Sleep Better, Feel Better

Do you wake up tired?  Are you excessively sleepy during the day?  A Home Sleep Test can be the first step towards better sleep and better health.

One of the primary reasons people aren’t able to sleep effectively is sleep apnea, and the easiest and most convenient way to rule out or diagnose sleep apnea is through a Home Sleep Test.  Find out more about sleep apnea here: Is A Home Sleep Test Right For Me?

A Home Sleep Test is easy and painless.  And it’s very convenient – We mail the home sleep test device to you and you use it overnight in the comfort of your own home.  It’s quick and easy.  Here’s how it works: How It Works For Home Sleep Tests.

Knowing is better than not knowing.  When you’re ready to proceed with a Home Sleep Test, request one here: Request A Home Sleep Test.  We will need an order from your physician before providing the Home Sleep Test, and if you don’t have the order already we can contact your physician to request it. 

Good sleep is a treasure.  Take the first step towards better sleep and better health today!