Is it a Ghost, or Just Sleep Paralysis?

You’ve crawled into bed ready for a good night’s sleep. You begin to nod off, but haven’t completely fallen asleep yet. That’s when you sense something in the room near your bed. Despite your fright, you can’t cry out, run, or scream. You’re frozen with fear. This experience is known as sleep paralysis

I Can’t Move: The Immobilizing Effects of Sleep Paralysis 

Sleep paralysis is a condition in which a person is mentally conscious but physically unable to move. It is sometimes accompanied by hallucinations of frightening invaders in the bedroom. The result is a scary, almost nightmarish experience of sensing an intruder but being unable to respond. Thankfully, this is nothing more than the product of a half-awake brain. 

When does sleep paralysis occur?

Sleep paralysis occurs when a person is just falling asleep or waking up. During these transitions, you may find that you are unable to move or speak for a few seconds or as long as several minutes.  Some people sweat, or even have a sense of choking and being unable to breathe. 

The key to this paralyzed sensation is the transition into or out of deep REM sleep.

Why does sleep paralysis occur? 

As you are sleeping, your body alternates between REM and NREM (non-rapid eye movement) sleep. During NREM, your body is relaxed. But when your body transitions into REM sleep, your eyes begin to move quickly and you start to dream. During the REM stage, your muscles “turn off”–an evolutionary mechanism to keep you from acting out your dreams while asleep. But if you start to wake up before the REM cycle is complete, you may find yourself immobilized when you become conscious

The effect of sleep paralysis may occur in addition to other disorders such as narcolepsy, migraines, and obstructive sleep apnea.  

What Can You Do About It?

The Sleep Paralysis Project suggests that people who suffer from this condition create a very strict bedtime schedule. Research finds that an irregular sleep/wake cycle may be a factor in sleep paralysis. Here are some other tips: 

  • Understanding what is happening can make the experience less overwhelming–so reading this blog post is a good place to start! Try to relax and breathe normally to reduce the length and intensity of an attack.
  • Concentrating on moving one small muscle, such as a finger, can break the paralysis and end the attack.

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  1. Chinelo Reply

    I don’t sleep on my back yet I experience sleep paralysis almost daily in recent times but don’t get enough sleep though.

    • Tia Martin Reply

      They say your spirits is unbalanced

      • Dan Reply

        This is 100% true. Only twice have I ever truly repented to Jesus, and abolished sin from my life. Since the demons see this as a lost commodity, i really do honest to god believe that they try to scare/ torment me back into sin using sleep paralysis as a tool(only happens when I repented for months after)..On top of that, they molest molest me in my sleep likely. I have been sexually harassed in unwanted wet dreams and these demons get off it it I’m sure. Do not let them discourage you from your path to our LORDS kingdom if anyone reads this. They are bluffing and they cant do it forever.

        • Anthony Hernandez Reply

          Damn you to I believe that whoever is a true believer the spirit will do anything to keep you sinning again and they will come to us in dream like Sleep paralysis I really starting to finger out what going on. Thanks for posting your like I really need to start relationship with god and Jesus.

          • Dre

            Hello, I have experience this. I pray every night for a year on my hands and knees. Bless the Lord .Glory to the Father. Have mercy on my soul. People pray for me. I’m not asleep bit conscious. They are called demonic oppression. Because I pray to God and pray for people to hey come to attack me put fear. This made me a witness that The Lord Jesus is Alive. I am in a Spiritual Warfare. The demonoc entities came for my soul. o am fighting with God to defeat them.
            Any helpful comments would be great

            Would love to talk over the phone with some one.

          • Shaan Singh

            You are absolutely correct my brother. Anyone who is on the path to God will face a lot of obstacles because as Rev Billy Graham said “The path that leads to heaven is narrow.” Never forget these beautiful words.

          • Brie

            I started to astral travel at 12-13 and started having paralysis around 16 on and off till mid 20’s when I finally said during an episode I am not afraid I don’t believe in you got is with me. I never had it happen again and I am now 37. I am a reiki healer and I try to help others that have these situations arise. I had to figure it out myself cause back then there were no answers about this on google.

        • Cortney Ramey Reply

          I agree with what you said, excepty experience is different. I spend time alone with God, spirit, and son, but constantly I am surrounded by spirits or demons one. Just this morning I was awakened by something grabbing me by my feet underneath my ankles and pulling me way down toward about where my lower back would’ve been laying. When I’m sleeping sometimes it will push me ony left side as if to roll me over or wake me up. Now things in my house are beginning to move or like three books be knocked off the shelf right after I just put them there. When I’m awake spending time with God thoughy left arm will write stuff out like this is Jesus, I love you. Or now it’s Josh and I love you Jesus so it’s like sometimes a person’s prayer may be coming throughy body. Also, in meditation and prayer with God sometimes something or someone will be on the outside of me and come up to me and hold my left hand and move my ring finger. When I’m in a deep sleep I’ve had the same night mare since I was a kid, I’m in a dark place and in it I’m so small, but I can feel that there is something behind me in the darkness and I can’t feel if it’s for me or against me and I am just frozen with fear because I don’t know what’s in front of me or behind me but everything in the darkNess is bigger than me. I have repented for my sins but am still trying to change the sinning behavior so it could be that. I have changed a lot of stuff though and I’m asking him to have mercy on my of It is him, Ive just never experienced anything like this and my whole heart believes that nothing on this earth happens to Gods kids unless he wills it to, or he stands by and and allows it to.

          • jessica guzman

            I have felt something grab me as well. I was asleep years ago and i felt something grab me by the ankle and tried to pull me out the room. I had grabbed on to my mom because I was scared to let it take me. recently, I was asleep and I felt something gently grasp my ankle. it was gentler then the first time it happened. I could not grab onto my mom this time because she just passed. was it her?

          • Shannon Brown

            I hope you was able to get this situation fixed and taken care of!! If NOT feel free to contact me through FB messages my name on there is Shannon Brown and my profile pic is a cross and my cover pic is a pic of Putin with a bloody hand over his face! I KNOW someone that can HELP you! I’m having kinda sorta something similar to you and I’m freaking out!!

          • Jan R

            I was online and found some free counseling. While researching last night, found it was scientology and read how L Ronn Hubbard saw himself as the anti-Christ. While waking this am, found myself in complete paralysis and lying on my side. Felt an entity walk toward and sit on the bed right against my back. My hand was up on my shoulder and I actually felt it with my fingertip. It took a while for me to be able to get out of it but it sure felt completed real, as I lie wishing my husband could hear the slight whimpers and wake me. Hadn’t had an experience like this in several years. I canceled all the counseling setup I’d done yesterday. No way I’m allowing that into my home. Scary!!

          • Alex Zander

            I am a Demonologist and theological enthusiast. Demons will portray themselves as holy or divine beings so always be aware of that. All and any demons submit to the holy Trinity and divine deity of God.

          • Katie

            Hmm I have always questioned if I’d lost my faith n no doubt I have but this for me sums Italy up. Truth is I’ve never lost faith in my father. I was angry for which I had no rights to be. I have dreamt of this that’s later come to pass in real life. My first experience was when I was around 13/14 years old when I dreamt of a young young man I was to be with in the future. The dream was very detailed. Never forgotten it. Years later I’m now with this guy who I’d never met b4. I was 16 when I met him. Got with him when I was 17 nearly 18. He wasn’t the man of my dreams but I dreamt of him. Not long after my first vision say about a year later I dreamt of another man. A very successful one. This this vision I was now a woman. I’d never seen anything so beautiful in my entire life. When I woke I wanted to go back to him n so every night for around 2 weeks I tried dreaming about him but never saw him again till I turned 23. I didn’t cheat on my first boyfriend we’d broken up around a year or 2 b4 meeting him. Took me a while to realise that I’d seen this man b4 I’d even met him. 10 years on just a few weeks ago we broke up. Sad to say that it wasn’t a good thing me meeting him in the future. Another words I was warned but I never listened. same with my first ex. I dreamt of him but in this dream I was not happy. Second one I was happy but as we kissed n he walked away, I was sad. Then I wake up. Just b4 meeting my most recent ex, I dream of a big flood which involved my auntie who’d brought me up since coming to the UK. The flood wiped her away. Around a year later I think she passed suddenly. Again…I wasn’t aware that I was being shown things about to come true. I was still young. Then I dreamt of a friend who I thought was an actual good friend. See not long b4 this woman moved next door to me, she told me she could hear kids running up n down the stair in the communal building. I’m talking daft o’clock at night she can hear kids. Iv lived in this building for about 6 years b4 she came n I’d never heard this b4. Just her. Now…fast forward around a year later we’d falling out as I started noticing things about her that told me keep away. I only listened when my fam started telling me she’s bad news. So I stayed away. Then one day I dreamt that I was asleep n all over sudden I’m hearing kids running up n down the stairs laughing. (Still dreaming) I thought oh man my neighbor n her kids again banging n so I ignored it n tried to go back to sleep. Then I hear them again which sounded like they were running up n down my stairs n into my room n back out again down the stairs repeatedly. It was then I thought that sounds way too close to home for it to be coming from the damn stair in the communal building n so I jumped up n their was No1 there. (Still dreaming) I straight away thought of my neighbor Suzanne n ran to go tell her I’ve heard them too n as I left my room to run down my stairs I felt something or someone holding me back dragging me by my clothes to prevent me leaving the house. As I was too strong it came with something else. I all over sudden started to feel drousy Nd breathless Nd so I started praying for God to help me. I repeatedly said help me God please help me. Again I’m struggling down my stairs holding onto the banester Nd pulling myself down. I eventually got to my front door but then i started to lose my vision. Everything was blurry then all I could see was white. Nothing else. I’d lost my eyesight. I wanted out of my house so much that I panicked praying God please help me. I remembered that I had my chain on n so I had to feel about in order for me to open it then once chain was off I then felt around for my lock and turned the key to open door. The minute I opened that door n stepped out, my eye sight came back immediately. Nothing was holding me back anymore. I was nolonger breathless. Straight away I ran to the woman who told me this in the first place but as I turned the corner, there she was at the end of the balcony with another neighbor. I shouted Suzanne Nd she turned Nd looked but gave me the most dirtiest look o thought WOW! okay…so I gripped up the other woman n said have yous got a problem with me, she replied no but my what I thought best friend at time turned n gave me a dirty look. Okay…I thought completely forgetting about what’s just took place I’m my home I went back into my house n back to bed to fall back asleep. As my head hits my pillow, I hear them again ruining up n down my stairs n opening my bedroom door, running in n out n then I jumped up but this time out of my sleep, looked n No1 was there. Days later this woman tried to scar up my face using a sharp object. Thankfully I overpowered her which was very easy actually but not knowing what she had in her hands, she managed to scratch my face with it n scared my arm. Literally about a day or 2 of dreaming that, I dreamt of another neighbor male who pretended to be my friend. Man..I helped this man out you know. Had so much respect for him. In this dream it wasn’t like the one I just told you bout. It was just basically me standing from a distance looking at a group of lads bickering. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but they way I was feeling was that I needed to watch out for this specific man stood in the middle of them. Looked like I knew them all n that I needed to watch out. Then I wake up. Literally days after the brawl between me n my so called friend, he then starts attacking me. Threatening me n my life. Threatened to burn me n my car out n to watch out. I’d done nothing wrong to this man. Nothing at all. He scratched up my car, then smashed it up then broke my door handle to my home so I couldn’t get in my house. Upon calling locksmith he then decides to steal the new key in order to break in to attack me. Thankfully I was on it n he changed the lock again. I said to the locksmith guy, he’s gonna try get in my home with that key. Ofcourse he wasn’t interested n thought I was crazy. Well…as soon as he left my street what did he do..? Exactly what I said. He knew I was in as I was in my kitchen n it’s a shared balcony. When he realised the key didn’t work, he booted my door shouting your getting it then went down to smash up my car. I called the police several times n eventually 7hrs later they came but with around 6/7 police women n one man. I called them cause I was under attack. They interigated me made me feel small kept on repeating the same questions to me as if I was lying even though they’d seen my car smashed up n my door to my home with no handle on it. They seen it all but made me out to be lying n did nothing. Instead they literally made me drop the charges against him telling me it won’t stand in court. Around 6/7 weeks later the lads I dreamt of with that man came n apologized to me telling me that he payed them not to say anything. If never done anything to there’s people for them to f me over like this. I don’t cause trouble. Ofcourse I’m not perfect but I’m not a bad person either. I have had many other visions that’s come true n yet to come true I believe. Not all of them ofcourse but I will say this one thing. I had a vision around 2017 or towards the end of that year. I don’t want to bombard you with my visions but if your willing to hear this specific one I’ll be more than happy to share with you. As I can see your a true God believer n so therefore I really do think this is something you need, I repeat, neeed to hear. Not just you hunny but the whole world as this was not just meant for me. What I saw was God fearing. This I know I have to share with as many people as I possibly can. It’s to do with end of world. What I saw was frightening. Was a relief but boy was I scared when taking place. It came in three parts in one bison. Please feel no way to reply to me if you want to hear this. I truly believe it’s true because it was too damn real for it not to be. Know what am saying…? Also…I would just like to share with you that the way we were all taught growing up about the rapture n how the world would end with us all being placed in one huge room in a line or whatever being judged one by one showing us out past is complete lies. Trust me I’m not trying to miss-guid you. I promise. It won’t be like that hunny. God does not need to place is in a judgement room in order to be judged. No. When this day comes hunny we will not feel the impact. Ofcourse from what I saw we will be there when the world falls apart but the righttouse are floated up into heaven whilst the rest perish along with the world. I saw it. The immense peace I got after realising I wasn’t going to be affected by this was the greatest feeling I can ever imagine. But for others I’m afraid won’t be so lucky. But then again why should I feel sorry for them when all they did was hurt others. They must’ve been really bad for them to condemned to hell n so they deserve it. Have a blessed day and God bless you.

        • Corinne Reply

          I also experienced these demons trying to sodomize me and trying to rape me and it was very hard to pray it seemed as if they were blocking my mind. I did somehow pray for Jesus and it stopped and I awoke.. I’m still terrified sometimes to go to sleep. Thanks for your blog because it helped me to understand its not my fault and that God heard me.

          • Micky Mouse

            Pffft. I had one last night and I just leaned into it. Tell it to keep going! Bunch of pansies don’t want a free orgasm? Let the succubus do it’s job!

          • Jason

            Hy corene I have the same like dream seeing demon and feeling like to shout but no one can hear me

          • Trysten

            I sweat to have a choking feeling, being unable to breathe/talk wake up to a grip either on my legs arms or torso and wake up with bite marks or slash marks and he follows me to school and my main demon’s name is John and my other one which is at my dad’s house name is bob and their brothers but mostly John traumatizes me and I hear him scream a lot also I’m….scared help me!!!!!

        • Enock Reply

          Hey Dan this is true the same happens to me every time, just after figuring out my bad side of life and trying to get close to God then boom
          Sleep paralysis

        • Scott Reply

          May the Lord bless you and protect you in Jesus name.

        • Leecy Reply

          What an amazing response! I experienced a demon in my dream and the demon got even more upset when I anointed myself in the dream with holy oil and told that demon what they are saying is not true because God is in charge of my destiny. The demon started sucking on my left arm. I kept fighting until I woke up and quickly sat up on my bed because I kept falling back to sleep.

          When you are getting closer and closer to God, they try to attack to discourage you. But you have to keep praying. They will eventually go away. God is in charge!

          • Zander

            I’ve had something that’s been attacking me for quite awhile now but only recently has it gotten worse and most likely cause of the repentance of sin and porn in my life and I’ve had in my attacks of something either kissing me or violently sucking at my throat, i know that the devil is trying to discourage me, but I’m just wandering if anyone is in the same boat as me that may have experienced something like this, if you have let’s talk and help each other out in this walk of faith in God most High.

          • Lilly

            I would like to talk to you about this. I am really confused. I don’t know if it was sleep paralysis or really some spirit trying to possess my soul. Three times after 20 years or so.

        • Susan Beane Reply

          I HAVE the SAME thing happening to ME! I am molested it seems a couple times a week it’s freaking insane! But honestly only once to complete wetness…. It feels like torture! I can’t move I can’t scream I AM ASLEEP in some weird sick nightmare! Lately I have repeated dreams of a GHOST that attacks me in my sleep and I can’t move I can’t scream and it’s hard to breathe but it’s a nightmare!

          • Jason

            Jason my dream was electric run through my body and feeling wet when I come out of it really freaky

        • Greg Haas Reply

          I experienced a black misty cloud that I believed was malevolent at what used to be a ” boys prison camp” . This happened twice and 2 separate stays while sleeping in the same room number 3. I commanded it to go away and started to pray. It disappeared almost immediately. I’m Rh- B blood type. Do you know yours? I think that our blood type has something to do with this.

          • havad

            OMG! I’ve experienced this a few times; and I’ve also felt something pushing against my body a few times; frankly, like the best massage; but scary still, I’m awake but unable to move….It’s said our spirit travels while we’re asleep, and we awake, and it can take a few seconds for it to return to our body when it notices we’ve been awoken, then these apparitions of whatever they are, disappear.

        • Dominator Reply

          Yeah you’re really fucked in the head Dan

        • Acharja Narzari Reply


        • the unknown Reply

          i know it is’nt paralasys since whenever this happens i feel a spirit it’s like preassure and the harder i try to move the more it will press me on the bed

          • havad

            You can read above I commented; but basically, I have the same thing happen, a few times…Wish I knew why

        • Cemirrah Reply

          I’m sorry that happened to you, I just woke up out of mine. It was so scary I seen Jason staring at me and he was wearing my polo slides and I screamed at him saying “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus” and then I woke up … I used to think sleep Paralysis wasn’t this serious. It’s really got to the point that I’m starting to realize..Jesus is coming bruh we need to be prepared

        • ayush singh Reply

          yes it”s real i also feel it today that”s why i am doing research .
          i feel that in my dream i saw my friends grandmother , who is alive but i saw her in my dream like a fairy but after that she fly then i saw her beside me in black saree then she tells me to fuck her and then i lose my self body control , after that my hands start pressing her boobs are geting bigger and starts milking on my mouth , the she starts licking my penis hard then she starts giving orgasm to me . i don’t wan’t it but i cant say any thing . after that i start praying to god known as mahabali hanuman , the i start singing hanuman chalis , then she starts getting fucked hard and she starts crying , after some time i getting my self control then i start saying hanuman chalisa loudly then my eyes got open , i got awake from my dream , after some time i saw the ghost at my window then she flew out . please help me!!!!!!!

          • Bety

            Only the name of Jesuss will set you free. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life and thag he is the only way to heaven. You are protected under him. If you obay him trust me nothing can touch you. How ever, when we don’t forgive…..sin can open door for these sprits to creep in to our life. Live riouchously and live bold like a lion

          • Patrick

            Keep chanting hanuman chalisa, maybe have hanuman’s photo by your bed and chant hanuman chalisa to hanuman’s picture 11times daily

        • Zaria Sanders Reply

          I don’t know if you’re going to see this message over the last few weeks I’ve been on a spiritual journey/ cleanse trying to get closer to god , and When i go to sleep I’ve been seeing / feeling sensing these dark figures over me and it’s been creeping me out

        • Lon Brand Reply

          I have them every night they are here in my apartment, and they squeeze my feet touch me push on me on the back of my lounge chair, that’s where I sleep,I can not sleep in my bed room at all because It gives them to much room to make things worse,I’m not really too scared but scared enough,I take meds too make me go to sleep but while I’m waiting for the drug to kick in they horrass me to the fullest, please ig ant what is going on,like rt now they are here while I’m typing this letter to you,if you have any ideas please do not hold back if ant solution, thanks Lon Brand

        • LoRo Reply

          Incubus and succubus!!
          Also husband and wife spirits
          Look into that. Need to cover yourself under the blood of Jesus every night put on your spiritual armor.
          Read Psalms 91 and Psalms 23 every night before you go to sleep. Rebuke the night terror dreams and the dream catchers. All this is very real.

        • Kat Reply

          Dan I’m sorry to tell you this but sin is natural human instincts and sleep paralysis is real when your brain doesn’t finish a cycle of sleep your mind can have nightmares. God isn’t real and you’re not going to hell for having an opinion or being open minded. Satanists aren’t devil worshippers and nobody is out to get you. Take your meds old man

        • kitty lewis Reply

          this demon is consuming me. I can see this dark entity with vile teeth and he holds my face an immediately sucks my life right out of me… my husband and i stopped doing drugs and started a clean… life since this has happened i am being attacked violently.. i dont sleep on my back either i hold my husband or he holds me.. this force is destructive and i literally have to be literally jerked up by my husband if and when he notices. i am literally screaming for help and trying to fight this demon off but i cant move he attacks me so swift an fast its unnerving….HELP…WHAT DO I DO???????

        • Katie Reply

          I’ve had many dreams of mine come true it untrue. I’ve also been attacked several times in my dream which felt so real that it can’t be a dream. N your right. It doesn’t matter how you sleep if it’ wants to get at you it will. Yes I sleep on my back n I was attacked. I sometimes sleep on my side n I still get attacked. My most recent one was me sleeping on my stomach n guess what, I was held down like pinned down then held as in he put his arm round me then said, it’s ok. Your ok. I swear I was away cos b4 it happened I tried to wake up n that was when I was pinned. I struggled for a few seconds shouting in the hope my neighbours would hear me( but even if they did they wouldn’t have done anything anyway as I’m sure everyone hates me for some unknown reason. I don’t have to do anything for they to not like me. I’m just different n I know n see that now n that is why I’m hated by almost everyone) b4 giving up n laying my head back down with my eyes wide open in shock. I then pretended to fall back asleep by closing my eyes In the hope that it would go away but it was still on me I could feel it. Then….it put his arms round me like a half hug then said, very calmly – shhh it’s ok. Your ok. Something like that anyway. (That was how I knew it was a male. ) Maaan I just wanted him off me. Eventually he got off a few seconds later then when I was sure he had left, I quickly opened my eyes n jumped up. Nobody there ofcourse. I couldn’t tell you what that was at all cos although he didn’t try to hurt me per say…but he sure as hell creeped the hell outta me. Jeez if he wanted not to harm or scare me, why not come with a different approach. Try to talk to me not pin me down then hug me. I was lay on my stomach so I couldn’t see who it was or what it looked like. What I think is going on right here is exactly what I was warned of a few years back when my visions started becoming more n more frequent. I was warned I would be attacked more now that I’m chosen. Please don’t ask me what I’m chosen for but I know this for sure. I have always always since I can remember from a very young age that I don’t belong in this world. I felt it was too evil. Too many evil n it breaks my heart. They way we all fight eachother isn’t the way it should be. Another words my world is not of this world but rather in heaven with my father who created all things n beings. I know this sounds crazy believe you me I thought it myself. Especially when I’m told my whole life that were all here for a reason n so therefore I too am a sinner. Please…don’t get me wrong I’m not perfect or claim to me. But my heart is of nothing I’ve ever seen b4. I have never come across something who’s willing to listen help n care as much as I would for a total stranger. This is just my own experience. People aren’t very nice to me n the ones that are always seem to be laughing behind my back n plotting against me. Only one I know I can truly trust in this world other than my mother is my uncle who brought me up since coming to reside in the UK. People think I don’t see it but I do. I just ignore it n always always try to look for the good in people. Truth is everytime I do I’m always proved wrong. A dream I had in 2017 confirmed it all for me. This isn’t my world as I’m sure for many other People in this world they don’t belong here either. I did not get to see who gets to go to heaven as I’m not given the pleasure of knowing. Probably for my own good I suppose. But I watched as others were being floated peacefully out of this world n into the sky as the world a fell to peices. I also watched b4 I myself was being floated into the heavens those who the unrighteous perishing along with this planet. There’s a lot more to that but imma leave it there as I don’t want to bore you. But I will say this now n it’s not to scare you or anyone. Given that you are under attack says it all. You too have been chosen or you wouldn’t be attacked. I am now 34 in a couple of weeks time. What I was shown back in 2017 made it clear that it will happen in my days. Not sure how old I’ll be as the last thing I thought of was looking into the mirror as the world fells apart to see how old I was. But I will say this. I want to move from my current flat now as I’ve been under attack from all angles in my area. I don’t think I’ll get to move at all. Where I am is where I’m meant to be. Will be my first n last home. What I saw was that nothing at all had changed in my house. Nothing. No new deco or curtains, nothing. I felt quite young still. Not to mention that I was shown that I’d still be around when this takes place. N were are very very close to being saved. Have a blessed day. God bless

        • Diana Galvan Reply

          What Your saying Dan my name is diana and I agree with You Son

        • Turkessa Jones Reply

          This just happened to me recently and I’m getting myself back on the right path and getting closer to GOD i started having sleep paralysis, door being shutting before I pray & while I’m sleep I’ll hear my bedroom door closing like what is that but can’t nothing stop me from getting closer to GOD I WILL GO TO HEAVEN AMEN AND I WILL PRAY FOR EVERYONE ALSO

        • Race Reply

          You clowns actually think this has something to do with a man made God??
          It’s called sleep paralysis, not demonic possession. Stop spreading fairytales. The world would be so much better off without you hypocrites shoving your joke of a god down everyone’s throats.

        • Marvellous Reply

          Whenever I experience this demon oppressing me, I’m unable to speak. I’ll open my mouth and shout the blood of Jesus and they will leave me alone. No demon can stand the blood of Jesus. Anytime you see yourself in trouble just shout the blood of Jesus and he will deliver you.

      • Susan Beane Reply

        I have ALWAYS had spirits around me! I am 61 and have had spirits follow me from home to home ever since I was 13! I actually SAW a ghost and felt it go past me when I was 13 and that was the beginning of a lifetime spirit, I have even MET an ANGEL 2 times in RL! that is to long to go into but it’s true so true! Now lately as I’m falling asleep I can FEEl something getting in or brushing against my bed and then it starts the ghostly attacks on me! But I am asleeep I I’m having a bad nightmare every single night! It attacks me and I can’t move I can’t breathe and I CANT even SCREAM! I’m afraid to go to sleep now I’m afraid I won’t wake up and I’m going to die! idk if somehow a bad spirit has pushed aside my good spirits and has taken over, I KNOW this all sounds SO FREAKING crazy I am getting at best 2 hrs sleep a night! I’m even on medication to keep me from waking with panic attacks that isn’t even working now! I am so afraid of this ghost in my dreams nightly I don’t hope anyone is going through this but in a way I hope SOMEONE is so I can better understand what is happening to me!

        • maria murdoch Reply

          I feel the same but my ghost touches me…..rubs my back strokes my hair he”s starting to freak me out!!!!

        • Shari Mclarnon-Trainor Reply

          Hi Susan. Sorry to hear you are suffering as I do. I had a nice ghost at 1 point n I feel he was pushed out of the way for an evil ghost that has been with me for 20 yrs now. I was at 1 point learning to use what they Call a gift which I do have. However I lost my job because I became sick so I had to move. Like u spirits have followed me from home to home. Sleep paralysis is a load of crap. I don’t have to be asleep to feel my only nasty ghost. I used to see lots of stuff angels leprechauns children ghost people here there wherever they were. Then 1 night I saw this dark figure on top of the drawers in my bedroom as every night before I slept I would meet the ghost or just watch whoever was there until this night when I saw him – he saw me n jumped down n sat next to me I never saw my other friend ghost or any other ever again. This 1 has tormented me for yrs. A few months ago he raped me it went o for hrs I thought it would never stop he raped sodomized me n it was real. The pain I felt wen I woke I was wet n he still had his finger inside my bottom wriggling it about. So to this day whenever I feel him around me I tape my bottom up n every night before I go to bed. I have to stop my mess as he is here now.

        • havad Reply

          This happened to me a few times, where something was pressing against me, and gray mists floating toward me…I tell it to go away and it does; once I’m able to speak…They can’t really hurt you physically; law of the universe. I’d pray, do saging, google how to rid of spirits…Guessing garlic, lemons or such stuff in the room. God Bless

        • Laura Reply

          I’m 17 and I don’t know if it’s the same but since I was young there has been something that follows me. it will watch me, I see it and occasionally it will enter into my dream state. it’s odd though because for almost 12 or 13 years it didn’t show but more recently I had feelings of grabbing, body pains I’ve never had before, spirits calling out to me, feelings like somethings feeding off me and the dream spirit that came to me when I was young showed up. it chases me and in the last dream I had of it it chased me. It chased me right off an old barn, I thought my escape was death but no, the thing that scares me more than seeing it is that it told me I can’t escape as it showed up beneath me before I awoke the next day. I’m scared but I’m also not, I don’t know why. do you? can you help me understand what is going on?

        • Lon Brand Reply

          I’m 62 and I have the same thing every night and even get in my car when I go somewhere, But mostly at night, I’m sorta scared,but not terrified,like rt now one is pushing on the back of my laxyboy that’s where I sleep, I can’t sleep in my bed room at all,I also take meds,for going to sleep but waiting to fall asleep is nerve wracking, I’m starting to think I’m crazy or something, please if you have any ideas on how to get rid of spirits please let me know,

        • LoRo Reply

          If you believe in Jesus and you gave your life to Jesus. You yell even in your mind Jesus.
          The enemy comes to kill steal and destroy that is his job. You have tormented spirits and you need to re-give them in the name of Jesus. Also you need to rebuke and mind a trespasser spirit in your home. And you need to cut off any astral projecting people and tell them they are not allowed to infiltrate in your home and for them to be cut at the silver cord in the name of Jesus
          Read the Bible and continually call on Jesus

          • Simon Antony Silve

            Yes, i had this last night.

            The more I said ‘I am a follower of Christ’, the more the demon pushed down on me. I was sleeping on my stomach as usual. It crept higher and higher, over the tip of my duvet, going for my mouth. I could only speak through paralysed jaws. The closer it got the more forcibly I stated ‘Jesus Christ is my saviour, you have no power over me’. At that last bit it withdrew in a flash.

    • Tatiana Reply

      I had Sleep paralysis I don’t know why I’m 7 yrs old it was so scary I couldn’t move breathe my grandma was right next to me and she smiled at me and I acted like nothing happened

      • Tatiana Reply

        It was so freaking scary

        • Sherrie Reply

          Hun it is scary. Tell your grandma and if it will have you feel better ask her to pray with you of it happens again

          • Skylar Rodgers

            Idk what to do recently I keep having nightmares about my old house that isn’t far from me and even when I don’t think about it everynight I get brought back to it like something needs me there

          • Mel

            Was sitting in my bed and a boy was just sitting there it felt like he was trying to say something but couldn’t he just sat there he had black holes in his eye sockets and I cloud the breath I honestly thought I was dying and I’m on this website trying to find an explanation.

          • Vaishnavi Medhe

            The next day after I turned 18, I felt someone presence around me and I heard a lady laughing near my ear but when I woke up there was no one. Again at next night my bed automatically moved from it’s place about a 1 feet and brother also saw it moving he got sick after that. Next night I dreamed that a demon is trying to hurt a person who tried to hurt me but I stop him and he listened to me and warned her to stay away from me. He had sticky but really hot body. I was scared so he huge me calmed me down, it was really warm so I didn’t reject it. Since 7 april 2021 I always feel someone’s presence around me. Few days ago when I sleeping I felt someone back hugging me and when I tried to move he whispered in my ear “don’t move baby I wanna be like this for some time. I won’t hurt you. You sleeping I know you are tired” and gave me few kisses on my neck. I was really scared so I did what he told me to do. When I woke up I thought I was hallucinating but when I looked into the mirror I had a purple mark on my neck. I am still scared and I don’t know what to do.

        • Mike Dee Reply

          I was having sleep paralysis almost every night and I would see and evil spirit and I wouldn’t be able to scream or move and I was really scared and I am a grown man in my 40s. And I would hallucinate that a stuffed dog I had head would move, and when I couldn’t move it felt like somebody was holding me down and I would be saying get off me get off me and I heard a Voice teasing me and mocking me saying get off me get off me in a girly voice as if I was being a baby.

          • Kimmie

            I just experienced it after going back to sleep at 4am, that’s why I googled “pressure when you sleep” and got this blog. I started experiencing the pressure and choking since I was 16 and my sis was 14, when we read the bible before bed. Once me and my sister stayed at a friends house before a church trip and had the exact same nightmare, pressure and choking, we talk about it to this day. I have not had these horrible experiences regular until recently and I am now 50. I don’t know why exactly but I been more spiritual lately and here the attacks have come back. I call on God and I wake instantly…The presence chokes me to keep me from saying anything but I fight it and yell God help and I wake. Once it was holding me and whispering in my ear too, I could not make out the words but it was breathing hard, It lasted a long time and I could not call Gods name, I fought and fought, I finally said God and woke up so tired. I then heard the refrigerator door open and close and the toilet flush and I was alone. Whatever we clinically call it, I know it’s demons. But this blog made me feel better knowing I am not alone. Funny thing is I can actually feel the presence before I go to sleep at times so I brace myself and try to be strong. The theory of being in between sleep is not clear because I go to sleep same time. These events are real and deeper than we think or ever want to believe. It’s scary if you go through it but confidence works. I once lived in an apt that if I laid sideways on the bed I felt the presence. It didn’t bother me if I laid strait-wow. I think some people are able to see spirits and some don’t. (I look at it as a blessing really because God won’t put more on you than you can bare)…it confirms that God is real. Lastly if I leave the light on, I don’t have the dreams, but I don’t sleep well so I turn it off. I’m no scientist but spirits are real and you are right, they play and prey on us at our weakest while sleeping. But God is greater so I call on him to remove it. Thanks for sharing.

          • Doris Shankyura

            I suffer this since in my 14 and now I am will come and atimes it won’t. At times if I change environment, it may not happen again, at times even if I do it become worst!!!

            Clinically, you have said your part and give it name: but to be earnest! these are demons and ate not funny at all!

            They can kill if not struggle with it,you may end up not waking to life one day!!!

            For me the only name that do save me to wake up in time is when I shout Jesus, Jesus , the at this point they do disappear. I you will wake up looking miserably pissed, and weak in a mockery mood ,andmay not be able to even talk if not courageous to speak.

            This is pure evil spirit, bcs it fears Jesus name. And At times when you are about shouting the name, the evil will cause ur voice to tremble so that u will be speaking babbles like a child, in order for them not to hear the same well so that it won’t drive them in time. But one great thing I learnt hear, even when you keep calling Jesus on your heart louder, they will run and live you

          • Doris Shankyura

            I suffer this since in my 14 and now I am older. It will come and atimes it won’t. At times if I change environment, it may not happen again, at times even if I do it become worst!!!

            Clinically, you have said your part and give it name: but to be earnest! these are demons and are very heartless, wicked and not funny at all!

            They can kill if not struggle with it, you may end up not waking to life one day!!!

            For me the only name that do save me to wake up in time is when I shout Jesus, Jesus , then at this point they do disappear. And you will wake up looking miserably pissed, and weak in a mockery mood ,and may not be able to even talk if not courageous to speak.
            At times they hook one at point may be you really sleep in wrong position that is causing you pain and u want to wake up and adjust hour self!

            This is very dangerous bcs, one may be trying to wake up and it could be fire emergency etc!!!

            God forbid this in Jesus Name, Amen!

            This is pure evil spirit, bcs it fears Jesus name. And At times when you are about shouting the name, the evil will cause ur voice to tremble so that u will be speaking babbles like a child, in order for them not to hear the same well so that it won’t drive them in time. But one great thing I learnt hear, even when you keep calling Jesus on your heart louder, they will run and live you

          • Doris Shankyura

            I suffer this since in my 14 and now I am older. It will come and atimes it won’t. At times if I change environment, it may not happen again, at times even if I do it become worst!!!

            Clinically, you have said your part and give it name: but to be earnest! these are demons and are very heartless, wicked and not funny at all!

            They can kill if not struggle with it, you may end up not waking to life one day!!!

            For me the only name that do save me to wake up in time is when I shout Jesus, Jesus , then at this point they do disappear. And you will wake up looking miserably pissed, and weak in a mockery mood ,and may not be able to even talk if not courageous to speak.
            At times they hook one at point may be you really sleep in wrong position that is causing you pain and u want to wake up and adjust hour self!

            This is very dangerous bcs, one may be trying to wake up and it could be fire emergency etc!!!

            God forbid this in Jesus Name, Amen!

            This is pure evil spirit, bcs it fears Jesus name. And At times when you are about shouting the name, the evil will cause ur voice to tremble so that u will be speaking babbles like a child, in order for them not to hear the name well so that it won’t drive them in time. But one great thing I learnt hear, even when you keep calling Jesus in your heart louder, they will run and leave you

            Dear GOD,
            Deliver us from this very all evil in Jesus Name, Amen!!!

          • Christina

            Same but the voice mocking me more demonic

          • Elderny

            To Fix this thing stop doing wrong this, turn to God and everything will be fine

          • Maia

            I had the same experience like Kimmie, my sister and I had the same what they say “demonic attack” she was at work and I am asleep in my room, this sleep paralysis happened to me stronger than i ever felt in my entire life, there was a man in my bed and i said in my dreams though frozen “in Jesus name get out” i utter it so many times and my bed shook like there’s an earthquake then i woke up, i slept with the lights on and let my bible app speak while i was sleeping. After an hour or two my sister came home at around 3am, she said she had to have an emergency leave because she suddenly lost her speech while taking calls (she is a customer service rep) her lost of speech happened the same time i had sleep paralysis. One other thing is that there is a specific room in our house where i always experience sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis for me is beyond science no matter how they try to prove it scientifically.

          • Crissie

            Omg the same thing happened to me it was scary

          • Tyler

            Hi, what you experienced is called a succubus (or female sleep paralysis demon). It is very real and you’re not the only person who has experienced it. I’ve had an incubus, myself (the male sleep paralysis demon) and it took me a long time to be able to sleep.. about 9 months, to be honest. The world tries to cover up these things because it’s a complicated matter that not everyone has discovered and would be terrified of.. if you have a cross or rosary, try sleeping with the cross in your hand. It helped me quite a bit. I hope this helps:)

          • Winona

            Recite “The Lord’s prayer ” in your mind when it happens if you can’t say anything think this prayer in your thoughts. And play the bible audio in your home. Plus God gave you weapons, one is pray 2 is put your armour on, 3 is cover yourself with the blood of Jesus Christ. And take authority of this and say I command you to leave me alone and never come back. I take dominion power and authority over you in the name of Jesus Christ

          • Lexi Hall

            When that happens just start to sing the song called “jesus loves me” This helps me a LOT.

          • Edgardo Arrieta

            I’m not scared of it anymore, even so I still have it sometimes. Today I was sleeping around 4pm on a hammoc. I dreamed I was in an apartment and that someone was showering a baby. He told me to watch what he did. There were some inflatable penguins in the shower with the baby and he threw something heavy on the penguins. Immediately the baby started crying like if he had gotten hurt. At first I thought it was the baby’s empathy for his friends which he thought were alive. So the person handed me the baby and told me to bathe him. I continued to bathe the baby calming him down and being very loving and caring while pouring water on him and washing him with soap. Some memories came about school and as the nature of the dream I drifted off into school and then came back to the shower and started thinking about why the baby had been crying. This is when sleep paralysis started. I heard someone ask me “you know why he was crying?” “It is because he felt the penguins pain”. Immediately I felt what the penguin should have felt also the heat of the water and realized I had actually hurt the baby. Immediately I noticed I was back in the hamoc as if I had my eyes open I saw like five guys standing around me trying to ambush me. They grabbed my toenail and I was starting to feel preassure. Another one grabbed me by the neck, another one had a pointy spear like object pressed to my left side and a fourth one was on my right side. They had hoodies and were camouflaged like if they were invisibility cloaks. I recognized that the one who was talking to me in my dream was the evil spirit I thought it was the devil and started telling him fiercely he had nothing to do around me he responded with a sort of murmuring I could not understand they it felt like when gangsters try to hurt you. As I spoke I started loosing my strength and could no longer utter words. Then I remembered what I do in these cases. One of them tried to smack me in the face as another one pulled me downwards and I faded. All I did was say Jesus help me immediately I regained the strength I remembered to keep calm and started singing a song from church that says God is my strength… they vanished and I laughed in their faces as they fled. I told them they are useless as I woke up. I was back to normal.

          • Charles Landry

            Mike I’ve had several experiences and one similar. I heard the footsteps stomping loudly coming from my bathroom that’s next to my bedroom. It walked around to the foot of my bed and jumped on my back. Then I remembered somebody told me to shout the name Jesus Christ. But it froze me and tried to tie my tongue so that i couldn’t say it. I got Jesus Christ out and it left.

