Best Online CPAP Support Groups and Resources

CPAP is hard. Proper education during the set-up and beyond is critical. Another key factor for success is support from your healthcare provider, family and friends, or other CPAP users (here’s our post about a study that shows patients with family support have better CPAP compliance).

In this blog post we provide info about five of the best online support groups and educational resources for PAP users.

First, a couple of definitions:

What’s a CPAP wiki? A CPAP knowledge-base, just like Wikipedia, that users can use to learn more about all things related to CPAP and can contribute by editing articles, creating and formatting new pages and moderation content. Usually includes a clear list of topics that need further contributions and editing. 

What is a CPAP user forum? This is an online support group where you can ask other CPAP users and sleep professionals questions about your therapy and diagnosis. Usually the forums are set up like message boards for different categories and you can post your question and receive answers. These forums are usually very supportive and moderated (for good behavior and to make sure users follow the forum rules). Even if you don’t set-up your own account (which is usually free) you can view the message boards as a guest and search for questions that other users have asked that may help you.

Now, the sites:

Apnea Board


  • CPAP user forum (HIGHLIGHT: Includes an inspiring thread of CPAP success stories here)
  • CPAP wiki with 183 articles as of 6/7/2016
  • CPAP set-up manuals
  • Supplier lists


Hosted by the American Sleep Apnea Association, this site is a directory of free CPAP user groups across the United States. A.W.A.K.E. stands for Alert, Well, And Keeping Energetic.

Features include:

  • Educational content about sleep apnea, diagnosis and treatment
  • Directory of user groups across the country
  • Resources for starting an A.W.A.K.E. group in your area
  • Links to other American Sleep Apnea Association resources, such as their CPAP assistance program., online supplier of CPAP devices, supplies and accessories, hosts this comprehensive online community.

Features include:

  • CPAP user forum (HIGHLIGHT: Read this post: Building Your CPAP Support Team)
  • CPAP wiki with 106 articles as of 6/7/2016
  • Product challenge. Forum users can request to participate in product challenges to test new equipment and compare it to their current equipment and provide their feedback. Learn more here.


Hosted by The Lanky Lefty, a registered polysomnographic technician in Elk Grove, California (check out his entertaining and informative YouTube Channel video series here).

Features include:

  • CPAP user forum (HIGHLIGHT: Threads
  • Reviews of CPAP masks
  • Educational content on sleep apnea diagnosis and CPAP. Including touchy subjects like CPAP & sex.
  • YouTube channel (link above, includes educational content and product reviews)

Wake Up To Sleep

This is Resmed’s (major PAP equipment manufacturer) sleep apnea support community. The site includes:

  • Blog
  • Educational content about diagnosis and treatment for sleep apnea
  • Links to register for MyAir, a free web app for ResMed AirSense 10 PAP machines to track usage, events per hour and mask issues. Includes options for emailing or texting you usage alerts, treatment tips and encouragement messages.

Are there other forums, online communities or educational resources that have helped you with your CPAP therapy? If so, please share in the comments below so that this post can be updated. 

Do you need help with your CPAP therapy?

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  1. Zale Mecham Reply

    I live in a rural area! I do not feel like my center is very knowledgeable about the cpap! I am will to sign up, pay a fee, whatever! Thank Zale Mecham had mine for five months! Very impress how much it has helped!

  2. Sylvia Reply

    Does anyone know of a supplier who rents cpap machines for travel?

  3. Steve Reichert Reply

    Thanks for the Apnea Board suggestion. Went there and received a lot of good solid advice from some very knowledgeable people. Also got a free setup manual for my CPAP, which helps a lot.

  4. Kevin D Reply

    I have tried several things and my CPAP Machine still makes a noise at night; whining/gurgling/whistling sound. Does anyone have any recommendations?

    • Rosemary Kapitan Reply

      Gurgling or bubbling in your tubing means you put too much water in it. The water line in the water chamber is where the water should stop when putting water in the water humidifier chamber.
      Thats all i know. This might not be an answer thats helpful but when you said gurgling i thought of when my hose bubbled once i knew i put too much water to use for that night. I was tryimg to help by mentioning it in case it helped.

