Sleep and Sexual Health

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    Infertility and Sleep Disorders: A Proven Link

    If you’ve been trying to conceive a child without success, no doubt you’ve heard much advice regarding how to increase your chances: weight control, cutting down on alcohol and caffeine, or using an ovulation calendar, to name a few. But there’s another, frequently overlooked barrier to conception: sleep deprivation or a sleep disorder in either … Read More »

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    Treating Sleep Apnea Makes You Better in Bed

    Research you can’t ignore: Untreated sleep apnea increases erectile dysfunction in men and loss of libido in women. Treating sleep apnea can improve sexual function and sexual desire in men and women. We know that lack of sleep, daytime sleepiness, restlessness and snoring can put a strain on relationships. With as many as 20 million Americans … Read More »