I don’t know what’s happening with my mother….she is not having her proper sleep…every day at 1.00am she starts feeling something as if tingling sensation starting from her toes to full body and sometimes she can’t move her body either as if something has hold her tightly….yesterday night I was sleeping beside her, she woke me up and said please be awoke till 3.00am and I was kind of confused and scared at the same time….OM NAMAHSHIVAYA…..

  35. Paul Reply

    I have been experiencing it for the past 19 years, this whole thing has to do with the EVIL spirits, REM theory is a scam and I don’t believe it at all. When I have a prayer and fasting I sleep peacefully like a baby but when I am not praying this evil spirit is playing within my house like hell, come into my head making noise, failing to breath properly,it certainly a big disturbance. Friends there is only one way to deal with all this rubbish is prayer and fasting that’s all.

  36. Cg Reply

    I didn’t think I have it but I do feel a person in my room and a couple nights ago I felt two people a girl and a boy but I have felt the boy before the girl was knew. The werdist part about it is that the ferst time I felt the boy my sister slept talked to him for the next three years he wasn’t there. The thing that makes me think that I don’t have sleep paralysis is that I could see them if I closed my eyes and I could still move.

  37. Leah JG Reply

    I had this happen to me in the past and most recently a few nights ago. I saw my hanfs folded on my chest and could mot move them. Every time i fell asleep tba night this would happen. It felt like I got up but I would wake up ti see i had not moved at all. Then I had felt really paralyzed. Trying to so what i could to move a get up. My eyes were opened and I struggled to wake up from the recliner near the stairway. Something told me ” Leah cough”. I coughed and thats what woke me out of it. I tried to pray and tried called out to Jesus and the words would not come out. The coughing worked. I was scarey because I know something dark was holding me down. It also happened to me around the 3:00 hour!
    Once I alsi heard three taps on the windowsill in that same room around the 3:00 hour as well. Could not debunk amy of it.
    Three is the evil mocking tbe trinity. So that explains the 3:00 and any noise that is done 3 times. I had prayed over the house and have not experienced much afterwards. Although I did that months prior to tge recent incident too. Im glas to see others feel the same as I do.

  38. Blanca Reply

    I just had this experience for the second time this morning. I could watch the spirit come in lay on my husbands side and watch me while I watched my dog climb on and sniff around. I tried calling his name but nothing came out. I cried for help but nothing. I finally felt myself Move my hand to push away. I felt like something was pushing on me and I was helpless. I had been awake
    when husband left to work so I understand the REM Status but is still terrified me. I felt As though someone was looking and in background laughing. Horrible feeling

  39. Mimi Reply

    One time I was taking a nap with my 1 yr old daughter like I always did, then all the sudden I started hearing what seems to be country music on the background and every time it was louder and louder. Then i heard footsteps coming towards the room to where my daughter and I were. I heard the foot steps and it also was getting louder as it kept getting closer but seems like this thing was wearing those country boots that makes noise every time you walk….so weird…..ohh geez i was scared to death!…I couldn’t move, but my eyes was open and i remember seeing my daughter on my side sleeping and i’m thinking i hope this thing/whatever it is doesn’t come thru the door and hurt us. So i close my eyes and felt this thing opened the door of our room like smashed open our door of our room…I screamed to God to help me in my dream…then i woke up! and the door was still close…(sigh) horrible experience for sure….that was one of many sleepy paralysis experience…i keep reading it has something to do with REM sleep but i don’t truly know…all the experience from people i heard and read is all scary stuff.

  40. Karina Reply

    I just experienced this last night I wasn’t all the way a sleep it was maybe 330 am when all of sudden I felt something heavy on my legs and Right after some whispering my eyes was close I was so scare to open my eyes I felt it lifting I felt like someone’s hand lift from my leg then I felt this chills and felt cold i got up turned the light on and ran to my moms room I started crying I felt so scared it was a awful feeling!

  41. Spencer c Reply

    Fuck I wish I could fall asleep with no ability to move that sounds interesting, like for real though I never get an interesting sleep experience like that.. sleep is always hard.. I swear nightmares are just going to sleep to me, they don’t bother me, just the norm… gotta be tough about it if it scares ya to deep

  42. Angel Ornelas Reply

    Sleep paralysis has become a daily routine to my sleep schedule; ever since I was 9 I started to experience it more casually. However, this time it was probably one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had with sleep paralysis. It was around 10:30 am and I woke up; but since I felt tired I decided to go back to bed. I shortly regretted it after waking up again (is what I thought at first) realizing immediately that I was under the effects of sleep paralysis. I felt someone poking my back and in a voice of a child someone saying “hey, how are you doing?”

  43. NJ Reply

    If someone can read this in 2020 please reply

    I experience it twice and literally i had may second attack just a minutes ago , It just doesnt seem normal thats why I went to search about this and be here . I read alot about it but what happend to me is very strange. When I was about to sleep my body numb, I cant move a muscle I cant even shout even though I can see my little sister near me playing video game and then few minutes later it stopped but then Im still sleepy so I went back to sleep but when I was about to sleep again I saw a white force Im sure I saw it clearly because Im awake and its not a person but just a force or something like it was surrounded by magnetic something I dont know how to describe and then when I saw it my body suddenly release force like it splash and then I cant move and it gaves me goosebumps , I experienced it twice that I had an attack and I saw something that I know its not a ghost or something but a force and also I experience alot of sleep paralysis, the twice I mentioned is about the force….

  44. Veronica Medina Reply

    This has been happening to me since I was a teenager. It’s like an evil spirit that won’t leave me alone. If I try to pray or say omg it goes away. It’s been happening to me more lately but the weird thing is it only happens to me when I’m alone when my boyfriend is not sleeping next to me. I hate it but I’m so used to it. It’s like I can sense evil. I don’t know why it follows me I’m a good person and believe in God.

  45. Kevin Reply

    Wake up and say a prayer

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