  5. Malissa Boudreaux Reply

    Hi! I am looking for information regarding possible financial assistance with purchasing a whole-home standby generator for someone who suffers from sleep apnea and cannot afford to purchase a generator.
    Thank you!

  6. David Fellows Reply

    Hello, I am back with another question. I have been on CPAP since 1994 and am a mouth breather. I sleep on all sides with movement all during the night due to sleep terrors and such. I recently had a new sleep study done within the last 3-4 months and my pressure went from a 16 to a 28! Mind you the last sleep study prior to this was with the VA about 8 years ago which had me at a 16 but I have had a LARGE weight gain since that time after several neck, back and shoulder surgeries.. The VA has been reading my card every 3-4 years claims all is good. Every mask I have tried leaks at this high a pressure even though in the specs it says up to a pressure of 30 for most masks. Several folks on here said I should get another study because they believe a mistake was made but lo and behold I had another study done 2 weeks ago and it is at 28. I have tried the following full face masks with no success: F&P FlexiFit 431. Mirage Quattro, Amara View, AirFit F20 with silicone and the memory foam insert and the Ultra Mirage. I am thinking of trying a total face mask hoping to prevent the leaks. Can someone tell me the difference in these 2 total face masks? FitLife Total Face CPAP Mask and just the Total Face Mask both by Respironics? Any help would be helpful.

    • Monte penner Reply

      Have you tried tongue suction holders which only cost $30 or less? Works for me and easy to use or travel with!

      • cindy Reply

        where can I purchase them, I hate m machine

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  8. Linda melenyzer Reply

    Has any one had body itching spoon waking in
    The morning on cpap.?

  9. Winston Elston Reply

    I just called to order a replacement for my headgear and learned that the Covidien Breeze Nasal Pillow system is no longer available. I have tried other headgear and have been unable to adjust to the fit. Can anyone who has transitioned to other headgear make any recommendations, or does anyone know of a source? I use a REMSTAR machine with a 9 cm pressure. I’m on my back-up gear now, and might be able to cobble something together, but I need a new one.

  10. David Reply

    If your CPAP mask is uncomfortable, or leaves marks on your skin, you could try a FaceCozy, which helps make the mask more comfortable.

  11. Shirley Albert Reply

    Can anyone suggest me best CPAP mask that is comfortable as my current mask is not working well.

  12. Nancy Reply

    I have head pressure…like you are on an airplane… when I use my cpap machine with this head pressure I get disorientated and feel off balance for most of the day. What causes this or how can the head pressure be treated so it goes away so I can get back on my cpap.

  13. Marifer Reply

    The Apnea Board really helped my sister a lot. And i agree that it is one of the best resources on this list. @Nancy you can try to register to the forum and ask about your problem there. 🙂

  14. Kathy Reply

    Hi, I have used a cpap machine for 5 years with no trouble. Now with the Dream machine, my throat is so dry, I can hardly pull my mouth apart after several hours. I have a full face mask, heated tube, moisturizer dish, I fill the dish every night, and still my mouth is sooo dry. I use Biotene to rinse my mouth after waking up several times a night and still too dry. What type of machine would be best for me. When I take a sleep test, I only sleep 2 hours. I can’t fall asleep there. I need my sleep. Any suggestions, please!

    • James Kramer Reply

      I use dental trays, or a mouth guard. There is a reflexive response that reduces mouth breathing.

  15. Liz Reply

    I have been using clap for 20months! I Love it, but in the last
    couple couple of months I have developed watery eyes, runny nose, and a constant hacking cough! I have a heated humidifier in my machine! Does anyone have this problem! I am at my wits end! I quit using it now for 4 nights to try and clear this up! Any suggestions! Thanks!

    • Cindy Smith Reply

      Liz – I’ve used the cpap for 5 years now – and I would advise you to consider that it may be bacteria in any part of the delivery system. If you don’t have a SoClean machine – it would be well worth your investment.

  16. Rosalee Fleming Reply

    I have been told by my physician that pain in my neck and scalp and needles & pins on my scalp are caused from my sensory nerves being compressed by my mask & headgear. I have been alternating between a small ResMed N20 and a small ResMed N30i. I have tried to loosen the straps not to be too tight, but I think Zi need a completely different mask. Have other people had this problem? If so, what did you do?

