5 Ways to Help Your Partner Succeed at CPAP

So your bed partner has been diagnosed with sleep apnea and started CPAP Therapy. This will not only help your partner, it can also improve your health and relationship. In order for your partner to have the most success with therapy, they are going to need your support. These are some of the best ways you can help them stay compliant!

  1. Have Empathy

Your partner may feel self-conscious about how they look in the mask or are nervous about having to wear it every night. Take care to not make jokes about how they appear with the mask on. Telling them that they look funny with the mask on may deter them from wanting to wear it. You can even try on the mask to see how it feels!

  1.  Be Positive

If they begin to speak negatively about therapy, gently remind them of the tremendous health benefits that therapy will provide. Remind them that they will have an increase in energy, a lower risk of high blood pressure and less heart issues to name a few. Research has shown that CPAP therapy can improve your relationship as you will both get more sleep and enjoyment in daytime activities.

  1.  Learn the Machine Together

Become familiar with the machine. If your partner feels like you are in this together, it will be an easier adjustment. This means taking turns cleaning, refilling the humidifier and knowing its basic functions..

  1. Establish a Routine

Establishing a new bedtime routine may take some time. Help your partner figure out what order helps them wind down the best at night. They may like to watch TV together before turning the machine on and going to sleep. Try to be supportive in whatever routine makes you both feel comfortable and settled for sleep. For example, they may want to be sure to talk before they put the mask on and you may want to put a fan on to drown out the machine noise. These are great ways to accommodate one another.

  1. Ask for Help

Whether your partner is having difficulties with the mask or are struggling to adapt overall, contact a sleep specialist or your CPAP provider. It is especially time to do so if your partner is close to giving up on therapy. They likely have a solution to what you are going through.

If your partner needs help staying CPAP compliant, make an appointment with us today!


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    This will not only help your partner, it can also improve your health and relationship. In order for your partner to have the most success with therapy, they are going to need your support.

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