How Do I Prepare for My Sleep Study?

Getting ready for a sleep study can make you more nervous than a blind date. You’ve made the arrangements, but there are so many questions buzzing around in your head. What should I wear?? Should I be early or can I be a few minutes late?? What should I bring with me?? Now you’re losing sleep over the sleep study!!

Here’s a quick list of the top things you should do to prepare for your sleep study:

  1. What to wear: Two-piece pajamas (separate top & bottom). Even though you may have a favorite night gown or prefer to sleep au naturel, two-piece pajamas are a must for the comfort of the technician performing your study and the need to attach electrodes and leads in various positions (around your waist and legs, etc.).
  2. Can I be early/late? No and no. Typically, you won’t be the only person completing a sleep study in the sleep center that night. Even though you’ll have a private room, the technician may have another patient that night. Setting up for the sleep study requires attaching multiple electrodes to different places on your body. This requires dedicated time and attention. If you are early or late for your appointment, this may disrupt your technician’s schedule for the night and impact your study or the study of another patient. Please stick with the appointment time provided, and call the sleep center if you’re going to arrive late.
  3. What should I bring with me?
    • pajamas (separate top and bottom)
    • toothbrush/toothpaste
    • book/magazine (to help get you settled to fall asleep or if you have to wait for a few minutes during set-up)
    • health insurance card, driver’s license or ID, and co-pay or deductible payment
    • snack/water bottle (if you need midnight snacks or an early feeding bring a snack bar or piece of fruit. There will be water on-site, but it’s nice to have your own on-hand)
    • pre-study paperwork. This was probably emailed or mailed to you after you scheduled your sleep study. The questionnaires for our patients can be found here. Completing the paperwork BEFORE your study will give you more time to settle in and ask your technician questions
  4. Can my bed partner/caregiver spend the night too? NO, only in special cases can you bring another person to the sleep center with you. Children and patients requiring an around-the-clock caregiver MUST have some one stay with them. If needed, the sleep center will provide a cot or extra bed. IMPORTANT: discuss any special arrangements with the sleep center BEFORE arriving for your study. If the technician is not expecting an extra person, your study may need to be rescheduled.

This list does not cover all questions/concerns. If you want to know more about what to expect during your sleep study or have a more specific question, you can send us an email or give us a call. Even if you haven’t scheduled a sleep study yet, we’ll happily answer your question.

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