  17. John Reyes Reply

    Hi, I use a resmed airsense 10 autoset. I would like to go camping next year and so I need a battery that will last at least three nights of camping. Now I have a xantrex 400 battery that has inputs for ac and also dc via cigarette lighter I put. It can also jump a car. I was wondering if anyone has this unit and has used it for their cpap machine? And if so, how well did it work? The xantrex 400 is a 400 watt battery so I would think it would be powerful enough to power my cpap but not sure how long it would last. Any help with this would be appreciated as well as recommendations on a camping battery that will last for three nights.

  18. Robin Minner Reply

    Wondering if anyone has any suggestions… I’ve been using my Cpap for a little over a year. For the last 4 months or so, I’ve been having a problem with breakouts/acne. I use a SoClean every day and am also using mask liners…to no avail. And I switch masks every few nights. I’ve now resorted to antibiotics. Any other suggestions?

  19. Online Ayurvedic Medicine Reply

    Hey, thanks for the blog article. Really looking forward to reading more. Awesome.

  20. Sandy Reply

    Hi, I’ve been using my CPAP about 4 months and felt I had adjusted quite well. I now am having a serious problem. I had swollen sinuses for a couple of days and felt I wasn’t getting enough air. Now that the swelling has gone down I still panic and rip off my mask while the machine is ramping up because I can’t fill my lungs with air – and it’s getting worse every night. Any suggestions?

  21. Sophielou Reply

    Your blog is very good and informative. CPAP Mask problems are not good for patients with sleeping disorders. We have a CPAP Cleaning Machine that resolves these issues.

  22. Ray Reply

    Dear CPAP Forum,
    I was diagnosed 6 years ago (obstructive apnea) and became a CPAP used after many years of ignoring the problem. I have used both nose and face masks with patience and diligence. Regardless of effort and technique, I have been unable to keep my mouth closed, hence eliminating leaks. Need solution and advice

    • Rose Reply

      I am a recent CPAP user. I couldn’t tolerate the face mask, and now trying the nose mask. I’m trying everything, but cannot keep my mouth closed when sleeping; the air rushes out. Did you ever get a solution?

  23. Holly Nodler Reply

    I have used a cpap for about a dozen years. I have noticed that I get very little or mild , short colds. Have other cpap users noticed this? How many out there have had the virus? Could it be helpful with the covid problem???

    • Cindy Smith Reply

      Yes – in cases where they have been short on respirators – they have used cpap machines as a last ditch effort.

  24. Kathy S. Reply

    I’m looking for Sleep Apnea support groups that are using Zoom. I live in New Jersey.

  25. James Young Reply

    Very informative article! A brief whole picture of CPAP. Could you add some info about CPAP cleaning machine? I have used CPAP for 2 years, and recently I found a mini while powerful CPAP cleaner, only $99! It saves my time and gives us peace of mind.

  26. Carl Bradley Reply

    I have a question regarding events per hour as shown on my air. I have posed the question to my sleep tech but didn’t really get an answer. One day, I’ll get a report of .2 events per hour and maybe I’ve had reports a couple days away that are like 15.9 minutes or 12.4 events per hour. How can that be true? I have noted that I don’t notice any specific difference in my sleep. I know I’m being treated for my symptoms and not to “cure” me. But this is pretty disheartening. I’ve been on CPAP for several months now and have adjusted pretty well to wearing the head gear.

  27. Rebecca Reply

    Thank you. It’s really informative and helpful;. Always get great comfort from other cpap users.

  28. Cindy Smith Reply

    So my issue is totally about vanity – but I think it’s valid. Does anyone out there have ideas about how to not have your face permanently creased by the mask? Some of it of course fades after being up for a while – but after 5 years…I can see my face “drooping” from the use of the mask. Any ideas?

  29. Mary Ann Halbert Reply

    I have been using a C-Pap for many years with a nasal pillow without a problem. However, I wake up in the morning with my throat filled with dry mucus. I have to spend 20 minutes in the shower to loosen and cough and gag for 1/2 hour after. I have a terrible post-nasal drip and assume this is the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions to dry this up?

