Home Sleep Tests are Safe and Convenient

Advanced Sleep Medicine Services Home Sleep Test HST

Having a sleep study can be an important step towards better quality of life and better health.  Sleep apnea, one of the most common types of sleep disorder, is correlated with significant health conditions including heart disease, hypertension, stroke and diabetes. 

One of the best things about Home Sleep Tests is that you take the test in the comfort and safety of your own home – You never need to go to another facility.  We ship the HST device to you and you use it in your own home.  Since you never need to go to another facility, it’s a very safe process regarding any risk of disease transmission.  We keep the HST devices clean and sanitized, of course, and supply new supplies for each patient including the cannula, the thin tube that is placed under the nose.   We have specific, detailed policies and procedures for cleaning all medical equipment.  The information is based on the manufacturer’s instructions for each piece of equipment and generally includes the use of high level disinfecting agents.

And there’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed at night!

Physicians order sleep studies and related services as a step towards improving your quality of life and your health.  Diagnosing and treating sleep apnea can help reduce the risk of correlated health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, hypertension and diabetes.  Take a big step towards better health and better quality of life by scheduling your sleep study today!  Request a Home Sleep Test or call us at (877) 775-3377.