Is a Home Sleep Test Right For Me?

Sleep better, feel better

Sleep apnea is a common and serious sleep disorder that causes a sleeping person to experience short interruptions in breathing, or shallow breathing for extended stretches of time. People suffering from sleep apnea experience lapses in breathing for several seconds up to a few minutes at a time, over and over again during the sleep cycle, as many as 5 to 15 or 30 times or more per hour.  The brain wakes up enough to restart breathing, but the person may not remember waking up or even know they have sleep apnea.  They only know they can’t get restful sleep and that they get up in the morning feeling tired.  Sleep apnea can cause excessive daytime sleepiness and is associated with serious health conditions including heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes.  With a home sleep test followed by effective therapy, you can start feeling better immediately.

The Benefits of Home Sleep Testing

If you think you may be living with undiagnosed sleep apnea, a home sleep test is the easiest, most convenient way to find the answers you’re looking for. 

  • It’s Convenient: With a home sleeping test, you can relax in your own bed. There’s no sleeping away from your home, or any change to your schedule. You simply put the device on when you go to sleep and it goes to work.
  • It’s Affordable: We’re contracted with hundreds of insurance providers, including government payers such as Medicare and TriWest, as well as most HMOs located in Southern California. With your home sleeping test covered by insurance, you can confidently focus on your treatment.
  • It’s Easy: A home sleeping test for sleep apnea is easy to administer. Once you receive your testing device, it is simple to setup. Most importantly, it delivers results quickly so you can get an accurate diagnoses and begin treatment. 

How a Home Sleep Test Works

Your doctor orders the home sleep test, then we contact you to arrange the details and ship you the home sleep test device. You use the device overnight in the comfort of your own home. Our technicians score the sleep study data and our physician interprets the data and makes a diagnosis. We send the completed sleep study report to your doctor and your doctor reviews the results with you and discusses next step, including a treatment plan if indicated. You’re on your way to sleeping better and feeling better!

If you would like us to contact your doctor about a home sleep test for you, use this form: Request a Home Sleep Test

We use two types of Home Sleep Test devices.  One device, the ResMed ApneaLink Air, is about the size of mobile phone.  It fits in a belt that you wear around your chest overnight, along with a finger cap and a soft tube or cannula that you place under your nose.  When it’s being worn, the sensors on your home sleep testing device will measure nasal airflow, snoring, body position, respiratory effort and blood oxygen levels. The other device, the ResMed/Ectosense NightOwl Mini, must be paired with a smartphone app.  The NightOwl Mini is a very small device that you tape to your index finger overnight after pairing with your smartphone.  It uses peripheral arterial tonometry to track body position, blood oxygen levels, pulse rate and other parameters.

Advanced Sleep Medicine Services Home Sleep Test HST

Advanced Sleep Medicine Services Home Sleep Test HST

A home sleep test is non-invasive, meaning it won’t prevent you from having a typical night’s sleep while collecting important data on your breathing and oxygen levels. Once completed, our sleep specialist physician uses the data collected to help diagnose your sleep condition.

A Home Sleep Test is the First Step Toward the Good Night’s Sleep You Deserve 

You deserve a restful sleep, and the sleep specialists at Advanced Sleep Medicine Services can help. When you choose a home sleeping test, you’re taking steps toward a better night’s sleep, increased energy, and improved overall health. 

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