Help! I Can’t Afford CPAP. Where To Find Low-Cost or Free CPAP Machines and Supplies.

Don’t have health insurance?

Did you just find out that CPAP isn’t covered by your insurance?

Are you experiencing financial hardship and need a CPAP machine or supplies?

Need a backup device or a second device for traveling?

Here’s a list of organizations that provide low-cost or free CPAP, APAP and bi-level machines and supplies so you can get the sleep you need.

As with any purchase of CPAP equipment, a prescription is required, even if the there is no charge.

American Sleep Apnea Association

ASAA has a CPAP Assistance Program (CAP) that has provided over 4,000 CPAP equipment packages to patients in need over the years. Their mission is to help as many patients as possible get the treatment that they need. They believe that no one should go untreated due to financial hardship or other issues. The program is made possible from donations from manufacturers and other nonprofit organizations. They have machines and masks available on a limited basis and includes a 30 day return policy.

What does it cost?

CPAP: $100 program fee (does not require any proof of financial hardship). ASAA can provide you with a CPAP or APAP, new tubing, filter and carrying case (does not include humidifier). Depending on inventory, they may also supply a mask. Click here to complete their online application.

Bilevel/BiPAP: Bi-Level PAPs may be available, depending on inventory (as of the publishing of this post in May 2016, ASAA is in need of bi-level donations).

Supplies: Prices and availability vary. Discounts for purchase or multiple items. Here is the patient mask application.

Breathe California of the Bay Area
( )

Breathe California of the Bay Area
1469 Park Ave.
San Jose, CA 95126
Phone (408) 998-5865
Email Michael Baker: 

What does it cost?

They receive donated CPAP and BiPAP machines from hospitals, sleep centers, and individuals.  They clean and test the machines to ensure they work properly, then redistribute them to clients.  When the clients receive a machine, Breathe California asks for a donation amount between $55 to $105 depending on the type of machine.  The machines come with new hose and filters, and they have new masks available for $10.  For clients not in the area, they offer to ship the machines for an additional $40.  If you’re local, you can drop off equipment at their location in San Jose (see above). 

The Reggie White Foundation

The Foundation was co-founded after Reggie White’s premature death, by his wife Sara, in conjunction withthe Sleep Wellness Institute in West Allis, Wisconsin. They recognize the role that sleep apnea played in cutting Reggie’s life short, and want to help people of all economic backgrounds to understand the symptoms and risks of this disorder. They provide CPAP therapy equipment to those who might otherwise be unable to secure the needed equipment. Their program is made possible from donations from individuals, manufacturers and other nonprofit organizations.

What does it cost?

CPAP: $25 program fee and proof of financial hardship. Application available here.

Supplies: $10 program fee and proof of financial hardship. Click on the application link above.

Second Wind CPAP

Second Wind CPAP specializes in quality discounted ‘open box’ new and gently used PAP machines for those individuals who could not otherwise afford it. They purchase new or gently used PAP machines from individuals and refurbish it before selling on this site at a discount.

What does it cost?

CPAP, APAP, Bi-Level, ASV: Varies by manufacturer and device, starting from $95 for a gently used CPAP (does not include humidifier) to $299 for used APAP, $399 for bi-level and $499 for ASV (learn about different device types here). Purchase includes 6 month money back guarantee for used devices. New devices are under manufacturers’ warranty.

Supplies: Only available new at regular online prices.

Have health insurance but aren’t sure how much it will cover for a CPAP machine or supplies?

Do you have health insurance but aren’t sure if CPAP is covered?  We can help you understand how your benefits work and how working with an in-network provider may end up costing you a lot less than you expected. We also cover difference between device purchase and rental. Check out our resources:

Ready for a new CPAP?

Request CPAP appt.  

Do you have experience with any of these organizations? How has your life changed because of free or low-cost CPAP? Please add in the comments below.

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  1. Eva McRae Reply

    I am in need of an ASV. I have both Central and Obstructive Sleep Apnea and was shocked to find out that i have no coverage for durable medical equipment. Any help I could get will be most apprwciated.

    • Julia Rodriguez Reply

      Hi, Eva. I’m sorry to hear that you don’t have coverage, but encouraged that your seeking assistance for your therapy. Have you tried reaching out to American Sleep Apnea Association ( to see if they have any ASVs available? They are very active and can usual help in these situations. They may also be able to suggest other organizations that can help. Please let us know how it goes so that we can share your experience with others in the same situation.

      • Russell Anderson Reply

        My name is Russell, and my insurance cannot help me the way i can afford a cpap machine. I’m willing to pay what I can which is afew hundred dollars but I can’t find any one to help me. any suggestions or assistance
        would be greatly appreciated.

    • Emily Lewis Reply

      My father was diagnosed with sleep apnea about two years ago. He followed the usual path of getting hooked up to a ventilating machine which, for him, was a bit of hell on earth. It wasn’t until he stumbled upon this natural remedy ( ) after trying it, it helped him to reverse his sleep-apnea and keep him off that machine, it was worth trying, really.

