I Just Had a Sleep Study. What’s Next??

I received this email from a patient yesterday:

I completed my sleep study (2nd visit) last night (at Hemet location). I know it is too soon for test results but can you tell me anything about what happens next?
Am I now waiting for word from you, or from my own doctor, for results and how to proceed?

So what happens after the sleep study??? 

When will the results be ready?

It typically takes about one week for the results to be processed and a final sleep study sent to your physician. Each sleep study is scored by a technician and then reviewed by a sleep specialist.

Who receives the final sleep study report? 

We fax the results to your physician. If you would like, we can also send a copy of the report to you.

What do I do next? Do I need another sleep study or PAP device? 

Depending on the results of the sleep study, you and your doctor will decide what action to take next. It also depends on the type of sleep study that you had.

If you had a titration study, 50/50 or split night study, and were successfully titrated, the report will probably recommend a  pressure. Based on your insurance company’s authorization, we, or another DME provider, can set you up with a new PAP device or change the setting on your current device (if you already have one).
Your physician will need to send a prescription or request authorization for a PAP device to your DME provider.

You may need to come in for another sleep study if one of the following applies:

  1. You had ONLY a baseline study which reveals that you have a sleep disorder and may benefit from a titration study.
  2. You had a titration study, 50/50 or split night study but the titration was not completed. This could happen because there was not enough time for the titration or the titration did not eliminate all events at the end of the study.
  3. Sometimes there are more complicated reasons for returning for another study. This will be detailed in your final sleep study report and you should talk with your doctor if you have any questions.

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  1. Ulla Reply

    i have done a sleep test but the doctor advised me that he will transfer my to another specialist or a public hospital however, i paid $335 plus consultation fee in every appointment.
    Please advise what can I do?

  2. Christine Castillo Reply

    I was looking up documents on sleep study results and came across your page.
    Our organization provides a learning program to dentist to work along with physicians and sleep physicians to screen, test and treat patients with sleep apnea.
    I would like to invite you to join us in Dallas, TX at our SleepCon retreat.

    Christine Castillo

  3. Ipeleng Reply

    I have being insomniac since 2009/2010, so we know that the problem is, after doing sleep study and analyzing the results, will the results tell us the reasons of why I cannot sleep without sleeping tablets? Will the results show what the cause is and what is treatment do you have to eliminate the cause of this insomnia.
    What I really want to know is what is
    Causing my inability to sleep naturally and what is the treatment to fix this cause of insomnia.

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