Learn About Sleep

  • New Study Sees Link Between Sleep Duration and Diabetes in Men

    In a new study released in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, researchers found that sleep duration is associated with insulin sensitivity and beta cell function (glucose tolerance) in healthy men. While the researchers state the that evidence is circumstantial and that this study did not show cause and effect, recent studies have shown similar decreases. More … Read More »

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    Sleeping Outside and Camping with CPAP

    For me, camping is all about sleeping outside- both the challenges and the rewards. It has taken our family years of trial and error to find exactly the right sleeping arrangements (10 person tent for the 5 of us, queen-sized self-inflating air mattress, flannel sheets, heavy down comforter and kids on their own cots). Camping is … Read More »

  • Driving Drowsy vs. Driving Drunk: the Fatal Mistake Most People Make

    We all know that drinking and driving is dangerous and illegal… but did you know that driving sleepy is just as dangerous as driving drunk?  Not only do car accidents pose a serious threat for people with chronic sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, but anyone who gets behind a wheel with less than optimal rest … Read More »

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    10 of the Most Important Things You Need to Know About Sleep

    The National Sleep Foundation is celebrating its annual Sleep Awareness Week © March 6th through March 13th, to raise awareness of the health benefits of sleep and its importance to safety and productivity. We’ve compiled a list of ten of the most important things you should know about sleep. Learn more and spread awareness about sleep … Read More »

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    Does Poor Sleep Lead to Poverty?

    A recent segment on NPR’s All Things Considered came on and caught my interest when I heard the terms “sleep quality” and “sleep deprivation”. I was even more interested when I heard that the interviewee was conducting research in India on the relationship between poor sleep quality and poverty. We’re constantly revisiting reasons why sleep … Read More »

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    How much sleep do I really need?

    It’s true that different people need different amounts of sleep. Some people can get by on 7 or even 6 hours per night; others need 9 or 10 to feel optimal. Sometimes, the one-size-fits-all guideline of 8 hours per night just isn’t enough to help you determine if you’re really as well-rested as you can … Read More »