    • Erkek Cüzdan Reply

      Deri seven kadınları birçok cüzdan modelinde deri detayını bulabiliyor. Kartlık, bozuk para cüzdanı veya el cüzdanı modellerinde deri kumaş ön plana çıkıyor. Hakiki ya da suni deri seçenekleri de kadınların tercihine sunuluyor. Deri cüzdanlar fermuar, mıknatıs ya da çıtçıt eklentileriyle tasarlanıyor.

    • Makrome Anahtarlık Reply

      Makrome Duvar Süsü (52×79 cm) Makrome herhangi bir araç/alet kullanılmadan yalnızca el ile yapılan bir düğümleme sanatıdır. Meran Makrome Penye Ip Krem Rengi Anahtarlık Çanta Süsü nhtrlk24. Bu çok kolay örgü modeli ile kendinize hemen bir supla takımı yapabilirsiniz.

  2. Curtis W Stanton Reply

    I don’t have a prescription. But I do know that I have sleep apnea. Would you still be able to help me?

  3. Julia Rodriguez Reply

    Hi Curtis. A medical equipment provider will need to have a prescription before dispensing equipment, even if you’re not using insurance (who will also require a prescription). The American Sleep Apnea Association may be able to help you find a doctor in your area who can see you and right a prescription. If you’re in SoCal, we can help with that too. Good luck!

    • Saqib Sheraz M I Reply

      Hi Julia,
      I have no insurance but a free clinic wanted me to go through a sleep test. I called local hospital and they are asking $3,700. can you please guide me what can I do in this situation?


    My husband had a machine years ago after being diagnosed with sleep apnea. When we lost our insurance the medical equipment company came and took the machine. How can we go about getting one ? We live in Panama city Florida. Another sleep study is out odbthe question as he has a share of cost. Please direct me in the right direction. I am worried. He’s been without it for over a year.

    • Julia Rodriguez Reply

      Hi Christy. You may be able to get a new machine from one of the organizations listed above. Since it’s been 9 years since his last sleep study, his pressure requirements may have changed he may need a new sleep study which is another expense. You can investigate an auto-titrating CPAP which will adjust the pressure throughout the night. If he also needs a physician to get a new prescription, you should bring that up when you speak with the organizations about getting a new machine. They should be able to offer advice there too. Good luck!

  5. bridget Reply

    Hi i recently found out i have sleep apnea and cannot afford a machine and supplies i have been out of work over 6 months now due to having hip replacement surgery and have lost my insurance can someone please help me

    • Julia Rodriguez Reply

      Hi Bridgette. Breathe California or the Sleep Apnea Association should both be able to help you. Their contact info is listed here. Please let me know if you don’t get a hold of anyone and I will see if I can help. -Julia

  6. Tonya Mihay Reply

    Hi Julia,
    My name is Tonya I have Sleep Apnea, I do have my compliance certificate from my doctor, my problem is my insurance will cover my apnea supplies but I have to first purchase them. I am low income and they are expensive. There is no local suppliers that take my insurance. Can I still get help from one of these organizations?

  7. Tonya Mihay Reply

    Hi Julia, I have sleep apnea and have insurance through the market place. I am also compliant with machine. I can’t find a DME that will take my insurance. I have been calling every DME in town and can’t find a supplier. So Do you have any suggestions for on-line company that accepts insurance?

  8. Steven Hunt Reply

    Hi my name is Steve Hunt I got hurt back in 2009 and lost my job and have no insurance and i need cpap supplies bad and i cant afford to buy them. and cant find anyone to help me out. i now work but cant do much and the pay is not that good. i really need help what can you do for me thanks .

    • Julia Rodriguez Reply

      Hi Steve, please reach out to Breathe CA or the American Sleep Apnea Association. Both organizations should be able to help you obtain free supplies.

  9. Curtis Cox Reply

    I have isonmia and sleep apnea,high blood pressure and real bad migraines and asbestos related cancer called COPD for trying to make a honest living. I,m in a Shands card program that doesn’t cover CPAP Machines and any other type machine. I have so many more problems. No job in 11yrs. Please help me please.

    • Julia Rodriguez Reply

      Hi Curtis. Have you tried contacting Breathe of California or the American Sleep Apnea Association? Both should have options for free or low-cost equipment for you.

  10. Phil Reply

    Just about a year ago i had a doctors appt. And found i have very high blood pressure.
    My doctors reccomended i get checked for sleep apnea. I was told i have EXTREMELY bad sleep apnea. I never even got to go back after recieving the call from the doctor because Soon after the diagnosis i lost my job and health coverage. I am extremely broke and have no medical coverage. The diagnosis was throhgh kaiser my former health care provider. I never got the chance to get any documentation.
    Options? Please help. I am choking myself aeake 29-30 times a night

    • Julia Rodriguez Reply

      Hi Phil. Can you contact Kaiser to try to get a hold of your sleep study report? It may help to show your diagnosis when you contact the organizations listed here. You will still require a prescription from a physician, so you will need to find a physician or clinic who will see you. Once you have the documentation, you should be able to find free or very low-cost equipment. Let me know if there’s any other info I can provide to help. -Julia

  11. Jerry Reply

    Recently diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, lost job with insurance. Currently working but have no insurance and can’t afford a machine.

