Summer Travel and Your CPAP

The kids are out of school, the long Memorial Day weekend is coming up fast, and your feet are itching to get out and explore. It’s time to pack your bags and head out for a summer adventure.

If you’re a CPAP user, you might be a little worried about the logistics of staying compliant. That’s why Advanced Sleep Medicine has compiled a list of three things to keep in mind when traveling with a CPAP machine:

  • Bring a portable CPAP machine.

Just like other forms of technology, CPAP machines have been getting smaller over time. However, the most compact ones are those made for travel. Because of their smaller size, travel CPAP machines are also easier to use in the compact space of a plane, car or hotel room. Some of them even have a DC mobile adapter added to them, so you can plug in while your partner drives.


  • You cannot be prevented from using your CPAP machine on the plane.

Make sure you alert your flight staff that you will require the use of a CPAP machine if you’re on an overnight flight. Since it is a medical device, you legally cannot be denied the use of your CPAP machine. However, many airlines only offer outlets in business or first class sections of the plane, so plan accordingly.

  • The TSA will likely examine your CPAP machine for explosives.

This is what’s known as an ETD, or Explosive Trace Detection. TSA officials will run a white cotton swab over the surface of your machine and test it for traces of explosives. Most TSA officials have seen a CPAP machine come through their line before, so it’s doubtful they will give you much trouble. Just like a laptop, you can leave all your supplies in the bag while they examine the machine itself.

While you may be tempted to skip out on your sleep apnea therapy during your summer adventure, Advanced Sleep Medicine encourages you to stay compliant. Without your CPAP machine, you may find yourself falling asleep during memorable vacation moments and missing out! If you need a travel CPAP machine for your next trip, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts to find the right one for you!


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    Some of them even have a DC mobile adapter added to them, so you can plug in while your partner drives.

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