What to Pack When You Travel With Your CPAP

CPAP shouldn’t slow you down when you travel. It’s crucial to use CPAP every night, even when you’re away from home.  In the second post in our series about the top challenges of travelling with CPAP, we cover what to pack (you can check out our first post here: Getting through airport security with a CPAP).

What to Pack When You Travel With Your CPAP

You will obviously need to pack everything you’ll need to use your CPAP at night: the machine, tubing, mask with headgear and cushions. It’s also a good idea to pack backups too, like an extra mask cushion and filter and even tubing. These items can be damaged or lost during travel and they don’t take up much space.

You can pack these items in your carrying case that came with the device.

Your CPAP is a medical device, so you can carry it separately and it won’t count as a carry-on item (check out our detailed post about getting through security with your CPAP here).

Alternatively, you can pack your CPAP in your checked baggage.

Do I need my CPAP humidifier while I’m travelling?

Some people will try to reduce the bulk and wait of their baggage by leaving their humidifier at home. Depending on your travel destination, you may find that the ambient air is humid enough that you’ll be comfortable without your humidifier for a couple of nights.

If you do travel with your humidifier, make sure the water chamber (shown below) is empty and dry before you pack it.

Finding distilled water for your humidifier while away from home

While distilled water is recommended, it’s not essential- especially for short travel. If you use regular tap water, the minerals will build up in the water chamber and potentially in the tubing. Obviously, this will depend on where you’re travelling and the qualities of the local tap water.

If you’re cleaning your water chamber and tubing and replacing them regularly (every three months for tubing, every six months for the water chamber, see the recommended replacement and cleaning schedule), this will not impact the performance of your machine or hinder your therapy- especially if you’re only doing it for a couple of weeks.

You can always buy distilled water locally or pack a few small bottles in your checked bag.

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