    • Julia Rodriguez Reply

      Hi Jerry. Glad to hear your working. Since you don’t have insurance, the organizations listed in the post above should be able to help you. They will need a prescription (which you can get from your regular doctor or urgent care) and have low or no-cost machines and supplies. Good luck!

  12. Christine Reply

    I have Sleep apnea and my insurance don’t cover the cost of my machine and supplies. I can’t work due my CHF and I have no income. I use AirSense 10 machine and Quatto full mask. I need help.

    • Julia Rodriguez Reply

      Hi Christine. Please reach out to either Breathe of CA or the American Sleep Apnea Association. As long as you have a current prescription, they should be able to help you. Good luck!

  13. John Reply

    I live on $1,300.00 a month. After I pay my monthly bills, which I can’t pay all my bills, each month, I can’t buy my c-pap supplies. I have not been able to buy supplies for years, I have been washing my supplies. My machine is years old. Is there any financial help for me to get supplies and a new machine?

  14. Linda samson Reply

    I was diagnosed with sleep appea .i can’t afford to buy the machine because I have no income and no insurance. Please help me.

    • Julia Rodriguez Reply

      Hi Linda, have you tried contacting Breathe of CA or the American Sleep Apnea Association? Their info is above. They should be able to help.

  15. Christopher Reply

    I was just diagnosed with sleep apnea and found out that my insurance does not cover the CPAP machine. I am a graduate student that doesn’t work full time. I barely have enough money to cover essential bills. Typically work a lot in the summer and use that money to float during the semester. Based on how tired I have been feeling, I need to figure out something. Any suggestions before I start to contact these organizations?

    • Julia Rodriguez Reply

      Hi Christopher. I’m glad to hear you’re trying to figure things out and start using CPAP. I suggest you start with Breathe of CA, even if you’re not in CA. They can provide free or low-cost machines and supplies. Next, try the American Sleep Apnea association. Good luck.

  16. Marcus Blakemore Reply

    I had a sleep study back in 2014 and my test showed I had a very severe case of sleep apnea. I do have insurance but in order for me to get a machine I have to pay a deductible in order for me to be able to get the process rolling. Well it’s 3 years later and I’m still unable to get my machine. I would greatly appreciate any recommendations or leads because I want to be able to enjoy the quality of life.

    • Julia Rodriguez Reply

      Hi Marcus. If you have a sleep study and prescription, you should be able to find assistance from one of the organizations listed in this post. You can start with Breathe and the Sleep Apnea Association. Good luck!

  17. Chandra L Compton Reply

    My husband has a BiPap machine with humidifier. His hose has a hole but we can’t afford to replace it as our deductible isn’t met, and the supplies are so expensive. We haven’t had a new mask or hose in a long while for his BiPap. We live in Martinsville, VA. Is there anywhere that could help?

    I had a sleep study 8/2015. I also have Mild Obstructive Sleep Apnea / Hyponea with Moderate to Severe Periodic Limb Movement Disorder of Sleep. I have gone through all the recommendations on the sleep study because my sleep apnea was so mild they felt insurance wouldn’t cover a trial or CPAP, but I continue to have fatigue with the addition of weight gain / blood pressure going wonky, and my doctor suggested I needed a CPAP trial but I can’t afford another sleep study with a CPAP trial or a full cost CPAP. Our local hospital doesn’t have any assistance for anyone with insurance – I just got that e-mail today. We are low income. I’m trying to keep my driver’s license, and my doctor seems to think this is an important step. Any ideas?

  18. Julia Rodriguez Reply

    Hi Chandra. The organizations listed above should be able to help, even if you are out of state. Good luck.

  19. Dave Davis Reply

    I was just informed today that my insurance doesn’t cover medical equipment. I have what doc considers one the the more extreme cases of sleep apnea. She said that my oxygen drops to 80 at night and I quit breathing an astronomical amount of times. I don’t remember the number to be honest. I guess if I don’t get a machine for help I could lose my drivers license. How can I get help?

  20. Julia Rodriguez Reply

    Please check out the resources listed at the top of this post. If you already have a prescription from your doctor, they should be able to help you find a free or low cost solution. Good luck!

  21. Joy Waite Reply

    I am in need of a second CPAP for our travel trailer. I want to purchase one so I don’t have to carry mine back and forth. I would like a humidifier also can that be purchased too?

