SoClean Makes Daily Cleaning of Your CPAP Equipment So Easy

Getting used to CPAP therapy isn’t easy. It’s especially challenging to keep all of the equipment- mask, cushions, headgear, tubing- properly assembled. Not to mention keeping it clean.

It’s recommended that you clean your CPAP equipment every morning when you wake up (read more here about how to clean all of your CPAP equipment by hand).

If you don’t keep your equipment clean, it can deteriorate quickly. This will make therapy less comfortable and less effective.

Dirt, sweat and oils build up on your CPAP equipment

Additionally, dirty CPAP equipment is a health hazard. Because the equipment comes in contact with your skin, oils and sweat can build up which can foster bacteria growth.

Moisture can create a breeding ground for bacteria

The heated air that flows from your humidifier water chamber, through the tubing and out of your mask into your airway contains moisture. If your humidifier water chamber and tubing are not thoroughly dried every day, your equipment may start to build up mildew, mold or bacteria.

Keep your equipment clean, fresh and safe

Properly disassembling, washing and drying your CPAP equipment every morning is recommended. However, this can take a lot of time out of your busy morning.
So how can a busy CPAP user keep his/her equipment clean, sanitary and functioning at its best? Other than the daily rigmarole of taking your equipment apart, washing, rinsing, drying and then reassembling, one option is to use an automated CPAP cleaning device, like the SoClean automated CPAP cleaner and sanitizer.

We receive dozens of questions each week from CPAP users about how to best clean and maintain their equipment. Many people are looking for an easier solution. That’s why we’re offering the SoClean systems in our online store

How does the SoClean automated CPAP cleaner and sanitizer work?

This cleaning device sits next to your CPAP and is attached to your humidifier. When you wake up in the morning, rather than detaching your mask assembly, hose and water chamber then carrying them to the bathroom to take them apart, wash them and set them up to dry, you just open the top of the SoClean unit and place your mask (headgear and all) into the unit and close the lid. Keep the tubing connected to your mask and your humidifier.

The SoClean unit will automatically turn on a predetermined time every morning (you set the timer) and cycles for about 2 hours. It doesn’t use any water or messy chemicals and your equipment remains completely dry. The device works by generating activated oxygen that is pumped through your mask, tubing and water chamber. The activated oxygen eradicates any bacteria, mold, virus or fungus it comes in contact with.

When you go to bed that night, just remove your mask assembly (still attached to the tubing and your CPAP), put on your mask and go to sleep- your usual routine.

What is activated oxygen?

Activated oxygen is formed when a third atom of oxygen (O) is added to the molecular oxygen we breathe (O2) forming a new molecule (O3). This new molecule of activated oxygen (also known as ozone) has the amazing ability to destroy organisms such as bacteria and viruses through oxidation. While activated oxygen is very powerful, it also has a very short life cycle. After it’s generated, it reverts back into the oxygen we breathe in about 2 hours.

Activated oxygen is used in hospitals, water purification systems and hotels to sanitize entire rooms. It is also used in homes and hotels to eliminate odors.

Who does the SoClean work best for?

SoClean works best for CPAP users who struggle with the inconvenience of taking apart their equipment every morning to clean it and then putting it back together at night.

It’s also great for CPAP users who are very concerned about infection and bacteria.

Since the unit stays in your bedroom next to your CPAP machine, the standard unit is best for people who generally sleep at home most nights. There is a portable travel unit for people who travel.

What does SoClean cost and is it covered by insurance?

Cleaning and sanitizing equipment is not covered by insurance (learn more about insurance coverage for CPAP and supplies). This is obviously a consideration for many CPAP users. 

The standard SoClean 2 CPAP cleaner and sanitizer costs $299. You may need to purchase an adapter to connect your CPAP humidifier to your CPAP depending on the type of machine you use. Adapters cost about $20.

Many people have had success using their HSA (healthcare savings accounts) or FSA (flexible spending account- learn more about HSAs and FSAs).

The unit has a full one-year warranty and an expected lifespan of about 5 years (the same as your CPAP machine). If you purchase the device from us, we’ll handle any warranty exchanges for you- either in person or by mail since we’ve got physical locations across Southern California and web/mail reach across the rest of the US.

If you’re interested in learning more about SoClean or purchasing the device, check out our online store or call us to speak to a customer service representative (877) 775-3377 option 607.

Check out SoClean

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  1. Susan Wilkinson Reply

    I need a new CPap machine or at least new supplies for the machine I have. I have a high deductible and can’t afford to pay the money needed for new supplies. I currently use a REMstar Pro M series. My mask is the Resmed full face small. I have been using this mask for over 4 years and it is leaking bad from being do old. I haven’t had new tubing or a filter in about 4 years also. I had a sleep study about a year ago which took my pressure from 8 to 17 but I can’t set it that high because of the leaks. I really need help, because my excessive daytime sleepiness I have trouble staying awake when I drive and when I am at work.