          • Jordy Meraz

            I’ve recently gotten home from a prayer of last night of which I did not participate in and made fun of everything they did such as singing and praying.That night I fell asleep and everything was fine until 4 am. I woke up to what I believe was dogs hitting me while I was under the covers. Everytime I would fall asleep they would hit me until I was awake. Is this sleep paralysis or something else? I’m 13 years old

          • Courtney Frisbie

            Have had similar experiences and just had one at 2am this morning. I try to scream or yell out in my sleep and I feel something holding me and it was tickling my neck.
            Another time I could feel it in my arm pit and I wake up to finally getting the words out slowly with a final … help help me out loud.

            It’s scared me and now I’m still up and I’m ok with that!!!

          • Courtney Frisbie

            Have had similar experiences and just had one at 2am this morning. I try to scream or yell out in my sleep and I feel something holding me and it was tickling my neck.
            Oddly I was dreaming about aliens and some weird stuff and I thought that that was tickling my neck. Maybe because of the recently confirmed UFO sighting from 2019 in San Diego by the Pentagon.

            Another time I could feel it in my arm pit and I wake up to finally getting the words out slowly with a final … help help me out loud.

            Not saying it’s aliens or sleep paralysis or spirits – evil or good, butt I’m also not say it isn’t.

            Whatever these experiences are are usually uncomfortable for me and this morning it scared me and now I’m still up and I’m ok with that!!!

            Best to all and to all a good night!!!

          • Courtney Frisbie

            Have had similar experiences throughout my life and I’m in my mid 50’s and just had one at 2am this morning. I try to scream or yell out in my sleep and I feel something holding me and it was tickling my neck.
            Oddly, I was dreaming about aliens and some weird stuff and I thought that that was tickling my neck. Maybe because of the recently confirmed UFO sighting from 2019 in San Diego by the Pentagon. I dunno – don’t judge

            Another time I could feel something in my arm pit and I wake up to finally getting the words out slowly with a final … he, hel, help me – out loud.

            Not saying it’s aliens or sleep paralysis or spirits – evil or good, butt I’m also not say it isn’t.

            Whatever these experiences are are usually uncomfortable for me and this morning it scared me and now I’m still up and I’m ok with that!!!

            Best to all and to all a good night!!!

          • Ricky

            I just had something press down on me and bounce me off my bed and when I tried to look it forced my eyes shut I couldn’t move and when I tried to scream it covered my mouth. I tried to say get off me several times but couldn’t then it grabbed my head and shoved my fave in the pillow. So scary but once I was able to move I jumped out of bed. Crazy thing is a few days prior I felt and new there was something or someone in my room. I checked the bathroom nobody but behind the door I didn’t for fear of seeing what was behind it .and I believe it was there.

          • C

            Hi I’m 14 Year’s old and I’m a girl.

            I had sleep paralysis , it was month ago . It was literally scary , I couldn’t shout . In the other day I woke up I seen a ghost and I couldn’t shout but later on I’m back to normal. This wasn’t my first that I had this , I was on 3rd grade or 4th grade , I normally can see ghost when I was little , my mom said I had a ghost friend when I was little. In that house where I was living in my 3rd grade or 4th grade there was a family living in that room . When I was at the 3rd floor , no one was awake cause my friend was asleep . When I was at the 3rd floor I can see the ground or rooms , then I see the family , it’s scaring me and I couldn’t shout and for a few seconds I was back to normal . That house is like underground house the road is up the first floor is a 3rd floor . In that house it’s normally quiet and it’s scary when it’s night . Back on the present , I just discovered that in night someone was literally watching me , the lights are off and I couldn’t see if it’s a ghost and I thought it was a hallucination , on the next day I was praying it was night and I know that someone is watching me , when I’m done praying and prepared to sleep , I couldn’t sleep literally because I’m uncomfortable with someone that is watching me , I keep calm and I said into my mind that Jesus is with me.

            I sleep and reciting the poem . All things bright and beautiful… You just have to trust God , have faith on Him and believe the Jesus Christ .

            Don’t be scared just keep calm and have faith in God.

          • Khloie

            Oh my i’m so sorry that sounds terrible I can’t imagine what that’s like I just did this site for my friend

          • nick

            im scared it relly scres me and it happens alot im 7

        • Henna Reply

          I had the same experience but I saw it for real on top of my mom I got so scared I couldn’t move I panicked and now I am scared of the dark cuz I think there’s evil spirits in there and I told my mom and she said she couldn’t feel any thing cuz she was fast asleep but she also said we must pray a lot

          • Supreme

            Hello! Sounds very scary, what did it look like on top of your mom????

          • Ps

            Trust in Jesus Christs name demons tremble just in his name alone. Stay away from dabbling into anything spiritual, besides the lords word, ( holy bible) it’s all in there, others have tried to destroy the bible, for centuries,
            and cannot, impossible, but All things are possible through God, and in the bible is everything u need, confess with your mouth Jesus is lord, believe in your heart, he was raised, the holy spirit then will reveal scripture according to his will, to each persons walk, w him. noone else was raised….but him….there were witnesses, to prove everlasting life, for us.we aren’t perfect thru Christ God jesus as righteous, thru Jesus. Its impossible, for all different people from physicians, to homeless, to educated, to uneducated, to write the scriptures, all those years, from many different places, for it all to come together to create the bible, some didnt even understand themselves what they were writing…thatis not possible, unless it was something very powerful, there faith, trust in God filled them with holy spirit to write.

          • Winona

            Memorize the Lords prayer. If you dont no it google it and when it happens think it in your thoughts. The enemy runs and does not like that prayer.and play the bible audio in your home an also say I am covered by the blood of Jesus christ. I take dominion over you and command you to leave in the name of Jesus. It says 365 times in the bible not to be afraid. GOD is a trillion times stronger

          • Winona

            Pray in your mind when it happens the Lord prayer. Google john hagee the decision to pray with power. In your mind think I am covered by the blood of Jesus. The enemy will run. Google Gods love letter for you worth watching. And . God gave you armour to put on and co ed yourself n family with the blood play audio bible in your room to

        • Kiara Reply

          This morning, I was sleeping on my side, before I had the sleep paralysis, I saw a ghost with the hoodie and a scythe, suddenly me with my foolish self reached out to touch his hand, then my vision goes blinking and I couldn’t move or call my mother, I strain myself to move, I’m now awake and very tired. I won’t be sleeping.

          • Hammed

            Yeah I felt the same and it really bad I am in Nigeria and this makes me feel so bad

          • Sheila Jane Lascuña

            same as mine during in my sleep paralysis i saw a Ghost with a hoodie and a scythe. And he snapped my neck at first he was just standing and watching me lying on my bed. but i can help it knowing someone is standing and i know for sure he was a bad spirit that is why i shouted the name of Jesus and prayed the lords prayer But the spirit immediately snapped my neck he didn’t want to hear the lords prayer. i feel like im running out of breathe but in my mind I just continued my prayer and I didn’t forget the words i keep repeating
            i think 3 more times. it said lord Jesus Christ is my savior, my shepherd, my refuge and my king. whose name is full of power, holy and Might. in him I trust in the name of the father the son and the holy spirit. after saying over and over in my mind little by little words came out of my mouth until I noticed that my hand was glowing like fire. until I beat him. the Ghost disappears.
            There is little reason to fear devils as they are imagined by Hollywood. Fear the one who wanders your soul, darkening your mind and confusing your thoughts. The devil is real, the devil is powerful, and this is because the devil is within us. Reject a darkening world of “ifs” Repent and turn to our savior. His Spirit of truth is also within us.

      • Nazia Nawshin Reply

        Exactly If someone sleep next to you it still happend even though i am only 12 years old. It was so scary I couldn’t open my eyes I remember I see the chair in my room. When I couldn’t open my eyes I thought that, I was in dream, sleepy so I couldn’t open my eyes plus no scream and move. ALso, I guess its genetic bc my sister older sister have the same. First I thought she is crazy or ghost something now, ik she is right.

        • Nazia Nawshin Reply

          also i guess i see like some colors too like dark blue I guess also, I was not fully sleep too proof I remember i see my chair in my bedroom

          • Sandra F

            Look up Astral travel/projection…If you can see things and your eyes are closed. This is possible. It unintentionally happens to me since I was a child. I am 40 now.

        • Winona Reply

          Think the Lords prayer when it happens if you dont know the lords prayer Google it.Godbis a trillion times stronger, and say it think I am covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and I command you to leave n never come back.
          Put Hods armour on , plead the blood of Jesus over you and play the audio bible in your home.dont ever doubt God, he loves you

        • Mercia Reply

          My heart is heavy. This is my first time experiencing anything like this. I haven’t slept in two days so I took a 4 hour nap from 2pm to 6pm. Then another 1 hour nap. I’ve been awake since then and I was laying on my bed where I usually sleep with my feet. I fell asleep somehow and had a really weird dream, then these weird thing started happening occasionally, it’s like I’m biting so hard on my teeth they start cracking, then I woke up seeing my led lights, then suddenly my shut with a force and I felt something grabbing my wrists and pushing it down, I’m 16 and I live with my grandma, I tried calling her but couldn’t seem to make a noise, it felt like my ears was opening and opening again, the sound was heavy like a man moving left and right while pushing me down, even with my eyes closed I saw his head, him looking down at me, I tried calling Gods name, but it was like I couldn’t even get it in thought, I finally started thinking of God and I came free. Funny enough that this happened when I had put my bibles in my cupboard

          • Tink

            I have been seeing shadows in my house and my ex, who lived here prior to me, said he did as well. I’ve seen a white mist firm in front of me then disappear. But last night, I was awakened by something, when I opened my eyes, I seen an old man’s head floating above me. He resembled an older gentleman that I know. But I was asking wth was happening and that’s when it got scary. The head turned sideways, the mouth opened and it made a hissing noise as it CV came towards my face. I covered my face with my blanket and screamed out for my daughter. After thinking I was having a heart attack I couldn’t breathe so I pulled the cover off of my face and thank God, it was gone. Does anyone know what I should do? I KNOW I was awake. So this is a bit different.

          • Charlie

            Can I ask…did you take any medications or specifically narcotics prior to going to bed?

      • damon Reply

        i had a similar experience i couldnt breath it was like something was putting their hand on my mouth and yet i didnt see anything

      • Riri Reply

        I know i´m 11 years old I heard a demon close to me and i woke my self up by wiggling my toes and imagining something demons most afraid which is GOD and I woke up

      • Riri Reply

        I know right but i have a dream catcher with a cross in it over my bed and from now on I sleep on my side not on my back and I just had sleep paralysis 2 minutes ago so at this point I´m like ready to find a demon i Have God and Jesus and Angels to back me up and fight with me so I´m not scared at all

      • Dan Reply

        Only twice have I ever truly repented to Jesus, and abolished sin from my life. Since the demons see this as a lost commodity, i really do honest to god believe that they try to scare/ torment me back into sin using sleep paralysis as a tool(only happens when I repented for months after)..On top of that, they molest molest me in my sleep likely. I have been sexually harassed in unwanted wet dreams and these demons get off it it I’m sure. Do not let them discourage you from your path to our LORDS kingdom if anyone reads this. They are bluffing and they cant do it forever.

    • Skylar Rodgers Reply

      Ik I’m 15 and I’ve been having these dreams sense I was a a baby and idk what to do it’s like someone keeps pulling be back to the dream when I try to wake up! And I’m really scared!!

      • Gauri Reply

        This has happened to me 2 times now…..the 2nd time was more scary…..i knew i was sleeping n i just had to wake up but couldn’ t it was so hard to wake up like something was holding me, i saw a ghost under my bed…….so i tried to pray in my mind, but something was stopping me i couldn’t form the words…….yet i tried and after sometime i was able to pray in my mind n i was able to wake up……..

      • Gauri Reply

        U can listen Hanuman Chalisa……whenever am alone n get scared i always listen it n the fear is gone

      • Rita Reply

        Say these words
        Nam myoho renge kyo
        Over and over it’s called chanting you can look up I’m anuddjisy and this will help

        • Kendra Reply

          Where are you located? I was in Colorado and a member of the sgi and now can’t find anything near where we live or any members to chant with.

      • Rita Reply

        Say these words
        Nam myoho renge kyo
        Over and over it’s called chanting you can look up I’m anuddjisy and this will help

        • Roxane Reply

          I am also a Buddhist and I have done this during every dream where I’ve been confronted.

      • Tere More Reply

        im 17 and it happened twice for me i actuals am scared i honestly thought it was some type of demon or devil, the first time i was hella tired i crashed out and i tried opening my eyes could i felt like my body was being dragged and it turns out i was, my top part of my body was on the ground and my bottom half was on the couch… just recently i was just as tired as before and i close my eyes for 3 seconds and i crashed… i felt like my body was moving and my insides are being moved and as i was trying to wake up but couldnt i heard a deep voice saying “hi” and that terrified me i quickly opened my straight away and now i cant go back fo sleep yet my body still feels heavy.

        • Natalie Reply

          Interesting Tere! This exact thing happened to me last night at 4 am while I was trying to sleep on the couch! I heard a cabinet door close and I couldn’t open my eyes as much as I tried. Then I felt like I was being dragged around! It was the strangest thing I have ever experienced! I was finally able to sit up, but had a hard time falling back to sleep! It freaked me out!

      • Monecka Jones Reply

        I have them too really bad

      • Joseph Reply

        I have suffered this close to my entire adult life. This isn’t biblical or spiritual. I believe it’s just due to lack of sleep. My advice to anyone out there that’s scared or frightened by this don’t be. That’s step 1. Step 2 Learn the “wiggle your toes” thing, it definitely helps one relax and understand what’s going on to break free of this invisible barrier. Step 3. Don’t chant Jesus or Holy Ghost. It either works or it doesn’t and could make the whole ordeal 10x scarier. Leave religion out! I’m not a trained professional but can make one feel better about what has happened to them, if anyone needs to talk please reach out.

      • Nazia Nawshin Reply

        My older have the same problem since baby. Now, she can’t even sleep alone even she is like 16.

        The most stupid thing is my mom say, there wasn’t any blood circulation thats why that happend.

      • Lavin Reply

        Hey it happens and it scary. Im 17 and im not scared of much but last night i had a god awful experience. My girlfriend was iver for the night and we fell asleep. I was uncomfortable so i went to move my feet and one slipped off of the bed, thens when something grabbed it and started dragging me to the darkness. Its a day later and im still terrified. I to used to have these experiences as a child yet i have had one for a while and i thought they where just dreams. I know what i felt and i was being taken, drug down to the darkness. Im scared to sleep tonight and i know its going to be hard but i just have to fight the demons.

      • Winona Reply

        Play the audio bible in your room low, at night and pray, put your armour of God on daily and cover yourself with the blood of Jesus Christ daily and family and memorize scripture from the bible like no weapon formed against me will prosper God says memorize the Lords prayer and think it in your thoughts b4 sleep

    • Krista Reply

      I’ve been awake all morning since probably 5:30 and it’s now 9:37, it wasn’t a good sleep and I had a lot on my mind last night, nothing major just a little conflict in life. Back track an hour ago and I’m laying down in my bed, and I’m thinking to myself “ahh finally about to get some rest.” Closed my eyes and could feel my body drifting off but not fully asleep. I can still open my eyes and move my body but I’m falling asleep. For about 30 minutes I couldn’t tell if I was in a dream or reality, I was walking around my room chillen my mom was doing laundry nothing out of the ordinary, just a typical morning. This is where shit starts to get scary!!!!! (I still think I’m in reality.) The lighting changes in this dream to this ice/blue color and my room looked colder (it didn’t feel cold though) I finally feel like I went to take a nap bc I didn’t get much sleep the night before and I’m sleeping in my bed and the way my room is set up my bed faces the door so I make eye contact with people when they walk in. Anyway my vision is fuzzy and I think my mom opens my door peeks her head in like she’s about to say something but doesn’t bc I’m sleeping (this is something she does often so it doesn’t bother me I think it’s actually sweet), she opens my door and closes it 3 times and on the 3rd time she stood there in the frame but I could tell she was mad/upset/negative so I try and get up to see what’s wrong but I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed. She saw my look of panic and immediately closed my door and ran downstairs (odd bc she doesn’t run down the stairs EVER.) I’m finally able to move out of my bed but my room wasn’t the same. My room was stripped to the bare minimum just one dresser and one mirror left (I have a walk-in closet 3 dresser and about 8 big containers of clothes bc that’s my guilt pleasure) and my powers out. The only thing I want to do was go to the corner of my room where I know this light would be able to turn on bc it doesn’t need to be plugged in and it just so happened to be right next to the mirror. I finally get to the light but it was a struggle for some reason it felt like I was walking in slow-motion and it took me hours to get to one side of my room to the other. I finally get to the light I’m exhausted scared (felt like I was drugged) and turn it on and my mirror won’t show a reflection. THIS IS WHERE I KNEW FOR SURE I WAS SLEEPING AND INFACT NOT IN REALITY. Others probably feel like they would have been able to tell much sooner but my head was playing so many tricks on me. I get back to my bed and close my eyes to tell myself to wake up. I say it over and over again. SHITS BOUT TO GET SCARY AGAIN!!! As I’m trying to convince myself to wake up and it will be all over I hear these gusts of wind in both hears like it’s a tunnel or something (there’s wasn’t wind in the room or that I could feel hit my body, just in my ears) and in the background I hear laser beams and whispers. At this point I’m trying my hardest to open my eyes or move a finger, a toe something! My left eye opens but isn’t strong enough to keep its sleep open and it falls. I saw my purple chair full of color and my lap top next to me (REALITY), I’m thinking to myself finally I’m out of this nightmare. Nope. My left eye continued to open and roll down a sec or two after it opened and the wind/whisper/laser beam noises didn’t stop for another 15 minutes. Some how I gain control of my leg and just start kicking it and then I gained control of both eyes. IM AWAKE!!!!! I felt really negative and super fuzzy when I woke up, I also woke up extremely tired.

      • Winona Reply

        Try to memorize prayers like “the Lirds Prayer or say in your dream Jesus Help me, and it will go if not think I am covered by the blood of Jesus Christ, .put the armour of God on daily and plead the blood of jesus over yourself and start reading the bible, if not audio bible on you tube pkay

    • Sophia Reply

      I do have sleep paralysis almost every once a week…. but once I shout ‘blood of Jesus save me’ I wake up immediately. I usually pray my self to wake.

      • Rob Reply

        Same … the worst I’ve ever had was one time coming out of sleep when I was in my 20’s. I’m 40 now but I’ll never forget it. I had dabbled in lucid dreaming, and this episode was one of those “waking up, but cant quite wake up, resisting waking up, but falling back asleep” moments. However, I didn’t fall back asleep. I was paralyzed back asleep, and began feeling pushed through my bed it seemed so I just let it happen. I got pushed deep to some other level/dimension/underworld or something, and just as I thought it stopped, I get pushed further and further downwards until it was pitch black. It then felt like I was falling. Then these deep, dark voices started talking to me in a language I could not understand. It sounded like voices speaking latin, and the voices were slowed to the pitch of slow motion, kind of like if you slowed down death metal. I felt pure evil around me, and all I could say back to them was “you cannot hurt me, I am protected by the blood of Christ”. I said that to them over and over and over, until I was released and woke up. One of the scariest experiences of my life, so much that I quit practicing lucid dreaming entirely and wanted to have nothing to do with it. Be careful with that spiritual boundary … we are meddling with powers we cannot possibly comprehend.

      • Winona Reply

        Pleading the blood of Jesus Christ over yourself is power filled and thinking the Lords prayer in your mind or thoughts also is an excellent weapon if you memorize it

    • Kate Reply

      I know this too. I wake up and I see a figure waving at me. It wasn’t walking towards me, but it was waving as if it was a hello. it was 5 am and my sister was in the shower. I tried to get up and i could only move my fingers. I couldn’t move my mouth. I then realized my hands were under my pillow and my head was on the pillow so i got up and the figure walked towards me. I got out of bed but then i froze in a standing position. The figure said “Kate..Kate..Kate..Run..You must Run..Closet..” I started screaming and it went away. I checked my closet and nothing. I think i misheard. this is what it said: “Kate, kate, kate, you must run from this closest nightmare.” I never saw this again. what happens now is that im not a good sleeper and never phisically tired since im always lively, so i wake up at 3, 4, or 5 and start running around like a maniac s ye

    • Logan bell Reply

      I’m 10 years old in 5th grade but I read that I will get sleep paralysis that is what scares me! Also I sleep with my door closed so nobody can get to me don’t know why though.

      • Logan bell Reply

        Excuse me I meant feel but the stupid auto correct is irritating . But I just feel that I’m going to get sleep paralysis I watch horror movies but it doesn’t scare me.It’s the things I just don’t get that scare me like let’s say there’s a vid on youtube of some weird creep staring at the screen it doesn’t make sense so it creeps me out.Which makes me not sleep with could lead to sleep paralysis.

    • Beautiful being Reply

      Most time when u experience this is with you on ur stomach or on ur side don’t bother with these ppl it’s with ur spirit leaving ur body to enter the spiritual world …. or when an evil spirit wants to trouble u it’s not a medical condition just pray with it happening curse them ask them to leave u alone and get the f out ur room

      • Kay Reply

        I thought u didn’t suppose to sleep on your back .

    • Nicola Reply

      I used to get pinned down all the time and feel the breath of someone so very close to my face. Its been years but it happened last night. I feel like I was tormented the whole night. My quilt would be pulled on and my bed would randomly shake.
      I opened my eyes so sure that I would see someone. I remember calling for my son to come and help me.
      When I had this last time there were many other scary things occurring. I do not want to go through all that again. It was just the same as the film ‘Paranormal activity’ the only difference being that I wasn’t dragged downstairs.

    • Winona Reply

      If you get night terror paralysis attacks pray in your thoughts or mind “The Lords Prayer”. If you dont know it, google it. And also play the bible audio in your home and say I am covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and I command all evil spirits to leave me alone in the dominion power and authority of Jesus Christ our savior

    • JD Reply

      I’m 12 really and ive been having this problem. I hate constantly turning my eyes hoping theres nothing there. my brain constantly thinking of ways to escape. I dont sleep on my back i sleep my side but last night in my dream me and my siblings were lost and we were basicly travling to find our mom. but the cops told us to stay in a mansion. but there was blood on the walls and I started to hear whispers. I looked at the basement and red eyes appeared. I ran upstairs and told my little brother to get outside. I told my little sister the same. when we were outside, she said, “hold on let me get my bag it’s just in ther-” “NO ITS TO DANGEROUS.” My little brother was the only one with his bag. we ditched ours. and now my brain has been feeling off all day. I’m constantly turning around. now I don’t know if I’m being haunted. or it was really just a dream.

    • Kyleigh hart Reply

      I was sleeping last night and all of a sudden my dog starts to bark and i look over and there is this dark figure with beaming red eyes and its hands and feet were cut off and covered in blood . IT FELT SO REAL OR MAYBE IT WAS REAL !!!

    • Ankita Seshadri Reply

      NeuroPsychiatric medicines prevent this

    • Fernando Zepeda Reply

      When ever I feel a presence in the room before bed time I know I’m getting attacked by demons for sure especially when a full body chills. This scientific study about paralysis or how ever is spelled out is a crock of shit . I’ve experienced this since I been a little boy . My mom always wondered why I was always scared at night. She take me to church and would tell me to ask the priest to bless me and my home it would go away but immediately it would attacked again till this day so I truly believe it’s has nothing to do with sleeping disorders. It’s demons or entity’s spiritually evil souls that see a gift in us for communication or message for someone else that they are trying to relay. My point is I have a gift and I really try to speak with it but it’s so intensively scary I end up screaming for dear life I hope someone else can relate to my life experiences just so you know we are in control not them we are stronger and alive they are not

    • chris Reply

      Not sure if I posted this right, but I suffered from this, almost nightly, since I can remember, till my late 20’s I believe (45 now)…but it was truly horrible as a child…I would fall asleep, and realize I was in a dream…and I’d even try to control the dream, but it always went bad, and I’d feal something going for my soul, and levitation…but it was so bad, and I told noone for some reason, that I really didn’t sleep as a child…the tireder I was, faster I’d be in the dream, and the harder it was to wake myself up…but when I did actually wake up (cuz there would be allot of dreams faking like I woke up, but didn’t) but I’d wake up, without like moving, I’d have my body covered and face mostly covered, jus so nothing could see my eyes, and I’d lay there, forcing me to stay up all night or most of it. Literally no sleep as a kid. And if I faced toward one side of my room, I would get it, and lots of times, I could feel I was gonna uh

    • prosper Reply

      i have sleep paralysis too. it been years now , wherever i go it’s following me …. it gives me break sometimes… but where it decide to show up.. i can not breath or move maybe four few minutes..

    • Corey Reply

      I literally had the worst nightmares that haunt me to this day. My nightmares were never running from a monster in the woods or anything like that. It always resided right in my bedroom as a child. I use to have a dream of a tall, long face women standing in the corner of my room. She would stare at me for hours. I would peek through a small opening from my covers. I would seemingly, unknowingly doze off and seconds later she would be gone from that area in my room and at my bedside looking down on me. “BY THE WAY, MY SLEEP PARALYSIS DEMONS WOULD TRICK ME INTO MAKING ME THINK IM ACTUALLY AWAKE WHEN IM NOT. BACK TO THE STORY”… I would lose my breath from fear. She would visit me often. One night she ripped the covers off me and screamed in my face. I woke up and my covers were on the floor. I could still hear her scream when I woke up. Her scream traveled through my house and her voice ended in the kitchen. I was different growing up but I wasn’t your typical quiet kid like in the movies. I was normal. Played sports, had scholarships, had no problem getting women. Religious and Respectful, etc.. I just had this fucked up sleep paralysis shit that I just couldn’t shake. I would go 4 months without it “SP” and then I’d be reminded that they are still here a day later. I’ve been molested by a demon. I had one touch my private area as child. Even my behind and this was when I was older. So don’t give me that don’t sleep on your back bull crap. I slept on my stomach and couldn’t move. I felt vulnerable in that moment. No penetration but it was very fucked up and weird for me. There’s no scarier feeling than waking up in the middle of the night realizing something touching a your private area.. it takes time to realize wtf is going on. When you do realize, they notice it and try to prey even more. I once had a demon grunt and laugh in my chest. I could literally feel it’s breath on my skin. I’m so happy to see that I’m not the only one. I seen someone in this forum say say that demons prey when you repent. They really do prey when you pray. It’s called spiritual warfare. Keep praying and when the battle and keep your faith in God.

    • Ana Reply

      Hey, I was the victim of sleep paralysis in my teenage and early adult life until I introduced to practicing ayat-ul kursi recitation before sleep as well as when I would be under sleep paralysis episode, I tried to recite ayat ul kursi, of course it was just murmuring voices but I swiftly came out of this episodes. Now I do recite daily and I dont have these episodes. I do sleep on my back.

  2. Jamie Reply

    I always see and hear things when this happens to me.

    • Larissa Reply

      I do to, I always see like a evil person and I try and get them to go away but I can’t

      • david wolstenholme Reply

        my late wife and I lived in many haunted homes and im nearly 76 experienced many things my home is haunted I as a Christian light t light candles on my wifes memorial where I keep her ashes etc and I have always had bibles in each room on psalm 23 and on a night a leave my lap top on ,on house cleansing as casting out demons or bad spirits in the name of jesus works.

    • Carribbean Reply

      I also hear things but things I hear are scary when I have this and I’m able to open my eyes and see things that I don’t know r real or not but when this happens I’m unable to control my body and it feels like something is pushing me back and my heart starts to race then things start to get closer to my face and scream but I can’t hear them I only hear this keep repeating *******

      • JD Reply

        dang.and i only hear crying outside.

    • Beautiful being Reply

      You are correct it’s not a medical condition it’s when ur spirit leaves ur body to enter the spiritual world or if an evil spirit come to do something to u

  3. Angela Reply

    I see a person when I have sleep paralysis I seen three different people why do I see this

    • Q Reply

      I do also

    • Mo Reply

      I do too. It’s creepy and I always wake up screaming at them.

      Do you see what they look like?

  4. Dennis Reply

    I sleep sitting up amd it happens it happens while on my side amd back so that’s a load of crap

    • Beautiful being Reply

      You are correct it’s not a medical condition it’s when ur spirit leaves ur body to enter the spiritual world or if an evil spirit come to do something to u Yes That’s true they can’t face u it u on ur back only on ur side or stomach

  5. christopher underwood Reply

    Does anyone experience a body buzz feeling with a sort of ringing in the head thats intensifies with the state of fear?

    • Ashley Meredith Reply

      Christopher Underwood

      The same thing happened to me the other night.

      • Mariam Reply

        What if you CAN move but u still feel something vacuuming your energy. ?? Is it an alien or spirit? (My house has 2 spirits in it but they’ve never been a problem before. They’ve live here with me for the past 15 years now) whatever I’ve been feeling at night though is new

        • Vikram singh Reply

          Listen to Hanuman chalisa at night … Just type on YouTube (1) hanuman chalisa (helps against devils) 2am
          (2) japji sahib 12 am ( holly)
          (3) an muslim very effective “”””””DUA prayer against ghost “””””
          I never believe in these things never i laugh on people when people talk about ghosts evil and that all.. but when it happens with me then i realized something is wrong and bad then at night something put pressure on my chest ( i sleep at proper time.. no pains .. iam totally fit at that time ….. young so fresh no drugs but still someone’s whispers at my ears at night) I can’t sleep like somebody watching me even the lights are on fuck men 23.. days its continouslly happening with me and then i listen to muslims”” DUA prayer against devils ‘”” then iam ok now… but listen it for regular 15 days

        • KayLee Reply

          I think this just happened to me last night. I believe I was awake, but trying to fall asleep when I swear I heard/felt light footsteps coming towards me. I felt as if something was leaning over me and I felt a vacuuming/pushing (I really don’t know what it was) of energy at my upper back and neck. It lasted a few seconds maybe longer, and then it was gone. The whole time I kept my eyes shut and told myself not to move or react to whatever was happening. After a while of me calming down I did move around in bed to get more comfortable. So I’m wondering if this was sleep paralysis, or something beyond the living life.

          • Jayson

            Hey KayLee, I don’t know if you’ll see this.. but the exact same thing happened to me last night. Im very spiritual and I’ve encountered a lot of paranormal situations, but this one was very strange. I was like half asleep getting there. Then i started hearing footsteps coming towards me.. when they stopped i opened my eyes and was stuck frozen in a sleep paralysis stage.. i couldn’t move anything.. i then felt someone sit at the end of my bed.. and crawl behind me.. i suddenly started feeling someone breathing down my back.. i kept trying to move but simply couldn’t like i was trapped or being held down by something very strong. After about 5 minutes of that i was able to move.. i casually got up out of bed and went and slept in my living room.. i didn’t say anything i just felt intruded and my energy and ora felt very off and up tight.

        • Sunny Reply

          I had a recent dream where I walked into a room * drs office* and a deceased friend is standing there! Alive & well! I asked him..I hugged him & I said “Carl how are you here?” He said, “I’m able to be here right now because you planned your appointment for a date before I passed away!” & it turned into a premonition dream, because next to him was my Brother! He was sitting on the floor with a white sheet pulled up to his waste and he was awake but resting…..& in real life here two days ago he ended up having unexpected surgery! So I feel it was a premonition dream of what was going to happen to him!
          And yesterday I dreamed I saw a dark Shadow ghost figure standing near me. I was on the ground so I grabbed him by his ankles to catch him! I then literally woke up struggling to hold onto him in my bed and I could feel him in my arms and hands still and I was struggling to totally wake up, and when I did my arms and hands were up in the air holding him and the feeling of him in my arms was then gone. He escaped into my room! Dreams are so real sometimes!!

        • Sophia Reply

          How can you tell if your house have 2 spirits

        • Olivia Reply

          Hi Mariam, as I saw your comment I would really like to talk I’m confused as well and I guess was just wondering if you have found anything more about this new energy since you have commented

      • Kendra Reply

        Are you still experiencing this?

        • Lana Reply

          I don’t know about her but you can just feel them. If you have spirits in your house you’ll know it. Some are more sensitive and more connected to it than others. I’ve have spirits around me whole but right now since I’m in a bad place emotionally it’s drawing in bad ones I think

    • Elyzzah Reply

      OMG YES!

    • Brandi Taylor Reply

      Yes!! I’ve had sleep paralysis when waking up but for the last 4 nights I’ve had INTENSE, recurrent episodes where I hear, see & even feel tactile stimulus – all terrifying – & the vibration in my head is riveting & does also intensify with fear. I’m able to move my toes first always. Why all this all of a sudden I have no idea. How often for you?

      • Brandi T Reply

        Forgot to mention – I have goosebumps -(NOT IN DREAM) but real goosebumps every single time I am able to fully wake up & move.
        Also, to clarify, this is when I am falling asleep & is very new to me.

        • Taty Reply

          If you are a Christian, meditate the Word of God first in the morning and before you sleep. If you are not Christian I can help you on how you can give your life to The Lord

    • Kasandra Mohr Reply

      Yes! I just experienced it tonight.

    • Jesse BETTS Reply

      I call it the half asleep half awake world. There is something out there. I have tried to embrace it instead of fear it so I can explore it but to it’s to terrifying. I can feel the demons under me

      • Gauri Reply

        My physics teacher was doing Phd on spirits……we know there is energy in our body……according to law it can’t be destroyed but can be converted in another form…..he told us, once the person dies only the body is gone but the energy remains in the surrounding since it can’t be destroyed……spirit is a form of energy……we call it spirit scientists call it energy……also energy can be both +ve n -ve so spirits should be both type too

      • Victoria Kingsley Reply

        I agree whole heartedly.

    • Ann Singh Reply

      Same thing happened to me last nite and I freak out

      • Diana Altamirano Reply

        I just experienced this. I was knocked out sleeping feltvmy husband kiss me before going to work. Then a minute later I hear a creek at the door and thought he came back for something but I was paralyzed and couldn’t move. I felt like someone was laying on me then trying to pull me from my feet. I yelled God help me and woke up shaking and crying. Called my husband crying and he rushed back to the house. I’m still shaking writing this post.

        • Kirstin Blow Reply

          My experience was kind of different. I woke up for some reason and immediately seen a woman in all black looking at me. When she was reaching for me I tried to scream but couldn’t. Now the crazy thing is when she reached for me she didn’t touch me. I just immediately started to fill a horrible pain in my back and I started cry and it went for so long. I don’t know if I fell back asleep or what happened but as soon as the pain went away I open my eyes I started to be able to move so I turned to get up and we were standing face to face then she left. I’ve been up ever since.

          • Steve

            Kirstin, My experiences–over the past 10 years, were awakening to a different person staring at me nearly once weekly–sometimes more than once a week. It would normally occur a night time, but once coming home from work after a long day I napped. When I awaken, a little boy with a striped blue/white shirt was looking at me. These images are different people with different features…all ages, all ethnicities, different features, some clothed, some naked. A few times, I awaken to (what I can only describe as) a hideous creature with sharp teeth. Through the years, I’ve learned to be less threatened by the “visits” and began embracing. I thought I had a special talent–although I wasn’t sure what it was. These “visits” began being my “friends”. It was only after being diagnosed with Apnea/Narcolepsy, and “Hypmopompic” hallucinations that I started to understand the medical diagnosed…but is having a hard time not feeling “special” anymore. Since using the CPAP, I have noticed fewer “visits”. Sounds crazy…but it’s a bittersweet thing for me. …it’s been 10 years that I’ve endure this unexplained phenomenon…I could only describe as “visits”.

        • Cassandra Reply

          I know where you is coming from.In 2017.I was living in this apartment.And I promise you every morning for some odd reason when I am at home by myself.I would put the kids on the bus and try to go back to sleep.I say about 5 to 10 minute later,I am asleep.Then I will have this strange odd feeling that something was around me.And I cant move,nor scream but I can hear myself .I say Lord God or Jesus help me.And I say about 2 to 10 second later I am awake,heart beating fast.I jump up.And for a long time (For 10 month I couldnt sleep in the morning,So i would leave right behind my kid,going to the library.It is now 2020.So right at the moment.I have had like several encounter in my new home,But it is not as bad as it was 8yr ago all the way back to 2019.2020 is different.I pray and i ask God to encamp his Holy Angel around my home,far and near, top to bottom on every corner of the house protecting me from evil and from my family and protecting my family from evil and from me.Let nothing or no one enter if it is not the love of God.And lately that has been helping.

    • Trish Reply

      I feel it too.most times I burn incense b4 going to bed and I pray .each time I burn incense, I feel a presence but not paralysis and I sleep unharmed ….I believe prayer works as it has to do with a lot of creepy experiences

    • Ry Reply

      I do all the time and I hate it… It’s loud and it’s scary… I avoid falling asleep because of my night terrors and when I can’t keep my eyes open and I fight it… I hear that

    • Damien Reply

      Yes I just NOW had that out of nowhere

    • Jeff Reply

      I had this tonight. Really intense.

    • Rosa Reply

      I get a sensation that I can’t explain but it ungulfs my whole body sometimes it’s corrugated. If that makes sense. I’ve learnt not to be horrified. It still does haunt me but can go back to sleep afterwards. I used to get ripped out of bed by it so I told myself next time to look int mirror to see what it was . It was like a mummy in camouflage gear !

    • SANJIV Reply

      yes i hear that sound I always beat that buzzing sound by forcing myself to open my eyes and waking up. I never allow the buzzing sound to overcome me and get me into the state of sleep paralysis as after that only the fear strikes.
      It happended once and now i never allow such buzzing sound to take me to that state of fear and i forcefully wake up knowing fully well that if i do not do so, it will take to that scary state.

    • Monecka Jones Reply

      Yes I do it feels like a sting like the feeling that you put your tongue on a battery

    • Esther Reply

      Yes…. A lot!!!…. The more u scream the name of Jesus, the more the buzzzz noise in ur ear…. But I don’t quit cos I know it’ll bring me back to reality

      • Laura Reply

        Esther, i am a Christian deliverance minister for the lord for the past 10 years and these are demons that are entering into your sleep state. Continue to call on the name of Jesus and also cancel all the demonic effects of your sleep. Pray before you fall asleep and ask Jesus to come into your sleep to protect you. I also suggest you google search the demonic names of the demons that enter your sleep and the bind them to the feet of Jesus for his rightful judgment. In addition, please pray the full prayer of Father God’s full armor over you in the morning and just before you go to bed. If you need more help please watch video’s for deliverance from demons attacking you in your sleep . There are a lot of deliverance video. May Father God protect you always and especially in you sleep.When you wake up you also need to pray and CANCEL any and all dreams that are not from Father God and for his glory.

        • Ona Reply

          Hello Laura, I saw your good advice. I will use it. Thank you. For me the demon/evil spirit visits intermittently, every 15 days. Why is that? Is it bothering someone else when it is not bothering me? It’s really frightening! Why do these visitations even happen?!

    • Nicole Reply

      Yes!!! I get the exact feeling. Then right after that I feel like someone is on top of me. I feel like I can move!

    • Nicole Reply

      Yes!!! I get the exact feeling. Then right after that I feel like someone is on top of me. I feel like I cant move!

    • Denise Reply

      Lost a very special and dear friend I loved very much, irreplaceable! He passed away January 13, 2020 suddenly of a heart attack at 56. He was a police officer I use to date. Always referring to me as Blue Eyes. Cry now & then, haven’t been able to grieve the way I need to. Saddened for a whole entire year. My heart is ripped apart! I remember like it was yesterday scared & frightened to death! On August 17th, 2020 went to bed around 11:30. I really don’t think I fell asleep because everything was so real. Started saying my prayers like I usually do. My eyes were opened looking up at the ceiling. Of course I only sleep on my back. All of a sudden my body began to feel weird. Started with my ears. Kept on hearing this ringing in my ears thought nothing of it. Then it became to be more intense. The higher the buzzing the more my head began to hurt. The pain was so bad I had to hold my head for a few seconds. Then it began to die down & start right back up. It did this several times. It was so intense that I remember saying please God make it stop. It finally stopped after it seemed like it went on for 10 long minutes. I then sensed something in my bedroom on the right side of my bed. All of a sudden it put there hands apart from each other like a fist at the edge of my mattress. It was pushing them up and down as if to get my attention. My body became paralyzed, couldn’t move anything. Tried to get up couldn’t. So scared I started to scream. The louder I screamed I thought someone could hear me. As I screamed nothing came out not even a sound. It felt like I was pinned down when I got up on top of the paralyzation. It seemed like an eternity yet I believe it was around 5/10 minutes. As soon as I was able to move I jumped out of bed & slept with the light on all night. Was afraid to fall a sleep. Eventually I got so tired my eyes began to close. I live alone, I’m 59 & have never experienced this in my life. I still need a lot of unexplained answers that I need answered. I hope I never experience this again! Not only was it frightening the buzzing in my ears & head was extremely painful. I had a few things happen afterwards as well. Found my bananas I kept on the counter in the middle of my kitchen floor. Sitting in my dining room I see a bathroom towel being thrown on the floor with my face wash in a tube in broad day light. Things were turned on my dresser. And this just happened a few days ago. I have ties wrapped around my drapes with tossils. Never could figure out how they went. Woke up noticed one fixed the right way. When I looked at it the tie was twisted in a different way to make it set right. It took me a minute to figure it out. I had several things like this happen. Can’t explain any of it & would really like to have some answers. Am I still afraid?! I would say no because I like to think it is my friend the cop that is doing all these things. Very skeptical about the buzzing and paralyzed part. Unless it was him & he was trying to figure out how to approach me & didn’t know how?! I really can’t make sense on what happened to me. I will say this, I still talk to him every day, got to see him 1 month before he passed, gave me the biggest bear hug, he was the true love of my life & miss him dearly. I have yet to mourn his passing. This is my story & I know he’s with me.

