Do Dreams Affect Sleep Quality?

Dreams may not be so sweet if they are impacting your quality of sleep. We all dream each night, whether the dreams are remembered or not. Many Americans are chronically sleep-deprived. It’s important to have an understanding of ideal sleep and how our sleeping patterns may impact overall health and wellness. 

How Dreams Work

Everyone dreams anywhere from 3 to 6 times each night. Dreaming is normal and a healthy part of sleeping. Dreams are a series of images, stories, emotions and feelings that occur throughout the stages of sleep. The dreams that you remember happen during the REM cycle of sleep. REM means rapid eye movement. The REM sleep happens approximately 90 minutes after you have fallen asleep and lasts around ten minutes. The brain is very active at this point and that is when the more memorable dreams happen. 

It seems that often, dreams occur as a way for us to play out events that happened during the day. They seem to be a response to an experienced environment. If one has something stressful or particularly sad happen to them during the day, they are more likely to dream about it at night. There are now some studies that suggest dreaming helps the brain with its memory function. They help with cognition and your ability to process events – “…dreaming is a natural extension of waking conscious experience.1

There are many theories about what we dream and why. Whatever the case, what should be of particular importance to an individual is not necessarily what they dream about but how it impacts sleep quality. 

The Impact of Dreams

On Sleep

While dreaming is normal, there can be some abnormal parts of dreaming that interfere with sleep or overall mental health. For example, if you experience vivid dreams immediately after you have fallen asleep, it could be a sign of a sleep condition called narcolepsy

Dreams do not typically negatively impact sleep, but nightmares can. The way they influence sleep is that it can make it more difficult to fall asleep and cause difficulty in moving between sleep cycles.2  This can make a person drowsier during the day. 

On Daily Life

Good and bad dreams can impact daily life. Frequent nightmares may impede a person’s ability to fall asleep and then cause sleepiness during the day. Dreaming can also aid in a person’s ability to process others’ positive emotions, making the individual have a higher level of social competence

Not dreaming may mean you are not reaching REM sleep and therefore may cause higher rates of sleepiness, depression and health issues. It seems to be that those who have negative dreams also have higher rates of stress during the day and are more likely to have sleep disorders. Likewise, those who have positive dreams are less likely to have sleep disorders. Though, it’s difficult to know the cause. Regardless, trying to think positively during the day may help the types of positive or negative dreams that occur at night.3

Night Terrors and Nightmares

Night terrors and nightmares are two different types of dreams. Night terrors show up as someone thrashing or groaning in the middle of their sleep due to a negative dream and are associated with non-REM sleep. It typically occurs in children. They do not wake up due to the night terror, although it may last 10-30 minutes. Nightmares are a negative type of dream that causes one to wake abruptly and is associated with the REM sleep cycle. It can happen to anyone of any age. Sleep deprivation can cause an increase in nightmares

There are many different things that can factor into the quality of your sleep, so feel free to reach out to ASMS if you’re curious about how you can improve your sleep quality today!


  2. Paul, F., Schredl, M., & Alpers, G. W. (2015). Nightmares affect the experience of sleep quality but not sleep architecture: an ambulatory polysomnographic study. Borderline personality disorder and emotion dysregulation, 2, 3. doi:10.1186/s40479-014-0023-4
  3. Weinstein, N., Campbell, R., & Vansteenkiste, M. (2018). Linking psychological need experiences to daily and recurring dreams. Motivation and emotion, 42(1), 50–63. doi:10.1007/s11031-017-9656-0


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  3. Linda Rodriquez Reply

    I am constantly dreaming I believe all night long. I dream about my dead relatives and I talk to them but they don’t respond verbally. I also dream I misplace my handbag a lot and always looking for it. I dream of younger men attracted to me. I dream about people I don’t know and scenarios I have never been in before. I dream of my children when they were young. My dreams are so very real I wonder if I am really asleep. I can’t go one night without dreaming. How can I stop the dreams and where do they originate from? Help please.

    • SoCalLu Reply

      Hi Linda, I found this article because I am looking for answers & solutions to stop my dreaming – EVERY NIGHT like you. I remember dreaming from a very young age. The only time I don’t dream is during a daytime nap. Either way, I can drop off to sleep quite easily. I wish I could not dream every night. Is it related to OCD? Too much melatonin produced naturally in my body? Have I had that much daytime stress every day my entire life? I’ve always been an early to bed person with calming wind down routines.

