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  • Why Women with Sleep Apnea are Overlooked

    This is the first post in a two-part series about women and sleep apnea. The second post, The Health Hazards of Sleep Apnea in Women, looks at the causes and effects of sleep apnea in women. In this post, we investigate the differences in how women experience and report sleep issues and directly addresses the stereotype that sleep apnea … Read More »

  • Man with Diabetes Testing His Blood Sugar Image

    The Link Between Sleep Apnea and Diabetes

    The American Diabetes Association estimates that nearly 30 million Americans live with diabetes. Even more concerning, diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the U.S. The condition can be caused by an autoimmune problem, where the body attacks the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin to keep blood sugar levels in check. This … Read More »

  • How does Sleep Apnea Affect the Heart?

    Sleep apnea can be frightening for the people who experience it as well as their partners, who watch as their slumbering companions suddenly stop breathing, choke and wake, sometimes dozens of times an hour. The worry is well-founded, because sleep apnea is more than a disturbance at night. Studies have shown that obstructive sleep apnea … Read More »