      • Talha Reply

        I can explain this to you in detail. Call me on my whatsapp no. +923069281264

  6. Shelley Reply

    Christopher underwood
    I too have the same sensation, it always happens just before I drift off to sleep, it is like a warning sign, that the attack is about to happen

    • Shi Reply

      I always get the warning sign to make me not even want to go to sleep but it’s hard for me to stay away

    • SANJIV Reply

      yes you are right

    • Talha Reply

      I can cure this disease in one week. Please contact me on my WhatsApp no.

  7. Ally Reply

    I have been getting hours of sleep paralysis for about 15 years, ive never seen the demon but can sense it, it terrifies me, i recently went to see a spiritual healer, told him about it and he said its a very bad thing and did a chakra healing , as he said sleep paralysis is a spiritual attack, this is why everyone ‘hallucinates’ the samé thing, personally i dont believe in the REM theory, i guess i will have to wait and see if this chakra healing worked.

    • Jessica Reply

      So Ally did Chakra alignment work?

    • Q Reply

      Keep me updated on if it worked please

    • Elyzzah Reply

      Yes i definitely think it has something to do with an evil spirit because while its happening i start to repeatedly say “jesus God jesus God” then it goes away but my head starts ringing and shaking its like the evil spirit is leaving idk but its scary, i wanna believe its the REM theory but

      • Mbali Reply

        Exactly my case, just last night ive experienced this and i shouted ” Please my lord protect me in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth ” and the paralysis went away. im starting to believe it has to do with evil spirits .

      • Sherrie Reply

        It’s happened to me for over 20 yrs.i scream for God and say in the name of Jesus. It’s awful and always seems like it’s the same thing. I can feel evil too. I’m 47 now and it just happened to me. No matter who I tell or how much I pray it eventually happens again. I’m afraid it’s something trying to get my soul

      • Shi Reply

        Your absolutely right cause when I start the. Prying Jesus bring me right up out there

  8. Ally Reply

    Sorry it was meant to say ’bouts’ of sleep paralysis

    • Angelica Reply

      Hey please let me know if this helps! I have been looking into this but haven’t done it.

  9. Chelsea Reply

    I had it for the first time. I’ve read about it before thinking I’ve experienced it but that was an entire new look on reality. I was asleep on my side and me entire body felt like it was shaking and vibrating as as if I was seizing, i felt like I had an outer body experience. I 100% knew that there was a presence in my room watching me not that I opened my eyes and looked I just knew it was there, that had to be the most intense and horrifying time. I managed to break the paralysis by squeezing my fist to wake myself up.

    • Michelle Thilges Reply

      My 32 year old son is living with us at the present time. He has been seeing a shadow. Wakes up to what feels like he is being strangled and his body shaking. I read your post as ND it sounds similar. I googled what he told me and came up with sleep paralysis. He is terrified and so am I. Not knowing if it’s evil trying to take his spirit . I don’t know what to do for him.

    • NICOLEeoeEEo Reply

      This really sounds like you had a grand mal seizure,or sometimes they are referred to as (clonic tonic). I have had brain scans from the neurologists’ once they got the results from both the EEG and MRI w/o contrast they called my cell phone frantically to say they may have misdiagnosed me previously and that I have been feeling all this due to the seizure disorder they refer to me as as being epileptic, but that has never felt like “that” was what happened. I have never felt right as the one being diagnosed… and I have this experience so many times to wake up finally and have the whole room full of people, or just my dad when he heard me fall in the bathroom, around me staring at me when I finally come too… the vibrating almost feels orgasmic,but then wait…something was way too wrong in your mind to orgasm,so than what was it that possessed my body .The one person who makes me feel like I am safe after these experiences is my boyfriend MATT,

  10. Nathan Reply

    I just experienced it, like 10 minutes ago. It was a feeling or thing I have never felt before. So it’s 3 AM. I was watching YouTube and noticed the time, so I decided to go to sleep as I have school. I have the worse sleep schedule known to man. So I lay down expecting to wake up for school and start to drift off to sleep at around 3:30AM. And I was starting to have a dream. I could feel the dream. It was like I was living it, it felt so real. I was in my house in the dream. In the basement. I got up and started walking around. Up to the kitchen, then the living room. I was doing random things while I was walking. Then I went to my bedroom and stared at the door. When I opened the door to my bedroom the dream turned red. Everything had a red tint to it and I slowly walked in my room watched myself sleeping. That’s when I woke up in a state of paralysis. I was conscious of everything around me. But I couldn’t move. My whole body was shaking, sweating and it felt hard to breathe. Then, it got worse. I lost full control of my body except my consciousness. But the worst part of this is that I could feel someone’s breathing. Like, after I lost control of my body, it kicked back up but as a different being. I could feel the breathing pattern of someone else. Not like someone breathing on me, I was the person breathing. And I breathed out one last time and I could smell the persons breath. Smelled bad. Like alcohol. Now I’m only 16 and have never drank alcohol in my life, but I could smell it. So after that, I turned back into myself. But still paralyzed. I tried talking but nothing happened. So I focused on on my arm and tried to move it up. And I moved, breaking the sleep paralysis or whatever this was at around 4:18 AM. I’ve never experienced or known anything about what sleep paralysis is, so I googled it. “Why couldn’t I move when I woke up?” Is what I googled. And it led my to here. To tell you my story. This is probably the most horrific and traumatic moments of my life and now I can’t get back to sleep.

    • Jessebetts Reply

      Wow that’s a graphic description. It comes and goes for me. Sometimes 6 times in a month sometimes 1 time in 10 years but every time is terrifying. Something lives just beyond our sight and in this state we feel it. It’s evil. Thanks for sharing your story. I feel less crazy and frighten knowing I’m not alone

      • Sarahc Reply

        Jesse, mine occur spaced out like yours. But every time it’s does reoccur, it always seems stronger. Again, like yours, I’m in a world between sleep and awake. Last night- whatever it was attempted to get me out of bed. The last attempt it was pulling me to sit up and in a slurred speech I was able to wake my husband for help. It’s affecting my 5year old, too. Really dreading sleep tonight

      • mariah mendez Reply

        I just woke up from sleep paralysis, I was trying to take a nap before my boyfriend got off work because we were going to go run errands, I couldn’t move my body I was trying to wake myself up, I was on my back and I turned and saw a boy just wearing a cloth piece of clothing he was just looking at me. Then I thought my boyfriend got home, I was able to talk I was screaming then I some another person appear he was talking but I couldn’t understand anything it was probably from the ringing I was hearing I thought I was going to die.Then I saw a snake appear from his hand and it was coming close to my face. It sounds all crazy I’ve had sleep paralysis before where a man dragged me by my feet from my bed. The more comments I’m reading about their experiences, I can’t believe that its due to rem or that it was a dream.

      • Christian Pielach Reply

        it sometimes pokes me as if to nug me and its holding cant move

    • Anonymous Reply

      Did you knew it was a dream? If so it was a 3am lucid dream and that means at 3am your lucid dreams move to the real world and you can see yourself.

    • Mounika Reply

      Best way to analyze an incident in life is to think reason behind it. To take it positively, when i was reading your post, I had only one thought striking. As you mentioned you never had alcohol in your life, my suggestion is to be very careful that you do not go on its way such that it will make your life ruined or addicted. It may be a warning sign to you from either ghost or god that be careful about alcohol in your life. Better way to inspect is to analyze how your elders or your blood relation from your mothers side people or specially fathers side people behave when they consume alcohol and are they totally fine with alcoholic habits. If they are well behaved even after alcohol consumption, less worries, you may not have it in your genes the bad behavior with alcohol. Sometimes our soul warns about our future disasters, even written fate can be changed with proper precautions or at least reduce intensity of happenings.

      You can still ignore this post if you don’t feel this might not be the reason. If you find the right reason, your intuition catches it even if you ignore.

    • Winona Reply

      If you get night terror paralysis attacks pray in your mind or thoughts The Lords prayer. If you dont know it google it. And play the bible audio in your bedroom and if it happens again in your mind think I am covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and I take dominion 3and authority over you and command all bad spirits to leave my home in the authority of Jesus Christ

    • Taty Reply

      Nathan and everyone experiencing this, please take it serous, it is a spiritual attack, and it has severe consequences even in real life, but most of situations you won’t even think that it coming from what you’re experiencing on your half dream. Seek for deliverance, you just don’t need to put Bible beside your bed or sleep with it, meditate on it, declare it, speak it, find verses like Psalm 91, memorize some parts, do it once, make it habit, they will flee

    • Cameron Reply

      I fell asleep last night almost instantly but thought that I was still awake because I was laying in my bed. Everything had a red tint to it but at first that was the only weird thing. Not long later I felt a heavy pressure on my thighs and shoulders. I eventually tried to sit up, which I accomplished, but felt really heavy. The thing that terrified me and made me realize that I “wasn’t awake” was that I felt something pushing me back down and I heard a crunchy chewing noise beside me. I was scared and couldn’t speak, it wasn’t until I yanked my left shoulder forward that I awoke laying in bed. I was finally awake but could still feel the pressure on my thighs. It was 2:43 this morning when I awoke.

  11. Gail Garner Reply

    This happens to me all the time ever since I was small, people standing beside my bed, if I’m sleeping on my side looking outwards, then I see people crouched down with there face in mine, it always scares the life out of me when it happens.
    But recently for the first time ever I got what felt like someone poking me in the face with there finger, It woke me up but nobody was there, scared the life out of me, every night I’m waiting for it to happen again.

    • anonymous Reply

      I also experienced the same. Though it was 9 o’ clock in the morning and I thought my mom is shaking me to wake me up but there was no one. Someone has touched my eyes and my cheeks, with a very gentle and smooth rubbing full of love, also shook my arm giving me a hint that I should wake. Just like a kid, I opened my one eye to see who is there and found no one but somewhere i felt a shadow. I also asked mom did u just come to my room and waking me up she said no I didn’t and that true indeed cuz she was making breakfast.
      I don’t know what was that and curious as well to know what exactly has happened.

  12. Benyam Faltamo Reply

    Hey, im just 20 but you can’t believe me i almost had this thing more than 200-300 times in my lifetime. I don’t want to live the rest of my life dealing with this bullshit please somebody do something to me before i die, i almost did everything right now i would rather not open my eyes when this happens and for my ears i play music all the night, fixed issue little bit, also i recognized but i dont do this often when i breath fast, i have a chance to wake maybe in 30 secs, Thats useful. Recently i also tried to wake only by alarm but doesn’t work because i started waking by myself by this thing before alarm rings.

    • Anonymous Reply

      Hi. I have read your comment and I suggest you become muslim. I am muslim and I get it maybe once in like 5 years because I forget to say a prayer before bed. Try it. Try joining Islam. And don’t believe the media when they say that we are all bad people and terrorists. Research on your own. Your soul will finally be at peace. If you want to join Islam, go to your nearest mosque and go to the leader. I hope this helps you

      • Freddy Kruger Reply

        Try joining Muslim lol buddy your insane!! These things dont care who u are black white purple, muslim, Jewish. It doesn’t matter! They live 9n fear. It happened to me lastnite amd there nothing u can do or say

        • Jamie Maru Reply

          ok freddy kruger

    • Anonymous Reply

      Hi. I have read your comment and I suggest you become muslim. I am muslim and I get it maybe once in like 5 years because I forget to say a prayer before bed. Try it. Try joining Islam. And don’t believe the media when they say that we are all bad people and terrorists. Research on your own. Your soul will finally be at peace. If you want to join Islam, go to your nearest mosque and go to the leader. I hope this helps you. Thanks.

  13. Natalie Reply

    This has been happening to me for just over a year and it’s terrifying. I “wake” up and am 100% conscious of what is happening. I know I am still technically asleep as something in my room is off as the tv may be on or the bedroom door is open and then I know I am having an episode. I have felt a person jump on my bed then lay next to me then an electric feeling in my lower back as if hit with a taser gun in my back, breathe on my face, I have been poked and felt like someone was brushing my hair, a man once pulled me off the bed by my feet and when I broke the episode my feet still felt like they had been electrocuted. I don’t know what to do other than I try to shock my body back into the physical state to really wake up. It’s scary and I feel for all of you going through this. If anyone has any recommendations or know of any medicine that may help I am all ears.

    • Spencer Reply

      Hi Natalie,
      The taser feeling can also be used to control you from your underarm. Its to stop u from doing anything to break free.
      There is one solution that works 100%, get your phone make a playlist of gospel music maybe put it on repeat turn the volume down to a very low comfortable level for your sleep. Then sleep like a baby thank me later.
      Even if he music eventually stops there is something about praise to God dat it doesn’t like (lol) it won’t come near that room for the rest of the night. Let me know if this helps anyone. Ive had this since I was child and I can tell you its not medical tool. Good luck. @spencerorlov

    • Sanjiv Shakya Reply

      I too have some similar experience… but I don’t think its some kind of sickness… I believe it might be some kind of positive or negative energy, or positive and negative energy…

      but I actually love this experience. after the sleep paralysis and dreams, I feel so much alive and refreshed.

  14. Sheena Reply

    This has been happening to me on & off since i was about 18. I would still continue to see what i thought was a spirit nearly every night for years! I still see things but not as frequent. At 5am this morning was the scariest attack yet. My son woke up & when i went back to sleep it sounded like our screen door was banging then i felt somthing come in i couldnt move or speak & it tickled me under my armpit & whispered what sounded like either dad or dead. Never heard a whisper before has anyone else?

    • Steve Reply

      I heard mumbling in I believe both ears. I called on G-d and it stopped. I see that many other people have had exactly the same experience. I felt like I was being held down and spoken to. I believe I was being warned about something personal that was happening in a dream. I made the appropriate corrections in my life based on my belief that this was a warning.

  15. Joshua Reply

    I have experienced this hundreds of times in past. I was 100% conscious of my surroundings but unable to move. I’ve seen figures walk up to my bed felt evil presence my body vibrating ears ringing and someone set on my bed and remove covers from me. I went through this for three years afraid and scared to even fall asleep. I had a shift in my life from living irresponsible to beginning to seek the Lord Jesus and in process of time about 3 months these night demons left and haven’t tortured me since. I know the medical world calls it sleep paralysis but I k ow from my years of torture it’s more than that is a different realm and the only medicine I took was the Lord. I hope someone is helped from This it cured mine. And I feel for those who experience this frightening experience

  16. Paris Melgar Reply

    i normally have an irregular sleep pattern, and have experienced sleep paralysis on many levels. Any time I spend the night in anybody else’s house, I feel sick and I get tension headaches. Then I’ll fall asleep and wake back up and the process repeats. Sometime around 3:00 I’ll wake up and my body feels like it’s buzzing and something will feel off about the room I’m in. I try to move but my body feels heavy and my hands twitch and my head jerks violently. After a few minutes I’m fully conscious but I can’t move my body. I’ll see shadows and silhouettes appear around me. Sometimes one sometimes more. It usually stands around my feet a little bit away. It’s always a masculine presence. Sometimes I’ll feel a pressure on my chest but it won’t hurt and the buzzing amplifies. And I’ll wake up after what feels like an hour. My worst experience was when one time I saw a little girl and her eyes glowed unnaturally white. She came when I spent the night at my cousins house and slept on the couch. She first appeared sitting at the staircase then in seconds was crouching in front of me. She talked to me but no sound came from her mouth. I heard her talk to me through my thoughts. While talking I could still see her but I could also see images of a dark parking lot in my head. I don’t know if I just imagined it or if she was trying to communicate with me. But eventually she went away and I could move again. But I still had an unsettling feeling and couldn’t fall asleep the rest of that hour until around 4:30. What made it worse was my little cousin sleep on the other couch right next to me and during my sleep paralysis started humming when the ghost girl appeared. I’m still not sure if bothe events were related. Any house that my cousins have ever moved to always had some sort of supernatural haunting whether it was malicious or unbothered. And always around 3:00 I would wake up and stay awake. And I’d always feel sick.

  17. Heather Reply

    My body wasn’t paralyzed when this happened to me. I woke up around 3:00am and sat up in bed. I saw a very tall man standing in my kitchen and walking around slowly. I tried to shake my husband awake. Eventually the man walked through our kitchen wall and outside. I felt completely awake, and terrified. I was looking right at the man while shaking my husband. I will never forget it.

    • Steve Reply

      Heather, my “visits” were never paralysis. I “feel” I am fully awake. My experiences–over the past 10 years, were awakening to a different person staring at me nearly once weekly–sometimes more than once a week. It would normally occur a night time, but once coming home from work after a long day I napped. When I awaken, a little boy with a striped blue/white shirt was looking at me. These images are different people with different features…all ages, all ethnicities, different features, some clothed, some naked. A few times, I awaken to (what I can only describe as) a hideous creature with sharp teeth, and once, I distinctly remember awakening to what I can only describe as a really big floating “orb”. Through the years, I’ve learned to be less threatened by the “visits” and began embracing. I thought I had a special talent–although I wasn’t sure what it’s purpose was. I began trying to communicate before they “disappeared” (usually after 5 seconds or so). I remember one specific young man…maybe 17-18 years old–I remember felling he was full of anguish–and I wanted to help but he disappeared. I cried after he left. These “visits” began becoming my “friends”. It was only after being diagnosed with Apnea/Narcolepsy, and “Hypnopompic Hallucinations” (“visits” upon awakening) (“Hypnogogic Hallucinations” is “visits” while falling asleep), that I started to understand the medical diagnoses, but I’m still having a hard time believing it’s all “medically” based. I think we’re somehow able to make connections to another “realm” when our brain becomes oxygen deprived during Apnea. I’m still trying to figure it out even though my Doc can make the “diagnosis”. I thought I was “special”. Since using the CPAP, I have noticed fewer “visits”. Sounds crazy…but it’s a bittersweet thing for me. It’s gone on so long…I began feeling a weird attachment to being able to experience “this”.

    • Will Reply

      Same here Heather, I’ve had sleep paralysis a few times before where I couldn’t move or talk, this was different. I could move but was afraid too, I’m 6’6 weigh around 225 pounds, this “shadow man” was darker than the darkness, at least 7 feet tall and 300 pounds. Standing in my doorway, it wasn’t fear I felt, it was deeper than that, dread, weakness, and helplessness, something I had never experienced or have since.

    • Kim Reply

      What if the people we see are dreaming, not paralyzed but just dreaming.

  18. AFROZ Reply

    I have had these haunting attacks ever since I turned into my teens. I used to experience intense fear and would start screaming so much so that my mother started taking me to see various so called ‘holy men’ to cure me of this condition. I also started seeing thousands of tiny spiders on my bed just before going to bed, I was not the only one seeing these on my bed my mother did too, they would disappear as soon as they appeared, also, I would see a shadow above my head and start screaming, those were the worst days of my life, eventually the screaming in the night stopped but now I experience noises in the night and yanking of the duvet and sometimes feel a presence on the bed, like a cat padding across the bed.
    I call these ‘Hauntings’ as I do not know what else these could be, I often think I am extra sensitive to maybe the ‘other dimension’ and things sometimes collide between this dimension and others. Last night/this morning (04/20/20) was the worst attack, not only did the noises happen, the covers moved and I had nightmares and was screaming during it, my husband nudged me to wake up, I did but every time I went back to sleep the nightmare continued, so today I feel like I have run a marathon in the night.

  19. anozira lyman Reply

    My dad had sleep paralysis. I watched him with his eyes wide opened. He looked scared. Then when he got out i asked him what that was and he told me about sleep paralysis. But i had never knew the details or why he was scared, because he said i was to young and he didn’t want to give me nightmares.

  20. T. Dyott Reply

    I have been dealing this for several years. The feeling of being pulled out of bed and I have all of my energy sucked from my body. I canny speak or yell. Last night was one for the record books. I felt like I was being pulled and I managed to open my eyes, and I saw a very large black shadow that I could nearly see through. I was fighting it and trying to scream for my husband. I just not get enough breath for him to heat me. The black shadow went away and I fully woke up. My dog was in bed with me, it’s 230 on the clock and my dog is looking left and right, back and forth. Even when I touched him, he kept looking back and forth. What is happening to me?

  21. Brett Reply

    This has been a problem for me for years. Most of the time it happens I wake up and cannot move unless I snap out of it. There have been a few instances where I will see someone walking past my door staring at me but they do not have a face and it always gives me the chills. There has also been one or two times where a woman has whispered my name in my ear and then repeated to do so loudly a second time which woke me up and scared the crap out of me. I can’t sleep on my back anymore or else it will trigger it, but if I move in my sleep and happen to wake up to another episode of it, the best thing I have found to snap out of it is to focus on moving my neck/head and after one or two twitches I have always woken up from it. If anyone is reading this that has similar issues I hope this helps you.

  22. Betsy Quinones Reply

    I don’t know what happened to me last night. I was writing a poem about praying and when I was finished I turned the lights out I started to fall asleep but wasn’t fully asleep when I felt something on top of me I could move I could scream I was fighting it but I could not get up from the bed felt as if it was evil trying to attack me I don’t know what happened if I won did it let me go?I’m just looking for answers. What could that have been?

    • Ana Reply

      When this has happened to me, I have 2 black demon like creatures on top of me holding me down. They very much remind me of the demons in the movie ghost. No features, just a black mass. I struggle and try to fight but cant move or yell. When i finally decide to just let it go and give in they go away.

  23. John Reply

    I experienced this a lot of times since I was a child. I know lots of people don’t believe in Jesus. BUT.. if you pray and read the Bible before going to bed. (Psalm 91)You will not experience it. You can also put the Bible under your pillow. What you can also do in addition is put some salt in water and pray over the water in the name of Jesus. Then sprinkle the water in every corner of your room or house .. this will drive away all evil.

    Science always has a name … But it is actually a spiritual battle which happens most times around 3 am. May Almighty God have mercy upon us, forgive our sins and keep his angels with us. AMEN!

  24. Santiago Roa Reply

    I have horrible experience in my sleeping time. Last week and this week is like I am living real scary moment being in bed and feeling somebody coming to my bed and trying to grab me from my arms, and I can see at moments like a death in black and I scream calling my mom,or call by her name “MARIELA” tonight I heard she came but not come to my room.
    Similar was last week, and I have this spiritual battles few times in my life.
    When I was young I have this feelings, but was a black cat on top of my chest.
    I thought is bad spirits, or someone is working witchy things

    • Alexandre Reply

      I know this is an old comment from 4 years ago, but I have had a similar experience of these figures. A man in a dark, maybe black or midnight blue hoodie reaching for me. A black cat, sitting on my chest, looking up at the man with a claw bared as if trying to protect me from the man. I woke up to realize half my body was freezing. I could feel the ‘man’ could have been death, and the ‘cat’ was a protector from death.

  25. Dwight Culpepper Reply

    Damn this just happened…i seen a spirit and grabbed me and i couldn’t move…

  26. Niteshh Reply

    Today at Something 2’o clock I felt like someone came and sit beside me on my bed then I tried to move my hand but I’m unable to do it then I felt like someone is entering in my body I became scared so I started chanting Hanuman Chalisa then I felt like the thing whatever it was started leaving my body but suddenly I entered back,then I kept doing chanting and tried to move my legs then I felt it leaves my body.I became scared,felt cold and got Goosebumps on my body.Is this Sleep paralysis??

  27. rosa Reply

    i seen my died brother walking in my room i seen it on a tv screen his son inlaw just died and his grand daughter was hurting

  28. Mary Reply

    It’s always a similar occurrence, whether in sleep paralysis or actually within a nightmare: the “shadow” has me, and I cannot move. I cannot escape. He yells in my face but I cannot hear; he has a strong hold of me though I cannot feel tactile pressure; he is always there, and yet I cannot remember any feature. And all he wants is something very, very evil for me… And every time, the only way I can escape is when I call out to God to save me. And every time, that works… Now, perhaps I call out to God because religion has always been a large part of my life, thus it emanates itself within my subconscious during Sleep Paralysis; or maybe prayer actually works? idk lol. This has been the scariest experience i have had/have in my life. Thankfully sleeping with a pillow over my eyes OR sleeping on my stomach have nearly eradicated these occurrences. I still probably need therapy to not be afraid of the dark/sleep any longer lol…

  29. Michael Detommaso Reply

    I have been to a sleep disorder to find out why I have sleep paralysis, what I did find out is I do not have sleep apnea or narcolepsy, but I will tell you that I go into sleep paralysis about 90 percent of the time if I take a nap during the day. I will explain what goes on in my nap, there is a swift wind that slides over my whole body at that time I do know that I am in Sleep Paralysis, then what happens is the wind stops and then there is a man or woman that gets behind me because I always sleep on my right side and I can not see the gender. He or she pushes firmly behind my whole body then he or she will drop his arm over my shoulder and let me tell you that his arm and hand is very large and at this point, I am very scared, he will constantly keep moving his hand over my entire body it is the most fighting experience I go through on a regular basis. I worry about him chocking me because it seems he gets more and more aggressive each time I go into sleep paralysis. When I read that this only happens for only minutes I can tell you in my experience that is totally wrong I have been in sleep paralysis for 30 mins and how I know this I can hear the TV around me word for word like a show that goes on for 30 minutes. The weird part of this whole scary event it only happens during the day of my nap. I do take drugs at night time and I think that’s why I do not get sleep paralysis at night, thank God. I just wanted to tell my story. Good luck everyone.

  30. Nadia Reply

    This happens to me a lot. I understand science calling it sleep paralysis but it doesn’t explain the auditory hallucinations I experience or it being in another language. They say it’s common and ‘seems’ like a strange language but why???? Why not your home language. Why only at 3/3.30
    And why is calling out Jesus name in my head or praying, a way to end it because that is all that works for me.
    Everything goes eerily quiet to the point that I can hear the wall clock so loudly as if it’s right up in my ear. Then the buzzing and screeching sound starts and gets louder, then the voices chanting in a language I don’t recognize. The chanting gets louder and notes aggressive and I can feel something close to me, around me but I can’t see it. I can’t move, or scream.
    My friend witnessed it one night and she said the look on my face was horrific. My eyes were open and I looked terrified.
    She thought I was playing the fool when I told her about it but when she saw it she realized that it wasn’t a joke.
    Also every single night without fail I wake up at matter how sick or tired I am.
    It’s awful. Believe me if science wants to label it that’s fine but it explains nothing to me. It’s solved nothing.

  31. Nadia Reply

    The chanting gets louder and notes aggressive *sorry I mean ‘more ‘ aggressive

    • Sally Mc Fadden Carroll Reply

      Accept LORD JESUS CHRIST as your Lord and Saviour but actually you don’t have to do that yet/\, If you call on JESUS’S Name He will save you. The Our Father is a powerful prayer to say. I f you cannot say it LORD JESUS CHRIST the Son of the living GOD, help. or have mercy on me a sinner. amen. or keep calling LORD JESUS help. amen. LORD JESUS CHRIST my Lord and my Saviour. Thats what I try to do. It can be so scary. But our Lord is always there remember. As GOD’S HOLY SPIRIT.

  32. Kenton James Reply

    Just had an episode today felt like I was getting thrown around my room like I was flying and something kept tickling my feet and it wouldn’t stop but when I open my left eye I’m currently having sleep paralyze but when I open my right eye I’m in my dream and when I close them both I’m flying upside down everywhere like if I was on a roller coaster and this was a nap around 9:30am can anyone relate?

  33. Bhavana Reply

    There is some strange thing happening in my sleep…sometimes I cry and sometimes I shout ..actually I don’t want to do that…but it somehow happens .. I remind myself don’t cry and don’t shout…but I end up doing that…these all happens when iam in sleeping but I have conscious that means not fully sleep…don’t know what is this ?? What can be the reason??can anyone say something!!?

  34. Aayush tonk Reply

    I don’t know what’s happening with my mother….she is not having her proper sleep…every day at 1.00am she starts feeling something as if tingling sensation starting from her toes to full body and sometimes she can’t move her body either as if something has hold her tightly….yesterday night I was sleeping beside her, she woke me up and said please be awoke till 3.00am and I was kind of confused and scared at the same time….OM NAMAHSHIVAYA…..

    • Kim Reply

      The full body tingling happens to me too. I just made a posting as well if you want to read it. Maybe you can read it to her and see if it’s the same

  35. Paul Reply

    I have been experiencing it for the past 19 years, this whole thing has to do with the EVIL spirits, REM theory is a scam and I don’t believe it at all. When I have a prayer and fasting I sleep peacefully like a baby but when I am not praying this evil spirit is playing within my house like hell, come into my head making noise, failing to breath properly,it certainly a big disturbance. Friends there is only one way to deal with all this rubbish is prayer and fasting that’s all.

    • JAY Reply

      I totally agree this goes beyond science all spiritual. For those believers out there remember the devil comes to kill,steal,and destroy. With that being said he is trying to steal from you in one way or another.I had a few similar experiences mentioned throughout the years, presence of evil in the room, strange footsteps and noises. It all slowed down but recently started again because I am now having a closer relation with our heavenly father. The enemy sees this and has been attacking me in my sleep trying to instill fear. The reality is that by him doing this brings me even closer to Jesus. So for those of you without a belief in our lord and savior this could be an ongoing issue without deliverance and asking for Jesus in your life. Jesus is the only name I call on during these attacks and he is there for me every time and I am constantly casting the enemy out after each event. I hope my story can help you in some form to rid yourself of these attacks. God bless and may he be with you.

  36. Cg Reply

    I didn’t think I have it but I do feel a person in my room and a couple nights ago I felt two people a girl and a boy but I have felt the boy before the girl was knew. The werdist part about it is that the ferst time I felt the boy my sister slept talked to him for the next three years he wasn’t there. The thing that makes me think that I don’t have sleep paralysis is that I could see them if I closed my eyes and I could still move.

  37. Leah JG Reply

    I had this happen to me in the past and most recently a few nights ago. I saw my hanfs folded on my chest and could mot move them. Every time i fell asleep tba night this would happen. It felt like I got up but I would wake up ti see i had not moved at all. Then I had felt really paralyzed. Trying to so what i could to move a get up. My eyes were opened and I struggled to wake up from the recliner near the stairway. Something told me ” Leah cough”. I coughed and thats what woke me out of it. I tried to pray and tried called out to Jesus and the words would not come out. The coughing worked. I was scarey because I know something dark was holding me down. It also happened to me around the 3:00 hour!
    Once I alsi heard three taps on the windowsill in that same room around the 3:00 hour as well. Could not debunk amy of it.
    Three is the evil mocking tbe trinity. So that explains the 3:00 and any noise that is done 3 times. I had prayed over the house and have not experienced much afterwards. Although I did that months prior to tge recent incident too. Im glas to see others feel the same as I do.

  38. Blanca Reply

    I just had this experience for the second time this morning. I could watch the spirit come in lay on my husbands side and watch me while I watched my dog climb on and sniff around. I tried calling his name but nothing came out. I cried for help but nothing. I finally felt myself Move my hand to push away. I felt like something was pushing on me and I was helpless. I had been awake
    when husband left to work so I understand the REM Status but is still terrified me. I felt As though someone was looking and in background laughing. Horrible feeling

  39. Mimi Reply

    One time I was taking a nap with my 1 yr old daughter like I always did, then all the sudden I started hearing what seems to be country music on the background and every time it was louder and louder. Then i heard footsteps coming towards the room to where my daughter and I were. I heard the foot steps and it also was getting louder as it kept getting closer but seems like this thing was wearing those country boots that makes noise every time you walk….so weird…..ohh geez i was scared to death!…I couldn’t move, but my eyes was open and i remember seeing my daughter on my side sleeping and i’m thinking i hope this thing/whatever it is doesn’t come thru the door and hurt us. So i close my eyes and felt this thing opened the door of our room like smashed open our door of our room…I screamed to God to help me in my dream…then i woke up! and the door was still close…(sigh) horrible experience for sure….that was one of many sleepy paralysis experience…i keep reading it has something to do with REM sleep but i don’t truly know…all the experience from people i heard and read is all scary stuff.

  40. Karina Reply

    I just experienced this last night I wasn’t all the way a sleep it was maybe 330 am when all of sudden I felt something heavy on my legs and Right after some whispering my eyes was close I was so scare to open my eyes I felt it lifting I felt like someone’s hand lift from my leg then I felt this chills and felt cold i got up turned the light on and ran to my moms room I started crying I felt so scared it was a awful feeling!

  41. Spencer c Reply

    Fuck I wish I could fall asleep with no ability to move that sounds interesting, like for real though I never get an interesting sleep experience like that.. sleep is always hard.. I swear nightmares are just going to sleep to me, they don’t bother me, just the norm… gotta be tough about it if it scares ya to deep

  42. Angel Ornelas Reply

    Sleep paralysis has become a daily routine to my sleep schedule; ever since I was 9 I started to experience it more casually. However, this time it was probably one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had with sleep paralysis. It was around 10:30 am and I woke up; but since I felt tired I decided to go back to bed. I shortly regretted it after waking up again (is what I thought at first) realizing immediately that I was under the effects of sleep paralysis. I felt someone poking my back and in a voice of a child someone saying “hey, how are you doing?”

  43. NJ Reply

    If someone can read this in 2020 please reply

    I experience it twice and literally i had may second attack just a minutes ago , It just doesnt seem normal thats why I went to search about this and be here . I read alot about it but what happend to me is very strange. When I was about to sleep my body numb, I cant move a muscle I cant even shout even though I can see my little sister near me playing video game and then few minutes later it stopped but then Im still sleepy so I went back to sleep but when I was about to sleep again I saw a white force Im sure I saw it clearly because Im awake and its not a person but just a force or something like it was surrounded by magnetic something I dont know how to describe and then when I saw it my body suddenly release force like it splash and then I cant move and it gaves me goosebumps , I experienced it twice that I had an attack and I saw something that I know its not a ghost or something but a force and also I experience alot of sleep paralysis, the twice I mentioned is about the force….

    • SB Reply

      Whatever few SP experiences I had, I have noticed that it happens when one sleeps on one’s back (also corroborated by several people and doctors). I think this is because more often than not, one rests the palm/s on the chest in this posture , adding pressure to the heart. Same scenario happens if one sleeps on the left side. This pressure affects blood circulation and one may experience numbness. In my view, SP is this physiological condition when the body tries to reverse this but the person in deep sleep finds it difficult to wake up. Please observe yourselves and check this theory- there is nothing spooky about it. And anyway, why do we always imagine ghosts as the supernatural being and not God? Next time when anyone gets an SP attack, try imagining it is God or His angel who has come to help you. Positive thoughts always help. 🙂

  44. Veronica Medina Reply

    This has been happening to me since I was a teenager. It’s like an evil spirit that won’t leave me alone. If I try to pray or say omg it goes away. It’s been happening to me more lately but the weird thing is it only happens to me when I’m alone when my boyfriend is not sleeping next to me. I hate it but I’m so used to it. It’s like I can sense evil. I don’t know why it follows me I’m a good person and believe in God.

  45. Kevin Reply

    Wake up and say a prayer

  46. armara miles Reply

    I woke up to something flowing over me last nite and it startled me and it’s floated?? out the window because I’m thinking I startled it I am so confused about what it is and I wasn’t trying to move each has floated at the window what could that be

    • Steve Reply

      Armara, Look up “Hypnopompic Hallucinations” and see if it feels familiar…

  47. G Reply

    It also has happened to me. I do sleep on my back sometimes not always. In my sleep paralyses I feel as if someone always touches the lower side part of my belly and pinches it up to a point where I could feel the bones of that area cracking together. As soon as that person starts pinching my body starts to lose control. And the worst part is they stare at my eyes while doing this and I can see their pupils getting big and round, i start to feel more pain with simultaneously as they are pinching my skin up to my bone area. I try to wake up from this by slowly moving my body parts but fail to do so. But once that pain is un-bearable for me I wake up automatically conscious but unable to move my self for a few minutes. I’ve also experienced teeth grinding during sleep paralysis.

  48. Durell Reply

    This has been happening to me since i was like 14 and am now 32. Trust me i would love to believe that it has someting to do with Science but it feels so evil and prayer always breaks it or prevents it if done before sleeping.
    It just happened to me a few ninutes when i was trying to catch sleep on a cold evening and my spirit prayed and it left me. My only fear is that it may kill me one day.

  49. I Reply

    I’ve experienced what most of you are saying and it’s even more valid..what’s different for me, I get them every time I pray as if I’m getting punished for talking to god… sometimes I wonder I’m freaking myself out because Science or Aliens are involved and want us to believe it’s spiritual… something or someone is touching me and watching me.. waiting.. why? I feel them and see them. This is not a dream state. Are we feeling so many spirits passing in these times. What do we have in common? My sign is a cancer.. idk.

    Peace and love to you all

  50. Cris Reply

    Glad I found this and reading everybody story it gives me a sense of relief. So check this out I, work grave yard shift from 11pm til 7:30 am so my sleeping cycles are really bad. When I’m at work and I finish my rounds around the campus I nap since there is nothing for me to do other than be on my phone so I wanna catch me some Zzz. We’ll the thing is I take a nap around 2 or 3 am and as soon as I’m falling asleep I feel like someone is literally attached to me and draining my Energy like I’m seriously feeling it like a freaking vacuum and my heart is pounding like is about to burst while this is happening. I know what sleeping paralysis is but this is a combination of not being able to move my body but I’m conscious enough to feel my energy being drained. I feel like I’m more vulnerable when very tired or exhausted. I do pray from time to time it does go away but it comes back this does not happened at home only at work which makes it even weirder. I’ve done my research like many of you have and what I find is scientific explanations of sleeping apnea or paralysis also when it comes to spirits I”m very open minded and I was thinking it could possibly be evil spirits too like an Incubus or Succubus anything is possible. I hope and pray for all of us so this can end. I will try to fix my sleeping cycle and get enough sleep to see if the problem gets solve.

  51. Marianah Sylva Reply

    I’m a student n used to get a lot of sleep b4 I entered d Uni but afterwards I didn’t any bcos of late note reading.when I was around 17 years old was when I had my first episode but at d beginning i didn’t know shit abt sleep paralysis so I wasn’t really scared so what I do is dat I don’t struggle with it just wait for a few seconds for it to go away n it worked. Why i started to biliv dat its more of science dan spiritual was when it started ocurring more frequently n i find dat while in sleep state when I can’t move a muscle or move my mouth I wud usually say a prayer with my mind but it takes just as long as when I don’t pray at all n just waits for it to go away for me to snap out of it.
    It happened from when I was 17 till now am 20 but during those times I don’t really see a person or feel any evil presence until one night i woke n couldn’t move my body n I can’t really tell if it was real or just an hallucination but I tut I saw a demon covered in black veil standing by d door watching me cos I usually leave my lights on while sleeping… But as a I prayed n used my mind to control my body movt I was able to get up…n I swear I was so scared of sleeping from dat day onwards.

  52. Marianah Sylva Reply

    For those looking for long lasting solutions to sleep paralysis especially the believers u can start by praying n asking God to deliver u from pressing spirits n reading psalm 27 b4 bedtime n also keep dat bible verse opened and by ur bedside( this one works for me all d time).
    For those who r unbelievers u can try changing ur sleeping habit( try not to stress urself out b4 sleeping), sprinkling garlic on d corners of ur bed(this works too cause demons hate d scent of garlic), try not to sleep on ur back bcos it makes u vulnerable to any spirit passing when u sleep and if d aforementioned doesn’t work when u have anoda episode try saying in ur mind”i can do this”( cos u have to first move with ur mind b4 u can with ur body) then try moving a finger when u dat u break d paralysis. I hope this works for u guys but if it doesn’t try to seek help from people around u. OK bye

  53. Michael Reply

    Every time I get sleep paralysis, I am always able to remember what I dreamt about. The incident always start when I realize that my dream is paranormal related. I thought it was just a coincident the first 2-3 times but after over 10 incidents, they were all paranormal dreams. The exact moment I realize it is paranormal, I go in to sleep paralysis trying to wake up. Every. Time. One incident, I go and use the bathroom, as I’m going, I look at the mirror looking at the open door. Then it just slams shut on its own. That’s when I got it. I was trying to physically move and started murmuring until my GF shook me out of it. Another incident was when I was in a movie theatre leaving, when a bunch of news crew type people came in and I thought, “what the hell are they doing?” ThenI realized they were one of those paranormal activity crew. I ignored them and started walking out until I see them pointing the camera on me and shouting, “there!” I tried waking up and tried moving, but felt like it was sucking me back into my original position. I tried talking saying, “no, get away!” Twice. These are just the type of paranormal dreams I have before I go into sleep paralysis. I totally thought and believed the scientific reason of transitioning from and to REM state, but who the hell can explain why all my sleep paralysis gets triggered from paranormal activity dreams?!?!