  2. Irma L Torres Reply

    What is the price for this machine?

  3. Sheila Spaulding Reply

    I just purchased a So Clean 2. I have a ResMed Air Sense 10 cpap machine. I successfully attached adapter. My question is, do I remove excess water from chamber every morning before placing mask snd tubing in the So Clean. There are no instructions on this aspect.

    • cs Reply

      From what I understand, the water is cleaned too (although I do change it every night), and the ozone gas still permeates throughout the machine as intended. So, the machine still cleans.

  4. Rod Hvizdak Reply

    Same question as above
    I just purchased a So Clean 2. I have a ResMed Air Sense 10 cpap machine. I successfully attached adapter. My question is, do I remove excess water from chamber every morning before placing mask snd tubing in the So Clean. There are no instructions on this aspect.

    • vernal c gillette Reply

      I have the same questions as Rod and how often do you use the so clean machine I have been getting headaches the last month from the ozone odor and a little coughing

  5. Rod Hvizdak Reply

    I just purchased a So Clean 2. I have a ResMed Air Sense 10 cpap machine. I successfully attached adapter. My question is, do I remove excess water from chamber every morning before placing mask snd tubing in the So Clean. There are no instructions on this aspect.

    • george hack Reply

      I am totally confused about using the so-clean with the water reservoir. Can I leave water in or do I have to empty it before using so-clean. Thank you…

  6. Mary Compton Reply

    Can I use my SoClean for my CPAP every day.
    My CPAP is for humidifier. Please give me direction on how many times a week I can use my SoClean.

  7. Fred Reply

    Does my CPAP machine have to be powered up for the SoClean to properly sanitize the CPAP

  8. Donnie Holt Reply

    Do I leave the adapter from the SoClean in the chamber when using the cpap to sleep?

  9. Roy Riggs Reply

    Is there a way to remove the time on the auto daily clean time. I want to use manual only.

  10. paul winkler Reply

    I have used the so clean machine about two years with no complaint but lately i’m getting mixed comments from others. One pharmacy said not to use them they would damage the C-Pap machine and void the warranty, another comment was not to use them everyday, another said only to use them occasionally. Is there any possibility that my C-Pap could be damaged by the So-clean machine with daily use?

  11. Joe Spitler Reply

    I’ve been using mine for a few months with no issues. Later I have notice water in the tubing and mask is being left after the SoClean cycle. Is this normal?

  12. Arol LORA Reply

    Can I also sanitize 3m face masks with this

  13. Brad Davis Reply

    For those that what to know if you leave the water in the tank, Yes, you leave it in there. The adapter for the tank comes with another tube on the inside of the adapter and sticks into the water to help sanitize it. I have been using mine for a couple years now and have never had any issues with it.

    • Kevin Reply

      Thanks for the answer!

  14. Deborah Reply

    Hello my name is Debra white I purchased the so clean machine at the beginning of the month. Are you surpose to dump the water out before the machine start or will the machine continue to work. Properly?

  15. Gerald Pedinotti Reply

    I read that ozone can cause cough, chest pain, and harm lungs even in small doses. I use it nightly and I don’t like the smell. I even let it run first. Can I get my money back?

  16. Gerald pedinotti Reply

    Can I return my so clean I’m nervous about the effects of ozone

  17. Les Corbiere Reply

    Why is my SoClean machine building up scales in my water reservoir?

  18. Barb Reply

    Why don’t you people answer these peoples questions? For that reason alone I wouldn’t buy from you

  19. Alan Leal sr. Reply

    I have been using the so-clean
    For a year and replacing my parts regularly I just recently noticed some mold our Bacterial in the water reservoir?
    What can this be?we have 2 cpap machines that I switch twice daily and replace the filter system every 3 months because of usage twice daily also I use Distilled water only

  20. Jim Loftin Reply

    Just unboxed my new so clean machine. The manual of
    Instructions is horrible. Go to u tube ask for
    On you new unit. I could of saved so much time and confusion.

  21. Colleen Combs Reply

    Does my CPAP machine need to be turned on when my so clean machine cycle runs…or does it matter?

    Thank you!


  22. High Rated Gabru Reply

    Nice health blog. Keep it up!!!

  23. Barry Reply has an extended wall mounted shelf that holds your soclean and cpap machine and has a decorative hook to hang your mask when not in use. This shelf gives your nightstand back to you. My wife loves it! Go to their website and click on creations then click on cpap “charlie” shelf. They are also available on amazon.

  24. Charlene Reply

    Has anyone tried Clyn CPAP cleaner? My friend said it with the activated carbon filters and could help remove the ozone odor left after cleaning, I am planning to buy one recently. Any recommendation?

    • Patricia Reply

      Yes, I have used the Clyn CZ001 cleaner machine for more than half a year, it works great, with the activated carbon filters could help remove the ozone odor left after cleaning. Hope it helps!

  25. other Reply

    Cool and I liked this so much. thanks

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