    • SANDY MOSER Reply

      Mary Ann if you are not using a nose spray you might try that. I AZELASTINE & FLONASE, these have help my issue. I have a coughing for several years, that they could not figure out what was causing it, since I have been on both of these 2 spray at night 2 spray in the morning, and ALBUTEROL SULFATE as needed. for my sinus issues

  30. Peg Marshall Reply

    Is there an AWAKE Support Group near Holy Spirit Hospital-Camp Hill are?

    Thanks, Peg

  31. Kyrie West Reply

    Thank you. It’s really informative and helpful. Always get great comfort from other CPAP users.

  32. HelenB Reply

    Thanks for the great list, but is no longer available. There is also a very useful site,, dedicated to cleaning CPAP equipment. It may be useful to someone.

  33. Fitness Blogs Reply

    Awesome blog. Thanks a lot!!

  34. CPAP cleaners Reply

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    I have read a few of the Content on your website now, and I really like your style.
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  35. Nikolas M. Sulley Reply

    Recently, Philips issued a recall of millions of its CPAPs, BiPAPs and ventilators. During our handling of many of these claims for users of affected Philips devices, we have become increasingly concerned with the lack of outreach by Philips and others regarding this recall. We are trying to put people on notice about the recall and the severity of risks associated with the use the affected devices. If anyone here is a Philips CPAP, BiPAP ventilator user or knows a Philips sleep device user, it is crucial that you contact me immediately. (303) 999-9999.

  36. Glen Jensen Reply

    I am looking to purchase a travel battery for the ResMed cpap machine I own. I have been told two batteries to look at . The first on is the Pilot-24 LITE CPAP Travel battery. I was told it would last up to 2 days on a charge and then I was told you would be lucky to get 6-8 hours out of it with a 2-3 hour recharge. The second one was the Expion Pro 48 which may get you possibly two nights at a greater expense than the first one. Hoping to get some advice from anyone out there please.

  37. Terry prince Reply

    I am having trouble renewing my driving licence because I use a CPAP machine .anyone else in England had this problem ? Any help appreciated..

  38. Charlene Faleskie Reply

    Has anyone tried Clyn CZ001 CPAP cleaner machine? My friend said it with the activated carbon filters could help remove the ozone odor left after cleaning, and I am planning to buy one recently. Any recommendation?

    • Dowkoski Reply

      I have the same question, any answers?

  39. Evan Parra Reply

    If you need affordable CPAP supplies visit We do not accept insurance and keep our prices very low with free shipping and peace of mind guarantee.

  40. SANDY M Reply

    Hi, I have been using the Amara View Replacement Headgear for sometime now, I have a issue of the strap pulling out of the top hole, I need to find something to put over the slit opening, anyone else have this issue and any suggestion, thanks sandy

  41. Bob Walnut Reply

    These forums are usually very supportive and moderated (for good behavior and to make sure users follow the forum rules).

  42. js Reply

    Talk to your DR or Dentist and try Triamcinolone (Dental Paste) can treat oral mouth sores. It works great should you get these types of sores. Also, maintain a proper fitting CPAP mask and clean tube, mask, etc.

  43. Marcus Reply

    Great information. I tried using a machine years ago and didn’t stick with it but need to re-visit the topic as my sleep has gotten worse.

  44. James King Reply

    Love the forum. The knowledge level of those folks is amazing. Also they produce the free OSCAR software for looking at your CPAP data.

  45. Debbie Reply

    I have a lot of problems with swallowing air with my cpap and now my bypap. I am on high pressures and wake up after using it for two hours at night with extreme lower bowel pain. Is there any solutions to prevent swallowing air? I use a full face mask have elevated my bed and have taken gas x and nothing has helped

  46. Christina McAfams Reply

    How long does it take for cpac to work? I’m on week 4 on using a ResMed Air Sense 10.. I wake up feeling fatigued. I have yet to feel refreshed and more energized. I’m 71 and have insomnia and sleep spnea

  47. Opelika Reply

    This is an online support group where you can ask other CPAP users and sleep professionals questions about your therapy and diagnosis.