    • Susanna Reply

      Hi Michael,
      This has just happened to me for the first time. I had also had a paranormal dream about a female ghost and then the feeling of an evil spirit being in my room happened as the dream ended. I felt suddenly freezing cold and paralysed, my body was shaking from the fear and I couldn’t scream. Eventually all that came out was a tiny whimper and that broke the sensation so I could move again. I also heard my windows banging and it was as if this thing was in my whole room and then left again through the windows. Terrifying.. It was around 3-3.30am.

  54. Liz Reply

    When I had sleep paralysis when I was younger, it was seeing spiders, around age 15. A bedtime curfew I stuck with and relaxing before bed helped stop it.
    I had a home invasion occur with a stalker who I had for 15 years off and on, and one night I was awake at the time- I was sitting watching tv by the back door, just the screen door was open, and I heard what sounded like footsteps. I saw a man force my screen door open and he came straight at me, looking like a fat drunk biker. I didn’t have a weapon to defend myself, I couldn’t get around him. He strangled me unconscious. It took several minutes, and I passed out when I felt searing pain and saw stars followed by him rearranging his hands on my throat and grinding tiny bones against themselves in my neck. I woke up with him gone and unable to breath again for a while and when I could breath again I still felt like I was suffocating. I got up about to call 911, but called my mom first, afraid he would come back before I got a chance to tell 911 what happened. She told me it was sleep paralysis. I said, he was drunk, I could smell it, and she said sleep paralysis included other senses. I called my bf who said nobody would break in and not steal anything, and that nobody would ever touch me. I called my sister, she said it was my boyfriend and if I called for help my boyfriend would be arrested even if he didn’t do it. I swear, everybody is mentally inferior to me, and everybody proved it in the most concrete way possible, and I hate sleep paralyses used to insult me by mother, and I wish I had called 911 first. I have a long history of being stalked, and the stalker had tried strangling me in 2003 already, but people refused to help me stop him. That sleep paralysis is used to discredit real crimes going on means more people need to be educated as to what it is, and people need to grow the f up. And I am a proud supporter of the second ammendement. You can’t expect retards to protect you. I even reported his strangling me to a crisis center back in 2003, but instead of looking at the obvious with a repeated pattern of behavior of a mentally disturbed male stalking me, people felt better fantasizing that I was just suffering from sleep paralysis, or had a fight with my small slender boyfriend. My god, I hate people.

  55. Michelle Reply

    I have a strange thing where I feel like I am awake and seem to be up in the air and fighting off spirit or some entity… I scream but no noise comes out, I fight but nothing happens… eventually I break free and what seems like I wake up and realise i was not fully awake but it seems so so real…. any ideas welcome?

  56. Jayante Reply

    I’m 18 years old and I live with my grandma, auntie, and older cousin. I was sleeping with all of the lights off inside the house and it was quiet. I fell asleep with my window opened, and on my back. Literally at 3:30am I felt like I woke up but I couldn’t move or talk. It just felt weird, like my body felt weird or it felt fuzzy. I knew exactly what was happening because I’ve had sleep paralysis once before so I tried to remain calm and not panic. It’s up until the point where I heard noises from outside my window and I heard a little girl or a kid crying out in the living room and that’s where I tried so hard to move but I couldn’t. I tried so hard just to move my fingers or my arms but couldn’t. It was until I took a deep breath and I forced myself to sit up as fast as I could and I felt like something was off in my room. So I immediately locked both doors of my house, turned on the lights and had my best friend come over. It is a reminder why I never like sleeping on my back, for that reason. This happened about an hour ago and it is currently 4:18am. I’m going to try to go to bed again, it’s just I didn’t like how I woke up at 3:30am.

  57. Tammy Reply

    Please lmk if anyone is experiencing the following . For the past four months , I wake up from a peaceful sleep between 1:30 am – 3:00 am ( recently , between 4:30 am – 5:30 am ) and literally look up and on my ceiling and sometimes on my walls, on any given night, a combination of black spiders , mice, and many other creepy dark black creatures crawling around the walls and I watch them disappear into the walls . I have never experienced sleep paralysis – I am completely awake while watching these creepy creatures . I have just accepted to seeing them every night and ignore them assuming that they thrive on fear but it really is torture to keep seeing this .. Read all about sleep disorders and hallucinations but the heavy feeling I feel , shortness of breath, and the evil feeling I feel in the room doesn’t match up with the sleep disorder hallucinations . Does anyone experience what I just wrote about and are completely awake during these experiences ?? Please lmk and also lmk if you have any info regarding paranormal answers , astral dimension possibilities?? Thanks!!!!

    • Ana Reply

      Hello Tammy, I have experienced the dark nightly creatures. In my situation, I would wake up and see a black spider, heading from the ceiling towards my face. I don’t have a particular fear of spiders, so it did catch my attention. I was more aware/awake, so I would get up and run out of the bedroom. Then my BF, would wake up and see me standing in the corner of the room petrified. It has returned over 7-10 times. I’m happy to know, it is not real. But may the evil spider, vanish for good.

    • Steve Reply

      Tammy, research “Hypnopompic Hallucinations”.

    • Kevin Reply

      Yes, I have experienced this too. I was waking up from out of a sleep, but I can assure you I was up as clear as day, and that is when I looked up and seen something that I could not describe. It look down at me, and I look up at it standing on the ceiling, when I noticed it, and it noticed me, I yelled out and it ran in the other direction. It didn’t appear to be of this plant or realm. After about 15 seconds it disappeared. for a coupled days I didn’t want to sleep in the house, when I finally did, I stayed out of that bedroom for some time.
      Many questioned flowed through, was it a guardian angle, was it a ghost, what was it. It looked like a strange creature about twice the size of a dog crawling on my ceiling. There is no doubt about it, what I was looking at was real.
      I was not in a state of Paralysis and it wasn’t a hallucination. It was real, based its reaction to my reaction. It looked at me, I looked at it and yelled out, it ran in the other direction, and so did I.
      This dog like creature was not of this world.
      I personally believe that I was looking at something very real from another dimension.

  58. Sarah gorden Reply

    I used to think magic was bogus but after Martin left me I felt open-minded to try it. Maybe I was desperate too. But this is real! You restored the love we had for each other. And now he proposed as you promised he would! I am your friend forever and very grateful for all of this. I will come back again (akpadatemple02@yahoo com) or whatssap +27732331494, very soon. thank u Dr akpada

  59. mabs Reply

    i always have this bad dreams since high school when my co-scouts was possessed and they both call out my name for help. it’s been 16years but i still dreaming about spirits sometimes asking for my help and sometimes i see myself but in a different version. then yesterday night i dreamed about the two person i first dreamed of since that day the other one is twisting my hand. and when i wake up it really hurts and i could’nt move it. i don’t even know why they’re even mad at me.

  60. Marquitta Gass Reply

    I am 51 iseen ghost off and on all my life and heard evil laughs. I had stayed all night with my mother last summer and I woke up and felt something very heavy sitting on me. I moved and I felt it lift off me by this time I th o ught someone had broken into the house I was to afraid to scream so I turned on my side to see if I could see in the mirror nut it was too dark and then all of a sudden I felt a finger go through my side I was not asleep and to tell you the truth i was afraid to go back to sleep after that

  61. Melanie Reply

    I just had a second episode of either sleep paralysis or possession or something in so many days and I’m noticing a pattern. I thought for a few days now I’ve been seeing a figure lingering around outside my bedroom door. And this is while I’m awake. All I see are small glimpses of a shoulder here, a leg there. Nothing full view. The first time this happened, I woke up just fine, but the instant I opened my eyes there was this image of a head and shoulders right in my eyes. It didn’t look like a fully formed shadow and it vanished quickly, but it left me with my heart pounding in my ears and completely immobile. Literally locked up my body completely while the ‘shadow’ vanished. The second time just happened about 20 minutes ago. Again I was sleeping just fine, waking up from a dream. But this time, the second I opened my eyes, I saw a shadow fly into my body, into my eyes, and I froze up again. My body locked up again and I saw black fingers in front of my eyes trying to hold me still, and this time I heard in my ears/behind me “You’re mine.” And all I could think was to say “Never.” Again my heartbeat pounded in my ears as I thought, “move, just move your body.” And when I did, I felt like whatever it was left me.

  62. Rita Reply

    Bandit t
    I feel the same thing and worst I feel like someone is touching my breast she I wake up my nipples are hard and I feel the touch , I’m wondering why it happen to some people and not all and I know its our mind letting what ever spirit it is in because our mind is the gate way to enter our body all I want is remedy I don’t want to be seeing shadows in my room or having nightmares that are so real each time I wakeup and I even have multiple sex in water and other places I really tired .

  63. Rita Reply

    To Tammy

    If you know the exact time it happens go bless salt and anointing oil and mix them when you she anything on the Celine spray it on them but make sure to pray Every night with psalm 51, for forgiveness of your daily sins 25,27,35,91, for protection and 119 for thanks

  64. Tina McCarthy Reply

    Ive never believed in anything like this until about a year ago i was coming around a corner and a old lady humped out at me and now no matter were im at i feel something in the bed feels as if its crawling has anyone else every felt this im not sure to be scared are okay with it…..

  65. Rita Reply

    Rhapsody Of Realities


    Tuesday, July 7th.
    Pastor Chris

    Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me (John 14:30).

    Demon spirits, if given a chance or a foothold, could harass, influence and even torment a Christian. Paul the Apostle enjoins us, “Leave no [such] room or foothold for the devil [give no opportunity to him]” (Ephesians 4:27 AMPC).

    Take for example some Christians who experience what seems like a nightmare, but actually more real an experience than a dream. In some cases, it could be an experience with some beastly figures. The person may be praying about these things, yet the situation lingers.

    Oftentimes, it’s because Satan tries to maintain a connection between him and such individuals by sowing something in their hearts, such as a thought—an unclean thought. As long as such folks harbour and nurture those thoughts from Satan, a connection is established. So, even when they scare him off with the Name of Jesus, as long as his thoughts remain in their hearts, he maintains his connection and keeps coming back.

    Sometimes, it could be fear. He plants fear and with that connection he keeps coming back. When you pray and rebuke him, because of what he’s kept in you which you’re helping him preserve without realising it, he keeps coming back. This is why, like Jesus, you must have nothing of Satan in you. He (Jesus) said in our theme verse, “…for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.”

    Keep your heart free from anything that’s of the devil. Refuse to harbour fear, anger, grudge, bitterness and unforgiveness. Let love rule in your heart. Never allow fear to take a hold of you, irrespective of the happenings around you. Jesus said, “…I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven” (Luke 10:18). Never be afraid of him, for he’s a defeated foe, and has no authority over you.

    I’m the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, and I have the light of life. There’s nothing of darkness in me. Through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ by which I’m constantly cleansed and purified, Satan has no place in me. He has nothing in my life and I rule over him, in the Name of the Lord Jesus! Amen.


    || Ephesians 4:27 AMPC Leave no [such] room or foothold for the devil [give no opportunity to him]. ||

    || James 4:7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. ||

    || 1 John 4:4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. ||

    Acts 18:24-19:1-7 & Job 12-14

    2-YEAR BIBLE READING PLAN: Galatians 1:10-17 & Isaiah 27.

  66. Ally Reply

    Hi! Last night I had my third episode of sleeping paralysis. It felt like somebody got into my bed and was trying to touch me. It also touched my private parts. Has this happened to anybody?

    • Abby Reply

      Yes ! It happened to me one time & I was alone in my room very scary experience. What does that means?!?

  67. Luna Reply

    I’m not sure if I had it or not but I was in a hotel and I dreamed I was in my grandma’s house like I just walked in the front door and I couldn’t move, and I saw a black version of me with white glowing alien eyes and she would glitch around the house and gradually get closer to me, the whole house was dark but I could still see, I woke up before she could get to me, it still haunts me to this day. please explain!

  68. Ana Reply

    I have experienced sleep paralysis, my entire life. In general, I believe I am more in tune at nighttime I sleep walk, sleep talk, snore (haha) and well all of the above. When I was 15 years old, I was sleeping and felt my body freeze. My eyes were open, and I saw a black shadow hanging over me. It would get closer and closer and as it got closer the face would blur out and all I would see was the color black. After a minute or so, I regained consciousness. Fast forward, to this week. I have experienced sleep paralysis or so they “say”. But this time, on different occasions; I felt a strong ringing inside my ear, I heard a voice whispering next to my ear and today, I felt as if something was pushing my face down towards the pillow. Which led me to this website. I’m glad, I am not the only one experiencing this spiritual warfare. May we all stay safe. P.S For the first time ever, I stood up for myself and said “you aren’t real, god is real” and after repeating that over and over… it went away.

  69. Anonymous Reply

    Has anyone els experience waking up from a dream with a pounding headache after somthing attacks you? Like in my dreams I’m actually there like lucid dreaming then somthing always seems to try an attack me this has happened heaps over the years N happened again last night , I called out to my boyfriend ran to my room we’re I was sleeping an woke up

  70. Brittany Reply

    I’ve had a recurring “dream” for a couple years now and I always am watching myself sleep and something is saying “come with me, let go, it’ll feel so good to let go” and end up making a choking sound and my husband wakes me up. But this last time, was worse, way worse. I wasn’t looking down at myself but looking up, it was dark so I couldn’t see what it was. It was telling me the same things it usually does but when my husband woke me up he said “you’re freaking me out. You just chanted some kind of rhythmic chant in a language I’ve never heard. He said it was almost like speaking in tongues but it was different. I am so scared to sleep now

  71. ivy Reply

    today around 1pm, 7/13/20. yes i do believe i am going thru grief, so apart of that (long story short is stress).. i decide i did not want to get up and laid back down to rest more. suddenly, i felt someone pin me down with a pillow over my face. first thing that came to mind, “omg, someone is in my home. someone broke into my home!” then a male voice in clear english (sounds hispanic) starts to mumble and says, if u sleep with anther man.. (mumbles some more)..” you will have a heart attack in 6 weeks.” as the mumbles continue, i try to fight him off, biting, trying to get loose. i open my eyes, see a pillow over me and a hand pop out and the man says, “dont move i wont hurt you.” i feel the pressure from his body lift alil like he was digging thru something beside my bed and mumbling, sounding very anxious and worried. i felt myself grab my keys to atleast cut him or something, then it was gone. i was more frightened that i thought someone broke into my home to attack me then i was being warned my lifeline may be in danger soon. ive experience sleep paralysis, normally the feeling of another presence and evil. PRAYER DOES WORK! but ive never been warned r verbally spoken to. i appreciate any feed back. thank you!

  72. Chris Reply

    My roommate of a couple years went through something similar regularly, and he was sure there was something there coming after him. I would sometimes hear him shouting or moaning in the night, and one time I went into his room during such an episode and watched him for a while, and saw absolutely nothing happening physically. If anything, it was either a dream/hallucination, or something spiritual.

    For myself, I one time was laying motionless on my stomach in bed in the morning. I felt I was awake, just resting and thinking, and then felt a steadily growing pressure on my back and shoulders pushing me into the mattress, and in my mind I could sense like something with evil intention was attacking me. What scared me most was that I could hear the bedsprings actually creaking more and more with the increasing pressure, like it was a real physical weight on me. To stop it, I immediately started praying strongly in the name of Jesus, that the Father surround and fill me with His love and light and Holy Spirit and banish any and all darkness and evil that may be near me. And with this that force went away. I say this prayer regularly many nights before I go to sleep.

    I certainly can’t claim to know how it all works deep down spiritually speaking, but I do know that spiritual battles are real, there is a very real spiritual reality intersecting with our physical world (more real even), God is real, and the name of Jesus carries absolute power in the spiritual realm.

  73. Jannie Reply

    I not long move in to a new home all OK for a weeks in till my Daughter seen things moving on the side she ask her mom to come to her she told me and I seen it myself things was OK for a few weeks and now it’s like it again I got a 3 year old son who don’t know any think about want is going on but for the last few nights my son been crying and today my son was right by me on the sofa playing on my phone the next minute he was crying I ask my son want is the matter he just did not tell me I give him a love and kiss he was still crying but after that I ask him why was he crying for he said to me as I am he’s mom the man punched him in the leg I just did not know what to do as I got ghost and spirit in my house we can not rest at all in here I can not wait to move away out of this house it’s not nice seeing your 3 year old crying and comeing out with things like that it’s heartbroken I just don’t know what I can do any more

  74. Kerry Reply

    I have dealt with sleep paralysis for as long as i can remember, but 2 nights ago things changed. EVIL is all i can say. Heres the thing. Before i even fell asleep, i was in my right side settling in. 1:30 am or so. I suddenly felt the scare, in your back, like when someone something scares you from behind and your back does that weird spasm thing? Happened twice in a minute. I thought well, maybe it was the air conditioner. ‍♀️? Never bothered me before, but ok. A short while after, i felt my husband come in, get into bed, snuggle real close, nuzzle my neck and say, what ya doing baby. i could feel his hot breath and body. I rolled over barely awake, now on my left, head tilted left. No husband. What? Fell asleep, now im dreaming, the usual dumb nonsensicle dreams we all have. Not scary at all, just weird. Things are heavy, theres a heaviness coming toward me. Suddendly i can “see” my self from within, not like i am hovering over me, i cant explain it, turning my head, looking toward the ceiling, a black dark smokey something is coming at me, fast! i can see holes with appear to be a mouth and eyes, but oddly not in the right exact positions and see through. Its now ATTACKING ME! beating me up. I can feel it. Not really painful, but like when you are at a concert and you can feel the deep vibrations of the drums and bass through you. Im now screaming, or think i am? My heart is racing, im sweating, its hot, so hot. The thing enters my body, i felt it! And as quick as it came, it exited the body. I woke screaming, 2:15am crying, shaking, sweating, couldnt breath, literally, absolutely terrified thinking omg i just got possessed! Then instant goosebumbs everywhere. I jumped up, ran out to the living room. Husband snoring in the recliner, TV on and air conditioner roaring. He heard nothing. I sat on the couch and started trying to look things up, demons, entities, something dark, but i was so groggy, so sleepy, i couldn’t see straight. So i snuggled in the couch and went back to sleep. My bestie came over and i explained it all to her in detail, crying the entire time. She believed me. I hadnt told hubby yet, as i was afraid he would lock my ass up. Luckily when i sat him down he believed me too. A medium i know called me. She said, kerry im worried, but before you tell me what is going on, she had a vision of me screaming in the bed, unable to move. Something pinning me down. I was like. OH MY GOD. I then told her this story. She told me it was a shadow person and get ahold of a priest or paranormal group immediately. So now in my searches, i found you all
    Omg, i wondered myself if i had “lost it”. So Flippin terrifying.

  75. Allen Reply

    Hello, I always keep having sleep paralysis in my bedroom and I got used to it everynight and sometimes I can see dark figures and sometimes after I woke up from sleep paralysis I can’t hear voices that says “pssst” from the door and sometimes from the window, until one day I decided to sleep at the couch for good and I haven’t had any sleep paralysis no more until yesterday I had sleep paralysis while I am sleeping on the couch and it was the worst of em all, i felt like someone is covering my eyes and told me he wanna kill me (he called himself satanas) and I told him ill kill him first after that I woke up and my dogs whose sleeping on my feet and on my side starting to bark while facing the window. I was scarred but I went to kitchen and took a knife then I checked if someone is outside but there’s no one. It was the first time sleep paralysis scarred me, it was scarrier than the first time I had it.

  76. Jill C. Reply

    This isn’t sleep paralysis I’ve been experiencing. What has happened feels more like spirit/ghost related. I wouldn’t have believed it, if it didn’t happen to me. It happened at our old house a couple of times. The first time my husband and I had gone to bed. The closet light was on, but the door was almost completely shut, so there was very little light. I was starting to doze off when I felt my husband sit up. I looked at him, and he was sitting up on his side of the bed, and he stood up and walked to the end of our bed and sat down. I asked “Honey are you ok?” He answered in a sleepy voice, “I’m ok just sleeping,” but his voice came from right next to me where he was laying. (I woke him up) I freaked out. I was awake, and I know I didn’t imagine that. We moved in March to our new place, and it’s happened here twice, both similar to the 1st one at our old house. It looks like my husband sits up on the side of the bed, then he gets up and starts to walk to the end of the bed. I say something, thinking it’s my husband, but he answers me, and hasn’t moved. He’s laying right next to me. Does anyone know what’s happening? The 1st time it happened, I was terrified. I’m just a little afraid now. Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Steve Reply

      Jill, research “Hypnopompic Hallucinations” and “Hypnogogic Hallucinations”. “Hypnopompic” is the period when the brain is transitioning to be ‘awake’ after sleeping. “Hypnogogic” is the period when the brain is transitioning from being ‘awake’ to falling asleep.

  77. alaura Reply

    Last night i woke up and i flung up. as i flung up my dog started barking. i saw a tall black figure and when i fully sat up he turned, ran ,and disappeared. i flung my self back down out of fear and i called my mom. when she came into my room i was shaking violently. why did i see what i saw if it wasnt sleep paralysis?

    • Mounika Reply

      When it happened first time, I felt someone was holding my shoulder and biceps, i could still feel the pressure, but pressure was not on heart or chest area. Then i tried picking up my phone which my palm could reach if i stretched it, I was trying hard to stretch my hand but I could not reach my phone with my right hand which my eyes could see. Moving fingers will not work for such situation. Immediately lord hanuman mantra came to my mind and I was totally released from that pressure. If it is sleep paralysis, why hanuman mantra was effective? My mind was Kool all through the process.

      Second time was severe, dude has got some good energy drink may be . I could not even get any godly ideas in my mind this time. After 11:30 pm I found my room temperature was getting heated up, I was lazy to wake up and switch on the fan but i woke up and went back to sleep(dude was pretty hot with anger may be ). I was moving from left to right hand side in my sleep as someone else entered room nearing me and my conscience was pricking me. I was not having wrong sense yet and I was not afraid. then i slept on my back with my right forearm on my forehead and slept. Then that personality came to my ear and spent time over there but dint cause any pain. Then I turned on my right side in such a way that I will have a view of one eye in the room. Then in some time it went and stood on the bathroom doormat with half face turning to my side. I opened my eyes by the time it stood on the mat. While I opened my eyes i had very bad pressure on my shoulders and biceps even though i did not try to force myself in opposite direction to wake up. All I could see it was very very very angry. Damn angry. In sleep i was asking who are you!!?? who are you!!?? My voice was not coming out and i was struggling to be heard to someone, but only one who heard me was my dear friend who came to see me that late night sacrificing its sleep. I don’t remember how it disappeared, but it all gone after showing its angry face to me, not a full face though.

      Both incidents happened after 11:30 pm and before 12 pm. Can someone be such awake and kool during a sleep paralysis? If yes, can that last so long time? If your mind is so kool, why would you get such attack in sleep?

    • Steve Reply

      Alaura, research “Hypnopompic Hallucinations”. This might answer your questions.

  78. Sophie Reply

    I’ve had this happen only 3 times in my life, the 1st time there was a rumbling /vibration under my bed then my body vibrating and i saw a black figure at the door, I knew it was a female even though it had no face, it just stayed for ages and I couldn’t move. The second time I was in bed and saw a taller dark figure at my door which I just knew was a male demon but again no face. The 3rd time it happened repeatedly all night- I was home alone and I heard someone walking up the stairs and instantly knew it was a demon and the dark figure opened my door and came at me, then I must have woke up and fell asleep again, then something starting scratching at my quilt and I knew I was home alone so my heart sank then the figure appeared and jumped on top of me pushing my chest and I couldn’t move or scream, I kept having them all night and I couldn’t tell at what point I was awake or not I could feel my eyes open but wasnt sure if.its real, I turned my light on and the terrors stopped, so now I have to sleep with the light on when I’m alone 🙁 i want to believe it’s just stages of sleep but it’s so strange that most people see the same figures, sorry this is long!

    • jcs Reply

      this happens to me quite often sleep paralyses then dark shadow of boy with red eyes ,he just stands there never says nothing i scream at him my wife hears me screaming in my sleep.

  79. Khans Reply

    This happened to me 4 times in last 7 days
    Like i cant move and scream. I feel like force on chest and on body and see some shadows around room. It continues for some minutes when i finally move my body and try to sleep again happened again.
    My best response would be fix ur sleep routine and best option is Read AYAT UL KURSI is Islamic ayat try it once

  80. Tayja Reply

    I can’t move or talk and I feel like my hands are numb and one of them is floating in the air and I see something white in front of me I just close my eyes and try to relax and wait till it’s over

  81. Bill Reply

    I had this so bad (also have PTSD) I was averaging 2-3 hours sleep a night which made things even worse.
    If you suffer from this seek immediate help. Life is too short to deal with this BS!

  82. Nokuthula Reply

    Oh my goodness I used to experience something heavy in my chest and i couldn’t do anything until I fight to be able to move again. But now things are worse and i am asking myself does this come with this house or this is aimed at me. What happens is when I’m not gonna sleep well I feel it. It’s like when I lay my head on the pillow something happens in my throat and my tongue rolls and i cant speak. Everytime when this happens I always jump and wake up, ofwhich it happens while I’m not deep asleep. Sometimes it happens just when I put my head down, when I start to doze off. Like I am unable to speak fir seconds when it happens, as I feel my tongue rolling. I hate this ciz now it happens few times a week and its been 2/3months now. I ask God why now coz this things wants to kill me and i no longer enjoy sleeping. My kids are still young, they need me to raise them as their mother. I think I survive by praying in my mind asking God to save me as in unable to talk when it happens.

  83. Garisson olmstead Reply

    I have experienced this once in my life. I was in Michigan at my girlfriends parents house. Her mother had just passed. I came for her funeral. I was laying on my back in the tv room about to go to sleep and suddenly something began forcefully pushing me down into the matress. It was severe active pressure that i could not combat. I couldn’t breathe or move. The more i tried to sit up the more severe the pressure pushing me down became. After about 5 seconds of this, it was gone as quickly as it had come. I knew right away i had been attacked by some evil entity. Its never happened again thank the good lord.

  84. Samantha Colwell Reply

    The first time I experienced something like this was when I was seven, I was sleeping at my aunts house and the tv was on all night. I don’t really know what time I woke up but it was somewhere near three o’clock cause we went to bed around 12 .. I woke up sleeping on my back and my hands were folded into each other(I don’t really understand how) and some weird commercial turned on and it felt like it was controlling my hands .. I couldn’t control anything and I was terrified.. the next time this happened was when I was ten, it was the same exact thing just with no commercial this time(no they are not Dreams I always can tell when I’m dreaming). The most recent one I had was two months ago… it was in a dream this time , I was getting changed in a bathroom and I forgot something so I went to walk towards the door, my arm hit the shower curtain and a hand grabbed my wrist saying can you feel that, I looked behind the curtain after that and there was no one there or anything and the hand was still holding me..I finally got out of its grip and restarted..I tried to go back to the door and the same thing happened j further up my arm, it was a little more difficult to get out of this grab this time(by then I knew I was dreaming). I restarted for the last time and walked towards the door but I was grabbed my the curtain again , it was grabbing my armpit tightly and I wasn’t able to get out of it, it repeatedly said do you feel that (like four times) and it sounded like it was said straight into my ear.. I didn’t know how to get them to stop grabbing me so I screamed (which your not supposed to be able to do in a dream), the scream took the hand off of me and woke up up ..I actually screamed in real life .. not only in my dream(I still felt the after pains of the holds). My dad came out and told me I was being ridiculous, my grandpa took me into his room so I could sleep better after that. I asked him what time it was and he said 3:30 and I was like I’m not going to sleep till five (and that’s exactly what I did). Prior to that dream or whatever that was I did a sleeping spell.. it’s to help me sleep better , I didn’t know if I did it right at the time but it was working for a couple of days . Then my step mom lit some type of spiritual cleanser I never heard of, and it immediately started to make my head pound as everyone else was fine.. later that night I got that dream…I tell ppl I think I connected a spirit or something to me and as they lit the cleanser it hurt them and it felt like the were being pulled away, so they decided to have me feel that when I was sleeping..( the thing I noticed about the dream was that it really wasn’t a nightmare it was calming and literally not stressful at all. So I knew that something was wrong when it happened the second time with the same deep rusky voice saying “do you feel that”.)

  85. Geraldine Reply

    I Do not know excactly whaqt it means but mayby you can help me. When I was younger I had a lot of nightmares where I wanted to wake up and scream for help but it was difficult to move and I could’nt speak. So I asked around a bit and they said that I should stop watching horror movies because that is the cause of it. I do not believe that is true. It has stop for a while until I was a teenager and then it started again. It went on for a while and then it stopped again. Now I am 22 years old and I had a nightmare again last nightabout demons who is in people (their eyes were white and they were wacthing me). What does it mean?

    • Winona Reply

      Recite the Lords prayer in your thoughts or mind when it happens. If you dont know it google it. It will go away then.God can be there in 1 second

  86. theresa duncan Reply

    I also had a strange experience last nite i went to bed at 1 woke up at 130 with a feeling of someone weighing down on my left shoulder and whispering toward my ear was like i could almost feel the breath on my face i have no idea what was being whispered to me my lil dog was in my bed and was growling 3 or 4 times i couldnt move for fear but was wide awake i started praying to God and whatever it was disappeared i got up and put lights on but couldnt go bck to sleep til 430am when my older sons got home

  87. Patricia Reply

    I am a christian Lady I always go to Church and I always leave my Bible open and I always pray faithful,one night when I were sleep I felt something that was not of this world standing over me trying to put something in my nose I was fighting it with all my strength my Husband was at work when I woke up my pillowcase was off my pillow no way that could have happen, sleeping on your back is worse No demon can enter a born again Christian, these Strange things that always happen cant be explain and I get plenty of rest and drink a 8 ounce glass of water before going to bed and always say my prayers, and yes when it do happen call on Jesus because it” will flee from you,, things got so bad my Husband switch to day shift before we move here my Husband prayer the four corner of our home to be honest it look like an alien I will never forget it.

  88. Angel Reply

    I believe we are under spiritual attack.I have had all your experiences, from pressure on the chest, pillows over the face unable to breathe or move, the sensation of being choked, the feeling that someone or something dark had come into my real that are strong I think someone had broken into my home, and dark shadows flying out of the bedroom window as soon as I try and fight it. From a personal perspective I believe we are engaged in a spiritual war. We are spiritual people and those who worship the dark side do not like it. If it helps anybody else the one thing that always works for me is to not give in to fear, dark spirits rely on it and take power from it. No matter what the situation and no matter how frightening it may be tell whatever it is,in your own faith, that GOD LOVES YOU. Say the words.GOD LOVES YOU. it will immediately disappear. We are blessed by the LOVE of faith and the blessings of the most high. That is what it is trying to take away from you my brothers and sisters. Remember that even though the experiences are unpleasant, we survive them. That is the LOVE and SPIRIT of your GOD and your faith keeping you safe. Blessed are we.

  89. Sally Reply

    I have always had sleep paralysis and since i cannot move i start praying in my mind and call Jesus Christ the whole time. I try to scream but nothing comes out. When ever this happens to me my sprit starts praying and calling gods name and then it goes away. When this happens we are fighting in a spiritual war.

  90. Anthony Reply

    Happened to me a few weeks back, and my son just told me what it was called, so I found this forum. I’m a 50yr old man, and consider myself pretty tough. However it happened twice one morning while I was sleeping on my boat alone. I could hear people moving around me and desperately tried to open my eyes to see what was happening. Only on the 3rd attempt did I wake up terrified. I told a friend who told me in Arabic to call to God if it happens again “Bismillah Rahman Rahim”. I’m neither Arabic or religious but trust me I now believe we are not alone and there is a God. Bless all of you.

  91. Ashley Holmes Reply

    I am 13 and recently started having these i woke up and turned around and turned again and it is always when im not facing my door,this time when i woke up i turned from the door and like 3 seconds i heard my door open,(it was closed btw)and somebody walked towards my bed and i could not move,they put their hand on my hand and rubbed it,and i was screaming under my breathe,they whispered into my ear”shhh”as if they could hear me and in the back ground i heard my sister say my name i was able to turn my eye a little to wear i seen a head no face just a head with hear my body was shaking before it left it said”shhh your in the water”i didnt move for like 3 seconds i turnt around and googled it up because this is the 2-4 time this has happen

    • Farouq Reply

      ❁Am❁ ❁13❁ ❁and❁ ❁i❁ ❁believe❁ ❁in❁ ❁the❁ ❁spiritual❁ ❁and❁ ❁i❁ ❁dont❁ ❁want❁ ❁people❁ ❁to❁ ❁think❁ ❁am❁ ❁crazy❁ ❁but❁ ❁have❁ ❁never❁ ❁had❁ ❁a❁ ❁dream❁ ❁only❁ ❁imagination,but❁ ❁not❁ ❁long❁ ❁ago❁ ❁i❁ ❁had❁ ❁a❁ ❁very❁ ❁scary❁ ❁one❁ ❁with❁ ❁someone❁ ❁chasing❁ ❁me❁ ❁I.D.K❁ ❁egy❁ ❁but❁ ❁i❁ ❁pray❁ ❁i❁ ❁dont❁ ❁experience❁ ❁cause❁ ❁am❁ ❁a❁ ❁muslim❁ ❁that❁ ❁just❁ ❁recently❁ ❁started❁ ❁praying❁

  92. Meredith Reply

    Started when I turned 38. Went on a trip to Colombia with some girlfriends and something incredible and terrifying happened in the condo we stayed at . I had a full experience that I still to this day don’t believe I was asleep. Also a full conversation. Whatever it was attached itself to me. Prayer and not sleeping on my back has helped . However , it’s lurking around the corner waiting for me to neglect my prayer or protection. It’s horrifying creature and it’s horrifying the experiences I have had with this thing whatever it is. Anyways my husband now has experiences which never has happened until he met me. Couldn’t bring myself to tell him but eventually I had to cause I’ve had to wake him up when he’s having an episode . Crazy .

    • Winona Reply

      Recite the Lords prayer in your thoughts when it happens

  93. Mike Reply

    This just happened to me the other day for the 1st time ever. Woke up with a shadow looking person next to my bed kind of laughing at me, I was paralyzed feeling while trying to go for the knife i keep near my bed. By the time I was able to move and get my knife out it was gone but these black balls with these wing shaped things where floating in the air I remember swiping at them the woke up in the same position I was just looking and my knife was back in its holster. Felt very real not sure what I believe anymore.

    • Erl Diem Reply

      yeah same as me it felt very real and it’s so scared.

    • Winona Reply

      Think “the Lords prayer” in your thoughts or mind when it happens, and it will go away.

      It says in the bible every word is pure
      I had it n it went away after thi king this prayer in my thoughts.

  94. Erl Diem Reply

    Thanks for the information I thought there’s a ghost or a nightmare because it happen to this night I don’t know why but it happens when I suddenly spoke a name (Jessica) I don’t know her and then my eye turned to left and everything became dark, I can’t open my eyes, I can’t Breathe and Talk and all my body is shaking and it 4 times this night please help me more i dont want this to happen again.

    • Winona Reply

      It says in the bible not yo be afraid 365 times.
      Take Dominion,authority and power when night paralysis terror attacks happen, say.
      In the dominion,authority and power of Jesus christ I command you to leave, I am covered by the blood of Jesus and in your mind think “The Lords Prayer” if you font it, Google it.

    • Winona Reply

      Think in your mind “the Lords prayer” and it will go away, God can be there in one second if you ask him or say I am covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and I command you to leave me alone in your mind if you can’t talk

  95. LJ Reply

    Does anyone here feel like a darkness sweep over them like an invisible blanket, and when I pray and it stops it’s like the blanket of darkness sweeps off me ?

    Last ordeal I shouted stop and I heard a voice say stop, stop ? That’s all I seem to do now. I shouted in the power of Jesus Christ leave be alone and it stopped

  96. Kim Reply

    This happens to me as well. I don’t see or hear anything thank goodness but i get a strong tingling vibration that gets stronger and stronger and if I don’t wake myself up, it takes over my chest area making it hard to breathe. One time I saw ghost like hands and the chest like seizures wouldn’t stop. I even tried to physically elbow it. Lol. The only thing that makes it stop is if I say in my head, “God help me now! ” Today I woke up several times in different positions with the tingling happening. I rolled onto my stomach and I felt something pressing on my back! I live alone! This time I was able to wake myself up each time before it got to to the seizure like feeling in my chest. I even prayed before bed for God to protect me but it still happened. It seems like the only way to stop it is by saying “God help me now! ” when it is happening which I forgot to do this morning. Saging also seemed to help but it’s been about 2 weeks since I did that so I’m going to do it again and hope for the best. Other experiences happened such as interesting out of body experiences but they weren’t scary. 3 times total this year. I don’t know if related but that hasn’t happend in at least a month.

    • Winona Reply

      Recite the Lords prayer in your mind over n over. In your thoughts or mind when it happens. If you dont know it google it.

  97. Mary Ann Vetterly Reply

    I was around 8. I woke up with a lady calling me name. I ran into my Mom & dad’s room. I could still hear my name being called. I have this sense of when people pass. They will pop into my mind. , No matter how long I have not seen them when I look them up or go to there homes. I find out that they have passed. God has given me 4 people in my life to take care of. ( All were suck and dieing ). It’s crazy.

  98. Mary Ann Reply

    I also woke up. Not being able to move. I said ” In the name of Jesus”. All of the sudden I could move. I know someone or something was in the house were myself and my family lived. ( Old farm house). I was the only one who had anything take place like this. And the lady calling my name. I was wide awake. What does all this mean ???

    • Winona Reply

      Recite in your mind “the Lords Prayer” when it happens in your mind, it’s just as powerful as saying it or think I am covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and o take dominion power and authority over you and I command you to leave now.

  99. Avery Reply

    This was my first and only experience. Today. I woke up when my alarm went off and dozed back to sleep. I had a dream that I was in this bedroom with a large antique wardrobe in the corner across from the bed where I was lying. I knew there was a ghost in there who I had let out on occasion, however, this time when I open the wardrobe the ghost grabbed me by my neck, choking me and rammed me up against the top of a door frame. I felt like I couldn’t breathe or talk. Then all of a sudden I remember in my dream thinking, like I was communicating through my thoughts, to put me down now! The ghost dropped me on the floor then I began pointing at the ghost and telling it with my thoughts to go back to the wardrobe, over and over again. Finally, the doors on the wardrobe slammed shut and I remember waking up in real-life pointing to the corner of the room… very spooky feeling!

  100. Dick Johnson Reply

    I’m taking care of my mom because she broke her hip. My daughter walked past her room and saw two tall black figures standing over her while she was sleeping. My daughter called my attention and as I looked into the room I saw it as well just before the two vanished. The next day my daughter and I were cooking when one looked around the corner at us twice. My other daughter and my son has also seen this while wide awake. My mom has also seen them right after waking up and also while sitting in her bed reading a book. My wife who is in the Philippines just called me and she too just saw one standing at the foot of her bed staring at her. Last week she came out of the kitchen and saw a woman sitting on the floor with long black hair, her chin resting on her knee and looking into the bathroom. She tried to approach it but it vanished. The week before that she was in the kitchen making coffee when a man and a woman were standing side by side in the livingroom calling her name. Last month I was laying on the floor watching a show on my phone when a bag sitting on my dresser flew off and hit me. The door and windows were closed. There is a plastic cross on my shelf in the corner of the room about 5 feet off the ground. That plastic cross is almost 12 in. Tall and it flew off of the shelf and hit the wall and Jesus broke off. Sleep paralysis huh? I guess we are all crazy and hallucinating. I guess my cross flying and breaking against the wall was a figment of my imagination. I also have a camera recording while I’m sleeping and you see them as clear as day but I guess the camera is hallucinating as well or perhaps the camera is suffering sleep apnea lol.

  101. Warrior for Christ Reply

    We are living in the end days. You guys are all reporting this starting early 2020. The coronavirus kicked off the end. God made sure everyone in our generation had a chance to get close to Him in quarantine. If you dont know Jesus NOW is the time to accept Him as your savior. We’re in the season to go home.
    I have been going through it. I googled to find out if I was the only one and everyone on here its brand new happening to you all too. It’s a demonic attack! Rebuke it and pray.