  22. Ty Reply

    Hello Julia. Thank you for these resources, They are a lot of help! I am in a bit of a situation because I was just recently diagnosed with sleep apnea but flew back overseas a day later because I am currently studying abroad. My doctor told me to get a cpap machine but my insurance will not cover it and I do not have a lot of extra money to buy one because I am a student. Do you think one of these organizations would be able to help? Thanks

  23. Karen S Dixon Reply

    My husband was told he has sleep apnea by a lung dr. We had Medicaid it ended the end of September. They said we were turned down when we had our review said we didn’t mean the deductible. The machine he needs cost around 1500.00 dollars. Where can we get help . We live in NC.

  24. Harry Walker Reply

    I’m Mr. Walker from Memphis, TN with OSA since 2010. And I feel the Government Officials in all US States needs to make some form of Funds Available for people like me, who has fallen on hard times. When you’re unemployed that means there’s no money being made, therefore how can anyone like me, be told to reach out to just 1 or 2 Local agencies who recordes donated cpap machines to sale. The government can make funds and laws to help Drug Addicts, but something as serious that you can die from in your sleep, there’s no variety of local agencies within Memphis TN or TN Government that; help funds for the Poor Common Folks and Less Fortunate Hard Working Folks….this sorry to hear your hardship is really sadden. When Doctors and Local Clinics needs to be more Passionate and Working Together….to help Save Lives verses…saying they can’t help because you have no insurance or money…..

  25. Harry Walker Reply

    I’m just tired of reading posts about anyone suffering for Sleep Apnea as this supposed to be something very vital to a person’s health. I’m tired of voting for people to be in these political seats that suppose to help the Poor And Common Folks, maintain in life when you need medical aid, when you encounter hardship times. As I tried to say the Government makes funds to help Drug Addicts…but they feel Sleep Apnea is not worthy to fund or make it where local clinics of Memphis TN and elsewhere to help care for those, who suffer from Sleep Apnea.

  26. Cindy Reply

    Hi My husband has sleep apnea and epilepsy. He has lost his job due to the apnea making him have many more seizures due to lack of oxygen to the brain as well as severe fatigue.He requested a sleep study in August, but it is the end of October and we still have no CPAP unit. Tests done,Dr. visits to neuro and sleep specialist done also, but insurance company seems to not care that he is getting worse, now having chest pain also.Am hoping that he doesn’t die before he gets approved.Have called to tell Dr.s and insurance company that he is getting worsening symptoms,and no sleep for days on end,as well as more seizures but all are saying just wait,nothing we can do.How do we get a unit without him being able to work? We can’t afford one right now without his job income. Has been having very bad apnea symptoms as well as seizures since July, and hasn’t worked since then. Please advise as to what we can do.We have Medicaid in Ma.

  27. Katie Reply

    My husband has sleep apnea, he was tested in April. We are on one income right now and cant afford a machine. Do you know what he can do? He has a high insurance plan so he would have to pay out of pocket before ins will do anything.

  28. Li sa Reply

    Hello my name is Lisa my dad needs a cpap but he can not affored it where can he get some help please and thank you

  29. Theresa KENNEDY Reply

    hi, I am trying to find assistance to get supplies for my father who is located in North Carolina. He had Medicaid and Medicare until 2 weeks ago when they decided to shut everything off and claim he hasn’t had any type of coverage since 2005. so he is now fighting to try to get it all straightened out. it has been one thing after another for him but anyway he had he supplies ordered and then all this happen so he has now been without supplies for awhile due to this mess. He only receives 650. is SSI which is something else they mess with on regular basis but I am trying to find out if there are any companies that will assist him he getting him supplies until he can get all this straight. He is already having to pay for his diabetic medication so he has no money to be able to get the supplies he needs for his machine. Please any information is appreciated

  30. Anne Reply

    Hi, I recently had a sleep study and was diagnosed with sleep apnea and given a prescription for the cpap device, supplies, etc. I do not have insurance and do not make that much money. I am wondering if there are any programs like this in Virginia that are low cost or assist people in my situation.

  31. Holly Reply

    I’m writing this in regards to my daughter who only has catastrophic insurance but is a long time sufferer of a sleep disorder she just can’t afford to find out which one because of cost.
    It’s gotten so bad that she sleeps more than she is up. She has all the symptoms and with two children, a 100% disabled vet and a job to boot I am petrified for her health.
    She lives in Lexington, Ky.
    Can you give me any advice or direction to follow. This is getting desperate.

  32. sharon coleman Reply

    I have Obstructive Sleep Apnea and my oxygen drops so low when I don’t have my machine on that I should be in the hospital every night. this year I have learned that my insurance dropped me so there for I cant go back to my dr get a prescribtion for my supplies and the place I get it from wont get me any with out it. the mask I have is over a yr old really doesn’t help me each day I get more tired and my blood pressure gets higher. I have to take care of my husband he is wheelchair bound and a son that’s disabled too and it is getting harder to drive them to there appts. if there is any way yall can help with the mask I would appreciate it so much we are really having a hard time with everything.