    • Senthil kumar Reply

      Even I have the same problem. I feel like start dreaming the moment I fell asleep and it lasts long till I wakeup. And Some dreams are peculiar and can’t even I share with anyone. All I wanna a night without dreams. Long long ago I slept one full night like blinking and I am craving for that now.

    • Thasha Nadarajan Reply

      I am facing the same issue as yours. I really want a good sleep. I never had a sleep without a dream and eventually I remember all my dreams unlike normal people.

      • drishti Reply

        I feel the same its been months since I slept without dreams I really want a sleep without dreams they are not stopping they are continuous I feel irritated even though I sleep for long hours still im restless.

        • annie Reply

          actually we dream every night even if we dont remember our dreams

      • Gokul Priyan Reply

        I do dream every night for a long period of time. and at least 2-3 different dream most of the nights since recent. And I too remember most of my dreams and sometimes my friends be surprised or assume that I’m lying because I can remember the whole dream.

  4. Cruz Reply

    I appreciate your insightful article but I have to ask you, why some people dream every night they pass while others don’t?

    • drishti Reply

      share the answer if u get answered for your question

  5. Shreya patel Reply

    I am enjoying my dreams and I can remember many of that which are last and in early mornings. In my dreams I am saving others or doing help to them. I dream about someone is attracted to me. I dream that I am enjoying with friends which are not known, enjoying in new cities. I am 27 year old but still school days are coming in my dream. Lion ,war , cycling, losted the way, love, traveling, family unction with family members, ofc colleagues these are the topics of my dream. In few of dream am afraid from something and in few am saving others lives. So is that good or negative dreams or is that due to active mind? I just want to know should I continue to see dreams or need to do something to stop. Yeah and I can see colorful dreams. Few are black and white.

  6. john figel Reply

    It seems like I dream many times a night and wake up frequently from them. I don’t start immediately dreaming when I initially fall asleep but when I wake from them and fall back i seem to start dreaming right away. I get about 6 1/2 hours of sleep but it is interrupted usually during a dream. The next day my head doesn’t feel right. Pressure at the occipital area with neck stiffness. Some slight dizziness and tiredness. I have had severe insomnia for 4 years and started getting my sleep back 6 months ago but now the dreams seems to be the issue with disruption of my sleep. I have been off the meds for sleep for months now (Benzos and Nortriptyline). I take occasional Benadryl but not often.

    • Mel Reply

      I have the same issues. I wake up every two hours it seems from a dream and I have pain in and under my eyes from lack of sleep. Have tried so many meds, always a side effect.

      • Zeke Reply

        Hi, Mel i have been experiencing the same issues for like 5 months now… Have you found any kind of solution to the problem or find out what it is? The eye pain/tiredness is what drives me crazy the most and hope theirs some kind of cure for this sleep issue

      • Zeke Reply

        Hoping to hear from you soon Mel!

      • Pressure Washing Reply

        Sleep deprivation can cause an increase in nightmares.

    • Zeke Reply

      Hi John, have u figured out what this is because I suffer from a similar problem involving the excessive dreaming… Has anything helped? Hope to hear from you soon!

  7. Frankie Atienza Reply

    I need advice every night when I try to fall sleep I always dreaming sometime I remember that happen, I feel hard to breath when I dream badly like fighting and some my love ones travel any part, what can u give advice for this. Thanks for returning

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  9. Taiz Reply

    I am also someone who dreams almost every night. Sometimes i wish i would stop dreaming but then i would start missing dreaming. I can say i kinda love dreaming but sometimes my dreams go to far and that i don’t like as much. But i can say when i tell people my dreams they are jealous because they can never remember their dreams and that’s where i feel special!

  10. Ehima Mgbeken Reply

    Bad Dreams Make Me Sleep Better

    • Bob Reply

      don’t care

      • About Us Reply

        Dreaming is normal and a healthy part of sleeping

  11. Rose Champagne Reply

    I dreams every night of my life it’s been about people who I know or about people who I don’t know
    about jobs which I have had in my lifetime. I dream about dead people in my family as well as friends once known i would love to just go to sleep

  12. Rose Champagne Reply

    How can I not dream when ever I sleep

  13. Tauro Reply

    Hmmm I dream all the time whether it is day or night ..I wake up feeling tired . Like I have been working all night.
    I wish I could stop dreaming every time I fall asleep.