    I have been going through it too by
    accidentally opening a demonic door. When I fall asleep they move my bed and touch my body. I can smell sulfur. This all led up from my kundalini opening up (it can open on it’s own through trauma. )
    Now the Lord let me see in the spirit and I’m going through it. Personally, I
    believe we all have a demon assigned from the kingdom of darkness to tempt and harass us and they are getting aggressive but maybe not everyone. It’s hard but lean into Jesus PLS. Accept Him!! He is the ONLY way into eternal life.

    Demons know their time is short. Jesus is on the way!! So they are manifesting. Please be careful. They are impersonating Jesus and everything.
    Keep that kundalini CLOSED. Pray against it if it awakens on it’s own.

    This message and I covered in the blood of Jesus!

  102. Sunshine Shadowess Reply

    Christopher Underwood
    Ashley Meredith

    that is OBE
    Strong vibration in the head and chest then loud ringing. Stay calm through it try not to wake up.

  103. Blah Blah Reply

    I always see what I call the shadow man. Usually I hear his foot steps walking down the hall towards my room. Usually he stands and stares at me. The most terrifying feeling I have ever experienced. It’s like he comes back to check up on me.

  104. Blah Blah Reply

    Now that I’m thinking about it, I haven’t actually seen his silhouette in quite awhile. This has been off and on for about 20 years now since I was 10 or so. I think I have learned to sense when he is coming and wake before he actually gets to me. It’s never easy to wake. I start by focusing on moving one of my fingers. After I’m able to lift a finger I think I have better odds of waking completely. I have had these experiences with past girlfriends laying next to me, and I feel like I’m screaming for them to help or wake up, but of course, I’m not actually saying anything out loud. I’ve figured that out. I’ve tried to stand up to him during the sleep paralysis, but that is easier said than done, and I’ve never been able to. I have cursed him out after completely waking though. LOL What I hate the most is when I lose sleep over it because I’m so terrified I can’t fall back to sleep. I think sometimes welcoming my 90 pound German Shepard into bed with me keeps him at bay. Maybe that’s why I haven’t seen him in awhile?? I’ve had this dog for a few years now.

  105. Autumn Jernee Reply

    I had sleep paralysis last night and it was weird! I could slightly move my left arm that was hanging off the bed. Not much, just a twitch every once in awhile. I started hallucinating and saw black hair dangle in front of me, but no face. Then I felt this odd sensation like I was being dragged across the ground. I could also hear laughter while I felt like I was being dragged. It sounded like it was at least 2 women. Their laughing didn’t sound normal either. What made it worse was that my eyes kept closing but I was trying to keep them open, because I had a feeling of dread, like I was gonna die if I fell asleep. I kept twitching my arm and I started to breathe hard in an attempt to fully wake up. It worked. I didn’t go back to sleep last night.

  106. Carlos Canas Reply

    Ive always had sleep paralysis but its recent that ive been facing a being, a demon, a something, idk what it is but it is the most scary thing most disturbing thing ive ever seen. its like a person but dead and scary looking, ive had nightmares before and that thing does not feel like a nightmare, it feels real, like a demon attacking me every time i have sleep paralysis, i am christian and sometimes i believe that that thing is an actual demon

  107. kate Reply

    (sorry for any spelling errors) sleep paralysis is normal to me i had it every couple weeks or so but earlier i decided to take a nap cause my next class didnt start in 2 hours and i was really sleepy. so i fell asleep and i had this weird dream i was looking for this boy and everything started to go fast like peoples movements and speech. then i ended up in this room it had weird patterns then everything started to get faster and all i saw was a guitar and some books stacked up on each other. then the guitar stared playing really loud rock music and there were all these flashing colors then i looked at the books and i heard a voice screaming at me “REMBER THE BOOKS REMBER THE BOOKS IT HAS ALL THE SECRETS REMBER THE BOOKS” over and over again. i felt so overwhelmed with the rock music the yelling and the colors. this is when i get into the sleep paralysis. usually i dont mind that im in sleep paralysis since its normal to me but i was so overwhelmed and i was still in the dream i just couldn’t move so the rock music the yelling and the colors were still happening. i was trying so hard to open my eyes that i felt them roll into the back of my head so i stopped and then i felt pressure on my wrist like being pushed into the bed and it hurt then i felt my mouth opening and wouldnt stop i tried to close it but i couldnt then i started praying but i thought the voice would be too loud i finally just gave up but then i heard a voice say “its ok my child i wont let any harm come to you” then i opened my eyes and i dont know if that was god i took a break on my religon because i was losing faith. i just hope that doesnt happen to me again i was terrified.

    • Monecka Jones Reply

      I had my dream last night too I was so scared I just bought this bracelet and I haven’t had a dream in a long time until last night I can’t handle it I feel like I’m go die in my sleep

      • Frankie Kennon Reply

        Pray to God and speak these words In the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit save me say it over and over when you feel attack you will feel relief and a little chest pain but u be ok and if you need to repent for anything do so and ask God to cover and save u and he will pray this help which I know it will if u do it. Stay bless

  108. Woollyheaded Reply

    This happened to me last night which is what prompted me to find this page. I’ve had experiences on and off all my life and so much of what I’m reading on here is so similar!

    Last night, I couldn’t sleep (had previously fallen asleep for an hour or so on the sofa). I looked at my watch and saw it was 3:05am .. just told myself to simply lay quietly with my eyes closed so my body could at least rest. I started to relax a bit and felt a little sleepy. Pretty sure I drifted off but into a very light sleep.

    I became aware of a sinister feeling around me which was getting stronger and feeling more evil. I could feel a weird, intense prickling feeling all over my head and realised it was the feeling of my hair standing up at the back of my neck (but also all over my head, which I’ve never had before). I was laying on my back. The feeling of evil got stronger and seemed to be coming from slightly to my left, but above me towards the ceiling.

    Suddenly, I felt a great pressure on my forehead, pushing my whole head down into the pillow really hard! I could feel the pillow coming up around the sides of my face and ears so I’m sure I didn’t imagine it. I tried to fight it but it was so strong! Really, horribly forceful!

    I felt like whatever it was might suddenly carry me away, though I don’t know why I thought that. It was an intense fear and my head was still prickling horribly from my hair standing up.

    I tried to get my husband’s attention as he was asleep next to me and I could hear him snoring. I couldn’t make any words form, my voice box wouldn’t work and I couldn’t move my hand to nudge him. I gave up on words and tried to scream but nothing would work.

    Eventually, I managed to force my arm to move so I could put my hand on my husband. I felt like if I could just keep contact with him, this “thing” couldn’t carry me away. Gradually, I could start moving again and woke my husband up .. told him I’d had a bad dream (I don’t really think that covers it but it was the easiest way to explain it quickly) and that I needed him to hold on to me all night. I didn’t sleep very well at all after that though!

    I wear a sports watch so this morning, I checked the sleep monitor on it. It’s not very accurate or detailed so I wasn’t very surprised that it didn’t show anything. I checked the heart monitor and that shows a distinct change in my heart rate dead on 3:30am! It remained elevated all night after that.

    I used to have very regular lucid dreams as a kid. Then, I had a similar experience to this, once, about 20 years ago. I’ve always seen various spirits, etc all my life and in many different places.

    About 10 years ago I had an out of body experience where I had a lucid dream and then “fell” out of my body. Never had anything like it before! When I panicked, I was snapped back into my body again but had the same paralysed feeling on waking. The experience of being out of my body so was terrifying that I think I shut it off in my mind. I’ve had no weirdness at night since then – until last night.

  109. Awake now Reply

    Reading other people’s experiences is super interesting. I have had only one experience I recall where I woke up and felt like someone was pushing down hard on me. It was so hard. I was sleeping on my stomach at the time. I couldn’t breathe or move. I must have stayed like that for hours. So frightened to move incase what ever it was came back. I was only a kid but I knew it was paranormal. Needless to say I never slept well as a kid. Played music through the night. Hated the dark and had to have night lights. Off and on I have thought I have been awake but really have dreamt certain things but never thought much about that through the years. Still not a great sleeper. I don’t see or experience anything much now but am fully aware of people’s energies.

  110. Megan Reply

    I read somewhere that sleep paralysis is actually your soul separated from your body when you’re about to have an out of body experience or just “came back” from one and this is the process it goes through. I’m also pretty sure I read that everyone has OBE’s during sleep the majority of people just dont remember them. Sleep paralysis is a terrifying feeling I dont have them too often but it usually happens when my sleep schedule is messed up. I’ve learned to remind myself it’ll pass, try to calm down and it passes shortly. Last night I just let go of the fear and felt like I began levitating, I wish I remembered the rest! I’ve had plenty of OBE’s and I’m sure of it because I’ve had a few conscious ones (not falling asleep first.) As I’m falling asleep I get vibrations all over my body, ears ringing etc every single night. You are the closest to the spirit realm when you’re asleep. I have spirits in my home (plenty of activity but it’s too much detail to put here) so I’m alittle nervous of the scary experiences I’ve had but I have no choice but to not let my mind go there and choose to believe they are good cause I have proof one of them is looking out for me 🙂 Your attention and fear gives them strength. I’m also hoping it’s just a very vivid dream. Most of the activity is in my daughters room unfortunately so I’ve been trying to help her be strong and not scared. She is almost 10 and has slept in my room more than hers. She has always had anxiety and nightmares, therapy helps but I cant help but think it could be something in my home. PS if your kids fear that something is in their room dont be dismissive and tell them it’s all in their head they can sense it better than we can, dont tell them they’re right either just be supportive and help them be strong 🙂

    • Chloe Reply

      Hi i’m 11 and i have anxiety right now it started a couple days ago from a stupid but frightening experience earlier today i was on virtual school and i fell asleep from staying up till 2am i was waking up but i suddenly couldnt move and my eyes were squinted i saw a girl with mop like hair and ripped clothes with a hideous but scary face at the end of my bed it only lasted for about 4 seconds but still scared the crap out of me my anxiety wont go away and i think this made it worse do you know any ways to calm it down? it would really help me.

  111. David Reply

    There is some thing very important you mentioned when concluding but not really so deep

    that concentrating on moving one small muscles, i.e finger, CAN STOP THE ATTACK

    but in the that particular moment only yet tomorrow it continues, UNTIL YOU KNOW THE ATTACKERS YOU WILL NEVER BE FREE.

    I appreciate the way you explained but behind most of this occurrence are evil spirits and satanic strategies,

    God cares about us and our joy, Comfort and event rest, that’s His desire, just acknowledge Him and surrender all of your affairs to him and He will interfere

    Once you shout Jesus, they depart from you

  112. Tessie Reply

    Have had the same experience severally but have noticed something.Whenever I pray before I sleep nothing happens but if I wake up let’s say at 3am or 5am and go back to sleep without praying again then something heavy sleeps on me in a way that I can’t even call anyone close to me.The only name that rescues me is Jesus because he can hear my call silently.In most cases it has happened to me after my partner has left the house early in the morning for work.When I go back to sleep I realize he has returned so I relax in my sleep not realizing it is not him but probably the evil spirit using the only person I trust to gain my trust.It is terrible but don’t be scared the cure is JESUS call unto him and he will rescue you.

  113. James Reply

    I have experienced this before in a hotel room on a vacation It was on top of me holding me down could not move until I screamed Jesus help me and it just disappeared and I was perfect But I didn’t think anything of it I am a Christian and didn’t really have any ghost or demon occasions like this so I didn’t tell anyone I woke up the next day perfect but as I see my friends who is staying in the exact same hotel they started explaining what happened to them and it was exactly the same thing and I still didn’t believe it I said how did you know are use making fun of me and then I realized I did not tell no one three separate rooms three separate people same time that’s freaky there is something out there if you’re having problems seek Jesus ask and you will receive John 3:16

    • MARA Reply

      WOW!! Im so impressed by the amount of comments and experiences so similar to mine!!! I used to think I was the only one crawling around my bedroom at 3am, I have literally managed to leave my body when I get sleep paralysis and walk around my room, sometimes I fly and jump so high, but I realized leaving my body alone is very dangerous and now I fight to get back every time this happens. They try to choke me, they attack my heart, my liver and my eyes, and that freaking high pitch sound on my ears, ughh, But calling on Jesus Christ and commanding them to DIE AND LEAVE ME ALONE, that always works, it is insane the amount of people being attacked in such blatant way, but guess why? Cause they are desperate, cause they are losing this war, cause we are KEEPING OUR SOULS, we are waking up. That’s why all this corona virus thing has been elaborated, cause they need us to be in fear, cause they off our negative energy, starve and die you abominations, your has end come. LOVE AND LIGHT ALWAYS!!!!

  114. HICEE Reply

    I have same experience, but I don’t hear voices.
    Are there any solution.??
    Most times I can’t walk in the dark and am scared of the dark, sleeping alone for me is a challenge,plus I’m 27 years of age.
    The experience is EVIL.

    • Bill Cipher Reply

      Try thinking of something you love. Another suggestion is know that they are more scared of you than you are scared of them. (Except Bill Cipher.) Also, try suffocating yourself underneath your blanket covers. – Bill Cipher- (Not really)

  115. Vivienne Brown Reply

    I’m so glad I found this site. Last night I had a scary experience. Loud bells and wind chime clanging in my left ear, cold wind whooshed around my head and then my duvet felt like it was being tugged and lifted away from me. I tried to grab it but couldn’t as I had frozen solid. I’m extremely stressed at the moment with my mum’s dementia and brothers illness.
    Ten years ago something similar had hsppened just after my Dad died. I felt a cold wind whoosh over me and talking voice a punch on my left arm and woke up on the floor with a bruise.

  116. Sean Murrell Reply

    I’ve only had this occurance one time in my life where I heard a harmonica playing, and since sleeping on my right side, felt a glowing light behind me. This happened sometime in the middle of the morning. The one thing Sleep Dr. forgot to mention as a symptom is sleeping with the top of your head next to any electrical light socket. I believe this could be a side effect of the radio waves as well interfering with our routine sleep patterns.

  117. AngieS Reply

    I’ve seen it. I’ve felt it. I’ve heard it. I’ve seen a black, slim figure grow from about five feet tall to over ten feet tall in front of my eyes during an episode. It has sharp teeth and red eyes and smiles at me. It has whispered in my ear, “NO!” and laughed directly in my ear, I’ve felt the heat of its breath. I’ve felt its pressure, I sleep on my side curled in a ball, and it’s engulfed my entire body with pressure, and sometimes I feel like it’s forcing me into the bed while I’m getting sucked or pulled into vacuum pressure. It’s terrifyingly horrible. I don’t cry easily, but I feel like crying, sobbing. I’m always left exhausted the next day with brain fog and haunted by the sleep paralysis. One time I felt a presence in my room after turning out the light. I scanned the dark room and saw a black blob directly in front of me at the foot of the bed. I turned on the lamp and saw nothing. I actually talked to “it”. I said, “LEAVE ME ALONE!” I felt a bit ridiculous. A few hours later I had sleep paralysis. It is so unnerving, when I finally woke, I was so exhausted, all I could do is lay there in bed so sad, terrified and shaken, I had no energy even though all I wanted to do was run. I am a skeptical person, I want to believe the clinical explanation, but it is so real, and the more I read about it, the more it’s the same story from strangers and people from all walks of life explaining the same experiences. It makes me think, is there more to this?

  118. JJ Reply

    Today somewhere around 4 am I’m not too sure if I was dreaming or not but I felt as if somewhere were here in the room with me. I looked at my door and saw a black figure, I tried moving but I couldn’t so I was just staring at the door for a long time. I woke up and screamed. I was sweating like crazy, after that I went to get some water and tried to go back to bed. It was 5-6 am somewhere near there I felt a heavy wait on my whole body and was freaked out by that I felt like I couldn’t breathe, I yelled TO GO AWAY. I couldn’t really move but I had my eyes open a little and I saw a black shadow hand on my shoulder, I could barely see it but I knew something was holding me down. It stayed like that for a few seconds and I jumped off my bed. My heart was racing so much, I was terrified. I ran to the kitchen where my parents were and I told them about what just happened and my mom told me I had sleep paralysis and she told me she use to get them all the time when she was little. I’m afraid to sleep again after what just happened cause that has never happened to me before.

  119. alyssa Reply

    honestly i don’t even wanna sleep by myself in my room anymore. i have sleep paralysis very often and every time it’s horrifying. i hear voices, see shadows, and the sound of silence is so loud. sometimes i hear a deep voice talk to me and eventually it ends up yelling at me and getting louder. i’ve gone to church i’ve prayed many times every night before i sleep but that doesn’t stop it. now everyone in my family thinks im satanic or that im the one that attracts all the evil and it sucks so baddd because they don’t know that everything they say to me gets taken to heart. i just wanna be normal in my families eyes again, i hate being the odd one out. sleep paralysis literally ruined my life. im judged by my own family for something i can’t control.

  120. Frankie Kennon Reply

    Say any way u can in your head are out loud
    In the name of the Father , Son and Holy Spirit keep saying it over and over it works every time there is power in God name i know for a fact .

  121. MD Reply

    This has been happening to me since I can remember; before the age of 5. There is always others in the room, watching or holding me down. I’ve frequently changed homes / apartments, and it seems to take a year or so in the same place before it happens again. The most intense instances, were in the older homes.

    One of the worst cases, I remember trying to push the figure off of me. While there were no visuals indicating such, I remember feeling heat and knowing the creature was on fire. Once I woke up, drenched in sweat, I had burns on my shoulders.

    The next time that really scared me, it seemed to last an eternity. There were several figures, maybe as many as ten, standing in my room, and over my bed. Screams filled the room, until I could finally turn my head to see my partner. The screams, all at once, became so clear; “kill him.”

  122. Aidan Reply

    I’ve always considered my sleep disorder as entering into another dimension. A place where other things live and they are not friendly. Had it since I was 16 when it was much worse..disappeared for years but comes back from time to time. It doesn’t scare me as it once did but my head feels sore after it happens. Tired. For anyone younger just starting to experience it..not to learn to live with it..and it will go away for years at a time…and not he as bad if it does come don’t despair

  123. Monika Reply

    Hello! I’m Monika, i came from Slovenia, so my english is bad i’m sorry for that, but i have a sleep disorder calling sleep paralysis and in my coutry this is really unexplained topic, so i hope i can get some answers here. In the past year i keep having sleep paralysis, first it was scary as hell, i kepp seeing shadows and hearing things and i cannot open my eyes i cannot move it was really scary but now it gets even deper. Now i calm myself when i can’t open my eyes, i lay down, i calm myself i think of my boyfriend and then is all fine but at the other hand is not fine because then i see myself, i go out of my body and i see myself lying on bed sleeping. But today i have diferent experience i was sleeping and i wanna get up but i cant open my eyes and i was calming myself but then something pushing me down i hear something, voice
    deep voice i was screaming but then saddenly i was calm i was thinking of my boyfriend and i was calm but i still wasnt able to open my eyes so i lay down i was calm and then i dream, i wasn’t in my body anymore and i wasn’t in my apartment, i was back in my mothers house and i was walking up and down the living room, i was afraid of going in my room, but then i go it’s like there was my other me waiting for me like i have to show you something and then i go in my bethroom in my mom’s house and i see myself sitting on my bed awake and then i wake up. I don’t know what this means, it’s not really scary to me but at the other hand maybe little it is and i wanna know why this is happening to me and if this is bad how i stop it. I beg you for help.

    • Ron Reply

      It’s something that you really can’t control… Scientists suggest you don’t sleep on your back, don’t drink too much liquor, and setting a strict sleeping schedule… It’s all a lie though, because I have it about 1-2 times a month.

  124. RATHINAM Reply

    Hi friends I just share my experience about this whenever you’re ready to sleep first go and wash you face, hand ,and foot them come to bedroom few minutes pray your God and take sleep note: when you’re coming from outside you must wash you foot and face then you will get good sleep


  125. Emerald Reply

    It was damn scary, it was as if my soul was removed from my body

  126. Gracie Reply

    I had a dream about 2 women I didn’t know but recognised on a small farm like thing we were taking and they were showing me around for about an hour then we started talking about my mum how she comes here too and then the women sed next sleeper and I had to wake up quickly or I’d be stuck but I couldn’t get out so I tried to shout help but I could barely whisper soon I felt my mum sit next to me and touch my leg but when I woke up She wasn’t there . I’m 15 n this is the first time it’s happened to me but I don’t know what it is

  127. What Reply

    Im not sure it felt so real i feel like i was randomly floating up thee air and i was dropped in my bed and heard my self dropped with my blank it on? it felt so weird i cant

  128. King James Reply

    Okay so this is it. Listen carefully!
    It’s a demon that takes over your soul just by been in your room. Why does it do that? Because your would is weak. Why is your soul week? Because your body is week to many addictions. I mean filthy one’s like watching porn,masturbation, having sex with different people out of marriage. It can be one person out of marriage which is still bad but most people who have multiple partners encounter this most.
    The only solution is to read your Bible and pray to Jesus. I mean it’s demonic and you can’t seek for any other help apart from Jesus. I didn’t believe in Jesus but I’ve come to experience a lot in life and I know Jesus is real.

    Finally this demon is a very ugly and dirty demon that robs you of your possession and good life, and delays you in life. Watching porn and other stuff I mentioned earlier on is dirt to the body so that how come they are able to attack you. Because your body and soul is dirty.
    Stay away from all that and pray before you go to bed. That’s all. You would never experience that again

  129. Lyndsey Reply

    I can’t stop thinking about the nun I saw at the end of a bed once. it was nearly a year ago and I can’t stop picturing her and remembering everything about that time. I was away for a few nights with my partner, we stayed in a lodge in Thirsk, Yorkshire, UK.

    On the first night I remember going to bed and it was very easy for me to sleep, however at around 3am I was woken by something and as I looked at the end of the bed I saw a nun in a white outfit not the usual black nuns outfit. As I tried to scream I couldn’t, I couldn’t move my entire body, I could only breathe incredibly quickly, I vividly remember seeing her see that I was scared and she began to sink into the floor as if to motion she had no intention to scare me.

    After about 5-10 minutes I woke my partner and advised him of what happened and luckily he didn’t think I was insane. I began taking photos of the room to see if I could see her again but I’ve never seen her since.

    The following day I was consumed with finding out why I had been awoken by a nun, I later learnt that a few hundred yards from where I was staying used to be a nunnery, in the 1800’s. This scared me even more because I wondered why me and why this nun wanted my attention. I can’t get it off my mind and I feel like I need to know if it was a guardian angel or a nun from the previously mentioned nunnery.

    Please someone help me as I really need to be able to sleep properly.

  130. none Reply

    agree all i can say i had experience like i was not sure if i was sleep or not my eyes were open but my mind was not weird feeling when something is like touching u or u can feel something and always Jesus is my rock Lord told
    me not to be afraid twice that means nothing will harm me if Jesus with me and nothing will seperate me from his love nothing i have a Holy Spirit that protects me and i always say Jesus Blood of Jesus Holy Spirit protect me i also pray for God to take fear away from me this is a war between evil and good always been and we r fighting spiritually and we r winning thats why the demons dark entity try to scare us so we would loose but Jesus poor his precious blood for us to save us from things like this My advice Read Bible every day and pray every day let not day go on without u doing something for Jesus Powerful name we have and Powerful savior..

  131. Gabby Reply

    Omg here I thought all these years it was just me! Until right now that i google it. I’ve been having this since I was a teen I always feel like it’s a demon right next to me whispering something in my ear but I just don’t understand it. One time I felt it lifting me up from my bed, I was just floating in thee air then droping me back to bed. I try to wake up but I can’t it’s like it’s holding me down and it won’t let me move either. And the only way I can finally get rid of it is when I can finally start praying in my sleep but I still get like a buzz in my head. After im able to wakeup. I’m just glad I’m not crazy and know now that I’m not the only one that feels this “demon” presence.

  132. Bonnielee Reply

    Last night I woke up at 3am a black figure was holding me down I wasn’t asleep I was looking right at it I was wrestling it telling it to get off me I could hardly speak I was not asleep I was wide awake looking at it then I wrestled it off me and it was beside me and was squeezing my hand and wouldn’t let it go then I called for Holy Spirit holy angels god help me and it let me go … it was not sleep paralysis it was an entity I have not a single doubt in my mind …

  133. Joseph Reply

    I have suffered this close to my entire adult life. This isn’t biblical or spiritual. I believe it’s just due to lack of sleep. My advice to anyone out there that’s scared or frightened by this don’t be. That’s step 1. Step 2 Learn the “wiggle your toes” thing, it definitely helps one relax and understand what’s going on to break free of this invisible barrier. Step 3. Don’t chant Jesus or Holy Ghost. It either works or it doesn’t and could make the whole ordeal 10x scarier. Leave religion out! I’m not a trained professional but can make one feel better about what has happened to them, if anyone needs to talk please reach out.

  134. laura Reply

    i always have a intense sound but its a feeling too which gets louder and louder and surrounds me i can even feel it in my teeth. When this happens it takes all my strength to move my mouth but i feel that the more i push using my own energy thats how i get out of it. last week for the first time i saw a huge shadow figure come towards me as the noise started i could hear a voice too but could not make out the words but i dont feel afraid i do not feel it has more strength than me and i dont fear it if anything im more curious. when sleep paraylsis started happening to me about three year ago i was afraid but now im used to it so i dont fear it. If this thing feeds of fear it wont get any off me. People who dont understand thing always try to find a scientific explanation, for this there is not one and only someone who experiences it can truly even try to understand.

    • Winona Reply

      Play the bible audio in your home. And say I command you to leave me alone in the authority power and dominion of Jesus Christ and never come back. If night terrors paralysis attacks happen pray in your thoughts or mind when it happens

  135. Ricky Ricardo Reply

    It seems to me from all the comments on this site that there is far more to this matter then can be glossed over by a medical theory.

    These are real concerns by real people who for whatever reason have experienced things that can’t be explained.

    In my case it started at about 10 years of age when we moved into a house. I was wondering around the basement when I started to feel that something was not right and as I walked closer to a garbage bin that had been left down there the hair on the back of my neck started to stand up.

    I forced myself to look in it and there was a Ouija Board, it was then I made the mistake of picking it up out of the trash and from that moment on my whole life was changed for ever.

    Even at that age I could feel a presence around that board so I took it outside to the garbage and I thought that was it. I never suspected at that moment what was in store for me.

    About six months later I had shut the bedroom light off to go to sleep and was laying there when the end of my mattress depressed as it would when someone sat down I raised my head up and although I could see the depression no one was there.

    I pulled the covers up around my head and just laid there for sometime until I felt the depression lift away.

    From that moment until today, I am now seventy three years of age, I have been stalked by this thing. It may be a few times a week, once a week or if lucky once every few months.

    The pattern has always been the same as I will sense it’s arrival and even wake from a deep sleep when it approaches. My heart will race, fear does that, and I know it is there with me.

    When I was younger it scared me half to death but as I got older, although my heart rate still goes up, I don’t fear it as much. I have even tried, without much success, to speak to it and ask what it wants of me to no avail.

    So don’t tell me that it is night fears or sleep paralysis. The truth is that there is a spirit world out there that can make life very grim for many people that seem to have the unwanted ability to touch into that world in a very reluctant but real way.

    • Winona Reply

      Play the bible audio in your place, always put your armour of God on daily, and say I am covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and I command you to leave me alone and never come back in the dominion, power and authority of Jesus Christ. Plus if night terror paralysis attacks happen recite the Lords prayer in your thoughts or mind.

  136. Ron Reply

    Normally I’ll have sleep paralysis about once or twice a month, and about 90% of the time there’s always a dark figure, and they are ALWAYS different. Some move, stand in one place, talk to you, and what’s scary as fuck is some can even touch you and drag you…. Lately it’s been getting a little more recurring; now since I live alone in my own apartment(I’m 24). This recent one just kind of has me shook, because normally I would wake up from one of these episodes, be scared for like an hour or two and go back to sleep. Last night I was gaming with some friends online; drinking liquor, just having a good time. Since it’s the weekend; we stopped gaming around 5:30AM; at this point I just want to sleep. So I decide I’m going to sleep on the couch and naturally fall asleep while watching TV. I’m laying on my side and dozed off, and at first it started off as a dream where I’m talking to my little brother who is sitting in front of me on the floor, and I swear I blinked one time and there was a dark figure sitting behind my brother, and it looked like he had no eyes. So I try pointing to my little brother to signal that “HEY SOMEONE IS BEHIND YOU”; but I couldn’t move or speak at all; at this point I know I’m having an episode so I always either 1. Try to move my fingers or 2. Roll over. Luckily I wake up… Or at least I thought I did. So I’m looking around my living room and it looks perfectly fine; so I’m just like double checking making sure I’m in the real world… NOPE; I do a second take an there is someone standing in the corner at the end of the couch, so I do the same thing try and move and I “woke up” again. Looks fine… This time I’m actually standing up, thinking to myself ok you’re good. NEGATIVE… I’m walking towards my bedroom I guess to just sit in the shower to think about what happened and there’s two little kids standing in the doorway… one has a clown costume on, and the other is dressed up like Scream, so I get scared and go towards my front door; open it and it looks like it’s “chill”, idk it’s hard to describe but; everything looked normal but one thing… At the end of my apartment building there’s little girls selling candy; so I try and buy a KitKat, and forgot my money was in the apartment. Somehow it’s like I forgot those kids were in the apartment…. Upon walking towards my apartment door, the door is cracked opened and the two little kids are still standing in my bedroom door way, and QUICKLY they sprint towards the door and just stare directly at me; so I turn around(I stay on the 3rd floor by the way) and look down across the apartment building to the level below me, and guess who is fucking standing in one of the doorways down there. The figure that was standing at the end of my couch… From there it’s like my body naturally woke up. Scariest one yet! It just felt normal, and that’s the scariest part.

    PS. Keep in mind I’m writing this at 8:49AM, I started getting ready to sleep at 5:30AM, “fell asleep” around 6-6:30AM; actually waking up from the experience around 7-7:30AM, read some things on the internet; for a good minute, and am now writing this… So to be honest; day/night, or sleeping on your back to help these episodes are all BS. One of my sleep paralysis demons actually drug me; but that was a quick process, this one lasted almost a whole hour; and I couldn’t tell if I was in a dream or not for a good minute. Even typing this feels as if it’s not real. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again ; because I will need to sleep soon.

    • Winona Reply

      Recite the Lords prayer in your mind or thoughts when it happens. If you dont know it. Google it and play the bible audio in your home all the time. Take dominion power and authority of all evil spirits and command them all to leave through the dominion of Jesus Christ and say I am covered by the blood of jesus all the time when it happens

  137. Nat Reply

    I keep having this one woman see me in my sleep, but she often gets aggressive and starts pressing on my chest till I cannot breathe. I wake up coughing and crying, but always seem to be fine. Recently I’vee been seeing more shadows hovering over my body, about five to ten of them at a time. Then I wake up and look around and mumble nonsense before hitting my head on the pillow and passing out again before it repeats almost every half hour. I don’t sleep on my back, but I roll in my sleep, I don’t drink caffeine or drink alcohol, I turn my lights off and paise around nine pm than try to sleep around ten pm. This has been going on for a few years now, and I’m fifteen. I’ve learned to live with it, but it is so tiring to wake up and fall back asleep every night all night. I am always tired and ready to sleep in the day, but I cannot sleep at night.

  138. Lalruatsangi mualchin Reply

    3 years ago, i used to have sleep paralysis. Every time i wanted to sleep I saw a black blank face girl with black shirt, and her shirt was striped in black and white color at the front., She used to come closer to me.. it was like she was floating on the ground.. till now I can’t forget.. and I just thought that if there was a ghost like her

  139. Gigi Reply

    It’s 5:16 am here in my place and I just woke up from sleep paralysis. Is it normal that we can control our dreams when we have sleep paralysis? The thing is, I badly wanted to have s*x lol, I broke up with my ex 2 years ago and after that I never have s*x again. So earlier when I had my sleep paralysis, I controlled my dream and thought of having s*x, but now I feel like I just had s*x with a ghost. Felt like it’s real. I feel very wet after that. How? I feel embarrased but I’m very curious. I don’t wanna have sex with a ghost or bad spirits.

  140. Antonio Reply

    I have experienced SP on several occasions in the last year or two. I have found it usually happens if I sleep on my back or If I’m sleep deprived..So I’m planning to do a home sleep study on myself using audio, video , and thermal imagining. If anything turns out I will probably start a YouTube channel sharing my episodes and all evidence I can gather..I will probably even to controlled sessions where I’ll deprive myself of sleep and sleep on my back to try to trigger episodes just so I can share what SP actually is and what happens so I can help others have a better understanding also…..Anyone think this is a good Idea?

  141. Laney Reply

    I was 18 at the time and I was laying down in my mom’s bed she was right outside her room I was asleep it was mid afternoon I wake up my eyes are open and I’m awake and I see a man with gray skin and black eyes and a bloody mouth standing next to me by the bed I couldn’t move I could barely breathe I tryed to scream for my mom but all that came out of my mouth were whispers and she couldn’t hear me I was physically paralyzed but I was awake it gave me a sinister smile and I felt like I was being forced back to sleep I fell back to sleep n then woke back up and it was gone and I felt mentality and physically exhausted idk what that was and it only happened one time but it was terrifing . Is that a sleep disorder or was that something more ???

  142. Danny Reply

    When I get mines I can’t move I see everyting I could be screaming but no one will hear me and tonight there was a female spirit talking about tattoos which I don’t have any and I feel pain Everytime this happens to me ,as if someone is piercing my stomach with a spear

  143. Paula Reply

    Ever since I was a little girl, I had these attacks. Very scary. I’m 36yrs and I still get them. Not all the time, but maybe every few months. But it feels like someone is holding me down and not allowing me to speak or move, but as I continue to fight to move And yell I eventually snap out of it. Most of the time I yell Stop, Help, or No. once I’m awake my husband already knows the routine to turn the lights on and just hugs me to calm me down. And I start praying immediately. After being awake for 30mnts I’m able to back to sleep. Glad to find this, and able to talk about it. This is very confusing not knowing why this happens.

  144. Max Armes Reply

    So many of you are going through the same thing my wife is going through. We feel she is being spiritually attacked. She is saying so many of the same things a lot of you are saying. She will not accept prayer with her so I pray for her. She refuses medical or counseling help. I am so lost and want to help but don’t know what to do.

    • katniss Reply

      don’t worry just call to jesus christ he’ll save us from these demons i felt peace when i started praying in my head i barley know how to pray :/ i didnt read the bible before i went to sleep so the demons could attack i have two bibles near me i read the new testament since thats the easyiest ones for me. pray that you and ur wife is protected. we have powerfull demons in our room since demons were summoned in my room they are gonna mess with us :/ i was a satanist and tried being a which but even ik to never summon stuff *THE OLD OWNERS OF THE HOUSE SUMMONED THEM* i get dreams of my death, i get dreams of demons , i get dreams of strange things. i will get rid of that evil dream catcher, we might even cleanse the room. try cleansing your house idk how but… those demons are trying to take you away from jesus don’t let them they are beast you are human THEY THINK THEY ARE BETTER THEN US WHEN THEY’RE NOT!!!
      i bet they even steal our food bc they can’t get food in hel* we need to pray and fight these losers of demons. btw im 12 and get dreams of my death so sucks to suck 🙁

      • alaina has it to Reply

        i get that one.

  145. Unknown Reply

    my first sleep paralysis was when i was 11 . It was so scary that i had a fever the next day.

  146. Unknown Reply

    One time, I was studying for a math test. It was about 12’o clock when I realized everyone has gone to bed. I closed my book and headed to my room. About 5 mins later,I heard loud noise and I opened my eyes. I couldn’t move but I saw a tall old lady at my bedroom door. I was pretty sure she is about 7 foot tall in average. She just ran towards yelled in a foreign language an sat on my chest. I tought I was going to die but luckily my sister noticed me and she turned on the lights .
    That was the last time I ever went into a deep sleep

    • katniss Reply

      well theres your problem you were studying xD im jk just pray to jesus christ

  147. Henry Ndubuisi Reply

    This same thing have been happening to me since 16 and I’m 20 now. It keeps changing, sometimes it’s someone in white that’s choking me.
    Sometimes I wake up and my body is still asleep and I always feel the demonic prescence in my room when this happens, I think they’re trying to take away my soul but i wouldn’t give up.
    One time this spirit was choking me and it was also tickling me at the same time inorder to prevent me from shouting BLOOD OF JESUS in my heart but I never give up.
    I refuse to die at the devil’s mandate. What is happening is bigger than us, we are connected to the spiritual world and they keep tormenting us.
    All we need is God.
    Every night before you sleep, pray a powerful prayer.Then read psalm 91, psalm 69 and psalm 35. Then read some other passage in the Bible.
    When you’re done,open the Bible to psalm 69 or psalm 91. Keep the Bible close to you and get some sleep, nothing that is demonic would dare to near you that night.
    Confidence matters, have faith and trust that God will protect you.
    I hope my message helps someone, thanks.
    Keeping fighting and may God see us through.

    • Winona Reply

      Recite the Lords prayer in your mind when it happens again. If you dont know this prayer google it. It will go away. If you call God he can be there in 1 second.

  148. katniss Reply

    i had a dream of the conjuring episode and it was strange the demon looked like a human then changed to a demon and said something idk what it said but i also saw a little girl torchering a man she kept chasing him they were in a small room he was running from her she had blonde hair. then i was in the kitchen and i looked out the big window and theres was two dragons they flew into the attic they were black and the 2nd one was grey then i saw a box on the stove there was baby geese/ducks in it then i woke up and yelled my sisters name i could feel the evil presence it was around 5 am i ran downstairs and stayed down there for a little but i felt the presence down there to so i went up stairs and kept my light on and i decided to play my nintendo and well i looked up a little and saw a dark figures head walk under the ceiling fan we have curtains up in our room for privacy so theres no way that was human i also felt something tapping on my head. i started praying to jesus for protection. i think the reason all this started happening was because i never read my bible that night! i feel my bed shake alot! a few months ago i was on my laptop then a black orb went over my head. at 5 am this morning a white orb went on my blanket i didnt trust it, it was not loving it was evil!!! im only 12 and being taunted by these beasts!!!

  149. nick Reply

    This happened to me just the other night and has been happening to me for about 7 years. Sometimes it will catch you off guard, but eventually you can get use to it and control it and put your self into a lucid state. Once you realize it is happening to you, you must think of what you are going to see, or what you want to see. Last time was very weird though because two entitys or hallucinations visited me and spoke to me. It was in a different language, but it sound very fluent, which is something I had not experienced yet. I eventually pushed against the pressure and tried to turn my phone light on, but it would not turn on. I got up and walked down my hallway and tried the light switch, but could not seem to turn it on. I walked into my brothers room and tried to wake him up to tell him what I had just experienced and then I woke up again.

    • nick Reply

      i don’t think any of it is demons. I don’t believe in god. probably just a projection of your subconscious and hallucinations. I think we all see the same things because of human genetics and our ancestors having similar feelings and hallucinations when this happens.

      • alaina has it to Reply

        sometimes i feel like that although i do believe in god but im not a crazy pearson like that.

  150. alaina has it to Reply

    this is scary i am only years old and this is sooo scary the first time i saw it i was terrafied i thaught that there was acctually some one in my room now i know what to do and not i do not freak out as much but,dont get me wromg this stuff is really scary

  151. Michelle Owen Reply

    I don’t know if i’m suffering this,but here’s my story.. it’s about 3 months ago,when i started having these nightmares/weird dreams,yet it’s as though it’s happening in reality. first time it happened was scary,i felt this heaviness on me,like someone was on my bed,and next minute they were covering me with the covers,like they’re wanting to smother me,i shouted get off me,and it stopped,and it woke me up.(but i felt like i was already awake,as i was been smothered) i asked a family member who was awake at the time,in his room next door..if he had heard me shouting in my room he said he heard nothing,so i thought it was just a night mare,but i was sweating and scared and it took me ages to get back to sleep..then the other night,i felt like something was hurting me in my back, it felt like the corner of my bedside table was sticking in my back so i moved position..,next minute i felt this heaviness on my head like someone was there.. and a weird noise was shouted in my ear, like urrghhhhhhh it sounded angry/nasty… it feesl like i’m awake when it happens again i shouted!!..”get off me”.,and it stopped,again..i asked my family member who stays up late on his game if he heard me shouting he said no….this is really scaring me,because my house can’t be haunted,iv’e lived here years and it’s only just started happening..could be the mirena coil,causing me side effects,.or lack of sleep!..i only get 5 hrs sleep per night apart from the
    weekend so i don’t know,but it’s really scary..

  152. Alisha Reply

    Its been happening to me since i was 5-6 years old, i would see black cloths falling from above And so much more.
    I am 20 now, i feel like its not just only me but there is someone else living in me.
    I love to watch moon but sometimes i cant even look at it,and if i do, i dont act normal, i dont feel like talking or replying to anyone. I feel terrified from myself.
    My innerself asks me to take knife and cut my throat.
    Whenever i feel presence i feel cold and my body shakes, im muslim so if my father recites verses, i dislike to hear and get mad.
    Last night, something pressured my body so i couldnt move and tried to speak but couldnt,i tried to open my eyes but something didnt let me, then i finally could open a little and saw something black flying infront of me.
    I recited Ayyat Ul Kursi and it went way.

