How It Works For PAP Devices

How It Works For PAP Devices

If you’re ready to proceed with a PAP device, here’s how it works:

The overview is:

  • Your doctor must order the PAP device for you. We dispense PAP devices based on a physician prescription only. If you haven’t had a sleep study to enable a diagnosis, you will need to have a sleep study before receiving the PAP device.  After we receive the order from your physician, we contact you by phone and/or email to explain the process.  We ship the PAP device to you at your home and schedule a telephone appointment for you with one of our technicians.  At the telephone appointment, which lasts about 45 minutes, the technician will thoroughly explain the PAP device and how to use it.  The technician will follow up with you regularly over the next 90 days to make sure the therapy is working effectively, to see if you have any questions and to help make any adjustments needed.  You will need replacement supplies every 90 days and we will discuss supplies with you a little before the 90 day mark.

The steps are:

  • Your doctor will order the PAP device for you after you have had a sleep test and the result of the sleep test is a diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).  If you haven’t seen your doctor about your sleep issue, or haven’t had a sleep test yet, you will need to do so before getting a PAP device.  You can start here: Home Sleep Testing (HST)  We need an order from your doctor in order to dispense a PAP device. 
  • orders the home sleep test, then we contact you to arrange the details and ship you the home sleep test device.  You use the device overnight in the