  48. Marshall Brennan Reply

    My name is Marshall Brennan, I live with my wife Gladys in Medford, Oregon. Gladys is 83 years old and has been having very concerning issues with suddenly fainting (sleeping) while active, and doctors here cannot find any explanation for this condition. She has never had sudden fainting (sleeping) until now. These fainting episodes started January 18, 2023.

    My wife and I are volunteers in a 3rd grade elementary school, and on Wednesday the 18th I went to get her coat and she told me she wasn’t feeling well, I told her to sit in chair and then she fainted. I called 911 and they checked her vital signs and placed her in the gurney. Approximately an hour later she woke up on the gurney on the front porch, crying, and asking for me. She was taken to Providence Hospital in Medford. At the hospital they did lab work, X-rays, MRI, EEG, and a root cause could be found. Gladys had two more episodes while she had the EEG monitor, she was wired up, and the results showed normal brain activity during these events. Gladys also had a fainting episode after the EEG was removed, this episode was different because her whole body began to shake, like she was having a seizure. She was released from the hospital on January 22 with no idea what was causing her fainting. She was prescribed Modafinil 100 mg which seem to help for a couple of days, but then she went back to having a funny feeling prior to fainting at different times of the day again.

    The 2nd of February was a really bad day. We were going to try and go to school, and she got into the car and started having that funny feeling again and fainted. I sat with her in the car for over 1 1/2 hours until I was able to give her pill, and by 10am I was able to get her into her bed, she didn’t feel any better until later that afternoon. I called her primary doctor, and they gave her an appointment for February 3rd at 10am. While driving to the doctor’s office, and close by she got that funny feeling again. We got through the entrance door at which time she fainted. They called 911 and she went back to Providence ER. Again, they did lab work, X-rays, CT Scans, and still nothing could be found, except a UTI infection which she is taking medicine for. She was released from the hospital 1 1/2 hours later and is back home; she is still feeling sick.

    I am at my wits end with no doctor understanding what going on with her, or able to explain why this is happening suddenly. We can’t go anywhere with her condition hanging over our head. She’s upset because she wants her life back, and be able to help her kids at school, and be able to go to church on Sunday. Would you have any ideas what could be causing this condition? Can you give us some advice or guidance on what we can possibly do? To me it seems to be Microsleep, but in extreme form. Gladys does have Sleep Apnea, it was left untreated for several years, but has since been using a CPAP nightly. We would greatly appreciate any information you might have on conditions like this, or know of some resource, someone, centers, etc., that might be able to help us. If a phone call is helpful, we are available anytime to discuss in further detail the symptoms she has been experiencing.

    Thank you so much,
    Marshall Brennan

  49. Brian Lamacraft Reply

    CPAP is a mental challenge as well. You need to conquer your fear of it with positive thinking. You can do it!

  50. Kat Reply

    Thank you. It’s really informative and helpful;. Always get great comfort from other cpap users.

  51. Javy Reply

    This is the best Content which i read .thanks for sharing such a useful content.
    I have read a few of the Content on your website now, and I really like your style.
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  52. HW Reply

    I have been using cpap for a few months now. Started off using it 2 hrs per night,& feeling need to remove. After a review I keep it on all night, believing it does me good. It is psychological as well as physical. Don’t give up!

  53. basketball stars Reply

    Looks like I finally found my method. I tried some of the above.

  54. Chris Pineson Reply

    Well, I can not give you too many pieces of good advice for CPAP support groups, but the device I use for treating my sleep apnea and snoring is quite amazing named BMC G2S C20, produced by BMC, you guys probably heard of it. And the staff over there are quite professional, and I just do not know why they do not open a support group for sleep apnea & snoring therapy. Haha, cause they really helped me a lot!

  55. Basket Random Unblocked Reply

    This is a popular online forum where individuals using CPAP machines and other sleep apnea treatment options can connect, share experiences, ask questions, and seek advice. The community is active and supportive.

  56. Susan Copeland Reply

    I definitely need some advice!

  57. vex 8 Reply

    You need to conquer your fear of it with positive thinking.

  58. Zane Shives Reply

    I still prefer using an ozone sterilizer – it’s simple, convenient, and quite affordable. Besides SoClean? Are there any other recommended brands? I’ve heard good things about the LEEL O3 brand from friends. Has anyone tried it, and what are your thoughts?

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