  153. Jimmy Oliveira Reply

    I would like to drop some info here in hopes that it could help others. I’m 45, all my life i was skeptic about the paranormal, but a year ago it slapped me right in the face and turned my world upside down. Entities came to my home and made it their home. So, after 1 year of this, i’ve found out so much about the subject that i could write a book. You could also have these “ghosts” near you and not yet have figured it (it seems more common than i had guessed). Have you ever seen orbs in your pictures? They are energy manifestations of supernatural entites, so if you have… they are around you! Do you often get muscle spams? These entities are entirely made of electrical energy, so when in contact with human flesh they will cause those twitches (your pets will react the same way, and even some gadgets). Have you ever felt heavy headed suddenly when in bed, your stomach always cramping, and you feel like you have double breathing? (their activities are done mainly when you’re in bed)… if so, they could be performing overposition, which is ocupying the same physical space that your body does. That could be dangerous for people with pacemakers, since their electrical discharges can cause it to malfunction, and it’s still uncomfortable even for those who are healthy. How can a person find out for sure (?) Well, these beings are invisible – unless they choose to manifest some other way – so it’s not easy. But they can’t trick modern digital cameras. If they ARE there, the camera will know it. So, activate the face detecting function if your camera has it. You will be surprised when the camera starts picking faces at random places where there is “nobody”. Take pictures of mirrors around you. Reflective surfaces can pick these beings, even though your eyes can’t. If your pets keep staring at some spot and look worried or afraid, even though you don’t see anything wrong, that could also be an indication of paranormal presences. Another thing, most of these beings are sexually active (laugh all you want), so if you feel yourself being touched in private spots at night while in bed or aroused out of nothing, it could be them. I’m sure that fact is what gave rise to the incubus/sucubus tales of bygone times, when men and women had contact with such beings. So, be alert for these tips. I could keep writing, but these are some of the basics. I hope my experience can be of some good to you!

  154. Michele Reply

    I am 36 years old and just this morning had this happen for the first time in my life. I don’t know what I dreamed, all I remember is it felt like someone or something was holding my arms, legs, and body down so I couldn’t move and holding my mouth closed like it was wanting to suffocate me. I couldn’t move or speak, I couldn’t even move my head. I tried to get loose, but couldn’t. I don’t know how long it was happening, but I tried to call out God’s name and couldn’t. What woke me up was I screamed out loud “HELP!!!!” And all of a sudden it was gone. I immediately got up and left my room to go to the bathroom and I had tears in my eyes and thanked God for protecting me and allowing me to get free. Nothing like that has ever happened to me, Ever! It was the most terrifying thing ever. I’ve never had sleep problems, except that I have always been a light sleeper, that’s all. I really felt that something was trying to kill me. I didn’t hear any noises and no one spoke. It was extreme quietness. I swear it was a demon or something because I am a God fearing woman and I believe that demons try to scare people away from God. No doubt, I am terrified, but God protected me. Whatever it was woke me up around 4 something this morning and I haven’t been back to sleep yet. If anyone can tell me what I need to be aware of after this, I would really love to know. Thank you.

  155. Savannah Reply

    I just experienced it was taking a nap before work and I was asleep for about an hour and I felt awake and I could feel something sitting on my back and I couldn’t move and i don’t know if y’all believe in ghost but our house is haunted and so I freaked myself out more and it was sitting on my back and rubbing the back of my legs towards my butt and it got off and I tried to run down stairs to my mom and she was down there with my stepdad and right when I said am I really down here I felt my whole body pull all the way through my house to my bed and I felt me fall back on my bed and it woke me up and I know how that sounds rediculous so I just came outside and now I’m sitting here

  156. Miqueal Reply

    To the people having sleep paralysis if it keeps occuring over and over and you can’t breathe a demon has attached to you i suggest u ask a pastor for a cleansing of your mind body and soul demons dont have to take over your body to be deadly but by attaching themselves to you follow you everywhere which is why you feel their presence especially if you see a dark figure

  157. Le’Aja Reply

    hello I recently just experienced what I believed to be sleep paralysis, it’s my first time at my best friends house before I went to bed I felt something watching me , but I didn’t think anything of it. I woke up and went to the bathroom like normal and came back to bed to go back to sleep. While I was “dreaming” I had a dream that it was a ghost that wouldn’t let me out the house or the bedroom I’m in and when I tried to wake my bestfriend and her cousin up they didn’t budge , everytime I left the room I ended up right back in it and when I finally woke up my body was shaking and I couldn’t breathe or speak and I bursted out in tears. idk if this helps but my best friends grandma has ashes of her dad in the house . I’m actually pretty traumatized right now because this was my first time experiencing something like this

  158. Jeremy Myers Reply

    I didn’t start having sleep paralysis til I returned from overseas. When I have them its the strangest feeling in thrle world where I see what’s on the tv if its on the exact time on the clock and everything but I can’t move a muscle and I’m trying to yell for help but nothing comes out and I have stayed like that for almost 10 min one time. I have tried ready about it and people say try and relax or move a finger etc… Buy nothing has worked and it freaks me out everytime I have an episode.

  159. Ladyb Reply

    I’ve experienced this a few times.Im not sleeping but trying, and next thing you know, a pressure over my ear my ear, like something is trying to enter my body. I cant move, i starting praying ” No evil entity shall trespass against me. No spirit that is not of god shall come before me .”I continue to speak/pray. Please understand I am not a reborn christian, but honestly when I start to pray, the ugly picture of whatever is before me and this feeling literally stops, and i notice, my heart is racing. This is scary,and the fact that some others have experienced this tells me Im not crazy.

  160. Alexa Reply

    I was attacked in my sleep once the stuff on this website is fake

  161. Joe Reply

    I don’t know what’s happening ’bout me. Been in the situation for the 3rd time this November 2020. I’m conscious that I’m sleeping but I can’t figure out why I’m awake. First thing it happened was, I’m thinking and decided to walk around the room but when I sat on the bed, I saw my friend sleeping so tight and the frightening part is when I saw my self sleeping too. I didn’t panicked but when I look at the bed beside my sleeping body, there, I saw a black person sleeping beside me and the other one is looking at me beside the door. I decided not to stand and think that I need to go back on my sleeping self. It happened for the third time. The weird part was I’m aware of what’s happening around me, I know what the person was doing beside me and even saw myself sleeping. It’s weird cause I can sense something when I’m awake then I can see them If I sleep and when I separate form my body. Donno what’s happening 🙁

  162. Nazia Nawshin Reply

    also i guess i see like some colors too like dark blue I guess also, I was not fully sleep too proof I remember i see my chair in my bedroom

  163. Raven Reply

    It’s a really scary thing. I honestly believe it’s a real demon. It started happening to me when I was 10. The first time it happened(when I was 10) i was asleep on my bunk bed (on the top. I woke up and the only thing I could move was my eyes and out of the corner of my eyes I saw this girl and you could obviously tell it was a demon or some type of evil spirit , it had really long black hair and she was wearing a dress it was either white or black but I don’t remember. She was whispering in this language that I couldn’t understand and she was laughing at me. I was so scared so I tried to yell for help but I couldn’t open my mouth, so the only thing I could do was mumble was “help” “God please help” and right when I said “God please help” I was able to move and the girl freaked out and flew off the top bunk of the bed into the floor below. One reason I don’t believe it’s sleep Paralysis is because I was able to move after I said “God please help” and was able to see her fly off the bed into the ground. Another reason I don’t believe it’s sleep paralysis is because ever since that night(I’m 16 now) every time I have a nightmare it’s of the same girl(demon). In the dreams she’s either crawling on the walls, standing in door ways, tormenting me by scaring me, making fun of me and stuff like that. When I was probably 12 or 13 I started getting creepy feelings so i would always yell “God is bigger than the boogey man, and he’s watching out for you and me” (it’s a song from a child hood movie) when I was ever scared. Well one time I went to bed and I had a dream and in the dream I woke up to my little sister singing the song in her bed ( we shared the same room) except after she got done singing the part “God is bigger then the boogey man” she turned her around and looked at me with this creepy smile and said “SIKEEEE” but the voice when she said sike was the same voice of the girl demon that I always see. Every time I have nightmares it’s of the same girl I saw when I was 10. The dreams are always different though and at different places.I moved to a different house like 2 years ago and I for a long time I didn’t see her so I thought maybe it was just connected to my old house because all my siblings said they were scared of that house to when they were younger and that they would hear and see stuff too. So I was happy that the bad dreams finally stopped and if I ever did have bad dreams it didn’t involve her.But then all of a sudden these past two week she’s starting to appear in my dreams again. I just wanna know why it’s happening.

  164. Cammy Reply

    My sleep paralysis demon changes for starters should that happen? And seconders recently it stopped to a creepy guy and hasn’t changed back also I feel like I see him whilst I’m awake and not having sleep paralysis should this be happening either? And if not or so what should I do about it

  165. Joe Reply

    If you say, “Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior” again and again, the paralysis will get slightly worse as the figures become angry and scared. Then it will quickly end. I’ve had sleep paralysis since 2012 and figured out that the paralysis figures in my room are scared of Jesus Christ’s name.

    If you don’t believe in Jesus, go ahead and try it. See if I’m wrong.

    “What have you to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are—the Holy One of God.” Mark 1:24

  166. Poky Micro Reply

    I couldn’t claim a full nights rest in 35 years. Perhaps, we are all on a different level of consciousness. Also, we know we are energy, which can only be transferred, never destroyed.

    Anyhoo, I won’t go through the hundreds of terrifying experiences of my life. I am never paralyzed. If these “things” wake me, I can glimpse them for about 10-12 seconds.

    Last night, I feel something staring at me, (survival instincts are hypersensitive). I know I should not turn over, but I HAVE to check if it’s an intruder. So I roll, and right in front of my dresser (no end table), is a frail man. He is about 5f-9i by comparison to my dresser. He has a weird flat top hair cut, that is slightly overgrown, but still gelled in place. His skin tone is gray-ish, but he is not at all transparent, as is my norm. He is solid, with old leathery skin. His face reminded me of a bird, in the way his nose was thin, like my own. His neck veins were exceeding pronounced, causing the suprasternal notch to look further sunken. He was wearing a very short necklace (France and Germany Star, from my research). The oddest thing was his “suit”. He was fully dressed in silk plaid vest – gold, green, interlocking red (christmas-y, I know, hilarious *eyeroll*), white long sleeve shirt (no sheen), ugly sage taupe slacks, and broken in black dress shoes. You would think it comical, but not with it looking over you. He didn’t make any motion, just stood their looking at me, as to assess my character, or decide if I were up to some sort of standard. I have a remote for my full lights. I cut them on as soon as I could gather a thought. The being dissipated, nano seconds before the suit.

    I have limited precognition (particularly close to someone, I will be “told” if they are to be in distress, danger, or die). Don’t get excited, this has only happened maybe six times, for major events. People don’t believe, so the whole ordeal is annoying. Then you can argue, if you tell them, and they think about all day, does that contribute to the event occurring?

    I’m sorry, getting off track. I should note, I’m not religious, prone to hysteria, or an attention seeker. Only my spouse knows, I suffer nightly. You get sent to a funny farm, for speaking about the unknowable.
    I don’t take medications. My doctor declared no signs sleep apnea (low OX would cause hallucinations). I don’t drink or dabble in drug use. I stay away from news reports entirely (thank you web tv choices), and refuse to watch horror films. I work a dull regular job, no beyond the veil talk. Why the universe or my brain, is so very locked onto frightening imagery, is beyond me.

    *Interrupting thought* I wonder if I have a heightened flight or fight response, triggering some chemical biological response, causing these “apparitions”? Does my hypercussion, above average vision, and hyper-sensitivity to stimuli, over load the transmitter (brain) to the point where the information being relayed is not accurate?
    –OR are we all just interconnected yarn, pull here, unravel another, a million miles away?

    I’d like to go to sleep for a couple of years. *Yawn* I’m so very, very diminished . When I die, I’m never waking anyone. You’ll see me appear in a coffee shop at 11:45am 😉 Promise!

    I’m 95% sure I’m not crazy. I try to read as much as possible, posts explaining how most phenomena can be scientifically tested and recreated. If you get an EMF reading in your kitchen-prolly the fridge. Things fall off the counter, tiniest of tremor or settling house. One door closing, tunnel effect , from other windows/doors.

    I have so much time to read. If I’m not in 100% control, the hours get complicated.

  167. Chase Reply

    It happened to me 3x in total. Last time it happened I was sleeping on the couch on my side & I heard foot steps walking and the door rubbing on the carpet when opening. My eyes opened but I couldn’t turn around to look. I Was only able to see my 2 year old on the couch with me on her iPad. I was muted. Then I was able to move after a couple of seconds of being paralyzed.

  168. Truth Reply

    Tormenting spirit back to hell !!!!!!!
    In Jesus name !!!!!!!!!

  169. Thaya Reply

    It happing to me all the time maybe will skip for couple of days and come back same As Kimmie IAM also experiencing the same things,I thought IAM stressing to much bt no since was young I’ve been going through this situation,IAM n my 30’s now .I can feel the presence of a force coming close time ,even doors opening but I always fight with these demons and call God’s name I’ve learner to be strong i couldnt sleep alone bt now it becoming better cause when ever thy come IAM always fight even though it draining me I dnt have solutions,I appreciate with these post because IAM not the only one who going through this,In my opinion I believe it Ghost or demons .it follows you where ever you go.The sad part u start to loose confidence ABT yourself,recently midnight I saw a woman wearing a blue dress starring at me while was sleeping I quickly shouted she run away ,sometimes will hear something opening the door thn I know it in my room.This exhausting and not funny I dnt believe in these science researchers this is reality not dreams.I normal use insence they say it chase the negative energy and also we normal used it to communicate with our ancestors still it not working.when I dream of something it happens not everything bt also I can pick up bad energy around me it easy . ..thank u I will still look for solutions we are not here to suffer ..ISE

  170. Beautiful Being Reply

    It’s not everything that happen to our body is medical you know ….. that happen when your spirit leaving ur body (believe it or not when we sleep or spirit leaves our body that’s why we dream) so if the spirit never comes back that’s when we dead . At time ppl might wake or not in deep sleep so that’s why they experience that. And another reason is if an evil spirit is sent to bother u , sleep with u or just want to ride u that happen and even if u are in the room with someone and u screaming for help they won’t be able to hear u ..,, I hate when I see questions and they give so much medical terms … I’ve being experiencing that from young and still have it but all u need to do is pray or tell it to get the F off u (that’s what I do especially when it’s regular like it can leave and few seconds come back all I do is pray cause evil comes in different form ….

  171. Beautiful being Reply

    It was a typo ….. when this happen a doctor can’t give you anything to help . It’s not a medical condition… u need to bless or pray throughout ur home . Smoke it out with sage . Maybe get a white candle put it close to ur bed with a clean glass of what . If you believe in the bible read psalm 23 before going to bed … there’s 2 sides of us physical and spiritual when we asleep our spirit leave and go to the spirit world which is why we might dream and be in another place. While that spirit leaving we experienced that or when it’s about to come back ….. and if we living in a place where when it’s haunted and we don’t know and a spirit living there they can cause that or maybe someone wants to be with u and u don’t want them they will do charm to have u and u can experience that also . Am typing facts u don’t have to believe what I am saying but I just thought I should share because they make it seems as though everything is medial and they give u medicine to mess u up ……Ps prayer is the key to everything in life . All this comment I wonder who pray every morning as they wake up and last things before going to bed ??

  172. dean hand Reply

    one of my kids is having this same problem for the last 10 years it getting worse being held down in the sleep the feeling of being dragged out of bed and hovering above the bed dragged up the walls and mega extreme dreams being harmed in her dreams seeing and talking to men in her sleep that are trying to kill he and rip her baby in half having to fight evil men in her sleep i am shocked to see so many posts here so many people having the same problem after ten years of trying to help in many ways from telling him to leave go in the light going to get blessed wearing a cross turning to god desperately ether theirs some thing in the food we are eating these days or the water but gee so many people with the same problem or we are really having a problem with demons in this world now very hard to get rid of them some thing is not right here i am at a lose here how to help me children i am seeing and reading so many post of kids so young having this problem its unreal wear a cross get blessed turn to god get help from family try not to think about it like a memory file it away and many new memory’s before sleeping the demon does smell bad like a dirty dead man has not showered for years sweaty rotten old man krystel said she see’s him all the time a tall man wearing a dry as a bone cote with no face often with a 12 year old girl that following him at times wearing a white dress the girl is not a demond she is a ghost looking for a loved one like her dad or a family member doing the family tree and tracking down a family member will help with her just ask her next time she talks to you normally just before you go to sleep or fall in a deep sleep she will talk to you ask her what her dads name is she will respond in a few mins with a name this will help try to tack down a family member but this tall man is a demond normal will not hurt you but will mess you up in your mind and while you sleep that’s why were are here reading and texting to find help we will do any think to get ride of him and have all ready tried many things burning sage having the house blessed and the kids wearing a cross going to bed early nothing is working and its getting worse to the extreme point were we just don’t go to sleep at night only in the day time for some resign none of this don’t happen in the day time for us this is my fix for most of you its simple DONT SLEEP AT NIGHT ONLY THE DAY TIME this is the only thing that has worked for black out curtains and a face mask sleep in the day time.its the only way that i know of any help we want it.

  173. Krystel Reply

    So scientists think they know all this but they are stupid.
    As my father (dean hand) said above ive been fighting this man for years. We have had the house blessed and they wouldn’t enter my room, the cats and dogs will not go into my room either. I’ve always had horrible horrible dreams but last night was the worst so far.
    I could of sworn I see him last night standing at my doorway but I just ignored it and checked on my 4 month old baby and then forced myself to sleep. I had this horrible demon nightmare where they stole my little baby boy and I was running around trying to save him and this tall aboriginal man died right in front of me and then somehow he had my baby in the dream and I had to kill him and the lady to get my son back alive there was blood everywhere it was so scary if you actually seen it was like a horror movie. And when I looked the man in the face after I killed him I could see myself dead and in dreams it’s very impossible to ever see yourself or your own face but I could see myself and they where pulling my baby’s arms and legs off before his head so I had to kill this man to save my baby. Every other night I have a bad dream at 3am that my baby is floating in the air being taken away and I scream DAVID stop please David leave him alone David take me take me please David leave him alone I’m begging for him to leave my son and then when I wake up I check my son straight away and he’s just moving as if he was just put back down in his bed each time I have these dreams i can’t move, speak or anything and I can hear someone breathing on top of me, the warmth of his body it’s like he’s holding me down and I can’t scream move or anything. I woke up out of my dream and I got pulled straight back into it and when I woke up again I went straight to my son and he was asleep. I got up to have a smoke and wake up out of it and I came outside and told my dad what happened as we have had demons here before I moved out dad said he hasn’t had a problem since I left and as soon as I came back dad felt him there too. So I was having a smoke telling my father my dream and I felt this warm person standing right next to me and I felt someone holding my should tighter snd tighter to the point it hurt and I screamed dad he’s here come stand next to me help help screaming for me life my dad came and stood right next to me and told him to leave go into the light I’m here I’m protecting the girls and the house you have no reason here leave right away. My father said that when he came to scare him away from me that he felt him he touched him as my dad grabbed my shoulder he said he could feel how warm it was and he has goosebumps everywhere. I went into a panic and almost had a heart attack I couldn’t breathe and was scream crying my dad was trying to get me to breathe. As soon as my dad sat back down he came back and pulled my hair my father seen my head go back and he jumped up straight away thinking he was dragging me and dad said he’s never seen him actually touch me until it looked like my neck was being snapped backwards.
    We have had people bless the house, we have been blessed, I wear a cross necklace, we burn sages we have had a priest here, aboriginal priest no one would go into my room so I’m currently breaking my back sleeping on the lounge with my son in a cot on the floor. I really really need help I need him gone I can’t keep having these dreams and dealing with him anymore it’s getting worse and worse.

    • Viv Reply

      You should speak to my pastor. He is quite good at this things.

  174. Billie Reply

    All of you guys are talking about seeing things, “feeling” certain feelings. My reality dreams are different, I believe. I have all five senses on. I smell, see, I feel touches, hear, oh but even more! I reason! I think and examine things in this state. I am aware things are not normal while they are happening so I implement real life facts and try to solve the puzzle. I wake up and still feel what I have felt in my “reality dream”.
    Last night I felt air moving on my right side and the coldness of the stream so I wake up… I knew someone was there and I could smell the familiar manly scent but could not pinpoint is it my son or my boyfriend. He stood next to me and touched and smelled the back of my head, my hair, my neck. With his body being leaned on my, he wouldn’t allow me to see him. But I could clearly feel his beard gently and lovingly poking my neck. He whispered don’t worry it’s me… I knew I should be scared but I wasn’t. I was puzzled how did he get inside my house. Only my son had the key but he would never do this as it is not normal for son to do this. My boyfriend has no key! I can’t open my eyes and I’m trying. I open eyes and see the man but it’s pretty dark so I still don’t see who is it. I’m overwhelmed but the feeling is there’s and I’m aroused so I pray to God that it’s my boyfriend as it would be more “normal”. But it isn’t and I know it, and I think frantically how did “he” get here, why me, why this way… I shout OMG OMG OMG! I hold the guy and want to hold him while I’m doing this to catch him so I could see who is he. Wake up to my empty arm in the air but still feeling the pokes of his beard on my neck and the feeling I am holding something but can’t see any more what is it. I sit up in my bed thinking what just happened and how is it possible. It is not a “dream” it’s something else… I can’t explain and I’m sad that I can’t. I’m not superstitious, I’m pretty educated both in science and spiritually. However, this I a mystery to me. I have those every once in awhile, on average, every 5-7 years. And I remember them more than I remember what I had for dinner last night. Every time the experience is full, unexplainable, and puzzling. Is it my brain? Why would “other world creatures” come to me and do this? Why me? Why every so rarely but so realistically? Am I having brain problems? Am I so unlucky? It is important to mention I fly in my dreams, I am able to refresh the dream and steer in my ways so I dream what I like to dream. But this”state” is different. I can’t, I’m not in control, yet it is real! And scary… Help?

  175. Ruth Reply

    These are demons! Final. When I was 7 it came to me, when my grandma was just laying beside me. It climbed the bed. Tightened it’s hand around my throat. I could see through it. It had weird spots on its body. Years later I saw something identical in a Nigerian movie, it was a ghost of death or something like that. That night had plead the blood of jesus. Whether you believe me or not. I heard that thing fall to the ground and scramble out of the room. It fell something. That’s my prove. The next morning my cousin was sweeping the courtyard, she found a hand print marked on the floor. I had told her this before and she did not believe when she saw this handprunt she became spooked and said I drew it. But deep down I knew she knew it was impossible to draw that. Me a 7 year old, I couldn’t draw a stick how could I draw a hand like that?and mine was too small to compare. She was only trying to deceive herself. Recently I had it again. I was being electrocuted or something. I could move my fingers and legs. I could even move my head to the right side but not left or up. What ever this was, was on my neck. I could hear it and feel it on my ears. I could barely see the cloudlike shadow as it moved oddly. It sounded aggressive and something told me it was hungry. It’s mouth was on my neck. There was no mark when I woke up. But everytime I pray that place feels tingly like something is about to come out. Tell me what they are if not demons.

  176. Lavie Reply

    I was sleeping when a dream came up the worst nightmare I ever had. I only slept for 35 minutes. Im still having problems sleeping since that day i sleep only when I see the sun rising it is so hard cause the dream haunts me it’s hard to sleep at night. Im scared of the dream ever coming again. Please pray for me I’m traumatized by this

  177. Vivian Reply

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  178. Yosoy oneson Reply

    I respectfully tell you, from my experience and the help of the God of spirits. Don’t be afraid of spirits. Thank God they must give them that they still have some spirit, yes, because that is the reason that they can see, hear and feel them. Spirit is everywhere, it simply learns to coexist with them; Taser gun evil spirits use taser gun and they leave, although the most convenient for you is to create a closer relationship with God Yhwh the only true God and Yoshua the Messiah.

  179. Traian Reply

    I often feel something staying besides me in bed , when I try to reach it( with my spiritual hand say – so ) it just slowly bites my hand , sometimes whispers in ear . It has a feline like head ; with fangs . I often fight it , like fucking punch it . I know it sounds hillarious

    I feel like it is very personalized and based on my own fears, maybe insecurities . I sometimes get freaked by it and just snap out and fall right into sleep paralysis again , encountering this creature over and over 20 times + , until I wake up for good.

    Sometimes I just go straight into lucid dreams and don t meet the creature so often . The best option is to befriend it , relax and not be scared . It is just a brain hallucination , people , stop fucking involving religion into this because if you think it s a demon , the experience will be much more horendous . Yes ,my first experiences were also demonic like ,until I learned how to be less scared , more relaxed, just accepted it

    • Dean Thorpe Reply

      It’s OK that YOU don’t believe it’s a demon but shame on you for having the nerve to tell others what to or not to do or believe.

  180. Alec Taylor Reply

    In the night i had a scary dream i kept waking up and when it ended i woke up and started crying 🙁

  181. Dean Thorpe Reply

    I’m shocked by the amount of comments here.
    I had been free of this for a couple months but my demon came back last night and it was different. The difference last night was it remained invisible to me whereas it usually appears as a dark shadow.
    The other difference was it muted me.. I kid you not it muted my voice inside my head. It muted the word light. It was the strangest thing actually my own voice inside my head just as that as I write this.. And it muted me every time I said light… I’m still struggling to get my head round it.
    I saw some mention a relation to ringing in ears or excessive white noise and I too have found this almost always is either noticeable as soon as I get in bed or comes on just before the attack. Distorted radio feedback sounds (screeching) used to be common with my experiences. Also the inside head voice responding to my inner voice mocking me, laughing etc.
    Choking for me not so much more just well OK it’s choking but not so that I choke if you know what I mean it’s the physical sensation but I never feel like I can’t breathe as such, it’s more just an assault.
    It was sexual only once.
    Mine usually last up to 20 minutes but I’ve had longer.
    Once my partner observed me laughing in what she described as the most sinister evil laugh she has ever heard in my sleep and I had to be honest and tell her… That wasn’t me it was my visitor. Thing is in this case I must have been asleep so that’s confusing. I used to (during these attacks) call out to my gf for help, unable to distinguish between outward and inward voice, I would hear my gf speak and even see her get up, sometimes scream abuse at me and leave before revealing to still be asleep in bed.
    I have had periods of months where I suffer every night, sometimes twice in one night and have also had months without a visit.
    I have found sleeping sitting up seems to avoid this happening and sleeping on my back seems to trigger but I’ve certainly had it elsewise (including last night)
    I also not always, but often manage to have my astral self come out and confront the demon but I still can’t defend against it and it pushes me back in. I can reach for something, say the corner of my bedside table, I can feel its weight I can even feel and see it lift but upon attempting to wield it its back in place.
    Same with my limbs, I’m tearing myself out of my body to fight back and I can see myself move only to snap back in place. The strength I Excert is real and the effects are notable afterwards.
    For a while I convinced myself this was just a dream, a remarkable ability for me to snapshot my point of view and dream so vividly but… Its not, its real and I think… Well I hope I’m wrong but I’m guessing the goal of these beings is to kill or possess.
    Well I got kids and that ain’t happening. I just have to be in good spirit when going to sleep, meditate before I’m too tired to do so, stuff like that and stay strong.
    I used to cuss the hell out of my visitor, never helped, just got him laughing at me, I tried calling to jesus but I just got laughed at BUT I’m not Christian so this may be why. although I do believe in jesus and God I don’t quite limit myself to those teachings although I don’t mean to dismiss Christianity in full or even suggest it’s not in its own right full. I just personally follow the law of one but jesus exists all the same..
    Anyway, the “you can leave, you can’t touch me I am a being (muted—>) of light” is more natural to me and when he was able to mute my inner voice.. More than that..all inner sound.. Well that’s just playing dirty. I’ll have to up my game cos he sure as heck just upped his.

    Of course perhaps this is the reaper and perhaps he is there to tempt only or even to merely observe as whatever is happening inside happens. Perhaps he is just there to give me a chance to say “OK I’m ready” I don’t really know but he is not welcome.

    For every single one of you who have commented their own experiences and everyone reading… I don’t know you but I love you. It will be OK, it will ALWAYS be OK. You, like myself , are perfect and such energies are attracted to you because of the prestige that they would gain should they manage to break such a remarkable and fabulous being.
    Send them packing every time and let it make you stronger, consider every attack you survive to be a victory if you can (I know it doesn’t feel like it) and I think it might help.

    Thanks for reading xxxx

  182. Dean Thorpe Reply

    Further to my above post I went upstairs at 12.30pm. I called out to any spirits present to explain their actions and to do so during the day.
    I laid down and within seconds the distorted sounds came and I was paralysed. I heard what sounded like radio chatter (walkie talkie style) the dominant voice was female, I invisioned a red headed angel for some reason. I felt threatened though. I was asking questions but I was not getting answers I could understand. I was awake, when it ended and I was up only 15 mins had passed from when I went upstairs and I’d say the event was 2 mins and in real time.
    An odd thing, in the corner of my eye I could see the ceiling, you know those almost invisible light coloured spiders with the Long legs and tiny bodies? A very large one of those appeared to be moving slowly on my ceiling above me, when the event ended and I was up it was still there but out of focus, I grabbed my phone and voice messages my gf to come up as she was making her way up the stairs it faded. I was left standing there as my gf entered. I should point out that whilst I felt threatened and was paralysed I wasn’t assaulted in any way but it coming upon me laying down whilst evidently still awake was the confirmation I really didn’t need.

  183. Chrystal Reply

    I started sensing that a man, or something that presents its self as a man, is very close to me at night. Like standing over me, walking around me. Then the little noises start as if to get my attention. I started praying when I sensed it after awhile, and I am not very religious but I prayed that if “God” or whoever was real to please protect me. A few months went by and I was able to sleep peacefully.. until last night. I was trying to sleep and within minutes of laying down; I could sense “it” around me. I did not move. Tried to not think about it. And then the noises started. Sounds of things being moved, the pressing against my bed; as if it get my attention. I could not sleep for the life of me; until my 3 year old came into the room and laid with me. Only then the sense of something else being near left. Is this really going to start happening all over again?

  184. William Samuel Reply

    I have had all of those experiences all my childhood. Am 27 years old, and am still experiencing it. I need your help and advice

  185. William Samuel Reply

    Iam from Nigeria. So we believe in ghosts, demons, witches, all supernatural activities. That’s why I don’t believe in this sleep paralysis or, whatever you called it. This shit is real. And, it’s something demonic. Prove me wrong. 1. Why is it that most of the occurrences are night. 2. Why does it always happen in the dark. 3. Why does the name of God the father, son, and holy spirit drives it away. 4. Why does it always happen at 3pm (demonic hour). And 5. Why does one always wake up tired, cold, having goosebumps, dread, and pain in that particular place where the unknown entity holds you. Please i need those that believe in Sleep paralysis to explain all this to me. Because am freaking confused

  186. ZeRoW Reply

    About the 4-5th time that happened to me in my life. I was in bed trying to goto sleep and all of a sudden it becomes hot (Keep in mind that the heater is not on) I fall asleep with the door opened a little because my brother is on the other side of the door playing games. I fall asleep for a good 3-5 minutes only to be woken up and paralyzed. I can look yet i cannot move (my lips which i can bite a little only to try and wake me up) The moment that i was becoming aware it was a sleep paralysis was when i heard sound coming next to me as if someone had gotten on the bed with me (My bed makes sounds when it moves or something heavy is about to lay down on the bed) This is when it gets really scary. The sound as if it is sneaking up on me and as if it’s moving the blanket off of me. I look around yet i see nothing, i can still hear my brother playing games and shouting but cannot move. I start to try and bite my lips to wake up and even try closing my eyes, which in my case made it worse. I feel something right in front of my face as if i feel a certain presence. Not sure if i saw correctly but i opened my eyes as fast as i could and at the corner of my EYE. I SAW A HAND AND A FACE QUICKLY DISSAPEAR. The size was about that of a small hand (about the size of a doll) that was on the top of my face and quickly dissapearing. At this point is which i woke up and was so scared and so i yelled for my brother. I had told him what happened and we had both tried to sleep. (This is where it gets interesting, don’t know if this is just perfect timing or anything) While we were trying to sleep my brother had played some music only to be paused which we had to press play again (We have good connection and it never buffers) About 8-10 minutes into playing the music again after it stopped, my LED lights sticking on my room started to peel off but i didn’t know this. My brother was the one that heard it ripping ( I was halfway into falling asleep so i couldn’t hear as well and not enough energy to get up) We had both gone to sleep and it was really hot (Heater was not on) Woke up in the morning to stick my LED Lights with pins and tape to ensure it NEVER falls again on “accident” or at such a perfect timing. Sharing my sleep paralysis experience. Had not felt this in forever so i’m just reaching out to all of you who had similar experiences. And also get this, before this certain sleep paralysis happened, one of my older brothers had claimed to see a ghost while my other brother says that we are just thinking too much which is not good for your health. I honestly think that it’s just a messed up sleeping schedule because today was when i slept an hour or two earlier than before.It was about 11-12 At midnight. Also i’m shaman (a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits, especially among some peoples of northern Asia and North America. Typically such people enter a trance state during a ritual, and practice divination and healing.) I was not that scared as to what was happening, mainly the fact that i was just pissed because of not having a great sleep after a long day. Thanks for reading!

  187. naomi Reply

    Recently my sister experience something scary and it did happen once with me before
    She was sleeping and felt like someone grab her by her feet , years ago i experience this too but it stop with me
    And just after my sister experience the same the next day i was sleeping i was all alone it was daytime i felt like someone was breathing, That breathe was so close to me but i paid no attention still i think of it

  188. Tyler Reply

    One of the things I notice here, and elsewhere, is that most people who suffer from sleep paralysis have horrible writing skills, punctuation, grammar, and typing skills in general. I wonder if this is possibly related to some kind of mental phenomena going on..

    Usually I notice that people who type without punctuation, and it doesn’t bother them (especially when they re-read what they wrote, and are OK with it,) lack punctuality, they’re chaotic, disordered..

    Perhaps there’s something about the mental functions of these people in general that lend to the inability to transfer from a state of deep physical peace, to a state of wakefulness.

  189. Connor Reply

    For me this has happened since I was about 10 or 11…all of the side effects such as I’m unable to move, breathe, speak. I wake up from it absolutely exhausted from fighting it and I feel physically punished almost a painful vibrating pressure from the demon I fear. I actually just woke up so startled I immediately came to the Internet. I’m glad this article gives me some peace and knowing one I’m not crazy nor the only one that deals with this. Unfortunately at the moment the precautions such as having a definite bed time, and not drinking alc or caffeine before bed is hard for me at the moment. I hope just reading this someone can relate or put someone’s mind more at ease.

    • Talha Reply

      I can cure this disease in one week. You can contact me on my WhatsApp no. +923069281264

  190. Joey Spicer Reply

    I’m pretty sure this just happened to me I was having a weird dream that I was trying to fall asleep on the couch adjacent to the one I had already fallen asleep on then I heard someone sit in the recliner and prop the legs up and I was like its 4 in the morning everyone’s asleep. So I quickly tried to get up and open my eyes and it felt like someone hit me with some kind of freeze gun I was stuck halfway up with my eyes closed for about seconds. It felt like being stuck at the bottom of a 10ft deep pool. My mind immediately went to some advanced alien race was studying me and I tried to wake up and catch them so they hit me with some advanced technology to make a getaway. Luckily I found this page cause I’m a everything has an explanation kind of person and this totally makes sense. Thank you

  191. Cassius Reply

    I’m only 16, but I’ve been having sleep paralysis since i was about 9 years old. And yes this only happens when I sleep on my back or my right side. And it’s very scary because sometimes I’m able to open my eyes adn when I do I’m able to move very very slowly. But when I cant open them I try to move my head. But my head and neck start to shake and then a few seconds go by and im able to move but after it feels like in entity just left my body. And I’m afraid to look up because I’m afrad someone/something i just staring me dead in my face. And I don’t know what to do. Also this happened recently I had sleep paralysis but i was able to inch my way around to get my body turning the other way. And all I saw was I dark yellow around my room and someone just walking slowly to the side of my bed. And once I saw it I immediately broke out of it and turned the other way. But today I’m glad i found this website and tried to figure out whether its something scientific, or ghosts. And I think I’ve officially figured out that it’s “entities”.

  192. Beepbeep Reply

    It’s so scary when u see it or hear a ghost but what I do is pray and cuddle my studies and my cat that makes me feel better.

  193. Skylar Reply

    I’ve been experiencing this a lot lately, and I keep wondering if a demon wants to possess me. I find myself waking up at 3am -ish and not being able to fall back asleep, or when I do I dream of demons attacking me. One of the recent times, I woke up in my room, next to my husband, but I could feel myself not wanting to look at him, I turned on the lamp light, and he said Look at me, and when I wouldn’t, his voice got louder and more gruff – demanding I look at him, but I wouldn’t.
    I yelled out for our neighbors since we live in a duplex but each time I yelled, my voice became softer until I couldn’t yell anymore. I then tried to run out of bed and head for the door but my husband lunged out of bed and tried to intercede my path. He demanded I look at him, I wouldn’t, I eventually started humming a Christian song in Spanish, until the humming got stronger as I got my voice back, and singing it, then my husband collasped and threw up bile, and I woke up.
    This time I woke up in the real world and I shook my spouse awake; he had felt nothing of what happened to me.

    The latest occurrence was this week; I was falling asleep after waking up at 3:30am, my cat was in the bed which is unusual for her, and I was on my side, when I felt a heaviness trying to invade my body. My eyes were opened, and I got my hands in a praying stance, and I started to pray. The presence got heavier but I continued praying, and then I could feel my body getting scorching hot – hot to the point I could feel it in my brain and I thought I’d die. Along with the heat there was a white light. The hotter I got, the brighter the light got, until it all stopped.
    And my body gradually cooled down and I could myself again.
    Like last time my spouse felt nothing.

    I don’t know what’s happening to me. I don’t know if there are demons trying to possess me or if these are just really strong paralysis sleep dreams.
    They’re scary.

  194. B scott Reply

    Scientist garbage, it is demonic, i have pried my mouth open, and said jesus, and immediately it left, or the blood, i have had the bed spin around the room, now when it happens I just start laughing, i know what it is, i had a friend speak n my ear twice while I had my eyes closed and heard something pass by my ear twice, and the second time ist passed by my ear, it hit me n the neck, i jumped up turned the light on , and 2 ladybugs were n my bed, what n this world could have orchestrated my friend speak n my ear twice and 2 ladybugs 2 fly by my ear and hit me,, no doubt the god of this world,, my dad heard my dead Mon call his name twice 1 night, just after she had passed away, it scared him, my uncle saw something n the bedroom, moving the miniblinds, and came and got n bed with him, he told me it happened on several occasions, and that he talked with it thinking that maybe it was some sort of messenger of god, and told him dont be speaking to it but rebuke it n jesus name, the bottom line is greater is HE that is in me , than he that is n the world, f god b for us , who can be against us, no weapon formed against us shall prosper, , amen

  195. Aaron Reply

    Last night I had a really bizarre, creepy nightmare I can’t fully recall (involving eerie TV static sounds and a montage of clips & soundbites from Season 1 SpongeBob episodes, like Sandy flying to the moon) and I woke up close to 3:30 am like Skylar, (3:21 to be exact) to what appeared to be a ghostly, reddish(?), big-eyed demon creature with no mouth standing at the side of bed staring down at me…

    My eyes were wide open when I saw this demonic creature for a split second at the climax of this weird nightmare, until my pet bottom-dweller fish (Plecostomus) woke me up with loud noises.

    Also, for some reason, I was giggling & saying random, nonsensical things to myself in my sleep as the nightmare reached its climax and the demon arrived. I have a tendency to randomly talk in my sleep every once in a while and I don’t know why, but this time it apparently summoned a ghostly demon creature.

    Also, as the nightmare was coming to a close and the awful static got louder, and random, oddly specific clips like Sandy flying to the moon were repeating faster & faster, (right before I opened my eyes and saw the creature by my bedside) SpongeBob and Patrick were yelling out “Squidward!”, from the episode SB-129, where they were trying to find him as he escaped to the time machine.

    My pet fish often makes loud noises by bolting around the tank for a second to wake me up whenever I’m having a nightmare & visibly acting weird, and/or to alert me whenever he senses what might be paranormal activity. That’s his way of telling me something’s not right, or to ‘snap out of it’.

