New bedtime story for adults reminds you to eliminate distractions and set the mood for a good night’s sleep.

Reading to children has been shown increase their vocabulary and is linked with academic success, creativity and increased bonding between parents and children. Reading before bed is routine for many families as a time to slow down, quiet down and prepare for sleep.

Goodnight moon, written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd, was published in 1947 and quickly became and American classic bedtime story. It tells the story of a bunny getting ready for bed by saying goodnight to the items, pets and people around him.

Arianna Huffington has been an advocate for sleep health for many years and has published two books on the topic, the most recent called, The Sleep Revolution. In her books and talks on sleep, she tells the story of her own experience with sleep deprivation and how she has since prioritized sleep to become more productive and satisfied with her health, professional and personal lives. 

Huffington’s latest project is an adaptation of the original Goodnight Moon which specifically speaks to adults and the regimens she proposes will help lead to a good night’s sleep, including: shutting off electronic devices, setting the optimal bedroom temperature, shutting out all light and turning off the worries about work and personal life that keep many of us from sleeping at night. It’s a quick read/listen and is currently available for free from Audible.

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