  33. Ernestine Reply

    Hi my name is ernestina I am 54 years old I have sleep apnea or 3 years I can’t sleep more than 4 hours a night I don’t have insurance or no income I often use tape to cover my mouth at night so I won’t snore so loud I need someone to help me to find a free machine for myself I wake up every morning with headaches like I have been drinking all night long I really need someone’s help if anyone can help me please I would appreciate it

  34. Ernestine Reply

    Hi this is Ernestine again I text you yesterday I really need some help with my sleep apnea I also have high blood pressure diabetes vertical and strokes I can’t afford no kind of machine for my sleep apnea I really need someone’s help if anyone out there can help please contact me I would really appreciate it

  35. Debbie Reply

    Hello I am unable to work right now due to taking care of my elderly mother. I cannot afford a bilevels machine. I live in Tennessee. Please can someone please help me. My levels were 74.7. Please contact me at (865)361-5391. Thank you.

  36. Betty Belvin lane Reply

    I need a new cpap machine, and my insurance won’t pay for another one till next year. But my osa is so bad the Dr tells me I stop breathing more than 35+ times a night. But can’t afford the 100 dollars that the sleep foundation wants for applications fees either. Need help please

  37. Wendy Reply

    My dh, who is a young 43yo, was recently diagnosed with “severe” sleep apnea. I suspected he had some based on his gasping for air during the night and major fatigue each day but was not expecting it to be that severe. He is not overweight at all and actually quite active. We have 4 children. He works for a non-profit, and they do not offer very good medical insurance. He was told he needs an apap machine and the cost would be about $1000 out-of-pocket. Any ideas for lessening this?

  38. Pete Reply

    Hi Julia
    I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, in 2015. I was able to get a CPAP machine at that time. In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey devastated the region where I live, I lost all belongings home, car, medications, and my CPAP device, along with my job, I am still not working trying to get my home in a state of livable accommodations. According to my physician I am not eligible for a new device, or prescription, unless I pay full price out of pocket. I have tried a couple of the references that you have posted above, however are there anymore resources that you are aware of that might be able to help me.
    Thank you for your assistance

  39. Rajib Saha Reply

    Hi Julia,
    I am from Bangaldesh, i have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, in the Year 2018. Here in my country CPAP machine not available also if someone selling price is too high , i dont have that ability to buy CPAP machine. is there any charity or any organization who can help me. i will be grateful to all.

  40. Mary RAMJI Reply

    I have been using a cpap machine for almost 2 years. Now I,was told that I can’t receive anymore supplies because I owe money for my previous supplies. I cant afford to pay anything. Im on disability. I already have Afib due to not using a cpap machine. I have to use one or my heart will get worse. What can I do?

  41. Kaitlin D Perry Reply

    My fiance was on Indiana state funded insurance when he was prescribed a cpap machine with humidifier last August. A week ago his machine was taken back by the company after he lost his insurance. His sleep apnea is terrible. We have no money and I’m desperate to get him a replacement… What can I do?

  42. Milton Reply

    Well, I was let go from my job…..”corporate downsizing” and found out that I no longer am able to afford my cpap machine. I can’t sleep because I was depending on this device for so long. Life hits hard, if anyone is looking to sell there used equipment…..let me know, please! I need one

  43. Charlie M Caltagarone Reply

    I have had my CPAP machine for about 8 months. I have been to the ER 3 times because of respiratory problems since getting it. Is there a way too get the So-clean machine cleaner for the CPAP at a reduced price? I just can’t afford buying it and the insurance won’t pay.

  44. Bernadette Reply

    I was diagnosed with sleep apnea going on 3 yrs ago. My insurance does not cover the cost. I’m on disability & have been on a waiting list since my diagnoses. Is there help in Ks for CPAP equipment?

  45. David Ferrier Reply

    Hi my name is Dave and I’ve been without my cpap for atleast 7 years. My job requires a D.O.T physical that my company pays for. I am the only one working in my house right now and I’m just barely paying the bills so I can’t even afford health insurance. The company that my company uses to do these D.O.T physicals on us is telling me I need to get a sleep study done in order to keep my job. The questions I have is 1) Is there a place in the state of Florida that will work with me on getting a sleep study done? I’ve tried using the internet and still haven’t found any answers. 2) What is the price for one of those autotitrating cpap machines? I’m thinking if there’s a way I could get one of those would I still need the sleep study or will I have to have one done anyways? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  46. Nora Black Reply

    Hi I just found out that I need a CPap but as I told the lady I can not even afford to rent one I’m disable on a fixed income after I pay for all my monthly medications I have no money left . I’m a diabetic , I have COPD , Galcoma , High blood pressure .all these I need to take medication for can’t afford anymore can some one please help .thank you

  47. ann Reply

    Hi!! I have gotten a cpap machine when on medicaid. Then went to medicare with chance to buy and have in monthly payments for year as didnt want to rent for rest of life. JUst wondering if can get help with supplies with only what medicare will pay. if so would be at no cost to me and i dont really have money for the left over amount on my fixed income as am disabled. HELP!!

