Bedtime Yoga Reduces Stress, Helps You Sleep

Stress is the enemy of a good night’s sleep. Whether you’re worried about your upcoming review at work, your car is making a funny noise, or you’re having problems with your family, stress can keep you up later than you’d like and rob you of what little rest your sleep should be giving you.

One solution to dealing with stress, and getting a fuller, more restful night’s sleep, is performing some relaxing yoga poses before bed!

Yoga Before Bed

Yoga helps to quiet both the body and mind to perfectly prime you for sleep.
How Does Bedtime Yoga Work?

Bedtime yoga is actually quite simple. You dim the lights, find a comfortable position, and begin putting your thoughts in order. You focus on your breathing, and push distractions out of your mind. In this way yoga is a lot like any other exercise routine; preparation and focus lead to proper results.

Once you’re mentally ready for your bedtime yoga you go through a physical routine. This routine will consist of a series of yoga poses that you complete one after another, breathing, stretching, and relaxing as you go. Bedtime yoga routines aren’t meant to burn calories or to make your muscles tremble; they’re meant to relax you. A good example is a routine like this one from Tara Stiles:

When you’ve finished your routine it’s important to cool down, and to keep the focus on your body and your breathing. Soon after finishing your bedtime yoga routine you should be able to crawl under the covers and drift off, relaxed and calmed from your routine.

The Benefits of Bedtime Yoga

Bedtime yoga offers an array of benefits, making it ideal for a variety of people. Bedtime yoga is relaxing, it reduces stress, and it helps strengthen your body. It leads to greater sleep, deeper rest, and in many situations it may allow you to remain comfortable throughout the night instead of tossing and turning. It’s a good practice that anyone who’s looking for a more restful night of sleep can try!

In short, there’s no reason not to try bedtime yoga. It might just be the answer that you’re looking for.

If you’re concerned that you or a loved one is excessively sleepy during the day, take our sleepiness quiz and share your results with your doctor.

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  1. Jerome Ngugi Reply

    I recently started looking into yoga in a bid to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. I’ve read up a bit on how yoga can help with snoring and are interested in recommending it to my partner.
    Would you say that it’s an option that would work for her?
    Thanks for the read.

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    Nice info Julia. Thanks for share.

  3. Ryan Unions Reply

    Bedtime yoga is actually quite simple. You dim the lights, find a comfortable position, and begin putting your thoughts in order.

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