    • Sarah Reply

      This is exactly how I feel. Like I dont have a problem going to sleep but I wake up in the mornings like I didn’t sleep at all from dreaming. It’s like my mind was running 100 mph all night

    • Zeke Reply

      Hi, Tauro! i have the same issue, has anything helped?

  14. Gina stancil Reply

    I dream every night many different dreams. I look forward to going to sleep dreaming every night. I wake up a lot but go right back to sleep 8 hours a nite. I love dreaming . Occasionally I. Have night terrors which I hate. My husband wakes me thrashing around screaming. No fun . Mostly good dreams tho

  15. sarah Reply

    Thank you for the content. I’m 24
    I dream things that never happened with my family and other members i have along time never seen them, i dream like i got pregnant and had to child after a car accident with my friend, in somehow i was scared to see that im disabled and lost alot of blood but after then i had two beautiful girls, idk but it kind was happy dream for me, and it was a really long dream. I wanna know if we only dream from memories or things that never happened before.

  16. The Reply

    My dreams make me tired when I wake up. They’re not nightmares, but some are not pleasant. I also know and remember dreams that I enjoy or are curious about and I can re-enter those dreams without a problem. It feels like a super power, especially sheen I nap and can re- enter a dream from the night before. Does this happen to anyone else?

  17. Zoe Walton Reply

    I dream some very wierd dreams every night
    Some can be of the olden days n some are just so weird like last night I dreamt I was at a dance festival (I have a dance school) but there were no dancing i bought a pup called it Barney n it sat on my bed eating fish fingers ‍♀️ i woke up feeling shocking shakey sick panicky?

  18. Michelle Liu Reply

    I dream a lot. I find that when sleep conditions aren’t ideal, I start having distressing dreams where I’m extremely tired within the dream itself.

  19. Owor Reply

    I have the same problem with dreaming I don’t sleep the whole night because of dreaming

  20. Manish Agrawal Reply

    Hmmm I dream all the time night ..I wake up feeling tired . Like I have been working all night.
    Mostly its abt whole day activities related sometimes very weird also.
    Most of the times I remember bmy my dreams.
    I wish I could stop dreaming every time I fall asleep.

  21. D’Jango Reply

    I stopped having dreams and nightmares why is that

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  23. AMIT AGARWAL Reply

    I am Amit , I am from India , Everyday dreams comes after I sleep , most of them are neutral or positive , does it mean everything is ok with me , does dreaming indicate I dont have a sound and deep sleep , my wife says she does not dream at all , is this means she has a sound and deep sleep than me ?

  24. G .lady Reply

    I started having vivid dreams once I started taking melatonin to help me sleep.I was dreaming & got out of bed & what woke me up was that I hit that wall.I continue to have vivid dreams about my deceased mother ,crazy dreams about people I know & dnt know. This morning in the weeee hours I was in a vivid dream , got out of bed & hit my puppies crate & that woke me up,Anyone experiencing that??

    • G.lady Reply

      I don’t know what is causing these issues. I’m thinking about seeing if I can participate in a sleep study, see a psych Doctor or someone who can help me. I was drinking a glass of wine to help me fall asleep until I read that it can cause vivid dreams. Just like the melatonin does. I just have to pray not to get out of bed,sit on the side of the bed or talk in my sleep. That’s how real the dreams are. Anyone experiencing this that wants to share your experience.

  25. Sorry no name Reply

    But I also have an problem with my dream. I dream the entire day. And that is also on a particular topic and this is nothing much , because dreaming for me very normal , because from the day to night I dream . Fell irrigated, get bored, get angry, and many more even I for this I can’t consented in my studies, even I forget things in daily life and. And without dreaming a single of my life be like a lifeless . As I go bed to sleep I start dreaming .and infact whenever I am going to sleep I start dreaming. I don’t no why it happened . If I fell that I will not dream today .I will consented in my studies . As I go to do anything or to study I really start dreaming . I don’t know that for how many days I will be dreaming like this . O dream the things that happen in past , present. I see the things that is surrounding by me happen .