  48. Melinda Smith Reply

    Hello, I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea after having a sleep study. I have to use a bi-level (bipap) machine as I have pretty bad COPD and the constant forced air choked me terribly. I gave my prescription to a local medical supply store and because my out of pocket and deductible have not been met, it will cost me $257 down and $257 a month for the next 9 months, for a total of $2570. This is money we just don’t have. My husband works, we have insurance, but it’s not enough…we live paycheck to paycheck. Is there possibly help for someone like me?

  49. Mary Alvarez Reply

    My 23 year old has been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea the worst type is what the sleep study says. He has recently lost health insurance and we are needing help getting one financially . He has just become a new dad and is afraid of what will happen when he has him. Please help us

    – Concerned Mom/Grandma

    • Mike Reply

      I have a Resmed Aircurve 10 ASV (a top of the line unit that treats central apnea) with about a months worth of hours on it that I’m in process of replacing with a low tier unit (my apna is obstructive and doesn’t require the ASV). Once I’m sure I can afford to let it go I’m willing to offer it for a fraction of what they sell for online.

  50. Sandra Mongold Reply

    I found out I have sleep Apnea and I only had my machine three months and I lost my insurance completely and really need a machine. Where can I turn for help?

  51. Denzel Laurent Reply

    Hi Julia,
    I have short term insurance . I am low income and was told I have sleep apnea. I live in Orlando Florida . I was diagnosed by Tampa General Hospital with a form of sleep apnea . The only thing is my short term insurance does not cover sleep studies or equipment . Is there a way to get a CPAP machine or assistance?

  52. Mary RAMJI Reply

    I have Insurance but Im supposed to also pay $30 a month for my cpap supplies. Im on a limited income and can’t afford another monthly bill. I was told that my sleepapnea most likely caused my afib. I can’t afford to not use a cpap machine every night. How can I get supplies for free?

  53. Sherri Adkins Reply

    I had a sleep test and went for results on April 28 2019 I am not breathing 34 times per hour. She suggested the bipap but I have no insurance no job have filed for disability for shoulder problems in both shoulders. But still waiting for a hearing date I filed 1 year ago. The only reason I was able to have the sleep test is I had a 100% charity through our local Ballad Health but unfortunately it ended April 30 2019. So I have no income no insurance. Just saw this online so I thought I may as well try to get help getting a machine when I had my sleep test they let me keep the mask.

  54. Susan Reply

    I’m 61 year woman. I choke every night for years. Always wake up tired. No quality of life. I don’t have insurance and can’t afford sleep study. I’d be grateful for advice.

  55. Tonya Green Reply

    I have very severe copd with hypoxia and co2 retention along with diastolic heart failure and chronic failure. I was prescribed a Bipap machine while living with daughter in Georgia and had acute respiratory failure. My condition became worse and daughter does not want to be my caregiver so I was forced to move in with friends in North Dakota and am being cared for by hospice. The Bipap machine I currently have hospice does not allow and wants me to turn it back into the supplier and get a basic Bipap machine because they say mine is too aggressive of a therapy for their rules due to it would keep breathing for me if I stopped on my own so they consider my Bipap a ventilator and they do not allow them. I am also having trouble getting referred for sleep study, the dr in Georgia used the abg gas draw and some other criteria to prescribe my Bipap and the drs in North Dakota do not want to fool with it especially because I’m on hospice. I am too sick to lose hospice care and cannot do without the Bipap because of the co2 retention and hypoxia. Also hospice uses a different company for their medical equipment than the one I have my Bipap through. This is one big mess and I can’t figure out how to fix it. I have been trying to locate a used low cost machine online and just buy one but my limited income from Sadi can only budget $500. And I don’t really understand what kind of machine hospice will allow except it cannot be a ventilator but must assist in removing co2 from lungs and bring my 02 saturation up. Please any help or assistance would be so appreciated!

  56. Frederick Jackson Reply

    I have a prescription but I can’t afford a machine don’t have any insurance at the moment got a disability case pending with more issues before I get it

  57. Karen Loman Reply

    I have a friend that needs a new sleep apnea machine but she can’t afford it, She’s single and she has to work. Her insurance only covers 50% of the cost. With all her medical bills her rent and other bills she can’t afford a new one.
    Please help her

  58. t Reply

    No help in Georgia, I have Moderate Sleep Apnea, I have not been able to get any help or support in obtaining a Cpap Machine. I do have an Prescription from am Doctor. I have had a real big problem obtaining a Cpap Machine. This is ashamed people really in need of Cpap Machine and cannot get one because the cannot afforded it. Please I really need some assistance in getting a Cpap Machine

  59. Joyce Free Reply

    I have sleep apnea and copd. I’m on bipap I got my machine used paying pay ments I have Medicaid in Alabama but it doesn’t pay for my machine or supplies,I need help getting mask hoses filters. I would greatly appreciate any help