    Dogs & cats are able to detect paranormal activity as well from what I’ve seen on YouTube and that’s why it’s good to have pets around. They can be real life-savers sometimes and pick up on things that humans can’t.

    Also, this wasn’t the first time I’ve witnessed a ‘sleep paralysis demon’ at my bed before fully waking up… Several months ago, I also saw Michael Jackson’s ghost hovering over my bed in a lucid dream once, I saw what appeared to be Satan at my bed once or twice, and I also dreamed on one early Halloween morning (ironically) about angrily yelling at a glowing yellow reaper at the foot of my bed while being possesed…

    I’ve seen & experienced some really crazy things in my lifetime and even witnessed UFOs once in February 2016. I may have also been possesed in bed numerous times and even had nightmares about people I’ve never seen before being demonically possesed right in front of me, including a random Caucasian baby at my deceased grandmother’s house.

    I’ve had some of the weirdest, most frightening nightmares ever since my close brush with death in 2017 where I almost died in a drinking accident… Even just a couple days before the incident, I dreamed I was in Hell at a dinner table with Satan…

    Also, on a lighter note, I had a dream about Donald Trump coming out for his victory speech in 2016 months before it even happened. It kind of seemed like a joke then, but even to this day, I’m still amazed at how accurate that dream was. Very few people believed he had a chance at winning based on the polls, including most supporters.

  196. Buddy Reply

    Around 2014 i suffered from sleep paralysis. I heard like a vibrating stead bass sound for 3 night and on the third night I mustard up the courage to open my eyes. I swear I saw Gods loving eyes gazing upon me. Then I moved a finger and I never saw his Eyes again nor had sleep paralysis. Since thenI have been trying to understand but no luck.

  197. Aaron Reply

    Update: I made sure to sleep facing the wall this time, with no light and my face completely covered so I wouldn’t wake up to a demon by my bedside again, and I had another strange dream I can’t remember at all and randomly woke up at exactly 3:21 am AGAIN today!!…

    I was so spooked that I forced myself to stay awake watching Nascar racing videos under the covers to take my mind off of it until the sun came up in a few hours… I don’t know why this is happening to me all of a sudden and so frequently…

    What does it all mean? Is my family’s place haunted? Am I cursed or something? All I know is I should repent, try to turn from my sins and seek Jesus… It’s times like this I wish I was married so I wouldn’t have to sleep alone… I actually fear the night time now… 🙁

    Also, I forgot to mention that even my Dad had a very similar lucid dream/’sleep paralysis demon’ experience as well about 2 or 3 years ago, and he rarely ever has dreams… He told me he had a nightmare that his bedroom TV was on with static sounds and other strange noises, and there was a weird, demonic creature on the screen…

    • Mercia Reply

      Hi Aaron, I’m not sure if you will see this but if you do, please get back to me.
      I had this experience for the first time ever this morning more or less at 1:30am. I have a really unorganized sleep schedule, I haven’t slept the night before last night so I slept almost most of the day yesterday, then around 1:00am I fell asleep and had a really weird dream, I didn’t think anything of it seeing I occasionally have these weird meaningless dreams, but this morning it was different. This weird thing started happening in my dream, I started biting really hard on my teeth that they started cracking, it happened a few times, then I woke up, my eyes opened and I saw my led lights and suddenly something shut my eyes with force, it pinned my wrist onto the bed holding my chest down and I heard this load noise, I couldn’t hear anything else. Even with my eyes closed I could still see it’s shadow looking down at me, I’m currently 16 and living with my grandmother whom is now 52. I knew she was right next door so I tried calling her name for help, but I couldn’t even move my lips, I tried praying but it got difficult, as if I couldn’t even get God in thought. I eventually tried calming down and think of God, somehow I was eventually set free. I didn’t rush out my room immediately, I first sat up and moved away, thinking if that actually just happened, so I took my pillow and went to my grans to cause I’m terrified, I haven’t slept yet. I feel like I just really need to talk to someone whos been experiencing the same thing

  198. Ona Reply

    Since November 2020 the demon/evil spirit visit me intermittently, every 15 days, before that years would go by with no disturbances. Why is that? Is it bothering someone else when it is not bothering me? And Why do these visitations even happen?! It’s awful, really frightening!

  199. damon Reply

    I have had only one weird experience (with the topic of sleep paralysis my dreams are a whole different story) I couldn’t move. I also couldn’t open my mouth. it was like someone was putting their hand on my mouth preventing me from speaking or breathing. I do not remember if i had my eyes closed or opened but I remember a three days earlier i had a dream of my grandma I asked about her a few days after and I was told she was dead. (this was a long time ago but i just remembered it)
    but yesterday I was telling my friend who is a medium that i wanted to see ghost and then at night i heard a voice i am fifteen. but while other people say 3 is the witching hour i say twelve because that is when two worlds cross. day and night. people still tell me i am paranoid i was a atheist but i think i ll go pray now

  200. damon Reply

    weird i tried saying something else on this topic and the message wouldn’t go through but this one did? weird

  201. Alexis Reply

    im 11 and my mom did something on accident whitch she did not mean to i was sleepwalking and she said i got on the dresser stood straight and tall with my eyes open who knows whats wrong with me now i’m scared to sleep and when i was like that my mom kinda woke me up i became very sick the next day now i hear screams

  202. Pierre Vila Reply

    8 years old I was. I woke up at 6ish sun set. But I felt I couldn’t move. Not only that but I was off my body a few inches high. Like sorta watching from a go pro cam attached to your forehead. That view. But I can’t look around . I can see my peripherals . To my left a window noticed the sunset and imidiatly I recognize the time and relevance of when I went to sleep. I couldn’t say anything . Eyes open . Or was I even using my eyes? Well what I saw next to me is the same you all been seen . But not one but 7 .. as I see these black shadows of men . No face . Too blurry . Also if this helps the research, they not the room but they were pulsating like tall the short thin and fat. But a light pulsation.. like looking at your reflection on the toilet and one drop ripels and distorts your reflection. Similar. Tall short fat thin . Wavelength something. And they moved towards me as to check how I’m doing. Like looking at my body parts . Like doctors. Like I had a team of grim shadows doing or finishing something . No pain.they keept me calm. I didn’t wanna move I was currious i felt like they added or took something from me,no pain. I been trying to reenact or rexperience it. I know right now I can’t imagine the future or what creatures would exist. Can you? Then why a 8 year old thats never even seen a grim reaper or heard of it. No movie . No comic. I barely had toys as a poor child in peru. I used to watch thing like the smurfs or transformers. Play with Legos. Who put those 7 and I will repeat 7 dark figures . I felt they were alien. Not Martians but of other world. I was held down but it was a force they didn’t touch me. Or where they and don’t need to actually touch you. At the end I understand they were energy. You can’t invent it or picture anything if you haven’t seen it ever. Maybe I know them or seen them in another realm . All I know is that they were with me once. I’m looking for them. Let them know. Thanks.

    • Amcla Reply


      I had a very similar experience. A team of 5-7 shadowy figures surrounding my bed. They walked around my bed quickly but strangely, as if time in their realm had sped up. The movements were quick, too quick for earth. I felt calm, but held down and I remember looking up trying to understand. I swear I sensed them looking back at me, as if perceiving me regarding them in that moment. And then all of a sudden they vanished.

  203. Pierre Vila Reply

    May I add . The 7 figures may have been 8 I can’t see if anyone is behind me. I dint feel that. I know 7 I feel 7 is right always have . But I know little as a human. I Def didn’t know about creatures like these. My imagination would never get that cool.and precise. Also the bent down a few times as the pulsate thin fat tall short. They all bend over to examine me . Everyone at the same time . As the fat thintall short wave thing they do. Could be me getting a full blast of some sorta radiowave that made me see them like that . Idk. Thanks for reading my 1rst and only encounter. If you look they don’t come I guess. I was inocent.or innocent minded. Maybe I was attacked or I feel like they took or wanted to take or give idk. I’m looking for round 2 . On Feb 8 I’ll be 38 years old. Not 1 more sleep paralyzes. But can’t wait. I hope I’m ready to ask the right questions. If I can. I’m looking for them. Thanks for reading . I’m no one special.

    • Ash Reply

      i can relate with your comment. its like curving of a dimension?

  204. Pierre Vila Reply

    I must comment again. The pulsating was light as opposit to severe. 3 to my left 3 to my right side of the bed. One by my feet. I felt the one by my feet was the leader. Then I woke up . It truly was 6 is sunset. I once read 12 o’clock or 3 am was crossing times but maybe sunset is where it’s at. I didn’t call God. They had me calm.and curious . No face to scare me with.i try looking but no good blurry. In the end I felt like they released me and I can finally close my eyes. I did. But instantly regret my choice and wanted to look more. No one was there. I was siting on my bed looking around my room. Come back .

  205. Pierre Vila Reply

    Ohh one more thing . I saw colors . I saw them in black shadowy shape of a man made out like wavelength. Like a ommeter,or whatever it’s called the shit that gave life to pong and vidgamesYep fat thin tall short . Wow I’m a g. So i see red is orange sky by my left window peripherally I see them they see me. Wavebendshit for like 2 min ,was able to move I closed my eyes I woke up. Wtf. Lol I will never ever ever forget that visit. Come back soon. What happend that day? What was the plan?what did they want? Was I blessed, cursed. Idk . I do see you guys saying Jesus or god helps . So you know it works. Do it. Your shield is a Bible and your sword is your word.and your words must be in glory. My mom is a jehova witness. I went to church with her in peru 3 times weekly some other days we went door to door. My mom would say look at their faces look as they tell you they got no time today to hear about God. I guess I was in God’s hands or maybe it’s all bull and a coincidence. I have no real personal prof of religion. I do belive in greater beings . Solid liquid whatever. Maybe it was a family that once lived there. Idk. I left to the USA on 11 23 1992 . Left that house never had anything happen after. No ghost no nothing. I find all these fake shit and fakers. I need to find out more .

  206. Pierre Vila Reply

    No hat man shadow. I never seen Freddy or chucky, it was like 1988. I knew about clowns and tmnt transformers. I don’t think blockbuster was blockbuster yet. Not in peru . Not at 7 or 8 years old. I feel like my Inocence expired that night. Like they took what Jesus gave for us to trade , for our lives? Or something. IM NOT CRAZY I SEE SOME OF YOU SEE . I KNOW IM NOT. LOOK AT YALL POST. hit me up about my wavelenght theory I saw in my visitation, did you see it,?.thanks

  207. Pierre Vila Reply

    Hey mercia . You weren’t with your real guardians . I keep hearing that. I was alone . Or I was with my aunt , dog, as a adult is a wife or husband. At that point your guardian is God. At 8 it’s your mom or dad. Not grandma. Aunt , dog , kid. I was alone with 7 . Mom was out of the room somewhere . Idk. Maybe I’m wrong maybe I’m right but it said for research purpose.

  208. Angel Reply

    I have experienced this a couple of times. And I don’t believe for one second it’s a medical condition. I definitely think it’s plain evil. I woke up because I thought I heard someone come in my back door. When I’m in bed I can see down my hallway to my backdoor. So when I heard the sound I opened my eyes scared that someone had broke in. I remember I started to reach for the lamp on my night stand but as I started to move I was on my side and I felt a hand grab my shoulder. I just froze in fear. My eyes were open the whole time. Then whatever it was started pushing me down harder. So I started to turn my head and look over my shoulder to see what was behind me in the bed. That’s when I heard the deepest scariest growling I had ever heard. It didn’t sound like it could come from any animal. It sounded like something so evil. And I felt it’s hot breath on my neck while it was growling. Needless to say I didn’t try to look back again. I just started trying to say Jesus. But all I could do was studder and couldn’t get it out. I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath. But I kept fighting to say his name. When I was finally able to say Jesus out loud everything stopped instantly. After that night I started playing gospel music in my bedroom. I just kept it turned down low. But I didn’t have any problems after that. So I’m sorry but there’s not a doctor alive that could make me believe what I experienced was a dream. I know what I heard and felt. Anyone that’s struggling with this, please believe that just calling on Jesus WILL end this.

  209. Simon Reply

    Glad to see so many also know its demons. These theories about science and the subconscious isn’t right on this topic, and sleep paralysis. These entities are very real and we who experience them or suffer just know it is real. It bothers me that people in white cloaks with no experience of this label us as psychotic because they are ignorant.

  210. Trina Reply

    I have had sleep paralysis since I was in my early 20’s. I was 8 months pregnant with my first child when I first began experiencing them. Over the years I’ve had them off and on and usually I can tell before hand when I’m in danger of getting them. It’s like I get a weird sensation before I go to sleep. Giving me a chance to change my environmental vibe before I go to sleep or make sure someone who I trust is close by while I sleep to help wake me if possible and I always know while sleeping when it’s about to hit me which can be twice as scary but also comforting if I am able to hold on to the lucidity and wake fully before it hits full on. When it does hit full on there is also some night terror that comes with it which really stinks. I think sometimes knowing before I’m going to have them can be harder because I will fight off the sleep as long as possible. I very much believe that it’s a total spiritual issue/attack of sorts. I do have inherited insomnia and sometimes it seems no matter how much sleep I get I can’t wake up until I do. No one else in my family suffers from these except my youngest son would have night terrors when he was 3 he’s now 12 and I havent heard complaint for a while so hopefully he’s grown out of them for good.
    My son and I are both Highly Sensitive Personalities as well and I’m beginning to wonder if that too can play a role in this whole situation. There’s much more to it than what science leads us to believe in my opinion and I don’t think it’s something that should be passed off as a mental issue as society so easily wishes to label things of this nature. I also have been told that since early childhood I also used to talk to angles regularly and have experienced past life situations which started at age 9 as well (although only a couple of times) which was really kinda cool. I generally don’t tell many people about these things since it sounds kinda crazy especially if you’re not one who believes in such things as angles & demons existing. They do if they didn’t there wouldn’t be so many of us who have these types of experiences and Hollywood would not have something to make movies about.

  211. Trina Reply

    Addition to the above comment.
    I too experience the same as most everyone on here. The not being able to move in or out of the terror (run, hide, wake up etc.) yell for help the feeling of suffocating as if someone/thing is choking or wraps the covers around my head so I can’t breathe. When they get really bad it’s only by calling out the name of Jesus that makes it stop.
    Unlike some of the others this isn’t restricted to sleeping in the night vs day for me (although it generally happens at night). I also don’t see whats there; attacking me. I choose not to look (I didn’t like what I witnessed the 1st couple times).
    Generally as far as my typical dreams go I can fly and they are in vivid color most often than not. They have are very real like for the most part and when necessary I can usually sense my ability to control them. I have been told that I’ve also described astral planning in the as well.

    • Talha Reply

      I can cure this disease in one week. You can contact me on my WhatsApp no. +923069281264

  212. Brenda Reply

    Moved into new home fell asleep on couch my fiance.was in his chair. All of a sudden I was being woken up to someone pulling my right arm( I sleep with my arms above my head). So I feel this hand.grab my arm by my elbow and pull it and the hand slides down my arm to my wrist I can feel the palm and fingers and it grabs my wrist harder I thought at first it was my fiance. I can barely open my eyes and I see my fiance in his chair so I start to panic! What’s grabbing me?! My heart races I feel heavy breathing in my ear and face and my arm being pulled harder. I try to scream and nothing comes out. In my head I scream leave me be your not welcome here or allowed to touch me! As soon as I say this I sit up I’m freed I’m breathing hard and start to cry and my fiance was like What’s wrong and hugs me as I tell him something was touching me. Not sure if it was paralysis or what all I know is all.kinds of weird things happen in my home and I’m not the only one who sees it or hears it or feels it!

  213. ertr Reply

    It can be a frightening experience. Try this if it helps:
    Relax and calm the mind, then FOCUS ON YOUR BREATHING !!! in and out, in and out …
    The lung is the one part of your body that is controlled by *BOTH* the concious mind and the sub-concious … focus on breathing will reconnect the two parts of the brain, wake you up right away. Works for me everytime !!!
    Hope that helps !

  214. Javier Reply

    I’ve witnessed a shadowy figure literally forcing my neck and not letting me turn around but I fought it and seen a figure repeating my words back to me Wich was our father who art in heaven” but with a deeper mean voice I’ve had maddddd sleep paralysis but never have I been able to literally see and feel down to the finguers trynna choke me right in front of me like if almost desperate to kill me ……

  215. Javier Reply

    And I am not religious nor am I a saint or a bad person but yet how did I witness such a figure trying to choke me like if almost it was on a mission to kill me doe I did breathe and continued to force myself not to scream cuz it’s worthless and nobody hears but to tryed and turn my neck to what was forcing itself on top of me to choke me and I can legitly say I felt and seen and even can describe the way it was choking me and repeating my own words back to me almost as if it knew what I was gonna do I don’t abuse drugs nor do I believe in satanic shit but never have I truly forced myself to turn and see what it was…..IT ISNT JUST A SLEEP PARALYSIS it’s an entity

  216. Javier Reply

    An entity or I mean if u wanna sound sarcastic a demon or simply period an outline of a human or human shaped entity that was trying to kill me doe as if it had only a certain amount of time to do. It and was repeating exactly what was coming out in my mind as in I thought to my self “our father who art in heaven hollow be thy name” and I felt it repeating those word almost exactly as I said them down to the sonsistancy almost as if someone not here or not alive was trying heavily to choke me or even allot heavier to not have me see it or witness it I have been having sleep paralysis in certain way that I sleep or position how is it even possible for someone to control their sleep paralysis …….. Please need help or ideas of what you guys think I am Not afraid of w.e. it is not do I fear it but I can bet my life it’s not just a sleep “paralysis”””””” that is comlete b.s.

  217. Javier Reply

    This didn’t even happen today but couple of days ago and I can explain it down to the wire almost in a very disturbing way where I can even still feel it upon me but obviously not in the way where I can’t move I love God and can truly say I believe in him but I am not heavily or extremely religious I’ve never killed a person nor have I done serious damage to anyone yet there is for A FACT IDGNF WHAT NOBODY SAYS or has to say against to but there was an entity human shaped all in black I can even remember the pose he had me pinned down on and the more I tried to see it the worse the attack was …….. What was it afraid of or better yet why was it repeating my own words back to me down to a science of what I was gonna say next almost as if it knew me ……. But I do no harm to nobody what is the purpose

    • Pierre Vila Reply

      I had 7 Javier! They just hold you down , they don’t kill you. They can’t. They try . Or maybe take or put something spiritual on you . maybe .

  218. Marie Reply

    I had a very scary dream last night. The room, which is not familiar to me, because really cold, a lamp seemed to light even without a battery and I was woken by my husband, screaming.

  219. Kenzi Reply

    Mel I saw the same thing but in my dream. It started out normal but weird my bedroom was a triangle witch is weird because my bedroom is not. Their was two doors one on the other side and one by my bed. When It happend I started out sleeping than a boy that looked about eight or nine or ten with pitch black hair short hair and pale and big black holes as eyes and he wore all black.That’s so fucking weird that we saw the same thing.

  220. Mekynzie Reply

    Mel I saw the same thing but in my dream. It started out normal but weird my bedroom was a triangle witch is weird because my bedroom is not. Their was two doors one on the other side and one by my bed. When It happend I started out sleeping than a boy that looked about eight or nine or ten with pitch black hair short hair and pale and big black holes as eyes and he wore all black.That’s so fucking weird that we saw the same thing.

  221. Mekynzie Reply

    I have had one sleep paralysis in my life so far. This is what happend. I was sleeping then I heard my bedroom door open and all of a sudden I couldn’t move then I opened my eyes and saw a man that was all black he looked like a shadow he was like 6’5 he was bearing a black mask like a ninja mask it covered his whole face but his eyes I couldn’t see his face very well. He was in the darkest corner in my bedroom and he came up to me and put his knife to my throat and said in a creepy echo like voice im always watching you and ever since I have felt like I have been watched and when I walk I hear food steps and than I would look back and no one would be their. Then I closed my eyes and he was gone and then I could move again. I think he might have been a shadow creature. When I woke up the next morning I had what looked like knife cuts and claw marks down my back. What ever I saw I think it was real I think it was really their.

  222. Nick Reply

    Am 28old male & It’s March 7 2021 long since I had sleep paralysis till today at 5pm,I used to have scarry night paralysis,my room was having mosquitoes so I decided to completely cover myself but after some times idon’t no what uncovered me,before that few minutes ago I dreamt me & mom singing bible songs,I could tell in the I wasn’t spiritual strong because I couldn’t sing fluently,we were in the middle of my formal primary school,my mom just went ,I could after that another lady come started singing also but she just went after a short while,then suddenly I felt or rather my spirit sensed some Spirits in my room,I could familiarize it,I struggled to turn and cover my self but it put pressure on me,I could literally see my clothes being moved by air & my legs being pulled apart…the part that science can’t explain is that it seemed like dream In a dream,maybe the demon wanted me to fool me that it’s just a dream but my spirit could tell me this is not a dream,I struggled to talk I only murmured telling it I know you and told it to leave me alone,it took like 20secs,I was loosing breathe and speech I felt so weak as well,but suddenly it just left….I prayed after I woke up…This is what I can personally say, science can give it reasons but I truly believe such kind of paralysis is more of spiritual thing than medical thing,say for example you want to cross the road and your feel something tell you DONT only to realize that car runs and hits those who were crossing and as a eye witness you narrates saying “My INSTINCT told me not to cross” bro that’s can’t be explained that’s just supernatural,is not your brain it’s just something inside or outside that is more spiritual…that why I conclude spirits exist either good or evil…..and that of Sleep paralysis is more evil than we think coz it fights your body & your spirit, especially when your spirit is weak…. finally I would say the best way to deal it,is pray get close to God or even tell someone to pray with/for you.

  223. Mikayla Duchene Reply

    Last night I was laying on the left side of my body and I was asleep but felt my hand yank my right tragus piercing, I’ve had this piercing before but recently got it re-pierced two weeks ago and it’s like someone grabbed my hand and yanked on the ball of my piercing. I remember my hand coming up to my ear and stopping for a second and then all of a sudden I grabbed the ball and pulled really hard. I remembered an immense amount of pain and had covered my ear with my hand right after and I knew it had pulled the flat back part of the piercing in my ear into my piercing hole so I remember pushing the ball back into my ear so it was normal fitting again. I looked at my fingers for blood and didn’t see any so I fell asleep again. This morning I checked my ear and there is blood that filled my ear and the ball outside of my ear. I’m 22 and I have never done this or played with my ears in my sleep or tugged on my earrings.

  224. Jaylin Noyes Reply

    Hi! I have felt like I can “sense” when there is a presence and I have used a spirit box at my grandparent’s house after “sensing” that there was a presence and it was the same person who I had felt that my mom had seen after their funeral. I don’t sleep a full 8 hours and my sleep schledule is always messed up. When I feel a presence I can immediatly describe what they look like and they are all female and tall (each presence has more traits) and I have felt what they look like and I have “sensed” four people. One of them are very specific and I feel that they have come forward more frequently. I have a crucifix that hangs on my wall and I decided to experiment one night by taking it down and setting it on my nightstand. The one night that I took it down I felt that presence again and I did not get a good feeling from them. I’m not totally sure what else to say but I can sense when there is someone else with people or sense what might happen in the future (sometimes). I’m hoping for some answers so I hope I can get some from people.

  225. Amanda Reply

    When I get up to go to the toilet and when I go back to sleep. I have notice I been walking up voices in my ears they sounds echoey it sounds like my mum but my mum is alive I have ask her if she has been in my room when I Been a sleep she said no . And today when I was sleeping I can Hear someone is trying to strangle me then I woke up trying to move in the bed but finally they took there hands off me neck and when I turn rd no one is there in my room very scary I have ideas who is this person .

  226. Tiffaney Reffett Reply

    It means you’re an empath and you have a connection with the other side. Be careful with what you say and do during the times you slip to the In between ….something can come back with you.
    And depending on what it is and what it wants, It will poison everything around you, even you. It will eat your soul until you don’t have one anymore because that’s what it wants……it Knows what you’re capable of and that you can destroy it. Find that thing in you that you know is there, that thing that makes you feel different from everybody else. Do you know that feeling you get when someone lies to you?
    Or that feeling you get when someone is hiding something from you that intuition that something is not right. It comes over you So intensely you can you feel it in your stomach, you feel in your chest, you can feel it all over your body. When you find yourself having that feeling hold onto it and use it and let it grow. You’ll notice you will start finding things that you were supposed to find when someone lies to you the truth will be revealed shortly after. Do everything you can to let this energy grow inside you. Because that’s what they want, they don’t want you to find out that you can use this to destroy them …..when you let this energy grow strong and they see that, it will leave you alone… need to l practice this because if something comes back with you And I pray that this Does not happen you…you’re going to need it.

  227. Catherine Reply

    I have had sleep paralysis a number of times over the years.
    Whilst there is a rational explanation, I also believe at times there is not.
    Few years back i had woken up, gone downstairs for a drink, came back up, got back in bed was lay awake on my side contemplating if my day, when I thought my daughter had climbed on my bed the bed went down as if someone had climbed on it. I then had the feeling if being pinned down.
    As i looked up i could see outline of someone, when eventually was let go, this figure got up, i jumped out of bed and confronted this outline of a male figure, screamed dont you ever do that again. More to this, not going to go on.
    Last night went to bed, yes i and as nodding off, then i felt someone jump on the bed and again pin me down, the bed actually moves it what actually gets my attention before the paralysis,
    I can physically feel someone on me.
    I am religious so pray then throw holy water aroud my bed.
    Whilst there is a supposed logical explanation, I sometimes feel there is also another aide ti this.

  228. Summer Balboa Reply

    So, about a year ago I got a chain letter regarding Carmen Winstead, I didn’t think much of it till the morning…. later that night I was going to bed my whole family was sleeping and I was too…. but then I started seeing things and I saw stuff coming out of a painting and I heard things in my room….. I went to grab my phone that was charging and IT WAS GONE AND I MEAN GONE and I knew I put it there to charge… when I was leaning back to lay down and hide under a blanket I FELT SOMONE sitting or standing next to my bed
    I started scream and yelling hysterically and my mom came running in my room… I told her everything, but she didn’t listen and told me I would be fine, BUT NO IT WAS NOT FINE AT ALL… she left my room, but that just made it worse…. after hours of crying I fell asleep and I mean a deep sleep…. I HAD A HORRID DREAM.. I woke up the next morning and looked for my phone it was NOWHERE…. I went down stairs and I asked my brother to go look for it in my room where I was charging it since I couldn’t find it….. keep in mind my brother is 9…. he went up and came back down with MY PHONE IN HIS HAND…. I asked him where he found it and he said and showed me the exact same spot where I looked and where I put it to charge…. as soon as I got it I looked at the chain letter and everything that had happened the previous night WAS THE SAME THING THE CHAIN LETTER SAID WAS GOING TO HAPPEN…. I thought it was over, I really did, BUT NO IT WAS JUST STARTING… I kept have these really bad dreams, yesterday when it was dark I got up out of bed not even knowing why and I SAW SOMEONE STANDING IN MY WOODS a few nights ago I saw a girl under my desk with a white dress on…. I told my brothers about EVERYTHING and they are 8 and 9…. The next day they came to me and said that they had really bad dreams now too and they wake up with scratches they said that there is always the same figure in their dreams…. I told my best friend about it and then she started seeing things and hearing things that weren’t there… she said she saw blood everywhere…. The one good thing about this is that when I get a break from the bad dreams then I get a good one…. when I do there is something that happens and I wake up do my usual thing AND THE THING THAT HAPPENS IN MY DREAM HAPPENS IN REAL LIFE…….. I don’t remember till it happens…. I am just a 13 year old girl and these dreams have been going on since I was 12… no one listens to me….. please help me

  229. Lau Reply

    last night I had this sudden incredible pressure upon me, as if I was being held down by my chest. The force was similar to a roller coaster that suddenly pushes forward..I could feel g-force like pressure and a golden rush of energy. I was terrified. It took all of my energy to turn my head to breathe. I’m not a religious person, but for some reason I said in my head “gold help me” and it stopped. I rolled over, absolutely breathless and shaking.
    It could have been the mind manifesting paralysis into a scenario.. but I feel different today. Yesterday I felt broken and alone after going through a long bout of depression and anxiety, today I feel more grounded.. I’m perplexed!

  230. Boniface Reply

    Despite of;
    1. Insomnia. disrupted sleeping patterns – for example, because of shift work or jet lag.
    2. Narcolepsy – a long-term condition that causes a person to suddenly fall asleep.
    3.Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
    4.General anxiety disorder.
    5.Panic disorder. a family history of sleep paralysis.

    It also suggest that your spirit world is under attack and your defense level is too low which gives the darkness kingdom access to your spirit. In essence, your prayer life is not in line and it’s a signal you need to be restored to that realm. I would suggest you involve God in this and your fellow close christian friends for prayer and you will be safe.
    Your head is the target! Despite of;
    1. Insomnia. disrupted sleeping patterns – for example, because of shift work or jet lag.
    2. Narcolepsy – a long-term condition that causes a person to suddenly fall asleep.
    3.Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
    4.General anxiety disorder.
    5.Panic disorder. a family history of sleep paralysis.

    It also suggest that your spirit world is under attack and your defense level is too low which gives the darkness kingdom access to your spirit. In essence, your prayer life is not in line and it’s a signal you need to be restored to that realm. I would suggest you involve God in this and your fellow close christian friends for prayer and you will be safe.

    Your head is the target!
    ‘As a Man Thinks, So Is He’ Prov. 23: 7

  231. Mayda Reply

    My dream was about my sister that passed away in 2020, I felt like she was in my bedroom and she was pushing me to get up and when. I didn’t get up she pushed me upwards, I started to scream and lucky for me my husband touched my hand and that broke I know that there was someone there I felt my body vibrate, it was scary it’s nothing the first time I feel my body vibrate. I read that when a dead person touches you that’s what you feel.

  232. Quinlon Reply

    I am 11 yrs old and I have been experiencing things tuff for me and I’m looking for an explanation so I came to this site. I get ready for bed and always wake up every week every other day and experience a spirit at my door and I check my phone it always happens at 3am in the morning it scares me because I dont know what it is. It has red eyes its 4 ft tall and black. It looks like a evil spirit but it just stands there and I put my pillow over my face and go back to sleep it didnt happen this week and I read someone’s comment. It said that it happens some times and sometimes it dont I’m just confused. Does any one know what I’m experiencing let me know pls…

  233. Chris Reply

    I just experienced it now but didn’t ask for god I just got real gangster with the mah fucka and he fled real quick ain’t no demon beating me lol I am much scarier than any incubus or any demonic being I mean that bitch took off fast I’m like yea that’s right you run coward

  234. Fourth Reply

    I’ve been suffering from sleep paralysis since I could remember. The escrowed experience I have is when I saw a black figure walking towards my bed. I started praying “our father” and it mocked me. It then recited the prayer with me.

    I live alone and sometimes I feel it sitting on my med and hugging me down.

  235. lluvia Reply

    i had a sleep parlysis when i was in my boyfriends room n i felt my body tense n i couldnt move i knew right there i was going into a sleep parlysis i was aboe to shake n grab my boyfriend to move him but in reality is was doing absolutely nothing why is that?!! also it feels so real when i scream n hit the wall n shaking him but he cant hear me n then i look up to his door n see a dark mass laugh at me n so i try to scream at him PLS wake me up PLZ help me n then he hears me n says he sorry n then he goes to pin me down n shut my mouth and laugh n his smile gets wide and i start to not be able to breath n i get scared like am i going to die in my paralysis ??!! so i close my eyes n cry n in reality i cry a little and gasping for air a little too and then my bf finally wakes me up n holds me but i just cant stop crying n feel like im being paranoid with every sound i hear or lil things i see out the corner of my eye i feel like im still in it n i somewhat cant tell when im awake or not which is why i constantly have to rub his arm or tap the wall but i dont know what that paralysis means or why its getting worse n now im just too scared to sleep n just staying awake now. pls someone tell me why or what this means

  236. Anonymous Reply

    Today I experienced something more then terrifying. As I was detected positive for covid I was sleeping in my terrace room. It’s being 15 days , everything was ok. As usual I sleep around 12 at night , I got up to the call of cat somewhere on the terrace. I was a bit scared too. I went to washroom ,came back had a glass of water and slept again. I kept my lights on . Suddenly around 2:30 I saw a dream in which I was attending a lavish ceremony. A small boy of or around 8 suddenly found dead in swimming pool. A man who was around 50-55 was taking him out of water . I am still not sure that that boy was dead . Suddenly I wake up , I mean I’m in all my consciousness and felt that some lady kind of person pressed my back . I was not able to move and my voice was choked for seconds . In mind I was almost decided that I was about to die because I had regained consciousness but was totally paralysed.
    Finally I put back whole my soul so that I can shout a bit . I put all the courage and recall my Sai (God) and come out of that soul’s grip .
    I was not scared but I felt utmost anger that time and said whoever has done this be ready to face Sai .
    You didn’t try to harm me . My Sai will talk to you about it and came downstairs.
    Still don’t know what was it ?

  237. Anonymous Reply

    So I literally had it run and ofc I was scared the first time it happened and so I am Christian and so any could in the name of Jesus Christ and it like it would get angry whoever was there and would pull on my like a vortex so I woke kept trying to sleep but it would start again like u know when u feel it and now I’m typing this.

  238. Sophia Reply

    I used to have this feeling like someone is sleeping on top of me and holding me tight, I couldn’t move or scream . It happened to me when I was a teenager. When I discussed this with my cousin, she told me it is a ghost trying to posses virgin girls ..
    It stopped for me after I got married, but I do experience it again once in a while. I feel like it’s so real. I try to call God and say prayers , I fight it until I can hear my voice and I know I’m able to move and speak .

  239. Timothy Earl Beach Reply

    Last night, I had a dream the devil took my hand, and then out of nowhere I saw my dad who died 2 years ago. He grabbed the same hand and was saying something in a weird language, and it made me yell out Jesus Christ is my Lord and savior, I then woke up in my room alittle freaked out. That’s why I’m posting this now because I googled my just now experience and it brought me to this site. It seemed so realistic I could feel the devil’s grip on my hand. That’s when I could feel the pressure go away as my late father appeared and grabbed the same hand. It just freaked me out enough to instantly wake up and grab my phone, and turn the light on, any reflections on this?

  240. Nathan scott Willis Reply

    1.I have sleep paralysis but nust the. other night I woke up and seen my self like I was wearing the same exact same clothes I had on and I walked to the closet and was just standing in the door facing in closet then i took a step into the closet and dissseapead. Then. I seen shadow figure and my breathing was getting cut off the closer it got I got my foot off the bed and could bang my foot on my floor till my friend herd it and came in the bedroom to check on me.2. I was at my aunt and uncle house I feel asleep and woke up looked around tried to get off the bed to use bathroom once I realized I couldn’t move I knew I was have sleep paralysis buy a man with brown hair and a top hat came close and closer I could actually stand up the man in the hat pushed me I flew across the room i got up indefinitely
    got up and knew I had to run past him so I tired but he slung me across the room again I got up and I ran at him Everything I had then as hit him I went straight threw it and hit the wall I crawled to the door and got out and went down stairs my aunt and uncle thought I was just tripping and after a few min I thought I was too but I went back to my room and when I entered the room it was completely destroyed pictures off the wall fan was in floor so me and my aunt cleaned it and I have a necklace that doesn’t not come off my neck unless it isn’t unclasped and it was laying in the floor still clasped together .3 I just feel asleep woke up couldn’t move well this round almost looked like a balloon but it had face and eyes when i could actually see the face something stared licking me on my head in thought it was my dog but I could look over and see my dad sleep beside me this lasted longer this was the longest one iv had yet the face got closer and closer finally I got my foot off the bed banged it on the floor till my roommate herd it and came chrked on me and it snapped me out of it what is going on can someone please help me,?

    • Erin Reply

      I’ve heard of demons who can come to you during sleep paralyis. Of course a Dr is not going to tell you this. He is going to come up with an scientific conclusion as to why. If I were you I would reach out to someone who knows about the paranormal and demons. Definitely I would go get saved from a priest or preacher. It definitely seems like you may have a demon present. Others will also.say its from lack of sleep. You are in a dream like stage but still awake. Hope this helps. And good luck

  241. Harlowe Reply

    This happen to me yesterday. I fell asleep on my couch and had a full conversation with my sister. I was in and out of sleep it felt like. But I was talking to her and could see her moving in my kitchen. When I got fully awake I looked and she was not there. I was scared but brushed it off. Sat down and immediately fell back asleep. This time I look down the hallway and seen my daughters door open and heard he ask me to make her something to eat. In that moment I wasn’t thinking she is qt school. I was just asking her what she wanted. She never wpuld tell me
    When I came too like fully awake I was repeating her name over and over. This scared me to the point I was crying. This with the name calling of “Mom” or my real name happens daily when I am wide awake. I don’t know what to do or what any of it means.

  242. Ecaterina Reply

    Ok so a few months ago i “woke up” in the middle of the night but everything was pitch black (mind u i always sleep on my sides) but in this moment i was on my back and someone was shaking me and whisper screaming my name then he stops and whispers the name jimmy (i dont know anyone of this name) but i kicked something and felt a body and heared a man groan then the first thing shooke me over and over and screaming my name, ever since then i wake up at 3 am for some reason, plz help!!

  243. Alex Reply

    why was i able to see what i thought was my spirit being lifted out of my body. when i forced myself back i started looking at my hands but they looked ghosts like.

  244. Michael Mittrucker Reply

    I’m 40 and I just had sleep paralysis this morning, I was dreaming I was at six flags in an old creepy shed and I could feel an evil spirit watching me so I was looking in a closet and was saying whatever is here I’m not scared of you and all of a sudden the door was pushing against my body extremely hard and I kept saying is that all u got I’m not scared and it started get more violent so at that time I knew it was time to abort this dream so as I tried to come too I’m fighting to open my eyes and I see my tv hanging on my wall in my room briefly but keep getting pulled back into the dream , it’s like a G force pulling me down and I’m trying so hard to wake up finally I can wiggle my pinky finger and my eyes are like fluttering trying to open and then all of a sudden I break free from dream and can move totally. I was like holy shit that was crazy. I’ve had stuff like this happen to me atleast 3 other times in my life and every time it involves a nightmarish dream.

  245. Caleb Daniel Reply

    I have lucid dreams all the time. I walk around and travel places and see people. I am taken to a realm and shown past present and future of things. I was recently taken to my home land in Nova Scotia which I found out later is where I travelled. I walked up the driveway in the woods on a wagon path. There were apple trees along the sides of the path and I reached up and picked the biggest one I could reach and took a big bite and I could taste its sweet crunchy red skin. I continued walking up the wagon path of this place I have never been or had ever seen in my life. At the end of the path I saw a double door barn and a white two storey farm house across from it. There were two men standing it the doorway of the barn. Both men were wearing aprons and had a large black animal hanging and they were skinning and gutting it. These men were nice and they just smiled at me as I walked around them looking around at things they were doing. I walked past them and walked to the house across the lane way from the barn. I walked up the stairs and found a quiet but cozy room that had a desk, and the wall on either side each had a bookshelf filled with books. I walked to the desk and found a black book with gold pattern on it. I opened the book to read it but it was blurry and I couldn’t make out what was written. I knew this book was of importance so I took it with me back down the stairs and out the front door where I was met with a black wagon and another man dressed in a very old Irish soldiers outfit. This soldier handed me an old war rifle and told me the name “Nathan”. He put the rifle on the wagon and as I climbed up to sit down the soldier sent me an image of a box buried on the east side of the house. It was as though he was telling me if I bring this rifle to “Nathan” then I can have what is in this box buried out back. I agreed to doing this for him even though I was thinking it’s just a cool dream and I would have nothing come of it. I started my ride back down the wagon path past the apple trees grabbing as many delicious apples I could to bring back with me. Once I arrived back at the beginning of the wagon path to the intersecting dirt road I woke up and I said to myself “ mom is going to love it here”. A few months passed and I still had this dream fresh in my mind and I was going crazy trying to figure out what it all meant. Upon doing so, I told my mother about this very vivid lucid dream. She was always an open minded person and often looked for answers for dreams she often had as well. While describing this to her she received a phone call that her mother, (my grandmother) in Nova Scotia had taken a fall in her old age and broke her wrist. My mother started to go East and help her mother with shopping and cooking and cleaning and laundry. My mother started talking to both my grandparents about this dream I kept having and before she could get to the part about the house and barn, my grand dad stopped her and said, “that sounds like my great grandfathers old settlement. She mentioned the book and he went to the basement and came back up with a black and gold book that turned out to be a very old family bible of the Old Testament. I am not a very religious person but I believe strongly in god. I am not a person that gets fooled easy and I have always looked for answers to the meaning of everything. I told my mother to get a metal detector and dig and find this rifle I saw, it was also shown to me in an image in my head of it being buried or in a box or something but I could only see a black rectangle box and the butt of the rifle. I had no idea where to look or tell them to dig. Instead a few days had passed and that evening on the second day my grandfather received a phone call from a man who had recently purchased the property. He said “ we have found a very old rifle in the wall of the barn and thought you might want it.” My grandfather and my mother got into the car and drove to the property, my mother picked the apples off the trees in the path leading to the house and the barn which were no longer standing btw. The rifle turned out to be a 1853 British Enfield .58 caliber percussion rifle, capable of hitting targets at 1250 yards away. Incredibly astounded by this discovery a picture was taken of the rifle and my grand dad holding it at arms length with an amazed but confused look on his face while he tried to figure out how I was able to see these things but yet have never set foot on that property ever. I was in Ontario when I dreamed of all this and I did not travel to visit this place in person yet…that will be happening this summer of 2021. Oh and “Nathan” turned out to be my grandfathers nephew Nathan who was just as amazed he said, because he was having the same kind of prophecy. Nathan was happy with his family heirloom. Nathan will be joining with myself and my grand dad to seek out the treasure box which will be split between the three of us if there is something found. I told them I didn’t want anything, I was just happy to help pass on the message and help them both on each side. I am not a physic or anything like that, in fact I don’t know why I was given this duty or am I aware of what triggered someone to contact me from the dead to make this all happen. The men on this farm were fur trappers, the animal I saw being skinned and cleaned was a black bear, a picture that was found inside the bible was of these two men and a black bear and there was also a large apple orchard on this farm. It is nice to know and I am happy to tell you all that our loved ones are watching over us all the time, even if they passed away hundreds of years ago…we just aren’t quiet enough to hear or see them.

