What Makes the New ResMed AirFit™ 20 CPAP Masks Better?

With over 20 million Americans suffering from sleep apnea, it’s no wonder that ResMed, a leading manufacturer of CPAP machines and masks, has developed another series of CPAP masks to offer more comfortable CPAP therapy to those in need.

Masks designed to fit more faces

The recently released AirFit™ 20 series includes a full-face, AirFit™ F20, and nasal mask, AirFit™ N20, with the new InfinitySeal™ cushion.

The cushion was developed to be the most adaptive seal yet to reduce air leak and accommodate all facial types and sleep positions. Mask air leak is one of the top reasons why patients stop therapy (read more about side effects of CPAP therapy and how they can be prevented or treated here). Proper fitting can reduce air leak and improve overall comfort.

ResMed testing showed that the AirFit™ N20 fit 99% of patients tested, and the AirFit™ F20 fit 97%, regardless of facial structure, gender or age.

Headgear that’s easier to get on and off

The masks also include magnetic clips- one of the most popular mask features- to make the headgear easier to get on and off.

Our technical director and registered polysomnographic technologist, Jonathan Sherrill, thinks that this is a better mask. He says the main advantage of this mask line is the magnetic clip. All other masks have clips or Velcro, which is difficult to align during the night, and most patients end up stretching it over their heads instead of utilizing proper fitment.

Should I switch to the new AirFit™ N20 or F20 mask?

If you’ve been struggling to find a full-face or nasal mask that fits just right, you may want to try this mask, especially if you struggle taking your current mask on and off.

Check with your equipment provider to see if they carry the new masks. These masks are FDA approved and will be covered by most insurances at the same rates as other full-face and nasal masks.

Are you current CPAP user interested in trying a new ResMed AirFit mask? 

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  1. Payton Amneus Reply

    I applaud Advanced Sleep Medicine Services for their performance in many ways. My split sleep test and a later titration were done at one of your facilities in Orange County. At first I was very skeptical of the whole situation due to some comments the tech made as opposed to what I was told earlier over the phone.

    The facility was very good in the long run I am very happy with the results despite being in denial at first.

    The Apnea forum that I am part of hears a number of stories of sleep tests that sound very sub-optimal and gave results that needed to be changed in order for the person to receive good therapy from their CPAP. The results that I received from your company were right on and I was very impressed with the way the test rooms were set-up and maintained.

    I have nothing but good to say about your company.

    Payton Amneus

    • Julia Rodriguez Reply

      Hi Payton. We’re really glad to hear you had a positive experience. I hope you’re sleeping better now too!

  2. Patricia Schrein Reply

    How does the N20 compare to the N10?

  3. Charlie Reply

    For those who just, by chance, landed on this site. The f20 air fit cushion may have two designs. I am not sure when it happened but this is May 13,219 and just this week a comparison of my wife’s f20 cushion to mine showed a definite difference. Her’s is narrower at the nose and as a side sleeper she does not have the leaks around the eyes she used to have.

  4. High Rated Gabru Reply

    Nice blog. Thanks!!!

  5. Charlie Porter Reply

    The cushion was developed to be the most adaptive seal yet to reduce air leak and accommodate all facial types and sleep positions.

  6. Squirdle daily Reply

    I’ve been personally using the new Resmed AirFit 20 and I must say it’s quite an upgrade from the previous model

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