4 Best Add-ons for Your CPAP Machine

Creating a comfortable and flexible sleep therapy is all about customization. Every individual has a different sleep cycle and preferences during their slumber. At Advanced Sleep Medicine, we want to make your nightly re-charge as effective as possible. See how utilizing these four CPAP accessories in your nightly routine can help you sleep more effectively night after night!

Heated CPAP Humidifiers: A common complaint among CPAP users is that they wake up with dried sinuses and itchy noses. This can happen year round, but often gets worse as the winter months begin.  An easy solution is to use a heated CPAP humidifier. It will moisten the air coming from your CPAP machine, giving relief to your dried-out nostrils.

Heated CPAP Tubing: CPAP users who decide to install a humidifier sometimes find themselves battling “rainout,” where water builds up within the CPAP hose, making it potentially difficult to use. One solution is to purchase a heated CPAP tube, which eliminates rainout through a controlled temperature and humidity setting.   

CPAP Hose Lift: Active sleepers often have trouble with their CPAP hoses become tangled as they change positions throughout the night.  A CPAP hose lift can help by keeping the tubing from lying next to you as you sleep.

CPAP Nasal Pads: CPAP nasal pads can help your mask feel more open and allow you to sleep more comfortably. The pads are designed to prevent skin irritations and marks from the mask if it fits too tightly.

Advanced Sleep Medicine is your one-stop shop for everything CPAP. Our CPAP machines, masks, and accessories can help take your sleep apnea therapy to the next level. Visit our online catalog to see our complete line of CPAP comfort items.


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