    -Caleb Daniel-

  246. inf3rno Reply

    I experienced visual hallucinations a few times in the past 30 years. Usually it was mixed with reality, e.g. a huge hornet was flying in the room I was sleeping in or a poster was smiling on me or a white girl on the bus looked like a porzelain doll. These were in the college. Nowadays it started again and I had classic sleep paralysis too, I mean I never previously had this weight on the chest feeling, just could not move and hallucinated, but I learned to move my body and break it very fast, so it was not a big deal. Now I had this feeling on my chest which I figured later was just my arms on my chest. When I looked up a cat was sitting on my rigth leg too. The image was surprisingly sharp, it was not a shadow, it was a young grey cat sitting there for a few secs before it disappered after I started to move my leg. I don’t think it was a proper 3d shape, I had the doom 1 feeling, where 2d images were used and the monsters looked the same no matter which direction you looked from. It was scary, though I find it sort of fun. In my experience these sounds and images are projected into our brain just like the nightmares I have about giant hornets, spiders, dog attacks, tsunamis, ufos, etc. Maybe even all our dreams are these types of projections and somehow we choose the wrong ones, I am not sure. So far I saw 3 orbs having around 10cm diameter, which went through the walls as soon as I woke up and which I believe are projecting this stuff. Somehow they don’t like when I am awake and when I move, not sure why, but they immediately flee. I don’t think this has anything to do with UFOs, at least it happens all around the world since millennias and every religion writes about it, so if it is an alien science project, then it is not a short one. I don’t think they are demons either, at least nobody drew small orbs as demons. I don’t think they are hallucinations either, because the details are totally unexpected and I was almost completely awake when I saw them. One of them looks like if it was folded from a ribbon and it emits a little white-blueish light. The other looked like a grey small planet with massive vulcanoes on it. The third one like a mini sun, thought that caused pain when I was sleeping, not just bad dreams and I barely remember it, I just woke up for a split second and slept back immediately. I have no idea about their intentions, I am not even sure if they are evil, I mean sure they show me scary stuff, but I don’t sense any hatred, they just do their job as if they were machines. What’s certain that they try to influence my thinking and my dreams and I can fight against this influence when I realize that certain thoughts are not entirely mine. I already know the few dozen common dream and thought, becasue they are with me since I was 5, so I heard and saw them a thousand times. The first time I met them was when I woke up at night to go to the toilet and I saw a german shepherd in the corridor. I was scared and closed the door of my room. I never really understood how I saw a dog crystal clearly that wasn’t there. Now 30 years later I understand what it was. Sort of. I don’t think many people are able to see these orbs, that’s why nobody writes about them. At least I had no luck with google so far. It takes experience in aura watching and a lot of coffein. I believe they are around me the whole day at least I feel their presence sometimes, but they cannot do much, since I am busy with a lot of stuff at daytime. At night they can ruin my sleeping. I’ll try to study them further, though most of the times I don’t see them clearly, just by accident around twice a year right after I wake up. Its the same as aura watching, one has to go really deep to see it clearly without any special effort and without squinting. I noticed that it is easier to do it with coffee, it changes vision. Since I am back to daily 2-3 strong coffe after quitting it for 4 years I noticed that my vision changed. When I see into bright light, it takes more than a minute to return to normal, so I guess the neurons are a lot easier excited and my vision became more sensitive. Sometimes I experience some visual snow too, which means about the same.

  247. Emma Johnson Reply

    i keep waking up with new bruises each morning. it has been happening for least 3 weeks now also the other day my sister was home alone she was walking down the stairs and something or someone threw a frame at her.

  248. Aggy Reply

    I just had one last night, this is not new to me and normally I just ignore it when it happens until it goes away, I had a friend told me to not fight it, she said to just relax and calm your heart that way it goes away quicker and found it to be true.
    I’ve been getting this since I was a child and now I’m almost 29 but the recent one I had was the longest and toughest one I had ever experienced, it lasted for an hour and a half and when I was able to move a was all sweaty and out of breath not to mention very exhausted and my ears were ringing so loud.

    I was sleeping on my belly on the right side of the bed facing the left side with my arms wrapped around my head pillow when I felt something coming through my bedroom wall toward my bed then stood on the right side of the bed where I couldnt see it

    I felt anger and evil coming from it and it was a lady dressed in a white dress (I caught I glimpse of her when she first entered my room) she stood where I couldnt face her and screamed in my ear, it was soooo loud and high pitched that I was getting a really bad migraine and everytime i prayed or tried to call out Jesus her scream would just go through the roof and it was so painful, I kept praying in my heart and mind but it was like she could hear me and wouldn’t let me say Jesus by screaming even louder causing my brain to pause whatever I was doing because of the pain.

    I felt so consumed and very numb and this went on for a while until I was too weak to fight back as soon as I had no more strength left in me I felt another 3 presence coming into my bedroom, it was a Male, a female and a child, the female took my hands and started to pull me out of the limbo state I was in as if trying to help me, after awhile of her pulling and tugging, she managed to set me free and I jumped straight out of bed and switched on the light.

    It’s been a good 6 hours now, I’m soo exhausted but cant get a good sleep just constantly going in and out of sleep it’s making me more exhausted

  249. Dave Reply

    When I was grade 5-6, I can do the ” LUCID DREAMING ” that they call, but when I turned Grade 7 all of the stress came as well. And I can’t do LUCID DREAMING. Thus, it became SLEEP PARALYSIS (I Guess because my research said it was sleep paralysis). Since then, two times every month I can experience sleep paralysis (I feel awake, but I can’t move my body). And now, last two months ago I experienced sleep paralysis and it became worse that 7 days straight (even when I sleep in daytime), I’m sleeping but all I can see is my surrounding, and it’s shaking. Even in daytime I can’t move my body, they said I just need to move my feet, bit my finger, but it didn’t work (I struggled doing it) and they added that I just need to sleep facing my side for it not to trigger. But I discovered that before I sleep, I must put my hand near the cabinet, so if it triggers again I can hurt myself to wake up (when I can feel pain, I woke up). And in my dream last night, my mom was just walking towards me and everything suddenly became black and I heard of a girl laughing (evil laugh).

  250. Cindy Reply

    This is crazy but I had sleep paralysis since I was a young girl and all my life. So I never thought anything of it as a sleep disorder. (I was baptized as a child, but never went to church or pray) Until recently I accepted god in my life at the church and they did a prayer for me and it has gone away even when I sleep in my back. no Joke. so true. It has been shocking to me.!!

  251. Mary Reply

    Hi im interested about your opinions so it happened several times i wake up at 3am and can’t move after few days i wake up again but at this moment i can move but i saw a black shadow staring at me at first I thought it was my father but not it vanished at morning i asked if he looked in my room but no on second day same time i saw him again i was so afraid closed my eyes and when opened it was closer and than i felt its brith on my face so cold that my face was freezing opened eyes and see him front of me so close and I thought that it was laughing at me after that i never see it again but can’t forget someone can explain this please??

  252. Venus Bautista Reply

    It was scary!! I had a dream it was me and my friends and then there’s this tree that keeps moving and then a minute later someone came out from it that look like a monster then me and my friends started running until i woke up from that dream and i felt like someone is hugging me from behind me and when i tried to move or shout but I cant move any of my body parts can’t shout either but it only took a minute until i heard a whisper from behind me saying “hello nice to see you again wife ” and then he laugh like a devil like wtf!!! Im only 15 when did I have a husband.?

  253. vishal v Reply

    I have this experience once in 3 or 4 months..where i wake up inside the dream to realise that am dreaming and my physical body is aslee and am not able to wake up..i try to move my hands and legs but it seems like i m no more attached to the body..and there is pure nothingness around me..complete void..this creates a terrifying feeling inside me..more like panic…i just take long breathe and start chanting Om Namah Shivaay and remember bhagwaan Shiv and in 4 to 5 seconds i am out of this state and wake up..

    Har har Mahadev…Om Namah Shivaaay

  254. jenalie Reply

    it was christmas eve when i woke up in the middle of the night to see a tall black shadow next to my christmas tree i tried to close my eyes to believe it was untrue and one i opened my eyes the shadow got closer so i ran to the nearest light switch turned it on just to see that the figure was gone its been 2 years since i saw this figure until today when i was heading to bed cause i was filling ill then woke up around 3 in the morning to see the same figure again but this time it was starring at me and i tried to ignore it when i tried to go back to sleep the thing had pulled my legs with a lot of force it woke me p again but it disapeared the next day i was eating lunch in my room when my plastic rose in a box shot out and hit the ground in a milasecond i think whatever this is it wont stop until it gets what it wants.

  255. Anonymous Reply

    This happened to me last night… yes it is scary… I am Buddhist and when I say their holy words/chant a few times it immediately solves the problem. It is important to know that you don’t have to say it our loud just thinking it in your mind is enough. Afterwards I say the words a few times I feel safer more centred and peaceful.

    I have heard that catholic say their holy words too in these situations.

    I feel pray or say the words of the god your faith.

  256. Marie Brown Reply

    Last night i felt something licking my neck to my ears and holding my waist. I couldn’t move

    • Adri/Adrianna Reply

      They’re probably Attracted to you lmao(Jk)thats weird though

  257. Nabadeep Reply

    I have read most of other comments my problem is almost same as others. I personally believe that is happened because paranormal spirits attack. I have experience this sleep paralysis from my childhood. but then i not understand what was it. after that i know that is sleep paralysis. I have noticed that most of time this has happened when i sleep alone. i write this comment after sleep paralysis happens in 3 am

    • Nabadeep Reply

      Today i again come to this site to share my some experience.
      sometimes when i face sleep paralysis, before sleep i already feel that it will definitely happen today.

    • Nabadeep Reply

      I want share my recent sleep paralysis experience. most of the days I am not facing sleep paralysis but suddenly after few days i feel again this. i have noticed that after sleep when i wake up for toilet and get back to sleep in this time i feel sometimes sleep paralysis then when i wake up from sleep paralysis i try to sleep again but again i feel sleep paralysis. this happens repeatedly until i completely wake up from sleep.

      • Nabadeep Reply

        sometime ago i wake up from sleep in midnight.and i feel something around in my bedroom. I am feeling very sleepy but I am scared too. I am sure that when i will try to sleep definitely happen sleep paralysis. I have experience this many times.

    • Nabadeep Reply

      I am feel the sleep paralysis before sleep. when i going to sleep then after some time in 12:00 AM i feel first sleep paralysis. after that i am never able sleep again. when i try to sleep again then I am facing again sleep paralysis. I am trying so many things to overcome from that like pray to god , wearing amulet but this is not protect me in every time. when i try to pray god during sleep paralysis then i feel more painful. when I am changed my sleep position in bed then i have able to sleep again.

  258. Adrianna(Adri) Reply

    Tonight i had a sleep parailysis it was very scary i was still in my dream but at the same time i was kinda awake it was very scary in my dream i was in this weird Big house i was in there was two rooms and the moonlight was blue like and there was this woman with a bun she was a ghost in my dream or demon idk but someone said in 90 seconds my dream will be over and while she was counting the lady got closer with a creepy smile she looked like a mexican mom(not tryna be racist) but anyway i couldnt talk i couldnt move or anything i was crying i think aswell and i tried yelling to my friends mom in my dream/kinda awake to but she was asleep and nothing would come out but my lips were moving The lady got very close but i knew it was a dream i tried to controll my dream and defeat her but i was too weak And As it got to 3 2 1 she got so close and almost got me but when i “woke up” i woke up in another dream but when i woke up from all of my dreams i told my friends mom then we started talking about dreams and ghosts and stuff like that but as i type right now i can feel and see them right now i keep saying begone and stuff but they re-apper im only in middle school and im scared i dont really know what to do because i already have a difficulty to breath when i try to sleep but this one time in my old house me and my older brother shared a room she was around my age that i am right now and he told me this just a few months ago i think but anyway he said there was like a black figure and it lifted him up by his neck and started choking him but i was sleep and eveyhouse that i live in is haunted im starting to think theyre attached or something or folllowing me Because when i was like 5 or 4 in iowa i turned off my baby doll and theres this room thats the most hounted part of our old house and then i threw it in there but i made sure my baby live doll was off then it said something like “mama dont leave me :(” in a sad voice and then i slamed the door but right now i heard a breath and no one is near me but my friend but it was like next to me im scared but imma just keep saying begone (sorry if i mis-spelled anything)

  259. Mihir Ambekar Reply

    Happened right now!!!damn scary

  260. Javier Reply

    It used to happen when I was a child but not quite often, now as an adult it happens almost every week, they are not nightmares but more like a demonic attack, I can’t move , and I know that deep down inside I don’t want to move because I don’t want to see what is attacking me, it feels like punches, pushing me pulling my hair, putting weight on my chest, bitting me, some times is one , sometimes if fesls like is more than one, even tho I don’t see the I can feel wether they are young or old, very old. It just happens when I spend the night at my mother’s, in the living room couch, and it’s getting more and more violent. My family don’t believe me and I understand because I don’t believe in those things either, but I’m beginning to change my opinion about stuff like this. I set up my phone to record sound when ever there was motion or movement detected, I didn’t want to leave the camera of the phone facing up to record video cause I knew I wasn’t ready to see what was hurting me all these times, I knew it was not a matter of what if the phone doesn’t pick up any noise or nothing happens, I knew it was going to record something, I listened 2 and I still get Goosebumps, you can hear me snoring, suddenly something is making a noise, I’d describe it as a dog bark but “backwards” I don’t know how else to explain it,after that I suddenly stopped snoring and it sounds like this thing was about to say something and the recording stopped. I’m not trying to get people’s attention or become famous, I’m a very private person, all I need is someone to tell me what is happening, how and when is this going to end, I’m 46 and when it’s time to sleep on that couch I feel like a little child…scared. never in my life I pictured myself like this, scared of something I cannot see. I wish someone could guide me out of this nightmare. I used to make fun of people who believe in demons and ghosts. To me this is no longer a joke. Please if anyone out there has the answer, let me know.

    • Mannix Reply

      Maybe you see your spiritual priest especially those Xstian priest, Muslim (Imam) priest or Jew rabbi. You need exorcism to expell the spirit away from. What is Haunting you demonic spirit or poltergeist spirit but poltergeist spirit most likely would have move things around the house you live.

  261. Ken Reply

    I have felt this thing that is clearly heavy walking onto my bed and over me while I sleep multiple times over the past few years. I can feel the walking on both sides of my body and sometimes on just one side. It clearly is all focused on an area only about 2 inches wide but heavy around 200 pounds I’m guessing because the bed sinks deeply but very focused on a single area. I can feel it lean over look and watch me. I’m scared to touch it or fight because it wants me to be vulnerable and scared of it or allow it to interact with me. I was hoping it was my old house because others reported dark figures walking around beds or random hooded girls staring at them in that house then recently it happened in a new house I moved to. I have had weird experiences since a child and insomnia my whole life that’s extreme. I’m starting to think this thing is why I can’t sleep or somehow it’s related. Not sure how to help but when it happens it’s not a nightmare. There is something walking around me in and off my bed.

  262. Ken Reply

    Just a note. Whatever this is has two areas of depression both very heavy. Two separate legs that walk in pattern. They can only be peg legs or like hooves because the pressure is very focused in a small area not more than 2 inches but sink like standing on the bed. I can feel a presence hover either watching or looking for a way in. This is all usually followed by odd sounds or strange visuals. I’m not psychotic or anything but something haunts my sleep and always has.

  263. Marijane Reply

    I would definitely agree with that. Ever since I was in middle school I was afraid of a lot of things. The dark, spirits, demons, needles heh. After I soon realized how out of control it became. I stopped sleeping sometimes at night. I also started waking up on random nights feeling like if I open my eyes, someone will appear in front of me.
    Just a short time ago though, it happened again. But, I heard something whisper in my ear. It said “hey”. I wonder what that means, is that me just being hallucinating, or hearing things? I know that at least I have my pet to protect me if he feels a presence too.

  264. Anon D Reply

    I used to believe in the scientific explanation of sleep paralysis i.e. waking up before REM cycle completes but my experience today between 3 – 4am has opened my eyes to the possibility of spiritual beings operating in the physical realm.

    At first I felt a presence watching behind me so I tried to look back and see what or who it was. It was then I discovered that I couldn’t move.

    I reasoned it had to do with my sleeping position (I was lying on my stomach, with my arms and legs crossed – I don’t even know how I got to that position).

    When I discovered I couldn’t move, I tried fighting it as I normally did because I thought it was the normal rem cycle problem and I only had to keep moving. But then the presence started approaching, I could hear my bed depress from it’s weight, that was when I knew this was different.

    I felt a sensation of panic or dread run through my entire body.

    But I only began to panic when I felt its weight on my back and head (pressing the side of my head into the pillow).

    I thought I was being pragmatic denying Religion and all concepts that came from spirituality, but the only thing I could do at that moment was pray.

    I was afraid God wouldn’t listen to a sinner like me, so I begged for forgiveness whilst also asking for help…my exact words being “God of forgiveness” and in a moment, I was free.

    I jumped up from the bed and turned on the lights.

    But it wasn’t a nightmare. I am certain something was in my room, more certain that these scientific explanations are untrue and are only trying to keep people calm.

    • Jean Reply

      You are completely right. I have, for decades, been having a growing personal development with the spirit world and my 6th sense. About 3-4 years ago, I began feeling them, kind of like you did on your bed. That too is where I mostly feel them. After a while, I was able to communicate with them which validated what I was experiencing and gve me more info too. I never had night terrors (sleep paralysis) before and yet I had over 60 in one year. I could feel the hands holding me down, etc. I found out that it was a demon doing that. Later, I got rid of the demon. I know this all sounds crazy and most people will not believe it, but it is all true and still happening every day for me. I am still skeptical and have to have them verify or prove things to me for me to constantly believe what is happening. Also, I realized right before the terror would happen, it would start zapping my head, and it was no brain zap from medicine.

  265. Lee Reply

    I thought I was the only one going through this. I am glad I found this blog because now I don’t feel crazy and confused anymore. I experience these uncomfortable sensations like something crawls into my bed and latches itself onto me. I try to fight it off but I’m too weak. I can’t even speak in this state so how do I call on the name of Jesus? I am a Christian and Lately I’ve been trying to get closer with Jesus because I’ve been getting a lot of nightmares. Being in this state is disturbing. I feel like I’m a long way from defeating these demonic harrassments. It is discouraging and it makes me feel uselss and awful. Does anyone have any advice that can help me beat this?

    • Madelein Afrika Reply

      Hi Lee, when you pray ask God to show you these entities and pray without fear and embrace the love of God while you pray, let the exciting energy flow through you while you talk to God and ask God to cast out all the negative spirits and surround yourself with spiritual fire, as fire in the Bible is truth, once that spirits see and feel their truth on why they have been declined into moving on to heaven they will go away

  266. bad bleep Reply

    I feel someone pushing me in my sleep its weird and it made me say get off and get out

  267. FC Reply

    I too, recently experienced this and have often times throughout my life. There are two demonic oppressions: Incubus and Succubus. Sexual entities (one Male and Female) that molest us in our sleep.

  268. Gelasio Velez Reply

    Hello to all, if your reading this… the time to repent and fight back now… GOD is in control… Repent… evil is mad or you know who that you are changing from your old ways… they don’t want you to be on Gods side… when This happens to you, focus and Say… I REBUKE YOU with the Blood of Jesus Christ or In the name of Jesus Christ! When you say it, you must believe and have faith… for there God has heard you… no man can go in front of God without Jesus bringing him forward! Bless brothers and sisters… stay strong thru this War… for you may be chosen for something internal…

  269. Ninna Reply

    Hello everyone!

    Experienced also attacks of this evil spirits. But strengthening your faith with GOD in your heart and mind is a great help. He would never win.

    Sharing these prayers. It could help. Pray with lighted candle. It is also best when you pray as a family.

    In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    Our Father ….

    Prayer for Protection
    Lord Jesus, I ask you to protect my family (mention by name) from sickness, from all harms, and from accidents. If any of us has been subjected to any curses, hexes, or spells, I declare these curses, hexes, or spells null and void in the Name of Jesus Christ. If any evil spirits have been sent against us, I decommission you in the Name of Jesus Christ and I send you to Jesus to deal with as he will. Then, Lord, I ask you to send your holy angels to guard and protect all of us. Amen.

    Prayer to the Lord for a Spiritual Shield and to send His Warrior Angel
    Dear Lord Jesus, please forgive me (us) for all the times I (we) have not submitted to you. Forgive me (us) for all the sinfulness and for agreeing with the enemy and his lies. I (We) now submit to you as my (our) Lord, dear Jesus. Now I (we) break every agreement that I (we) have made with the enemy.
    Lord Jesus, please have your warring angels remove and bind to the abyss all demons and their devices that had access to me (us) because of my (our) sins and weaknesses. I (We) now ask you to establish a hedge of + protection around me (us) and my (our) family (families) and loved ones, over us, and under us, and seal it with your blood, Lord Jesus Christ.
    I (We) now choose to put on the full armor of God and ask that you cleanse me (us) and seal + me (us), body, mind, soul, and spirit, with your blood. Lord Jesus Christ. Please have your warring angels bind up, remove all demons, their devices, and all their power from within this protective hedge, and have them sent to the abyss.
    Please have your warring angels destroy all demonic, occult, or witchcraft assignments directed against me (us) including all backups and replacements and seal them there with your blood, Lord Jesus Christ. Please have your angels stand guard over me (us) and protect me (us) from all that attacks of the enemy. Amen.

    Remember, O Most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help or sought your intercession, was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I (we) fly to you, O Virgin of virgins, my (our) Mother; to you do I (we) come, before you I (we) stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my (our) petitions, but in your mercy hear and answer me (us). Amen.

    Hali Mary, full of grace….

    Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel
    Most glorious Prince of the Heavenly Armies, Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in our battle against principalities and powers, against the rulers of this world of darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places (Eph. 6,12). Come to the assistance of men whom God has created to His likeness and whom He has redeemed at a great price from the tyranny of the devil. Holy Church venerates thee as her guardian and protector; to thee, the Lord has entrusted the souls of the redeemed to be led into heaven. Pray therefore the God of Peace to crush Satan beneath our feet, that he may no longer retain men captive and do injury to the Church. Offer our prayers to the Most High, that without delay they may draw His mercy down upon us; take hold of “the dragon, the old serpent, which is the devil and Satan,” bind him and cast him into the bottomless pit “so that he may no longer seduce the nations.”

    Prayer of protection for self, family and friends

    I sign (name), with the sign of the cross +, seal and cover them with the blood of Jesus and surround them with God’s glory light and presence so nothing can get through to hurt them in Jesus’ name. Amen.

    (When entering a Place)
    In Jesus + name, I cover myself and this place with the blood of Jesus. I bind up every demon in here, and I ask for God’s holy and powerful angels to protect me. Amen.

    St. Joseph terror of the devil, protect us.

    In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    Prayer for Protection While we sleep by St. Augustine
    Watch, O Lord, with those who wake, or watch, or weep tonight,
    and give Your Angels and Saints charge over those who sleep.
    Tend Your sick ones, O Lord Christ.
    Rest Your weary ones.
    Bless Your dying ones.
    Soothe Your suffering ones.
    Pity Your afflicted ones.
    Shield Your joyous ones.
    And all for Your love’s sake. Amen.
    These two prayers suggest a similar need for our Lord’s vigilance:
    Be present, O Lord, and protect us through the silent hours of this night, that we who are wearied with the work and changes of this fleeting world, may rest upon Thy eternal changelessness. Amen.

  270. Taylor Andrews Reply

    Sleep paralysis is a condition in which a person is mentally conscious but physically unable to move.

  271. Alarmy Morning Reply

    Sleep paralysis is a feeling of being conscious but unable to move. It occurs when a person passes between stages of wakefulness and sleep. During these transitions, you may be unable to move or speak for a few seconds up to a few minutes. Some people may also feel pressure or a sense of choking.
    The more of bigger problem people these days have waking up to the same alarm every day but there are many alarm apps that can you maintain a proper sleep cycle.

  272. S5 Reply

    I’m 15 but i’ve been told that i’m mature for my age personally i believe it’s cus i had to grow up quickly due to the things i’ve been exposed to during childhood. My mom has always been the only parent with what i think a strong relationship with God. Me on the other hand i’ve always been encouraged to say night prayers and devote my time to God and there were periods of time where i was on a roll and then after i’ll go off track ; i do know that it’s normal bc who hasn’t had obstacles but ive been off track for a while like a veryyy longgg while and just like 3 months ago i’ve been slowlyy just talking to him bc i feel almost like guilty for not even trying. I began getting sleep paralysis since the 5th grade first time rlly scary, after it was just extremely annoying bc it would be the middle the night and all i would want to do is sleep i would be so mad that i would literally curse out the evil spirit out of anger and then after i would just be calm and let the paralysis pass. So the thing is i’ve gotten pretty used to it but it had stopped for long time until a few weeks ago and usually they would be only not being able to move but this time is different. For example tonight everytime i would get the chance to sleep i would get paralysis. It was like rounds after rounds of paralysis the last paralysis i had which was an hour or two ago i had heard of what sounded like a women laugh directly in my ear since i was half asleep i thought i had headphones in then i quickly remembered that i didn’t bc i was literally asleep that’s how close the laugh was then that’s when the paralysis begun but this time it felt like torture bc i could move but at the same time i couldn’t idk i had some movement in my head and so i tried so hard lifting up my head but i couldn’t it was like someone literally pushing my head back down and when i tried to lift up my head i was shaking, almost like when your lifting a weight and when your trying to lift you shake bc it’s heavy. it was like i was fighting it. for some reason my eyes started rolling back. never ever experienced paralysis like this. then im not sure if this was my own thought but i had said “Im going to kill you” idk if i was saying that bc i was angry or maybe it wasn’t even my thought idk. Then after a while in my head i had yelled for God to help then after a few seconds it was over. But the weird part abt it is before all of this happened i felt weird like i kept twisting and turning while trying to sleep and i just felt uncomfortable with my skin. Then that’s when all of that happened and now i have to get ready for school 😐

  273. Marcus Anthony Reply

    I stopped having sleep paralysis, I’m 35 years now, I’m been really abusing myself with alcohol and weed, recently I started to feel as when I’m going to sleep like my soul leaves like if I’m staring at something and I’m going to stay like that stuck. It’s pretty scary;?!

  274. Theodacia Reply

    This has happened a lot to me..when it attacks me I’m able to scream in the name of Jesus and I do that ,or start to pray after that I just keep quiet and relax then after few seconds I try to wake until I can really wake up..
    This happens a lot when I pray a lot and read a Bible but when I stop doing that this things stops coming.. this reminds me that every day we’re in a fight with spirits and demons..

    When this spirit get out of me it hurts a lot sometimes I feel the pains when I’m awake

  275. TONY Reply

    Omg…looks like I’ve hit a gold mine in finding this forum. I’ve been having every single attack described here and then some. Not to be rude or men but I’m glad I’m not alone in this. Started to think I was going crazy. God bless you all and we will prevail in Jesus name!

  276. Stickhero23 Reply

    Sorry guys for your experiences. I do not think it is possible for two or more unrelated people and even continents apart to have the same dream. Unless it is a medical condition or “something controls” it.
    For example, the symptoms of Malaria or TB or Typhoid, they are the “same” regardless of age, gender, race, etc. So, the experiences might be sleep paralysis but only if scientists have not really found out much about this condition. But this condition that one suffers from age 13 to 60, then it is terminal illness, kind of.

    But wait, I have heard similar experiences and even worse. At first I said It is sleep paralysis because I read it on Quora… but over time things changed. That is when I realized it is something more of spiritual. Sometimes I could sleep for 30 hours continuous and still have those episodes. I could be dragged out of bed, sleep while walking, .. I can’t sit awake for more than 10minutes.
    Other things too changed – no appetite for food. Sometimes I could take water only and last 3 days.
    So I was raised in religious family and at one point I joined monastery to become a priest. So, I know a lot about religious and Biblical stuff. But I also have curiosity about the spiritual world and cosmic stuff.
    It changed from just episodes to sickness – feeling nausea, sometimes it could be very hot but my feet are ice-cold. Other times my whole body is on fire but thermometer can’t read it.

    I started reading about spiritual stuff, wicca/witchcraft. While bed-ridden I spent all the time reading or watching movies and talking to grannies about my condition. You don’t expect an 80-yr old who knows nothing about movies to tell you something similar to what you saw in a movie.
    I have learned that there might actually be other beings among us but they are invisible to the human eye. Some people can see and talk to them. Others have learned how to use these beings to enrich themselves or to make others suffers. These beings can get interested with you for some reason – maybe they go bersek or admire you hence those experiencing sodomy or rape. I kind of feel like these beings are experimenting stuff on humans like story of aliens having sex with humans. There are people who can command these beings and turn them to do evil things. The beings can teleport and time-travel. For example, if you can communicate with them they can tell you what happened in the past even before you were born and they can tell you something that will happen in future. And they can help you change/alter some things in the future. For example, if you are going to get sick or lose money – they can change that. I know you might think this is crazy. These beings are everywhere, listening and seeing you. They can cause death. I learned that before someone dies they already know it is coming. And domestic animals like chicken, dogs, cats, horse, donkey are very good in detecting the presence of these beings.
    For example, in some communities they say an owl is a bad omen. It actually isn’t. It only foresees the coming danger and tries to warn same as birds chirp when they see a cat or predator approaching. So in my community, when an owl hoots they have to quickly consult mediums so they are guided on what to do to avert the coming evil thing, mostly death (In every third-person experience I have, in any family when the owl hoot and they do nothing, a person died). So, kind of death is a living force and when it is approaching you, you can feel it. And once it enters your household it won’t leave. For example, one person dies and another will eventually die in that family – someone related (count incidents you know and you’ll confirm this).

    Since these being teleport and are time-traveling, they can cause ailments and some of them strange and incurable because they are time-traveling. Some of these ailments can be cured by talking to these beings to guide you on what to do.
    The experience with these beings is scary and can’t be expressed in words because it doesn’t exist in real life. It is hard to explain what exactly happens because there is no word to explain it that is why it is being mistaken for sleep paralysis.
    Soldiers go to war and spend days and nights awake, nurses and doctors working overtime, stresses students reading for exams up and getting little sleep, Do they all complain of sleep paralysis? Have you heard someone who watched a movie 5 days in a row getting like total of 20 hours of sleep complain of sleep paralysis?
    Then why would it occur on someone who had enough sleep and healthy, not stresses?
    It is kind of these beings control humans. They can appear in the form of a person you know or someone you have never seen. I all my encounters I have never seen the being’s face.
    Your memory can get erased by these beings, these being can enter you and they have different languages. So if you want to speak Spanish and you are French, you just welcome the being to take over your body for few minutes and Boom, you speak fluent spanish.
    These beings can hear you yell “get out”, ” Leave me alone” etc. and they leave. The problem is when they don’t understand your language so they won’t leave and then you say this time yelling “In the name of Jesus go away” didn’t work.
    So these things touch my back, head and sometimes they try to strangle me like today. You feel like you have been rained on and the water drops are running through your body but you are perfectly okay.
    So happens that the heat you feel like high body temperature even 1 minute after showering – it is demon class C or 7 (something like that) getting in contact with you.
    I think there is something more about the ancient world. Indigenous communities that were erased by globalization – somehow urbanization/ globalization wasn’t a good idea for these beings or for humans. In that, through civilization, we lost these knowledge about nature. If you read about Ancient Egypt and Asia, it will give you a better impression of what I am saying. Like what were those people doing? Building pyramids, mummies, underground tombs that when discovered today look so new and well-maintained. About nature and the plants like Lotus Flower, Peyote etc. How is it possible that indigenous people from different continents used the same herb to do something yet they were unrelated and completely disconnected? For instance, UFOs mostly appear in areas with nuclear radiations and stuff.
    Like there is the truth that must not come out. Most people do not believe about spiritual stuff or God, Withcraft, evil and existence of the soul etc.

    For those having episodes “sleep paralysis” I think the beings were directed to attack you or they got interested in you, or they might be going insane. It is like directing a dog to attack someone, or the dog just decides to attack on its own or just a bad dog that decides to attack someone. So if it reoccurs after sometime it means you crossed path with that being or ghost whatever you believe it is. If it has been sent to you (or it is obsessed with you to have sex or sodomize you) even after you tell it off, it will come back. If is is just a stray being/entity getting attached to you once you tell it to go away several times it will eventually go and find someone else or be loitering around. You see like a bully on the internet? The bully might be someone who knows you or doesn’t know you. So if you stand firm and tell the bully to go away, he/she will eventually get tired of bullying you and go if the bully doesn’t know you. But if the bully is someone who knows you and wants to freak you like a stalker, he/she doesn’t go away until you corner them. I am yet to find out what these being are. The question is how to stop this dog!
    Something I am yet to find an effective solution. And btw you can contact me on gmail by adding on my username.

  277. 1v1 Battle Reply

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  278. Sophia Reply

    I’m 18 and only experienced it once last year suddenly it’s starting happening again this year I can always sense it before it happens I will just have a feeling… we’ll just now it happened again I had a low loud throbbing buzzing in my ear and them suddenly felt like I’m falling and then a very intense feeling as if I’m spinning a thousand miles per hour and sounded as if I was and I starting saying or thinking “ in the name of the holy spirt son of god and holy ghost I demand you to let me go” over and over my sleep paralysis episodes are different every time and very scary and painful I want them to stop

  279. Sophia Reply

    I’m 18 and only experienced it once last year suddenly it’s starting happening again this year I can always sense it before it happens I will just have a feeling… we’ll just now it happened again I had a low loud throbbing buzzing in my ear and them suddenly felt like I’m falling and then a very intense feeling as if I’m spinning a thousand miles per hour and sounded as if I was and I starting saying or thinking “ in the name of the holy spirt son of god and holy ghost I demand you to let me go” over and over my sleep paralysis episodes are different every time and very scary and painful I want them to stop ( add on to my comment I was raised Mormon by the family who adopted me but stopped going to church around 12 years and haven’t been religious since maybe hardly ever said a prayer since so I find it odd to have said those words during this episode just now)

    • Christopher Martin Reply

      Yeahh I just had the same experience like all of sudden I was just saying it in my head apparently and I found it weird I’m still freaked out when I snapped out of it and I use to go to church 3 years ago

  280. Rob Reply

    For as long as I can remember I am haunted by the same dark entity in white everytime I sleep. It stalks me and try’s to get me in every dark corner. My wife wakes me up all the time telling me I was kicking and fighting and running in my sleep again. I have this dream or nightmare every night. It’s always in a house I’ve never been in and its usually never the same house everytime. Even when I wake up I can’t move or see very well and I always wake up sweaty and terrified. I’m almost 40 yrs old and I don’t know what to do

  281. Levi Reply

    To everyone out there I hope this helps. I’m going through the exact same thing most of us are going through on here and it is nerve wrecking. The most I’ve learned so far is that they dislike duct tape. The good brand. Heavy duty the thicker the better. These things operate on a multidimensional plane it seems but for some reason they get stuck on the tape. They also hate UV light. I purchased a couple of mosquito zappers and use them as night lights. Sometimes I’ll sleep with one under my head and one on my side.. believe me they help.The other tool is frequency.Go on YouTube and find a scatter frequency that disturbs theirs. Play it on a loop all night and that will give you some relief.I believe this is alien and artificial intelligence combined somehow. Praying to Jesus also helps but sometimes I need to fight them off physically. I’m not sure what we did but I believe we are being targeted not sure for what purpose but the reality is this is happening and it’d not going away on its own. You can chose to be miserable or you can choose to fight like I am. God bless you all hope this helps someone.

  282. Christopher Reply

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  283. Mike Reply

    IMPORTANT: There are children in this thread, the adults here should be ashamed of themselves for responding to these kids about ghosts or spirits…
    Sleep Paralysis is an extremely common phenomenon that happens if you are in between REM sleep and wake up while dreaming. Natural chemicals GABA and Glycine keep you from acting out your dreams and sometimes you wake up during that time. It usually lasts seconds but it feels longer if you panic. Some people are more susceptible to it due to genetics, lack of sleep, eating before bed, etc. For older ages, sleep apnea is a likely culprit. Certain things like alcohol or caffeine can also increase your nervous system response, sending these experiences into overdrive. As far as the religious aspect, Satan wants to drive you away from God. If he has demons attack you (only in your sleep for some reason), that would drive you closer to God and would make no sense for him to do that. The difficulties that Christians go through when trying to achieve a closer relationship to Jesus doesn’t necessarily mean that evil spirits will start hiding under your bed lol. Calm down and seek a medical professional if it worries you that much; not a comment thread.

  284. schriftarten123 Reply

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  285. Joshua Marco Reply

    Ya, i dont drink beer, or alchohol or wine, or drugs. I am always sober. Something keeps grabbing my mother in law holding her down to her bed preventing her from getting up, i saw the ghost myself. So your little blog is bullshit because i say otherwise. Dare you to come to my house, ill even pay you 20 bucks to come experience what we are experiencing Julia Rodriguez. I really hope you believe the Lord Jesus is your savior because if not you got one bad ass fucking party to go to downstairs when your day comes. Get right with the Lord and pray for forgiveness of your sinfull lives.

  286. Christopher Martin Reply

    Hey I’m 16 years old I’m not very much of a Christian or a Jewish person and I use to go to church and I just experienced one of the crazy things I’m still terrified I went to bed earlier than usual because i felt tired so I went to sleep and around 2am and tried going back to sleep for like an hour almost around 3am I felt something sit at the edge of my bed and then all or sudden my body went numb and cold and I couldn’t move and my ears ringed and hairs went up and I realized that I was complained by something that wasn’t good or if it was having sleep paralysis and so I just took upon my first thought and I was saying something but I couldn’t say it out loud and so I kept repeating like it was in my head I repeated “power of Jesus Christ and God compells you” and it felt like it was getting worse and so I said “I am the son of father of Jesus” and it gotten worse and all of sudden it stopped and I felt a vibration and I looked over at my phone and my phone was powered off and it restarted but I looked at the time it was around 3am idk what happened can someone please explain to me what I just experienced please

  287. Kaylee Reply

    I’m 14 and I’m a girl, I couldn’t sleep just last night I had almost a chill in my body that wouldn’t leave, but then I felt it leave and renter my body in just a second, I’ve heard of sleep paralysis before and I know that you can’t move during sleep paralysis and at this time I tried moving my arm, yelling for my mom, but I couldn’t do anything, I closed my eyes really hard when I realized what I was experiencing I know some people hallucinate during sleep paralysis and Im a big horror movie person, so I didn’t want to imagine all the horrible things I could possibly see in front of me. When I went back to normal I quickly ran up to turn my light to see that no one was there and went back to bed, when I laid down I couldn’t tell if it was wind or someone was actually whispering to me and at the moment I couldn’t move again and I couldn’t close my eyes. When I went back to normal I slept with the light on and didn’t sleep until 5am, I’ve never prayed to God before, but that was the first time I felt like I need someone to protect me, no more horror movies for me.. I told my mom and step dad in the morning, they made jokes about it they would say something along the line of “Don’t be paralyzed when you need to do something” or “I hope your day isn’t so paralyzed”, I didn’t know whether or not just to brush it off or maybe research about it and here I am now talking about it , sleep paralysis is serio