  60. Bobby harris Reply

    Hi my name is bobby I have a dream station CPAP machine for my severe obstructive sleep apnea and hypopnea too however I am getting sick from mask and hose I wash it throughly but it’s not sanitized enough I cant even afford cpap cleaner from and I will be traveling to Italy in 2020 I have no way to power my cpap machine on the airplane or hotel in Italy too I am on low income retirement on ssa cant even afford it how do I get help get this who or what foundations can help many thanks

  61. Debra Reply

    Good afternoon,
    How would I go about ordering replacement supplies without insurance, and how much would the items be for the machine that I have? I can’t afford to spend too much. It’s been over 2 years since I’ve had supplies delivered but of course, I had insurance at that time. I have the RedMed AirSense 10 with heated tubing. I also use the Dreamwear Nasal Mask. I’m in need of the mask, tubing, and filters. I clean my supplies but as I mentioned, these items are over 2 years old. I’m now dealing with a sinus infection which I’m sure is contributed to the equipment.

  62. David Sargent Reply

    My CPAP is old and supplies are old… I have acute type 3 sleep apnea, I do not have insurance that covers this. I was told that I needed a prescription to get stuff. When i went to the location to get a copy of that they told me that I’d have to be retested before I could get another prescription. But when I got that done they said it doesn’t expire. I cant afford another test. What can I do?

  63. Leslie Bagshaw Reply

    I need a cpap,i have no money

  64. chaya hutchens Reply

    I just have been diagnosed with moderate sleep apnoea by a sleep specialist need help in getting a machine as I’m on Newstart and don’t get much money and was told by the specialist said to me the government can pay for it so plz help which government do I tell plz

  65. Jerry Dougherty Reply

    Hello I was laid off from my job and lost my insurance I have been using the same supplies for the last 7 months Just clean filters very well along with hoses and masks because I cannot afford the 400 dollars for the supplies and even worse my unemployment is running out. Where can I find free or seriously low cost supplies

  66. Elba Santiago Reply

    Yes Hi I in Need Of A Sleep apnea Machine, I Had One When That I Got, When I Was Working So I Got it With Job Insurance ! But When I Moved Someone Walk Away With it! Now I’m On Medicaid, Not Working Anymore For 3 years Now n it So Bad ,I Go Days With Out Sleep, I Can’t Sleep ! I Don’t Know if They Can Help Me Pay For One !!Please Help Me !!!

  67. Linda Seal Reply

    Hi, my son just found out that he has sleep apnea. His Dr. Ordered him a CPAP. Well he does have insurance but they want $380.00, that is hi 20 percent for supplies and first month rental. Unfortunately, with COVID-19 his hours have been cut and besides this he is supporting his father who is battling Cancer. Can anyone help him?

  68. Julie Reply

    Please help! Machine broke and husband has not been able to breathe well when trying to sleep needs a new machine ASAP

  69. Mary stanley Reply

    I have had the sleep test and got the cpap machine and got sinist and they took it away from me and now they got the machine that clean it good I wish had it back I am 82 I do not want to take that test again can you help me please

  70. Jeanette Reply

    My 8 year old suffers with obstructive sleep apnea. She had surgery for tonsils and adenoids removed, and it was a fail. She was on a cpap machine, then peachcare dropped us, and took back the machine. We can’t afford health insurance. An her memory and others things are being affected from her apnea. How do I get help for my child?

  71. David Sargent Reply

    My CPAP is old and supplies are old… I have acute type 3 sleep apnea, I do not have insurance that covers this. I was told that I needed a prescription to get stuff. When i went to the location to get a copy of that they told me that I’d have to be retested before I could get another prescription.

    My Doctor told me that he can get the needed prescription to get supplies. But now I’m not sure where to get them. I am on disability supplemental income and work very part time because of back and neck injuries from a car wreck that was the cause of finding out that I had sleep apnea.

    My CPAP is old also but still works. Without it I wake up every few minutes all night long very suddenly and gasping for air. I cannot live without it: literally.

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    I am sending a box of CPAP supplies to you. They should arrive by the end of the week. Every year my company, Saint Louis Concierge, holds a donation drive for unused medical and DME supplies. These items were part of one person’s contribution. I hope they can be useful in your efforts.

  75. rita recine Reply

    Dear to whom it may concern
    I was diagnosed with having sleep apnea along with my other diagnosis. asthma, stenosis, multiple sclerosis, DDD, and o have atresia in my esophagus
    I am on a disability and am unable to pay 2000 dollars for a new machine. where can I get one for less money or free if possible. Thanking you in advance
    Rita Marie Recine

  76. Shaun N LaFace Reply

    My wife has a cpap but it is failing, and we no longer have health insurance (lost my job due to covid and I am now working as a temp). Where can I get inexpensive cpaps?

    • Dick Reply

      I just got a new one but my old one works fine. I will be glad to give it to you if you still need it!

