Treating Sleep Apnea Makes You Better in Bed

Research you can’t ignore:

  • Untreated sleep apnea increases erectile dysfunction in men and loss of libido in women.

  • Treating sleep apnea can improve sexual function and sexual desire in men and women.

We know that lack of sleep, daytime sleepiness, restlessness and snoring can put a strain on relationships. With as many as 20 million Americans suffering from sleep apnea and many patients undiagnosed and untreated, there are lots of relationships suffering from lack of intimacy.

Scientists suspect that the consequences of sleep apnea that affect sexual function are caused by lack of sex hormones in men and women. Sleep apnea causes frequent waking in the night. Some people awake as many as 100 times an hour due to closures of the airway. This may cause levels of sex hormones, like testosterone to drop, causing sexual dysfunction.

The good news is that treating sleep apnea can improve libido and sexual function. One study showed that men with a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction (ED) who used CPAP for six months showed a significant improvement in sexual function and desire. Even men without ED showed an improvement in sexual function and desire after using CPAP to treat their sleep apnea. 

If you want to get better sleep and better nookie, the solution may be to first diagnose and then treat your sleep apnea. 

Request our Guide: 5 Steps to Scheduling a Sleep Study

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