  26. Sorry no name Reply

    But I also have an problem with my dream. I dream the entire day. And that is also on a particular topic and this is nothing much , because dreaming for me very normal , because from the day to night I dream . Fell irrigated, get bored, get angry, and many more even I for this I can’t consented in my studies, even I forget things in daily life and. And without dreaming a single of my life be like a lifeless . As I go bed to sleep I start dreaming .and infact whenever I am going to sleep I start dreaming. I don’t no why it happened . If I fell that I will not dream today .I will consented in my studies . As I go to do anything or to study I really start dreaming . I don’t know that for how many days I will be dreaming like this . O dream the things that happen in past , present. I see the things that is surrounding by me happen . I am ♌

  27. H Reply

    I constantly dreaming every night like every night then when I wake up I completely forgot what I dream about, It’s rare when I remember my dream. I learn to enjoy my dream even when I woke up I couldn’t remember it. lmao

  28. elimelech Reply

    for the past 3 years, I have been having dreams that I am alert and in controlled of. I can pick a time and go to, I can control what’s happening but I have no control over how I dream or when I am in this stage of my dream. whatever happens in my dream I can feel it in my body. for example, if someone punches me in my face when I wake up I can feel it and it hurt. I am looking for a solution.

  29. Louie B Reply

    I dream every time I sleep and remember every one.

  30. Emma Prestwood Reply

    I have a question! Can dreams keep you asleep for longer?! I had a very intense and vivid dream and when I was woken up from the dream I had slept through my Alarm for 1 hour!

  31. Ivy Dan Reply

    Have any of you actually ready the article? It says people who DON’T dream are not getting a good night’s sleep. They are not reaching REM. People are supposed to have several dreams per night. This is what they call “normal sleep patterns”. Believe me, if you stopped dreaming, you would miss it.

  32. PLEASE READ Reply

    I usually have a “normal” sleep pattern where I would dream almost every night. I had pleasant dreams & bad ones as well but it was ok. I could also continue a dream from the previous night… Some months ago I started having scary dreams every night and I had to be fighting to wake up (in most of them I’m about to die. In others, I’m running from someone). When I jump up out of it, I’m sweating and my heart racing. This disrepted my sleep almost every hour throughout the entire night… Then fast-forward to now: the nightmares are gone and I’m able to sleep 3-4hrs without waking in between. The thing now is that my dreaming has become ridiculous & concerning. I have not been able to sleep a single time without dreaming right through. Meaning weather it’s night or day, 5min or 3hr the second I fall asleep I start dreaming and I don’t stop until I wake. I have like 50 fragmented dreams all in one sometimes. I’m always tired when I wake up but I’m not droopy or lagging throughout the day after I get out of bed and get work oriented. I can remember some parts of my dreams but not all because it’s not one continuous dream from I fall asleep to when I wake; instead it’s one random dream after another… My main issue is the fact that I feel like my brain is running 80mph without rest.

  33. five nights at freddy's Reply

    Every time I go to sleep, I have a dream that I remember.

    • Reiki Reply

      I never had a sleep without a dream and eventually I remember all my dreams unlike normal people.

  34. Thien Reply

    I feel my dreams are always so vivid that it is affecting my sleep. I don’t feel I get quality sleep and wake up so tired c of it. The dreams can be good but intense or stressful and intense. I have no problem falling asleep and can dream right away so I do wonder if I have narcolepsy as mentioned here. My moods and personality have been impacted greatly bc of it. I even feel like my heart is getting palpitation due to lack of quality sleep. All my life I have never slept through a night without waking up.

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    Dreams can help us regulate our emotions and process negative ones, and because depressed people often struggle with both, dreaming more frequently may be a way to deal with these negative emotions

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    I have dreams every night. Sometimes I remember parts of them and sometimes not. Most of them are made up of situations I have been in and people I have known with different outcomes Most are pleasant or exciting. If I wake up, I don’t get to see all of what happened. Dreaming is very normal whether you remember them or not. Dreams are like living two lives. The awake life and the sleep life. Sometimes the sleep life is better or more fun. Many memories run through my dreams.

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    • Dave B Reply

      I have always recalled my dream in detail most of the time. However now I sit up, get up etc and see people in the room or not know where I am. Takes a good few minutes until I can focus and wake up. For example I sat up looking at our dresser as a girl was holding the tv. My wife woke up to ask what am I doing (again). I told her can she not see the girl and described her hair top and dress and feet. Then it went away and it was my wife clothing hanging there. I just added a head and feet. This happens many time a week where I add features to objects e. g. Pillow on the floor was the shirt of a man who looked at me. Nor scare me at all but starting to wear me down a bit now as “ what next”. Not know what to do as about 5 nights out of 7 now.

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