Put Down the Sponge, Pick Up The SoClean

Dishwashers, Roombas and self-cleaning litter boxes all have one thing in common: they’re there to keep you from having to do chores you either don’t like or don’t have the time to perform. But did you know there’s also a product on the market that automatically cleans your CPAP machine and supplies? Today, we’d like to talk about the SoClean 2 CPAP Sanitizing Unit.

Made by Better Rest Solutions, the SoClean uses atomized air to kill 99.9% of the bacteria that builds up in your CPAP supplies. It does this by using an activated oxygen generator.


What is Activated Oxygen?

This process works by breaking down air molecules, which are made up of two atoms of oxygen, and then reforming them into a molecule made up of three atoms of oxygen. This type of molecule is known as activated oxygen.

Activated oxygen is one of the safest methods of sanitation. In fact, many municipal water facilities use it to purify water. Oxygen doesn’t stay activated long, and breaks down into the regular, two-atom oxygen after a couple of hours.

The activated oxygen is circulated through the CPAP machine via the humidifier chamber. It eventually makes its way to the hose and mask, killing the organic matter it comes into contact with, including mold, bacteria and viruses.


How Do I Use It?

The SoClean looks like a rectangular-shaped box. To use it, you first connect your hose to your CPAP machine and your CPAP mask, as if you were about to use it for the night. Then you open up the top of the SoClean and put the CPAP mask inside. It then pumps the activated  oxygen throughout your entire device, sanitizing the water in the humidifier reservoir and killing germs on the surfaces.

It takes about 10 minutes for the air to cycle through the CPAP machine, followed by a two-hour waiting period for the oxygen to de-activate.

You have enough problems finding time for everything you need to get done throughout the day. Don’t let cleaning your CPAP machine be another one. Visit us today to see the great deals we have on this time-saving device!


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