  77. Julie Reply

    Help! Need financial assistance with cpap machine have severe sleep apnea and have insurance but have to pay huge out of pocket expenses

  78. Bimbo Bartolata Reply

    Hi. I was diagnosed way back in 2010 when I was still in the Philippines with Obstructive Sleep Apnea and have been using a CPAP machine since then. When I moved to California I did not bring with me my machine since it’s already not working well. Right now, I currently need one badly because of my sleeping disorders and made me always weak due to lack of sleep. I have no insurance and I only have a copy of the prescription from my doctor dated in 2010. I would greatly appreciate it if I can get help in obtaining 1 for myself. God bless us all!

  79. Bridgette Burney-Williams Reply

    The link to the application for Sleep America is broken.

  80. Felicia Thomas Reply

    I have insurance but can’t afford to pay on my machine or get supplies I need help

  81. Alpha Riley Reply

    What you do when Phillips says not to use your machine because recall and your doctor says it up to me weather to use it or not I cannot afford another one

    • Lucy Di Bugnara Reply

      I have the Dreamstation C-PAP machine. This machine has been recalled and I spoke to a doctor in my insurance plan. He tells me that I need to
      use a CPAP machine period. I will try to find
      another simpler, not expensive machine.

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  84. Gary James Holland Reply

    Hello Julia,

    I am writing on behalf of my brother who has a Philips Dreamstation ASV bipap machine. He lives in Florida in a trailer park and has zero resources. He is now 70 years old suffering from COPD, and has several stents for cardiovascular flow problems.

    Philips that suggested he wait several months to get his machine repaired, he can not go overnight without the use of his machine. His machine was paid by insurance and he is not eligible for another for two more years.

    I came across your article and you have done more research and have made it available to everyone. Certainly more than Philips has done.

    Could you suggest some resources where my brother could get some help in obtaining either a new machine or replacement machine.

    Thanks in advance for your help and support.


  85. Priscilla Jeffries Reply

    My name is Priscilla Jeffries and I’m making a comment on behalf of my close friend. He was just diagnose with sleep disorder. And the insurance he has don’t cover the CPAP Machine…..Can you suggest some resources in out area (Raleigh,NC)that might help with purchasing this machine. Thank you

  86. Gladys McDowell Reply

    I have severe sleep.apnea, but I’m in need of a cpap machine. Unfortunately, my insurance dont cover it, I can’t afford to buy one what can I do?

  87. Janice Bryant Reply

    I am looking for some type of help with a CPAP machine. I have been using a Phillips Dream Station since December 2019 unfortunately there has been a recall on my machine. Insurance will not pay for another one. My doctor says I have to use a machine and Phillips says not to use machine, what do you do?

  88. Marisol Nazario Reply

    I am looking for help for a friend the he is very sick due the sleep apnea the dr gove him a prescription but he cant buy machine he is not working. Can you please help me how or where i can get help for him. Thanks

  89. James Reply

    Wasn’t able to reach the deductible of 4k , copay is 400 plus 65 per month, is there any website or organization that can help with copay? My insurance is through covered California, they can only cover so much.

  90. Sandi Bonner Reply

    Hello. I have been diagnosed with obstructive and central sleep apnea. Although I have insurance that covers 80%, they will only order from Apria Health and my part is $80 and their part is $400 for 13 months. I am currently paying $943 per month for health insurance through Cobra. I asked them what happens if I get a job and they do not offer Kaiser. Their answer was, my part will be $480 per month for the remainder if I don’t have Kaiser. I currently have an ASV loaner from the sleep lab and they have already written a prescription for an ASV. Can you help me?

  91. Maisha Chavis Reply

    I’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea but my cardiologist didn’t go over my results or give me a prescription. He told me that I couldn’t afford a machine because I don’t have insurance and am unemployed. I have several other medical conditions and am trying to get disability. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

  92. Susan Reply

    Hi. I have health insurance and. Sleep study done saying I have sleep apena and need a cpap machine. How can I go about getting one.

  93. Reid Richards Reply

    We lost our jobs and health insurance.
    I have severe sleep apnea and have been using a ResMed AirCurve 10 VAUTO for years, i couldn’t use it for the last 2 nights because the pressures have been like a hurricane. I’ve tried to adjust them, but to no avail.
    Can I please ask for help from someone to check / reset my settings. Thank you so much for your help!

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    Does anyone help with travel mini cpap machine. I could use one since I like to travel during the summer months. My insurance does not cover the travel machine.

  97. Gamini Liyana Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Gamini Liyana, I am a patient with sleep apnea. I require a BiPAP machine, but I do not have insurance; it is also difficult for me to afford the machine since I do not make enough money.
    I appreciate your consideration. I am seeking assistance to obtain a machine, and I was told the machine’s name is Resmed.
    Thank you so much.

  98. Kate Garcia Reply

    NONE of these programs exist or are maintained. I tried every avenue.

    If anyone finds financial aid for sleep study, please, contact me.

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