How it Works For Home Sleep Tests

How it Works For Home Sleep Tests

If you’re ready to proceed with a Home Sleep Test, here’s how it works:

The overview is:

  1. Your doctor orders the home sleep test and sends the order to us
  2. We contact you to arrange the details and ship you the home sleep test device. 
  3. You use the device overnight in the comfort of your own home, then ship the device back to us using the prepaid return label. 
  4. Our technicians score the sleep study data and our physician interprets the data and makes a diagnosis.  We send the completed sleep study report to your doctor.
  5. Your doctor reviews the results with you and discusses next step, including a treatment plan if indicated.  You’re on your way to sleeping better and feeling better!

    The steps are:

    • The first step is to see your doctor and request a referral for the home sleep test.  We perform the home sleep test based on a physician’s order only.  You see your physician and ask him or her to prescribe a home sleep test for you.  For PPO and Medicare insurance, or for cash pay, your physician can order the home sleep test directly using our Service Request Form and faxing or emailing the completed form back to us.  We will request authorization for PPO insurance as needed.  For HMO or similar insurance, your physician will follow the authorization process of the medical group or insurance company.
    • After we receive the referral from your physician or medical group, we will contact you by phone and/or email to start the process. We will arrange when to ship the device to you and the address used.  You will need to complete a small amount of paperwork, and we email you a link and you can complete the paperwork online.  
    • After you have completed the paperwork, we ship the home sleep test to you at your home.  
    • You use the home sleep test overnight. It’s an easy and painless process.  There is a small device, about the size of a mobile phone, that fits in a belt that goes around your chest.  There is a small probe that fits over your finger, and a cannula or tube that you place under your nose. 
      Advanced Sleep Medicine Services Home Sleep Test HST

      Easy and painless!

      That’s it – You press the start button on the device and go to sleep as you normally would. We provide instructions through video links and hard copy, and you can contact us at (877) 775-3377 for assistance with one of our technicians if needed.

    • You ship the device back to us using the prepaid return label we provide and the original shipping package.  We use US Post Office Priority Mail and you can drop off the device at your local post office.
    • Our technicians score the data and our interpreting physician interprets the results and makes the diagnosis.  We send the completed sleep study to your doctor about 7 days after receiving the sleep study device back from you.
    • Your doctor reviews the results with you and discusses next steps.  If you need therapy, your doctor will review the options with you.  You’r on your way to better sleep and better health.